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  1. Many apologies for the delay in this prize announcement. We had a bit of a hickup waiting for a voting panel member who hasn't logged into the forum for a while. We eventually decided to discount his vote for this month and went with 6 votes from the voting panel, usually there are 7. And the winners are... 2nd Place @Onion This came down to a combination of votes for multiple of his/her pics that got nominated 1st Place @DamDave Well done guys. I'll be contacting you by PM shortly A big thank you to our competition sponsors @P
  2. We're looking at a 420 seed drop. 20th of April. I've amended the sign up form to accommodate those who are able to get the seeds by other means. You guys will just need to pay in the R100-00 purse fee.
  3. Please copy the link and paste it in your phone's browser. Tapatalk has an issue I'm unsure of how to rectify
  4. UPDATE This year's genetics will be Totemic Cannacraft Tortoni Feminised seeds. I've updated the original post Please don't forget to sign up folks. We have 7 sign up's so far
  5. You'll only need to pay the R100-00 purse fee
  6. Those phenos are all looking pretty consistent with each other. Are you picking much difference in aroma between the phenos?
  7. They can go F themselves. They should be called what they are, rapist, murderer, thief, low life. They should be reminded of that every day. "Prisoner" is too soft of a term, and already seems pretty PC to me. Funny thing is that is many prisoners or thieves are in fact clients of the state literally, or rather "Friends of the state". So that term does hold some water 😐 Sorry to hear about your ordeal. In this country we have to accept it right now, that very often justice will not prevail, and if we can accept that then we'll deal with the lack of it better. Otherwise we'll just go
  8. Welcome @Brain Good to have you here!
  9. That's a tapatalk issue specifically, and one Im still unsure of how to fix unfortunately. I don't know why it does that...
  10. Who's keen to take part in our Indoor Growoff this year set to kick off late April/Early May? We're still in the planning phase but here's what we can confirm right now: Seeds @Totemic will very generously be sponsoring his fem genetics to all participants this year. You will get 3 x Tortoni Feminised Seeds How to enter We're going to be having a buy in/entry ticket purchase for every entry this year. The entry fee will be around R265-00 and will cover the following: Your fem seeds - No charge Courier Fee - R115-00 Handling/Packaging Fee - R50-00
  11. IMPORTANT NOTE Guys just a heads up and reminder about the theme. If your entries don't follow the theme they will not be nominated. The focus of the image needs to be the leaf.
  12. @GreenGrow Garden Route have kindly sponsored a prize to this month's competition. See the first post for details
  13. SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH FEBRUARY 2021 THEME - BEST LEAF SHOT We're changing things up this month with a theme! This month we're looking for the best shot of a cannabis leaf. That means you're gonna have to get creative and produce something that stands out from the rest. The focus of the image needs to be the leaf, it can be multiple leaves as well. How you execute the shot is what will win you the prize. 👌 This month is sponsored by www.greengrowgardenroute.co.za www.
  14. Here are the 10 nominees in order of submission. Voting goes to the SOTM voting panel and winners will be announced as soon as all voting is done. @cape.chron @Onion #1 @Onion #2 @Onion #3 @DamDave #1 @DamDave #2 @DamDave #3 @Live Canna @Prom @Gert GOOD LUCK TO ALL NOMINEES
  15. Congrats to @Fridge for winning our Snapshot Of The Year 2020 he'll be getting a badge on his profile
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