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    Charlottes Angels, Pineapple Skunk, Vanilla Kush, Amnesia Haze, WWxMango Kush
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    Own Organic soil, Outdoor Garden Beds.
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    Sunlight and LED
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    Mango Skunk, Chocolope, Purple Bud, Vanilla Kush, White widow, FruitPunch, Swazi Gold, Purple Stilton, Chocolate Gorilla.
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    Outdoor green house.
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    Seagrow, Ecobuz, Biobizz, FPJ
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    Joint, pipe, bong, dry herb vape.

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  1. We grow organic outdoors, I use a lot of different amendments in my soils, which are basically built from scratch. The wormfarms were a game changer, castings for the soilbuilding and topdressing as well as wormtea. Liquid nutes I prefer Biobizz, with Seagrow and molasses for AACT. Also use numerous liquid extracts and FPJ's during veg and flower. So far, so good.
  2. Aweh fellow florists Summer is upon us and the growing season is afoot. Hope everyones' got their soils cooking. We've been experiencing a bit of everything, our garden is an example of opposites. Chopped a few ladies really late, at the "wrong time" of the year.(Not supposed to be havesting in Oct) Flowers looked good. One big sativa lady busy revegging, topped her twice during veg to push her into flower early, but she wasn't having any of it. The f1 Bluecheese phenohunt girls doing well in 60lt tubs. Hoping for a decent "cheese" and/or "blueberry" pheno. Backed up some clones, rooted in 14days. Will be planting out into 20lt growbags. Next round of seedlings in 9lt bags for sexing. Sifted 240lt compost and latest 200lt batch of diy "supersoil" is nearing completion for the grow bags. So we're off to a bang this season. Cheers
  3. Bos

    Bay Seeds

    Did some good business with them when they started out. But that relationship went south recently, bigtime. Will never use them again.
  4. Enjoy your grows. Those flowers look Plump and Frosty.❄
  5. Peoples' perceptions.... As a home grower you are on the journey down the rabbithole and will learn to know better. There are better "guys" out there that produce decent stuff and then you get the rest. Genetics as mentioned will play a big role as it usually does. The "throatcut" or burn from improperly/badly cured cannabis is usually mistaken for "potency". Many blackmarket guys don't have time to fiddle with curing, burping etc... the dry it fast to get the product to market asap. Teary eyes and hectic coughing equals "good stuff" .....or is it the mould growth from improper storage etc. Once you've grown decent genetics and properly processed your own cannabis, its difficult to go back to streetweed. Ignorance is not always bliss.
  6. Can see spidermite damage on the leaves. The discolourizatiin could be something related to them.
  7. Aweh bro. Sounds like the beginning of a good thing you got going there. Slow and steady, you may enjoy the journey. Which way the wind is blowing?
  8. Aweh fellow greenfingers, Our winter outdoor grow is showing some Irie winter bud with some beautifull shades of colour. Yields might not be as impressive as summer, but the delicate winter flavours make up for it. The reduced vegetarian pest load is an added bonus, unfortunately the taxman(budrot) still has to be paid no matter the season. Keep growing....
  9. We prefer to wet trim due to coastal humidity and then hang untill the "twig snap" stage. Sometimes a fan is used for indirect air movement on muggy/rainy days. Then they go to the jars, leave some headspace - fill to 70%. Monitor your jars RH, don't like exceesing 70%-still too wet, dry some more. Keep an eye out for possible mold growth. If it stays in the low 60's, you should be good. Burp your jars once or twice a day, note the jars' scent as time goes by, it'll go from fresh/grassy to stinky/sweaty and eventually you'll notice fragrant terpenes start developing. As a rule we jars cure for minimum 30days before we test, some strains can go up to 90days before the good smooth flavours develop.
  10. I'd be keen take part.
  11. Eish gents...... Its easy to point fingers and all that, but where would you go/emigrate that doesn't have same or equivalent issues. Between the WEF and WHO etc.... even if you dodge now...they come searching. Geographical isolation is good initially, but can you maintain that isolation...
  12. North Coast winter colours.
  13. Outdoor season officially starts around September and ends around April. But some rules can be bent, I'm still growing outdoors in July on the northcoast, weather permitting of course. If you do plant outdoor in mother earth in September then your plants will become quite large, 3 to 4m tall. If you'd prefer something more manageble you could plant later or just plant into pots or growbags. There are a few different growing methods/techniques for cannabis. Indoor or outdoor and synthenics nutrients or organic. Cannabis can be grown in either. You'll have to decide which style suits your situation, abilities and your pocket best. What are your plans?
  14. Aweh gromies, Seems a quiet time for outdoor organics. But the growing never stopped round our parts. Jars are full of summer flavours maturing gracefully. Playing around with some subtle winter terps...just because. Growbeds been put to rest with a few green and brown layers, woodash and aged manure. Multiple AACT applications should help things along. Enjoy the growing.
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