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  1. 420SA is FIVE and kicking! Today marks the forum's 5th birthday. 5 years ago on this day the forum went live. 5 years later and we have 2058 members, 2368 topics and 28 507 posts A huge thank you must go out to you, the member, who makes this forum what it is. Without you guys and your valuable input it isn't a community! Also a very big thank you to the veterans of the forum. Namely @Totemic who has been with us from the start. He helped the forum get on its feet by assisting with hosting in the beginning. As you know, his support is still ongoing, being an integral sponsor in this year's growoff. Thank you @Totemic 🙏 I must also thank @GreenthumbHydro for their incredible support too through the years. They were also there from the very early days supporting 420SA. These guys are doing so much for the industry and they must be commended for it. @THCSA thank you too for your support as well. Here's to the next 5 years and more!
  2. Welcome back buddy! No DQ you're still in the game. Show us when you ready [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  3. Hi @RedEye This is a real pity Is your situation still the same? If so, will you be okay with updating your diary under @Totemic's board?
  4. That's the idea yes. Mixing about 40L at a time would be fine so the drum doesn't have to be that big. The crank bit leaves me blank. Wouldn't know where to start or where to look for something like that. I agree an electric motor isn't needed. As long as the bin rotates smoothly.
  5. Shot bru I would 😁 but my 3 year old is yet to be indoctrinated and doesn't care much for money. He'll do it anyway though
  6. 420SA

    Any thoughts

    Not really something I would recommend. Organic nutes like Biobizz are meant to supplement the soils food web and not be a complete feeding solution on its own.
  7. 420SA


    Must be. Probably why they're not openly trading as cannapax. Dodgy AF too to have staff asking random people on the street if they smoke weed to rope in customers. How does cannapax work with age? No under 18's or what?
  8. 420SA

    Any thoughts

    Well said @highchome I also enjoyed growing in hydro and enjoyed the control. You do feel a little more involved. It took a lot for me to switch over to soil, it really is about letting go. Starting off in hydro had also gotten me used to the cleanliness of hydro. Something you have to sacrifice with soil as it does end up making your grow area/tent a lot more "dirty", in a good way of course. What switched me over to organics was kids. Don't have the time for hydro no more!
  9. Don't get me wrong I enjoy mixing up soil. But that was when I only needed to mix up 40-60L at a time. Ideally I want to mix up a batch of about 200L of soil next which is quite a lot but doesn't really justify renting a mixer. @Bospatrollie2 the challenge is on bru. Show me the way
  10. It's the media's sensationalist weapon... "dagga lab" "hydroponic dagga lab" and of course still using the word "dagga". It's all about the angle. The media is clearly targeting those who are strongly anti-drugs and anti-"dagga" to read their articles. They are the only one's who will read it... and us. If they say police raided a persons home and encountered a "cannabis garden" the effect of the story immediately diminishes. They've lost the reader and the advertisers lose out. A lot of people also think cannabis and dagga are 2 different things. They see cannabis as this breakthrough healing plant that they are hearing about on the news but they still see "dagga" as this drug that is ruining our youth. The media capitalizes on that. Also notice how the media will call it cannabis when its an article on medicine but as soon as its found in someone's home its called dagga again. Twats
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