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  1. yeah I guess then make fire under them, keep reaching out and make the situation public as it is your right to do so and tag them, hopefully they have common sense. hope you don't get swindled!!
  2. 3 weeks ago was 27 Dec. is that the time you placed the order? ordering anythiny anywhere online during this time of year can be a headache. did the website not say "orders for 2021 closed till January 2022" - that's usually the case with businesses that do deliveries - note that it could just be because they're only starting fall back into work this week? B&B has good rep, the time of year I think is the problem. I am waiting on shit I ordered in mid December, got nothing to do with cannabis, some clothes and other stuff been tracking my package online, it hasn't even left the warehouse, yet.
  3. must be πŸ˜… the auto/photo thing goes out the window when the whole undiluted nute thing came up as this is something you can do with neither of the two types of plants. I hope your friend is buying you some new seeds?? concidering you didn't tell him to give undiluted nutes, hopefully. so he needs to caugh it up. daaaaamn!!!
  4. lol bro it's kinda obvious then that the seedlings wouldn't make it. sorry I just jumped into advice giving mode when I saw you lost the seedlings I thought it was to your own volition. yeah, don't feed undiluted nutes. on anything else that went down I can't be giving advice at all. about the humiduty, what is this foggyness in the photo here, just some smoke then or something? oh well, whatever it was, you seem to know what you should and shouldn't be doing and that everything would've went down A-OK if it wasn't for the undiluted nutes. πŸ˜… πŸ€™
  5. faqme bru you lost seedlings you already popped? usually it's with the seed pop most people have trouble with and from there it just gets easier. can we have photos of how they looked when you discovered they where dead? this will be a tell tale to what went wrong as with seeslings there can really only be a few things that went wrong... important question here - you growing autos or photoperiods? if photoperiods I would advise to use smaller pots when popping seeds and don't saturate the medium. if autos, same pots, but don't saturate the medium. just going off photos you showed thusfar it looks like you got a 10L pot or bigger with a seedling in it and the medium looks completely saturated - this is already bad - then I see you still got a humidifier in there pushing the RH up and not allowing the pots to dry out even furthering the problem. chances of underwatering in your case is probably very slim. you say you just using buffered coco with tap water, so shouldn't be a PPM issue. and with the seedlings that young it shouldn't be a PH issue either unless you gave them straight acid. this doesn't mean you don't have to keep ph in check, especially for you growing in coco. I am leaning towards damping off the seedlings, too much water, but I really can't tell without more photos
  6. monsanto has been in trouble from all sides surrounding their use of glyphosate. most FMCG crops that spray round up has heard the wrath from the public - no one wants round up around since many years ago. problem is they have the monopoly and they have the money to keep their names clean. they have been fighting the round up wars for many many years and they will always win. long and short of it is monsanto is riding on the back of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics' stamp of approval, they gave the green light to monsanto to go spray. where the law was broken in this case, was not that they used glyphosate, instead it was because the FBN had no right to do what they did. if any given entity where trying to minimize dagga coming into their countries they can do so by patroling their borders, screening traffic and all that jazz. no country, not even the government has the right to cross borders into other countries and go spray poison on their crops.
  7. This could be the case, but I have to say perhaps people like monsanto or who ever is behind all of it and who ever was paying them didn't give a shit, but saying no one gave a shit might not be so fair, because I think the gteater amount of people did give a shit. that's why they fought and got them to stop. The reason you gave and the quote from those sources all plays into all 1000 different angles of defence those guys will throw at you, so they can keep doing it and protect their bank or whatever agreements they have. when taken to court the platform for monsantos argument will be they did it, because cannabis is schedule 1 narcotic in some other parts of the world and they might be exporting it there. the situation about getting rid of the product or the argument about if it's carcinogenic or not is kind of irrelevant, but I am not surprised that if it was monsanto, or for that matter any branded company that wana push their product, will create a silly argument like that they can win in some way to distract a person from the real problem which is them killing the cannabis fields. monsanto has been in hot shit for many years about all kinds of crazy shit. even if the shit they sprayed was a super nutrient for all other plants, and only killed the cannabis, the argument was that they didn't want them to kill their cannabis fields anymore and the focus was to get them to stop all together, not to spray a different product that's not carcinogenic but still kills the cannabis πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  8. welcome yeah was just about to ask to share what you busy with right now ?? great help, support and motivation coming from this group. if you're not already, you'll be harvesting good amounts of dank genetics in no time. 🀘
  9. yebo - ecomonic power and status. the ouens getting their salaries don't even know why they doing it, it was the task at hand and the sooner they can clock out to go spend that fat check the better. this root goes down deep deep deeeeep, back to the mexican revolution back in early 1900's and stems from the reason cannabis was made illegal in the first place. might sound like people are looking to the easiest and first most logical reason there can be, but more often than not people like to look at things and make them way more complex than they actually are just to try understand them, when taking things at face value will bring you closer to the truth. They did it "because they can" they, the people deploying the helicopters, will give you 1000 different reasons why they're doing it trying to justify their stance, when in reality it's very simple - in certain parts of the world the last glimmer for a source of economic stability needs to be chocked out to help maintain the pyramid structure our society is built on that benefits only the tippy top of the 1% the reason people like Simon and the team that helped him got their wishes, was because the poison sprayers literally had no foot to stand on for what they where