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  1. yeah the 50% RH with insufficient circulation is for sure a contributing factor in creating a breeding zone. the plants need to be "dancing in the wind" so you know the air that gets trapped between the branches and leaves gets blown away. if you're not worried about flower you might aswell dust the whole plant with DE. also I forgot to mention that Pyrol and other contact insecticides will shrivel up your pistils and hinder your breeding a lot!!! Bioneem might also do this. so stay away from these when already in flower! I think you'll be best off spraying some homemade bug det
  2. @silverdelange aha I see, garage setup, do you have tech telling you the RH and temps close to your plants? Also very important here, good air circulation, like a fan blowing the stagnant air between the leaves and branches of the plants and sufficient fresh air for the plants? hows the breeding regime working? I assume there is a CS or STS thing going on if you're crossing fems, which means you will not be able to smoke the buds of the plant that you're treating to make pollen anyway, you might aswell dust that whole plant with DE. only if you not gona smoke the buds. the plants you
  3. another thing to concider is the grow space itself. is it a tent? was it owned by someone else? do you have good FAE and circulation? hows conditions?
  4. @silverdelange what's up man, yeah you got a typical fungus gnat there. eggs that was in the top 5cm of soil hatched. go check your pots for larvae in the top soil. First off, is the plant healthy? A fully healthy plant should be "unfavourable" to insects, molds and diseases. as for the spots on the leaves, I think you might be dealing with another kinda insect. mites or thrips. 2 ways to mend your soft bodied insect infestation that will benefit the plant also. Get 2 or 3 heaped table spoons of Diatomaceous Earth, sprinkle it on the top soil after watering as to not
  5. Welcome welcome, my condolences brother. you are with a great bunch of new family members here I am also very interested in the ultrasound extraction!!!
  6. welcome to the mad house amazing setup, amazing plants and amazing weed!
  7. got the grinder! BIG THANKS to @WannabeGrower crushed a few buds and I am already forming a strong bond!!
  8. Amazing, as always!!! this bit got me curious as we would all love to have plants constantly praying, this is what I would like to get at. correct me if I am wrong, but you're growing in FF premium classic and using biobizz? if you see your girls aren't praying away in their religious ways, before noticing any other problems such as discoloration or burnt tips, what's usually the first thing you think of? and what do you do in those cases?
  9. what's the new price? you might have a taker, give me your whatsapp?
  10. what's up @jordz2203 I myself am very much out to support local, even made a thread a while back regarding SA cannabis brands and how to help these guys make it out here. building on what crex said, raw is a company a step above the rest. to "compete" with them, as anyone who enters the industry would have to, would be like a David and Goliath situation. and I want to highlight the big meaning behind what I just said, and that is that it is completely possible!!! a thing to keep in mind though, is that Josh Kesselman, the founder of raw papers didn't want to create a brand
  11. hahahah got many teleportation devices here brother !! but do take note about the EC pen, this will take a lot of guessing out of the game when it comes to soil being too hot. and to cool it down, you flush the soil and keep flushing till you hit the plants desired EC. in your case, if you plant in the soil now and the plant tells you it's too "hot", flush her. only thing that's important then is to make sure you not flushing with water with the wrong ph, in organic soil ph should be between 5.5 and 6.5 hopefully there was just a bad batch and you getting nice soil
  12. @Weskush brobeans, what area you in? I can possibly swing by and show you how to use a EC pen, and you could possibly invest in it later. once you get the soil, I'll come check it how "hot" it is for you and how to mend the problem. if it's too hot, you can just flush it with water. no prob. if you wana you can pm me where you at, I'm in the winelands area. yeah, I have seen quite a few of the videos those guys put up checked it out again now, but not sure why it would motivate you to do cover crop. I see the guy also mention the "no till" in that tiny bed. I did a ho
  13. I find the best way cover crops can be used in a pot is letting the plant grow to an acceptable size before adding a new layer of soil with some cover crop mixed in. if you plant cover crops around a big already dominating plant, they might not grow as nice, but rather to have the actual thing you wana grow to be dominating than the cover crops. this is why a new top layer of soil. alternatively, there is no companionship, because it's a pot you're creating competition when you plant everything at the same time and the cover crops might dominate and stunt growth on what it is you're
  14. hahahah yeah sorry bro, hope you guys keeping the garden pest and disease free in all cases! 🤘
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