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    Mango Skunk, Chocolope, Purple Bud, Vanilla Kush, White widow, FruitPunch, Swazi Gold, Purple Stilton, Chocolate Gorilla.
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    Outdoor green house.
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    Seagrow, Ecobuz, Biobizz.
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    Joint, pipe, bong, dry herb vape.

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  1. Have heard a few stories of impossibly large cannabis plants and have personally seen a number of large cannabis "Trees" (3-4m tall and wide/25cm dia main stem) that seem to defy their standard cannabis genetics. Its difficult to think that they grew that large in 1x season, possibly the plant revegged naturally from the previous year?
  2. Evening Live Canna, is this item still available?
  3. Good evening Totemic, I'm interested in both items. Can arrange courierguy pickup. We can arrange details on prv msg.
  4. My experience with BnB has been good, ordered clones and one just slowly started dying. Sent them a pic and they were gracious enough to replace it. Which was real solid from them. Will do business with them again.
  5. Can't see anything indicating female, must agree with@Totemic, looks more like males. Wait a week or so for them to show proper, then you'll know for sure.
  6. Bos

    This early PM?

    Pm can be quite selective, depending on many factors. No point having airflow but the plants are dense and bushy, they need to be thinned out/defoliated proactively. Don't water from the top if you can help it, especially during flower. Being pro active with your IPM also helps a lot. I know from previous experience what issues are most likely to occur in my grow, so I prepped for those. (Worms, spidermite, aphids, PM) Sometimes PM infects less resistant strains or weak individual plants. We've got outdoor plants next to each other, the Future 1 has no PM, but the Blueberry right next to it had those same PM spots. I had Coppersoap on hand and sorted that out quick as they wern't in flower yet. In flower I'd go 50% mix full cream milk and water or as was mentioned sulphur spray or pot.bicarb depending on your situation.
  7. It depends on the effect you require, it is quite subjective. We do all of them. Clear to cloudy for gaming and social-energetic effect. Cloudy for movies and chilling around the braai- relaxing effect. Cloudy/Amber for sore muscles and a good sleep- couchlock You can tailor the effect depending on what you require. You could harvest the plant in stages a week or two apart to get multiple effects from the same plant.
  8. The actual "grass" doesn't even want to grow properly in that spot... many feet have compacted the soil around the braai Kudo's to that lil' lady for soldiering on. Does she recieve any nutes at all? Or you going 'au-natural'?
  9. Couple of lekker big outdoor girls you have there, they look healthy and strong. They gonna reward you handsomely with some fris flowers.
  10. Eishh... RH on the north coast is between 80-100%, especially with all the rain. Aircon can only reduce RH to 65%. Wet trim as always.
  11. Many moons ago...did the UK working holiday thing with my two brothers, we've always been best mates. Got introduced to hashish, had it every which way you could imagine, from straight joints to hot knives to japanese fontains and then this crazy aussie oke produces this frozen carved rock pipe from the deepfreeze. Later found out its called a chillum. Better be right with your stuff if you want puff on that thing. We traveled and worjed all over. Harvested hops in Canterbury, met up with some awesome ppl from canada, aus, poland and rsa, we were a lekker group. Did a lot of funky stuff together. Ever seen 8 peeps hotboxing a two man tent.... 20years later we still laugh at that one. Most brilliant time spent with awesome individuals. Remember parking on the hill in Edinburgh waiting for Elton John to open at the Edinburgh castle. We munched some bread with cheese and drank wine for dinner, after there was a friss cone going round before we went in. Music was beyond anything.... It was an epic, crazy ass time with some of my best memories.
  12. Must say we were quite critical on the strains that were prepared for our meander, for the exact reason you mentioned. Rather avoid the heavy indica's in this situation, sativa was our choice toke. Mr Dank's Vanilla Kush made for a very memorable experience.
  13. Walking/hiking in the Dlinza forest. The aerial boardwalk and lookout is something to experience. The trails have park benches every few 100m's for the unfit folk. We would just sit and enjoy the peace while having a puff. It was brilliant.
  14. The colours on the Beach Wedding....
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