doing other than "cannabis is illegal in some parts of the world" and that was not a good enough reason, but really, going back to the reason why it was made illegal, was based on this very same economic power struggle. Sadly cannabis wasn't even the original target, but just caught in the crossfire. During the power struggle, it was hemp standing in their way and was the main cause of the power struggle. Hemp was made illegal when the DuPont family, who created the nylon empire, merged with te Hurst Family, who started up the biggest Timber company at the time. They used their money and power to befriend a guy named Harry J. Anslinger, first ever leader of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics when it was created in 1930. Together they flooded the media with anti-hemp propaganda, and the only angle they had to make Hemp look bad was that HJA was a fucking racist and out to make profits and as he quickly saw there was more money to be made in nylon and timber, so the only way was to lie about it and create 2 different things and demonising the one. Hemp was known by the masses as it was the only textile/paper resource at the time, so how do you make that product look bad? you can't.... but what you can do is associate it with cannabis. Cannabis tinctures and extracts where used as a medicine, all medical books had information on it at the time and the substance had high cause for abuse as with any medicine. The mexican jazz culture was also creating quite a buzz at the time, and the habitual use of cannabis became synonymous with mexican jazz. They focussed on calling it something else like "crazy tobacco" and newspapers where flooded with stuff about "reefer madness" and how "marijuana makes black people rape their mothers and sisters and kill their brothers" and a whole bunch of other racist fucked up lies, then they supressed any further research on the matter so no one could find out if any of this was true or even possible. Within a few months global perspective has shifted and everyone was OK with it being made illegal and since then all Hemp/Cannabis crop fields has been sprayed with poison. No reason needed... basically just to protect a entity that fucks the whole world up the butt and sucks us dry of valuable resources cutting down forrests and shit. So I guess the oncommission in a sense is the fact that there are probably some government bodies benefitting off the massive monopoly timber and nylon companies have that exsist in their countries by not making way for the hemp industry to take off again, because poor countries will become stable and independent and that's no good for the 1%. πŸ€“
  10. this is a no pro's contest πŸ˜… hahah bet we're all equally excited to see your photos man, you should defs take part 🀘
  11. Hope you find something nice mr.Prom!
  12. so quite a bit has happened and changed around here, thinking you're one step ahead of things can sometimes mean something entirely different than what we hope πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ had the SL OG prepped for a 15 to 16hr light cycle before putting her outside beginning November, put her in a spot where she gets the earliest morning sun till the latest afternoon sun, but days at that time was only 13 to 14hrs long. so she started to flower, showing me how one step ahead is not good enough when there are so many variables. I don't trust "the seasons" anymore. I will dedicate an area for outdoor grows and mount a LED for future, next years outdoor light cycles bound to be even more flipped. only way when talking light cycles. I made a few cuts of the SL OG, took the whole plant out and decided to keep the pot empty for a while till I can see others vegging outdoors, had another 60L pot ready for a host so I decided to test one of the Hawaiian Cake giveaway plants, took the stinkiest female and planted her, took about 2 weeks till she went into flower around 14 Nov. Waited till 10 Desember, can't wait any longer, planted a Deluxe Sugarcane cut in the 80L pot, saw she's going into flower a few days ago. The poor HC got smacked with the recent wind storms, lots of leaf damage, luckily she acted as a wind break for the DS. Not sure if this plant wants to continue flowering or making foxtails now πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ HC - DS - she's doing great some of my chillies and peppers in the greenhouse πŸŒΆπŸ«‘ Habanero - big leaf Cherry bomb - perfectly round and turn crimson red like a little cartoon bomb 😁 Cayenne, at the back - must have Bell pepper Sweet pepper Jalapeno 🀠 Then we have some outdoor grown chillies and peppers as I was running out of space inside the greenhouse, I cut back a few plants and planted them straight in the earth in an unoccupied little corner in the garden 😁 Bell peppers Cayenne 🀠
  13. yeah, I've had this with all kinds of plants and sometimes it makes me stress, but I have seen plants thriving like this aswell. the explination I gave is actually very simple, the physicality of it all is quite complex, my relationship with ants really is a love hate situation πŸ˜… they're very interesting, but can wreak havoc if they wana and we can never be too careful I watched a documentary looooong ago about ants basically doing above ground landscaping by root management under ground. blew my mind, how they knew if they munch this certain root they know that one certain branch of the plant will die and they would prevent their habitats from getting too dense, but still not kill all the plants in the area so they still have protection and all that. sort of like they making bonsai πŸ˜…
  14. the knife can really cut both ways here, but I guess you could predict the outcome a little by trying to find out what type of ants those are. ants that take plant matter underground usually do this to create mycelial networks for them to feed on, they're mushroom farmers, yet it's not unheard of ants munching on fine roots till the plant dies, the ants attraction to the root zones is the mycelium that is commonly found around plant roots. but then again we shouldn't forget that the cannabis growing there is also a plant by defenition and is the exact thing the ants are after to help them grow more mycelium. some ant colonies like to build their farms under a plant so the plant and its roots provide structure and protection for their homes, they know this and try to not hinder the growth of the plant aswell as the extra aeration and mycelium at the root zone that helps the plant to grow. other ants go farming at the base of the plant and end up putting the plant through so much stress they become weak and start attracting pests, the ants know this and use this tactic so they get a plant to host their food, such as psy mentioned. either way, pretty cool to see this go down 🀠
  15. you working with autos or photoperiods? if photoperiods, I would suggest trying out smaller pots for seedlings and move your way up. easy way to make sure you not over watering.
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