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    Organic - Own soil Recipe & Organics Matter Living Soil
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    Two 1.5x1.5m Grow Tents. 1 for Veg, 1 for Flower
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    As little as possible. Coconut water
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  1. Hi guys feel free to list your accommodation in our directory. Link here - https://www.420sa.co.za/directory/420-friendly-accommodation/
  2. Howzit guys It's with a very heavy heart that I announce that 420SA is up for sale It has been a long time coming now as my focus has shifted to a place where growing is very seldom a possibility unfortunately... and as most members will have noticed I have become incredibly "hands-off" with this forum and I don't feel that does justice to the many loyal regulars and future new members who deserve an admin who will take the forum to newer heights and ultimately pay more attention to it. Of course, I will not sell the forum away to someone who will squander what I have worked so hard to create for the past 9 years. So this is not a desperate sale that will go to the first bidder but rather someone who has the same vision of keeping the vibes as irie as possible on the forum here, and hopefully someone who can revive the exciting aspects that this forum had such as competitions, growoffs etc. The potential buyer will need to be fairly comfortable with IT. You do not have to be a full on web developer to be able to manage this forum but some web development skills will be beneficial. I would be happy to sit with you on a zoom/teams call and run you through all the administrative/backend aspects. It really isn't daunting. I will always be available should you need to reach out for help. The buyer needs to consider the following traits of the forum in their offer: The forum has been running since August 2014 (Almost 9 years) The forum now has 4325 members The forum has accumulated just over 73 000 posts The forum ranks 12th in the top 35 cannabis forums in the world on Feedspot - https://blog.feedspot.com/marijuana_forums/ The forum is extensively indexed on Google and ranks #1 on google for a Cannabis Forum In South Africa Users are directed to this website via a vast number of queries on Search Engines which brings the website 90% of its traffic (non members) Vast potential awaits this forum should cannabis finally be legalised in South Africa The forum has a ton of valuable information supplied by a large number of knowledgeable members over the years Over the years, this forum has developed a relationship with a number of the large players in the local industry If you are interested in taking this forum forward please send me a PM or send me an email at admin@420sa.co.za and we can move from there. I will disclose all running costs in our discussion. Cheers, Admin
  3. @iGrowDagga @Ill_Evan Howzit guys Grow diaries have been hidden from guests for years now before growing became decriminalised actually lol. Never crossed my mind to change that and @iGrowDagga is the first to raise the concern since. Of course, there is no need to keep it hidden anymore so I've made the grow diaries public now
  4. A track by some of my mates in a local band called Face Jackson
  5. Promote your business on 420SA by having your own board here under the Sponsors & Vendors section For more information and to subscribe online CLICK HERE
  6. Thanks for joining @Greybaard
  7. Got a small bar fridge or chest freezer sitting anywhere? Pumping cool liquid through a copper or stainless coil submersed in your reservoir water would chill it nicely. To get that liquid cool you basically hold a 15-20L bucket of water in a fridge with a pump inside the bucket circulating the water from the bucket through the coil in the reservoir and back out into the bucket. You'd obviously need to drill holes in the fridge door or whatever. You may hit a refrigerant line if you drill in the side of the fridge so be mindful of that. You'd need a temp controller like a STC-1000 to maintain the reservoir temp by switching the pump in the fridge on and off. Sounds a bit overkill but it will work and a fairly straight forward project if you don't mind a bit of DIY. Another very effective option is converting a 2nd hand portable AC into a water chiller, also controlled by a temp controller. Something I have done with good success but that seems a bit overkill when you only need to chill to 20 C. I'm in a line of work that involves a lot of liquid chilling and temp control so more than happy to elaborate on anything further for you
  8. It's never off the cards bud but will have to make a call around January next year if we look at getting the indoor growoff going in the autumn. Unfortunately our good friend Totemic will not be able to front seeds for it as he closed shop but there are 1 or two other options we could look at in terms of a genetics sponsor. Unless of course @Totemic dusts off the pollen and gets a batch of beans ready for us come the time. Please do bring this up in January again though and we'll see how things stand then. Sorry I couldn't put forward anything more promising right now
  9. Welcome aboard @Weedeater_ZA
  10. I'm happy to announce the arrival of a new vendor to 420SA! You can find their board HERE @LOUDcpt offers high-end smoking accessories and cannabis genetics to the South African market. They believe in only selling products that meet a high standard of quality control to ensure their customers are never left disappointed in their purchases. See what they're all about by visiting their website at https://loudcpt.co.za/
  11. Welcome @Darclinc You've come to the right place
  12. Those are CO2 bottles. Well at least the one on the right is, from Mygas.
  13. Sorry for me late response here! Let's run till end of April and see how it goes. Otherwise we'll move the prizes over to an SOTM for May.
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