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    Fruitpunch, Blue Cheese, Purple Pineapple, Charlottes Angel, Chocolate Gorilla..
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    Own Organic soil.
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    Sunlight and LED
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    Mango Skunk, Chocolope, Purple Bud, Vanilla Kush, White widow, FruitPunch, Swazi Gold, Purple Stilton, Chocolate Gorilla.
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    Outdoor green house.
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    Seagrow, Ecobuz, Biobizz.
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    Joint, pipe, bong, dry herb vape.

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  1. Can you post some pics of the damage, will help to id the culprit.
  2. Have grown some Cayenne and Habanero, just sown Jalapeno all for sauce making. Consuming them raw can get interesting, but in a sauce they work lekker. 1. Some habaneros for the next round. 2. Cooked up some sauces. Something for everything..😁
  3. That plant is re-vegging, hence the weird leaves.
  4. Bos


    Quarintine all incoming plants, dose them and keep separate from main grow area. More treatments at lower dosages are more effective so you can cover the whole life cycle of the pest/mite from egg to larvae to adult- killing all of them. IPM is a neccesity, mites are tough buggers and some are known develop resistance if you keep using the same stuff repeatedly. We like to mix it up with more than one insecticide. Hit them hard with different stuff more than once.
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lovebug They are an invasive species, but dont seem to be too much bad news for your plants.
  6. The law is the law....or its supposed to be. The theory on paper is good, but excecution and interpretation is another story as we've seen for years thanks to CancER. In deepest darkest Seff Efrika it is applied differently. There are 'other' considerations and 'special' extrenuating circumstances that must be taken into account. (Sarcasm, tongue in cheek) It depends on who perpetrated the crime, what mood the arresting officer is in, who the criminal is friends with, strength of connections to ruling party, what his political/ethnic convictions are etc, etc, etc.... The 'pimp' Mr Celery is a good example. Previously found guilty of crimes and dismissed from the saps, but then re-appointed to lead??? Corruption, fraud, drugs and guns - Prime example of the 'Law' at work in our beautifull New Seff Efrika. Its sad and scary.
  7. Bos

    Suntech lights

    Have built an outdoor light setup incorporating 2x of the 50w versions and a 150w led flood in the centre. Using it to extend daylight hours and vegging clones outdoors. They do get warm so some active/passive cooling will extend the usefull life. Mine been running for about 6 months and no problems so far. Doubt they would be suitable for flowering, for a decent indoor setup, those lights won't be the best choice.
  8. Super soil, as an idea is wonderfull, but in practicality its a bit of a tall order, pipe dream or panacea...upset apple cart....ohh damn!!! We grow cannabis for reasons contradicting mother natures' intentions, not purely for the plants' procreation. Not even the Lords gardener, Mother Nature works like that. Naturally, the plants grow on the edge of forested or intermeadiate area's and during their 'lifetime' they recieve numerous organic nutrient inputs from decaying matter etc. that nature supplies.
  9. Biologically your mix will change a lot during the 'cooking' process. Looks like you have most of the bases covered nutrient/amendment wise.... maybe some AACT and a spade 'turning' every 2 weeks maybe?
  10. Very cool scale, allready doing duty. (Winter grown Bluecheese) Thanks @PASSTHEDUTCH Awesome to have Sponsors like you guys onboard.
  11. Bos


    Aweh @Growbaron Feeding a plant high levels of nitrogen during flower may also create leafy buds like those. Sunlight hours this time of the year will also push a plant to reveg. In order to help with this situation we'll need a bit more info about your grow setup.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Plenty knowledge to be found here. You got some decent spires there.
  13. Just a tidbit of info for the OP, dont mix the two, 'shotgun' remedies may do more harm than good. Years back I was a noob and made that mistake, so speak from personal experience.
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