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  1. 420SA


    Yip. What CreX said. They have 20 days left of their subscription. Also, as I've mentioned. I actually feel its best the board remains so that those who still have grievances can voice their frustrations publicly The rough ride will soon be over...
  2. The statement from Fields of Green For all says: "During the early morning hours of Friday, 3 July 2020, an armed robbery took place at the property of Jules Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke, best known as The Dagga Couple. The attackers entered the couple’s bedroom and shot and fatally wounded Jules Stobbs. Myrtle was physically left unharmed and the attackers made off with two cellphones and two laptops." So we'll have to wait and see what the true story was. According to a security guard, when they returned there was a struggle in which he landed up being shot multiple times. The guard speculated they may have returned for Myrtle but its all speculation and time will reveal the truth regarding that
  3. Sorry guys the day job has just got me so busy at the moment. I have barely visited the forum in the past week. Closing date was 01/07/2020... that's 1st of July. Forgot to turn off the entries open tag, sorry about that We will get the nominees decided today hopefully and should have the winners for you near the end of the week
  4. Hey buddy

    Hope your doing well

    Thanks for sharing your artistic knowledge


  5. Quite likely the last Hotbox show we'll see for a very long time. Aired last night...
  6. Reading this headline is hard enough. I honestly cannot believe it... We couldn't have had a better person leading the fight for cannabis freedom in our country.... his departure leaves an immediate void that only he could fill. No one else was/has been willing to go as far as him and Myrtle have gone to ensure that we achieve the rights that we cannabis users deserve. It's because of him and Myrtle that we enjoy the rights that we now currently have, and they still continued to fight for more ... Jules we are forever indebted to the work you have done for us. YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. RIP good man! https://www.dispatchlive.co.za/news/2020-07-03-dagga-activist-julian-stobbs-fatally-shot-in-armed-robbery/ As for this country... I lose faith day by day...
  7. 420SA has a reputation based system in place to help you decide who is a credible member who has supplied good information/content on the forum in the past. You may have noticed a number with a + before it indicated on your profile, like below This indicates the number of reputation points received from your posts on 420SA How do I receive reputation points? Reputation points come from reactions you receive to your posts such as a Like, Agree, Thanks etc A positive reaction adds 1 point to your reputation. A neutral reaction adds no points to your reputation Here is a breakdown of what reactions give you reputation points: Like Positive (+1) ThanksEnabled Positive (+1) AgreeEnabled Positive (+1) HahaEnabled Positive (+1) ConfusedEnabled Neutral SadEnabled Neutral Becoming a Reputed Member? You may have noticed some members with a Reputed Member badge, like below This indicates that you have received 200 or more positive reactions on the forum
  8. No worries. In that case I think it may have been their whatsapp number they had displayed on the website which I see is no longer there. Would you be able to point me to this thread? Gonna have to mod myself!
  9. @iGrowDagga please don't post cell numbers on the forum without prior consent of the contact number owner. Regardless of the current events, you have to respect a persons privacy in that regard. This board is public. Feel free to PM the number to whoever needs it
  10. Sorry to hear about your troubles @DamDave If you can give me a screenshot of the error message you get when trying to upload I might be able to help you further
  11. We now have a donation option available for those who would like to donate to 420SA. Your donation will be contribute to the following: Hosting Costs Forum software updates (these updates are crucial for security and a bug free experience) Future developments and improvement of features on the website You can CLICK HERE to donate Sorry there is no quicker payment solution on the website besides manual EFT. Unfortunately no payment merchants will run on the website when we are selling seeds 😒
  12. Hi DamDave Unfortunately the classifieds are not available on Tapatalk anymore. The Classifieds board you have been trying to post to is being phased out and is not taking any further submissions. That is the most likely cause for the failed upload. We now have a dedicated Classifieds area HERE but you will need to access it on your phone's browser and not Tapatalk.
  13. 420SA is not affiliated with Cannabist and does not by any means endorse Cannabist. They are merely a paid vendor In light of the recent issues repeatedly raised by our members we will not be allowing Cannabist to renew their vendor board when it expires end of July. We will allow their board to remain open as this appears to be the only platform that Cannabist seems to be making some kind of communication with their customers. Again, we don't endorse this approach to communication at all but seeing as it is at least providing some form of very hazy clarity on the matter we will allow you to continue to voice your frustrations here until this matter is dealt with. Even though this whole situation is not doing the forum any favours I feel it is important that you get to share your experience on a public platform such as this to help prevent others from experiencing the same. Somewhat like a Hello Peter situation right now. It will also prevent people from voicing their frustrations on other boards. The forum has most certainly learn't from this. Any future vendors will first be vetted to ensure they have a decent track record with customer service.
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