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  1. 420SA


    All 3 successfully germed and now in pots. They're in a 1.5m x 1.5 veg tent - under a 400w MH. I'm old school 👴 but envy those lovely LED's you all have going As mentioned the soil for the seedlings is a very simple straight forward mix of equal parts EWC, Coco and perlite (being mixed in the pic below). I added about half a teaspoon of myco to that. I'm sourcing my EWC (earth worm castings) from a local supplier called Davley Organics. Organics Matter used to be my go to supplier for EWC but he moved to PTA sometime in 2019. Wasn't happy about that.😥 I mana
  2. 420SA


    2 beans have popped their tappies. They'll be potted tonight
  3. SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH MAY 2021 THEME - 420Vistas We're looking for the best shot of you medicating accompanied by a cool background or view. It can be with a joint, bong, vape or any method of ingesting cannabis. Your face does not have to be included in the shot, a shot with just your hand or body will do just fine as well. How you execute the shot is what will win you the prize. 👌 See the Judging Criteria at the bottom of this post for guidelines. This month is sponsored by www.groenseeds.com
  4. 420SA


    Beans transferred into cotton pads after a 24h soak Placed the container with the beans in a humidity dome which is sitting on a heat pad. Will keep watching for taproots. Once the taproots appear the beans will go into pots
  5. 420SA


    Gonna go organic. The seedlings are gonna be in a soil with equal parts of coco, EWC and perlite. I prefer using peat moss over coco but am only able to get hold of some next week and the seeds will need to be in soil before then. For veg I'll use the same mix as the seedlings with a few amendments added. Just before the switch I'll be transplanting into my own soil mix which I'll be mixing next week. Cutting it a bit short in terms of allowing the soil enough time to cook but I should be okay.
  6. 420SA


    I'm coming along for the ride chaps. Not competing of course! Seeds began their soak at 21h00 last night. They'll be going into cotton wool tonight
  7. Hi guys I'd like to get your input on something. Having a strict deadline of 7 September in my opinion can be somewhat problematic as the flowering times of guys plants will no doubt vary due to differing phenotypes. This makes it hard to predict when the best time to flip is I therefore propose a "Soft Switch Deadline" which entails the following: The Soft Switch Deadline will be the 3rd of July, which gives you 8 weeks to veg from seed and 10 weeks to flower till the 7th of September (the current deadline). However.... If you choose to switch before or on the 3rd of J
  8. Was gonna DQ you for the lost sticker but realised your sticker is much better actually. 🥰
  9. 420SA


    Even though it's a comp the vibe of the forum doesn't change. Help a brother out 👊 Only a pleasure. A huge thanks is owed to you for allowing this to happen. Without your beans, a fair growoff couldn't and wouldn't happen Let's hope this growoff does good things for Totemic Cannacraft Also a big thanks to all our generous sponsors who jumped on board. I still can't believe the value of this prize pool. The generosity among our community is a trend that keeps pleasantly growing, along with the good ganja.
  10. until
    Our 2nd Indoor Growoff kicks off at 12PM on 8 May 2021. Seed Drop Window: 8 May - 22 May Harvest Deadline: 7 September 2021 CLICK HERE to view the Indoor Growoff board
  11. 420SA


    Don't think we'll be doing a solo cup challenge. Quite a few people running that comp. An outdoor growoff is always worth consideration and we'll see how things go
  12. It's very nearly time for you guys to drop those beans! OFFICIAL STARTING TIME IS 12PM 8 MAY 2021 Prize allocations have just been announced as well. You can find the post HERE
  13. 420SA


    PRIZE ALLOCATIONS See prize images above --------------------------------------- 1ST PLACE 120W Quantum Board LED Grow Light - sponsored by Light It Up XL Herbal Chef Stovetop Butter Maker - sponsored by Aeradix R1000-00 Golden Goose Seeds Voucher - sponsored by Golden Goose Seeds ExploGrow 800ml Bottle - sponsored by ExploGrow 1st Place Trophy 2ND PLACE Secret Jardin Dark Propogator 60 Grow Tent & Local Seed Pack - sponsored by Cannabist R1500-00 Green Grow Room Gift Voucher - sponsored by Green Grow Room ExploGrow
  14. Thanks @CoolJ ticket purchased and payment received. @CreX please msg your details ASAP so I can arrange the collection
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