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    Seagrow, Ecobuz, Biobizz, FPJ
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  1. Awesome training/presentation, Upside down Candelabra... A night foto with flash will reveal the jewels.
  2. What a problem to have... Stinky flowers are a good sign.
  3. Aweh. Ladies are progressing well, flowers are looking sticky and dank.Tending this garden is its own reward, an olfactory assault/experience that is just next level, These strange flowers that intrigue us so... 1-2. Gorilla Glue bred off of a gift from @Mambawana. 3-6. Blue Cheese f1-Sativa...ish 7-10. Blue Cheese f1-indica...ish 11-12. Swazi 13-14. Blue Cheese f1 15-16. Charlottes Angel fem. One of 2 pheno's. @highchome, @PsyCLown Thanks for the meds.
  4. Didn't actually plan for them to get this big. Mother nature doing her thing...
  5. You could thin the mix out with coco and perlite to reduce the high N initially, but chances are good that you'll conversly have to supplement P, K and possibly micros during flower depending on your soil formulation. It's up to you.
  6. Aweh fellow florists, The ladies are putting on their show. Buds are swelling and stinking with goodness, despite the heavy rain and high rh. Lost a few girls to the "taxman" mentioned in earlier posts, got a new problem with small spiral snails "ring debarking" some plants-tested some vinegar/soap mix to no effect, now dusting with cinnamon. Don't like spraying stuff in flower, hopefully they'll pull through. Chopped some Bluecheese f1's this morning. Pics of Charlottes, Gorilla Glue, Bluecheese. Our climate on the north coast is unforgiving to say the least. Its like the weather wants to kill your plants.....4 days of thunderstorms and rain, high rh and the next day temps touching 50deg. A good test for any genetic abd the reason why you plant double and take extra clones, just in case. Cheers.
  7. Depending on the age and stage of the plants in the 2lt bags. If in veg, transplant, give them 2 weeks, then go outdoor. Light hours on the north coast around 13hrs now. If you veg 16/8 or 14/10 technically they should flip to flower as soon as they go outside. I'd go minimum 20lt, the plants will use some of the available N during veg in the new bags, but plants need N throughout, just in different amounts.
  8. Aweh, the outdoor flowering season is upon us. Plenty of challenges along the way, our area recorded 53 deg yesterday, but the strongest ladies are soldiering on. Herewith....The Good.
  9. Aweh gromies, Outdoor flowering time is upon us, our ladies are stretching nicely. They got thinned out around the bottoms and topdressed with mature compost-dropping soil levels. Added powdered eggshell and watered in with AACT last week. Keeping a close eye IPM wise as our RH is high as usual. No serious issues so far. Allready harvested some early bloomers F1 Bluecheese (180gr jarred and curing) Strawberry Vostoks (60gr) Pics. 1-5. F1 Bluecheese, Charlottes Angels. 6. Fruitpunch, Vanilla Kush. 7. Gorilla Glue. Cheers
  10. Bos


    Welcome. Some nice trees and frosty flowers.
  11. Those are some really noice frosty buds.
  12. Some plants show big and clearly and others not so much. Signs may be very small....a magnifying glass will be handy. Plants usually start showing sex from 4-6 weeks from germ.
  13. Aweh fellow florists, Compliments of the season. Summer is off with a bang, ladies are are happy...just have to keep them that way in this heat. Even got some early flower action going.... First round of clones are vegging, 2nd batch acclimating. Topdressed the big girls again last week as they start switching to flower- dropping soil levels.(Compost, coffee grounds, powdered eggshell, wormcast and woodash) Followed with AACT. This week, mulched thick with grass clippings and watered light (summer storm incoming) so the worms can stay cool/hydrated to continue doing their thing. Got a few strains going- f1Bluecheese, Gorilla Glue, Fruitpunch, Charlotte's Angel, Strawberry Vostok, Vanilla Kush. Happy Growing.
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