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    Swazi Gold, Fruitpunch, Seedsman-Purple Bud, Kalashnikof-Purple Russian Express, Seedsman Lemonchello. .
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    Own Organic soil.
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    Spliff and pipe.

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  1. Bos


    Used to ride technical and hard enduro. Traded 2 wheels for 4....x4, but that mostly doesnt count haha....except when the water fills the footwells.
  2. Enjoying some Bubblegum sativa, Fruitpunch f3 and a dash of Purple Stilton during the daytime. Waiting for the Purple Pineapple to finish curing.... Variety is the spice...
  3. Bos

    Neem oil

    Wasnt intended for grasshoppers, possibly the essential oils might deter them? You can try it and check if it works. Grasshoppers and locusts are difficult to control outdoors cause they move around a lot and they can fly. As a second line of defense plant some companion plants in the mean time. Let them to snack on that, rather than the cannabis.
  4. Yeah, go easy on the ash (woodash only) as its very alkaline. Banana smoothies work well for me. Blitz half to one banana per plant in a food processor (peels and all) with dechlorinated water. (I do banana, apple, comfrey, aloe vera and mix in a bit of carrot and potato peels) You can mix in some molasses 25 - 50ml as well. Then dilute in 20lt water and feed your flowering plants. As an option you can add some organic flowering nutes as well. Just keep ratios and strength of the mix in mind. Plain molasses in water also works well, it feeds the microbes, who in turn feed your
  5. Cotton and soybean seed meals or 'cake' are also worth mentioning as soil amendments. The byproduct of oil pressing. But...seems finding a supplier is a difficult. RSA is not as clued up on organic amendments/supplements as the US of A.
  6. Welcome bruh, Kickass forum this. Enjoy, learn and ask questions. Post some pics....or it didnt happen haha...
  7. Yeah that looks like they are fading to the finish.- which is very normal. Just remove the yellow and dying leaves. Those ladies are very 'bushy', preventing decent air movement through the plant, that could possibly lead to conditions for PM, due to no air movement. Depending on your local weather conditions of course. Inland your RH would be lower than here by the coast. I would have done a lekker defoliation before they go into flower. Just my 2c Are you feeding them anything to fatten up?
  8. In our organic realm there are a few... Additional to normal feeding routine. Mung and Adzuki SST's for veg. Yellow corn SST's for flower. AACT and BIM's for microbial. Comfrey FPJ for veg Seaweed FPJ for micro's (live by the sea) Catnip and or Tomato leaf extract for spidermite and aphids. Varients of Banana/potato/sweetpotato/aloevera smoothies for nutrient boost and microbe support. Rice and pasta water also in the mix- starch, sugars and LAB. Worm farm coming along nicely, vermicompost for the soil and tea for the ladies.
  9. Aweh @PsyCLown Recieved my beans yesterday. Thanks so much.
  10. Bos

    Dont know anymore

    Agree with the above comments. Just Cannabis seems to be a bit of hit and mis, seems to be more coco than 'soil', dont need those kind of problems especially with autos. Mate of mine ran into issues with JC, was having PH related 'N' deficiencies, but managed to pull through by flushing, but the plants were small. JC Soil seems hot or not properly matured, read suggestions that mixing JC with FF could stabilize it a bit?
  11. Well versed in the those parts of the law and all the bulldust Mr Cele tries to spread. Have legally owned and used fire arms for almost 20years. Rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Try to be prepared as much as possible.
  12. I feel your pain bruh. We got same stories on the north coast. SAP dont do their job, there is no visible policing at all. Most of the cops are taking protection money from the Nigerian wonga dealers and thus dont get touched. We have drug(most hardcore stuff except cannabis ) and whore houses in most neighbourhoods. Now that the cops are watching the beaches the criminals are having a field day. Brazenly robbing houses in broad daylight, last week they robbed a jewellery chain store in the mall in the middle of the day. My vehicles have been broken into 3 times this year
  13. I grow organic in my own soil, have used coco for cuttings but not for full on growing. Coco should be buffered with calmag to avoid issues later on. Pretty sure one of the more experienced coco growers may shed some more light on the issue.
  14. Aweh, It does look like something is not right there. Many deficiencies etc are allready 7-14days in the making before you, the grower physically see them. You'll have to give more info, like what grow medium you using, what nutes you feeding and how much. Tip burn is usually an indication of too much feeding, the shiny sheen on the leaves alao doesnt look right. Possibly a lockout.
  15. Awesome idea in the spirit of the season. I would definately be interested in some of those beans if there are enough to go round. Personally that strain has been on my growing bucket list for a while. Doing coconut oil extracts for some retired individuals at our local 'Golden Oldies' who indicated that they prefered 'more natural meds' for their ailments. They were buying off the street in the past to try and make their own. (Alcohol extract with vodka) Up to now we were only able to help them with sativa/THC dominant extracts. a CBD dominant extract will be very benefici
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