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  1. Ja nee, she hermied. Pollen and pistils. Off with its head.
  2. In theory you can clone an auto but chances are you wont get a decent yield for all the trouble. The autoflowering trait is strong and can't be circumvented as far as I know. You could cross an auto with a photo, but you'll end up with a 50/50 mix of auto and photo seeds that'll need to be seperated. I've cut and grown out plenty of clones, even from revegging plants. Didnt notice any reduction in potency or flavour.
  3. You can add certain amendments straight to the pots you're planting in. I have used the Bio Ocean pellets as a topdress, but never straight/raw into my pots. My seedlings go into a diluted mix to avoid burning untill they show sex then get transplanted into the amended mix. I added 3kgs of Bio Ocean seaweed pellets to 400ltrs of soilmix. Tried to err on the side of ''less is more'' cause there are some common elements in the amendments. Hence the soilmix needing to ''cook'' for at least 60-90 days to breakdown properly and reach equilibrium.
  4. Welcome. Most soil amendments like manures, bonemeal and qwano pellets need composting as @Dank mentioned. That soil mix will be hot and seedlings will struggle and could burn. My mix contains very similar amendments, dol. lime, bio ocean pellets, bone meal, rock dust, manure, EWC and garden compost. Been cooking for 30days and needs about 30 more at least.
  5. Hermaphroditism can be a recessive trait in the plants genes, you just dont always know how reactive it is. In some plants depending on past breeding etc(genetic makeup) it may be closer to the surface ie: you look at it funny and it herms. In other plants it might be buried deep or be non existant ie: you can punish that plant with temps, lst, hst and she handles it like a champ. Some herm straight off the bat, others wait untill deep into flower(most evil) cause they can drop secret hermie pollen if you mis 1x effing pollen sac. Boils down to genetic stability, the growers experience with the strain. That's why bagseed can be intersting, but also a crap shoot and sometimes a complete f@#k-up.
  6. Took a mandatory 2 mnth break from March this year for work medicals, only to get hit with Covid. Medicals got postponed to July, all told 5mnths break. Was not very lekker.... Didn't stop growing though and the comeback was epic.
  7. Bos

    Adopted Indoor

    Calcium and Magnesium are both important for good plant growth. Eggshell is calcium carbonate and it can swing your ph upwards. It will benefit your plants long term as it's kind of slow release, because it has to breakdown first. If you're in a hurry...You could try the KNF (Korean natural farming) method by treating the ground eggshell with vinegar and diluting with water. (Check methods online) Otherwise buy some ''Calmag'' (most hydro shops stock it) its got the Ca and Mg. I have used all the above methods and still do, depending on the situation.
  8. Bos

    Adopted Indoor

    Healthy new growth is a good sign. Hopefully she gets over the ''stunt'' well enough to reward you for the efforts. Might just get a good yield out of her.
  9. Bos

    Adopted Indoor

    It's up to you in the end, as you have the plant in front of you and can judge best. I'd try the epsom and see how she responds. If all looks good by next feed, go in at half strength with the nutes and take it from there. AACT wise, I mix 25lt batches for the forest. 2 cups EWC, 2 cups garden compost, 50ml molasses, 25ml Seagrow/Fishmix. Brew for 12-18hrs. Optional - Seaweed extract/Kelpak, humic/fulvic acid, SST. You can apply the AACT straight or diluted 50% and any leftovers should keep in the fridge for about a week in a sealed container.
  10. Bos

    Adopted Indoor

    The flush with clean ph'd water hopefully got rid of the problem. Would have been best if you could test the ph of the runoff to confirm. The leaf colour indicates @Fridgedoor might be onto something regarding the Mg, whether it's a lockout due to N tox we don't know. So at some point the plant will need to get the correct ph feed with the correct nute mix. You sticking with biobizz? You could try half strength nute mix and see how she responds. If the leaves aren't dead, leave them on the plant. They won't recover fully but the fresh new growth will show if she is on the mend. Be carefull with heat, temp swings and RH - she doesn't need any more stress. I'd also recommend some AACT if possible, always helps with stress.
  11. That last bit is good..... Do like my sativas.
  12. Bos

    Adopted Indoor

    Living soil with organic nutes, shouldn't be seeing those symtoms - if you stick to the dosages. I tried ph'ing my feeds in soil once.....my girls didnt like it, never again. With a smaller amount of medium the plant might get rootbound quicker, but I doubt it'll affect it that badly. Transplanting(carefully) is an option to consider.
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