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  1. Thanks guys You all gonna need to practice some patience as we wait for all the rest to finish out. Good luck!
  2. No requirements to disclose weight but you are more than welcome to should you want to.
  3. As you guys know, if you flipped on the 3rd of July or before, you can keep going until you are happy for judgement. To those who have flipped after, or are ready for judging. Please let me know here
  4. Sorry for the delay here bud. I'm going to sit down later this evening and run through those who need be judged now. Please post as many pics as you can from all angles of your selected plan. Preferably in day light but not under HPS light or any obscuring light like that. EDIT: Yes your plant will be judged as it is now
  5. 420SA


    Today is Flower Day 60 These pics were taken on Flower Day 57 (Friday 27 Aug) but will try my best to post pics from today later Below is Tortoni #2 and #3. I'm not gonna bother with #1 as she's a bit of runt and a bit nasty compared to these 2. I'd say #2 is just about finished. She has started to foxtail slightly but not bad at all. I'll be checking her trichs tonight #2 #3
  6. @ORGANinc. just double checking. Are you 100% out?
  7. Sorry about this bud. Such a kak one. What kinda symptoms were you seeing? Did you spot any nanners or male flowers? Being F1 fem seeds, the chances of this happening to a few plants are there I guess. It's a pity you couldn't spot it sooner as there's probably 1 plant that is the culprit.
  8. 420SA


    Flower Day 48 These pics were taken yesterday morning Tortoni #1 (left) Tortoni #2 Tortoni #3
  9. 1. So if I flipped on the 3 July, does that mean my plant will only be judged when I declare it as finished? Yes 2. Will plant be judged when dried or on day of harvest? On day of harvest is the primary factor, but the journey up to day of harvest is also considered in judging 3. Are we going to be sending bud in to be tested like the previous grow off? This is not planned yet but @Aeradix is always keen to support so let's see what he says
  10. +1 for Explogrow. You should add it to your poll
  11. I wasn't technically diagnosed with it, but it was essentially insinuated by my primary school during grade 4. The school occupational therapist requested that my parents put me on Ritalin, thankfully my parents refused. The school said that I most likely won't make it through school then, which is a gamble my folks took. I made it through fine. Wasn't a great student by any means but kept a steady C average which I was more than happy with lol I probably say this with a bit of bias but in my honest opinion "ADHD" isn't always a disorder, it's a behavioural style/type. If you don't find something captivating you won't concentrate on it. We are still chimps after all. Unless you have a serious issue with keeping attention on something to the point that it's visibly concerning to others then sure, it's a disorder.... but if you're struggling to get a 7 year old to pay attention to a maths sum which he/she really doesn't give 2 shits about at that point in his/her life then you can't force the issue by chucking pills down their throat. Perhaps the system needs to adapt more than the child. That being said, many of us have to work jobs we don't enjoy and so need a bit of assistance. As someone who spends a lot of time behind a PC I honestly don't think I would manage it without weed. It definitely does help me zone in better. I wouldn't say it's a cure, but I would say it helps for sure. It varies from person to person though and some find that it actually hinders their concentration. So many studies are coming out now backing this!
  12. Indeed it appears so. Thought it was my fault. I think the girls are just stepping it up a notch on the feed
  13. 420SA


    Flower Day 41 My humblest apologies for this very late update. Things have been very busy outside the grow room with work, family over and such. A deficiency started to creep in since my last update and fan leaves began to yellow from the bottom up. All 3 showed the issue in sync which to me maybe suggests that I did something wrong that previous watering... perhaps that unfermented beer idea backfired and threw PH off perhaps, who knows.... won't do that again then... anyway it looked like a clear Mg def to me so reached for the Epsom salts on a watering a few days ago and they seem to be responding well to it. Tonight I watered with coconut water for an added boost. Top dressed with a bit of alfalfa as well. Tortoni #2 is still looking the best and she is starting a decent stack (pictured far left below). She is developing the tightest nugs of the 3 so far no doubt and from a preliminary guess she looks like she'll finish sooner than the other 2. The other 2 seem to be putting out more sativa-like buds, especially #3 (far right). I haven't checked other guys diaries in a while so if no one is else is seeing buds like this then there must be other factors that have caused it. #1 does look like she is just about to put on a lot more weight though... Tortoni #2 Tortoni #1 Tortoni #3 Cheers for now!
  14. Some of you guys will be pleased with this one! Giphy is now integrated into the forum's editor so you can now call up those GIF's much faster. Enjoy!
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