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  1. Best to use pollen fresh. Had better success drying or dehumidifying my pollen before freezing, stays fluffy/powdery, but prefer rice above flour though. Plants have a pollination window when the tips of the pistils are just starting to brown, but its best to chuck more than once to increase your chances.
  2. Hell yeahhh....but it can become a deep rabbithole real quick if you arent carefull hahaha.... For the most part I meticulously plan my pollenations and sometimes I look at my plants and I get this idea...like this very fruity White Widow female could do with this Mango Kush male pollen and viola.... Then comes the work, hunting for the best ones for the next gen. Still hunting some crosses from last year and allready have 2x more to explore this winter.... Believe its different for every grower, selection criteria wise.....terpenes, potency, growth structure, bud to leaf ratio, pest
  3. Welcome to the forum bruh. Those buds look awesome, lekker green fingers.
  4. Have some other options, but its not for everybody. 1.Tomato leaf alkaloids. If you have access to tomato leaves. Roughly chopped, add enough water to cover the leaves and then blitz with food processor, leave overnight to draw, filter solids and spray. Additional-veg oil and soft soap(wetting agent) optional. Active compound should deteriorate in 2-4days if exposed to sunlight and UV. Worked on spidermites, aphids and thrips. (Soft bodied insects) 2.Garlic chilli onion-diy pepperspray 4 cloves garlic, handfull of hot peppers(habanero) and half
  5. Worm tea can definately be used on cannabis. The NPK ratio will depend on what the worms are fed, so will vary greatly. As per the interweb the general NPK seems to be 1-0-0, its true value is as micro innoculant. I normally use my tea as a general plant tonic and microbial innoculant at 50/50 dilution with water. It contains many macro/micro nutrients, humic and vulvic acids-all round its great for your plants.
  6. Fert wise, Biobizz range is good-Grow, Bloom and Fishmix. Seagrow and Ecobuz multigrow also good and available from Builders and most nurseries.
  7. Aweh, from the photo those white marks look like thrip damage to me. There is also some sign of leaf borer but they are ok in small numbers. What have you got for pest management? Pyrol or neem will work for the thrips.
  8. I'd chop it. If you have any other plants in flower, you risk pollinating them and any other female plants around you. Even the seeds would be useless as they'll carry the hermie trait.
  9. 1st pic. You can see pistils and male pollen sac's which would identify the plant as a hermaphrodite. 2nd pic is too blurry. Pls post more pics, but clearer. If it is a hermie, it would be best to chop it.
  10. Kudo's for getting back up man. You learn a lot about yourself when shit happens. Welcome back.
  11. Eishh....You need to be real carefull when buying online as indicated in above posts by @Bay Seeds Many of these so called growlights advertised wattages are terribly overstated on the websites, especially the chinese cheapy lights. Another question...Is 45w enough? Wouldnt you need more watts/light/ppfd for 8 plants? My cloning dome smd strips are 45w. The vegging clones are using 200w (1×100w led flood and 2x50w blurples ) and I dont believe it will be enough to veg them all the way.
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