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  1. I've mentioned it to a member on the forum. Selling living soils/super soils commercially is risky business with a lot of factors that could go wrong. Having a production facility that is sealed and contaminant free is almost next to impossible, maybe that day will come, but not right now. That's how the occasional batch will have fungus gnats etc. I also feel there's a catch 22 with packaging. I don't know the real science behind it but I'm worried the bags are too sealed and don't allow the soil to breathe well. On the other hand, if you allow the soil to breathe well by punching more holes in the packaging you risk the soil drying out, another issue in itself, plus you invite pests like fungus gnats etc. I think you'll need to accept a certain element of risk when buying a commercial super soil. The only way to avoid doubt entirely is to mix your own
  2. I'm gonna get flack for saying this but if you keep going for autos your chances of duds are higher as well.
  3. Fully concur! If you're not buying a commercial soil tried and tested with cannabis, then you need to mix your own. Like @trichomechaser says these commercial potting soils are loaded with bark plus they're not nearly as aerated as a good cannabis soil should be. Culterra and Garden Master potting soils are everywhere. Stay the hell away from them. I don't know how it is nowadays but when I was in the cape I used to mix Doublegrow potting soil with coco, some vermicompost and perlite and that did really well as a starting platform for the plants. The doublegrow soil was much less "barky" than the others
  4. @highchome do you have any pics of your plant (not chopped) before harvest? Very hard to judge your entire plant according to your update on 2019/11/01
  5. This may help you for now @PsyCLown https://www.cannabist.co.za/product-category/cannabis-seeds/breeder/ You can browse by breeder. @Cannabist perhaps you should add this product category to the main menu as well. More accomplished growers are more likely to browse by breeder
  6. Howzit guys! Congratulations to all of you who have successfully completed our 2019 Indoor Growoff. It's been an interesting journey to say the least. There have been some ups and downs with many casualties along the way. Many of you have learn't a lot from this comp and so have we in terms of making the competition better in the future. Not everything was plain sailing and there is a lot to improve in terms of competition procedure and structure. We'll start up a feedback thread once we have all the winners sorted. This week is going to be judgement week. Myself and the judging crew are going to sit down this week and determine our winners. We're hoping to make the big announcements this coming Friday 29 November Good luck to all!
  7. @Za Weed Lover what is your germing technique exactly? How long do you soak for? You mention a heating pad, what do the seeds go in when you move them onto a heating pad? I'm not saying you're guilty of it but I've seen so many guys go overboard when germing seeds and that's often where the problem lies. I agree with @SkunkPharm though. Stick with reputable breeders. Too many fly by night breeders with very little evidence of their genetics in action. They may have some great phenos but equally as many terrible ones (Green house seed co. also guilty of this). If you see a strain that you fancy, google the shit out of it. Look for grow diaries on forums. Don't rely on images from the breeder. Look for independent views on the strains. Seedfinder can help too https://en.seedfinder.eu/
  8. @GreenMunchkin last chance to submit any further pics of your plants
  9. @Justin Hemp don't forget to update us before 8PM tonight
  10. @Aeradix what was your end result? Have you chopped?
  11. @Moosed do you have any further pics or anything else to conclude your grow with?
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