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Indoor Growoff 2021 - Winners Announcement


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And here we are finally...

It's been an agonizing wait for many of you, for some of you the wait will have been worth it. 

This growoff has produced many quality grows, many more than our previous growoff and big up to all of you who made it till the end. I would gladly smoke bud from any of your trees!


Without any further blabbering let's get straight to the point and announce our winners 😬

Please note that winners of overall prizes are ineligible for the category prizes


Category Prizes

The Fattest Cola





Best Grow Diary




Best Trained Plant


Plants 1 September 0830.jpg



Overall Prizes

3rd Place




2nd Place




Our Champion





1st place was a VERY tough decision to make for us. Mantis and Skunkpharm both produced superb grows. Both with differing appealing qualities.

What it ultimately came down to was which grow had the least flaws and @SkunkPharm I'm afraid your small thrips infestation is what counted against you and tipped the scale in favour of @mantis. It was a margin as fine as that. As I say though, you guys both produced two very solid grows.

The simple way to put how we judge this competition is we are looking for the grow that is the most "Pro". Would the grow be accepted according to an indoor commercial grow operation standard. Those are harsh but necessary standards, and the same applies here in this comp. Meeting the criteria is key.

Thank you to all of you who came along for this ride.  Congratulations to all our winners :-clap


Thank you to our genetics sponsor

Thank you to  @Totemic for sponsoring the genetics that I feel did really well overall this comp. Very promising for the future indeed! :-clap


And of course our generous prize sponsors


 @Light It Up 







Green Smoke Room








Green Grow Room












@THCSA (TheHighCo.)




@Futurama Hydroponics



Till next time!



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Well done to everyone who was part of this sick ass competition!!! 

In my head I had already called the winners out... 

@SkunkPharm @iGrowDagga @mantis

I pinned you three as the comp owners hahaha your grows were absolutely beautiful to watch and I whole heartedly agree on the winners!!! Definitely deserving of a poduim finish 👏👏👏

I am very thankful to have also taken a prize for the donkey shlong I grew!! 

Here's a few pics of the main colas after a dry and trim😁




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9 minutes ago, Pants said:

Congrats everyone, what a great comp. Amazing to see everyone helping everybody, even though it’s a comp.

Really high standards from everyone, need to up the game next time

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you will surprise yourself at the difference a year makes in grow skill mate!! next year you may take it to a podium finish!

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 This was an absolutely amazing experience with a lot of talented growers. It was nail-biting at the end 
Learned a lot from all the gromies, and really enjoyed growing with everyone. A big thank you to everyone that made this possible from administration to moderator, sponsors, and growers 💪💪 Very well done 👌

Walter White Win GIF by Breaking Bad


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Oh My God Wow GIF

Wow. I won something. Shame, my wife is never going to hear the end of this haha 😃

Thanks again, it was a great experience and would definitely want to do it again. Appreciate the opportunity to learn from all of you. 

Some bud pics:






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