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  1. What's up everyone, hope you're all doing great! It's been a while since I've been active on here an this is why. About two months ago I finally took the big step to cut all ties and invest literally all of myself into starting up a business with a guy who's been wanting to do this for a while. I gave my current boss the word, put in my last months notice and this week is my last week before everything starts. This is nothing cannabis related so more detail on that later. I am not trying to tell you guys my lifes story so will try stick to the important stuff! To help give some perspe
  2. Hahahah! Boi comin with a shit attitude tryna sell partially melted ice cubes to a bunch of eskimos.
  3. No problem man! These guys don't need much and are fairly easy to propagate.
  4. IMO, best medium to start with is earth. So, soil, I guess, but not bagged soil. Firstly to get to know the look of decent soil, that will hook one on the composition of the soil and from there you take it step by step. Some bagged soils may look and smell amazing and is adverized as the best thing under the sun and this can really be discouraging to some as most comercial soils do more harm than good when it comes to growing cannabis. Understanding the whole picture, instead of building an interest around one thing and seeing that as the holy grail and only thing that works, just b
  5. What's good mr.Scooooob ✌️ That little fuckker is a Gnat Larvae. Eggs in the soil hatch out when conditions are favourable. It's only the first 5-10cm of the top soil that's the problem. The mixture of oxygen and moisture and bacteria in that area is often times just perfect for them and 90% of soil has some kinda bug eggs in it. Don't let your medium get water logged, if your medium doesn't dry out in 48hrs, give less at a time (in theory it's better to water 3 times a day than once every 3 days). Low air movement and high RH is what they want, so make sure your RH is where it
  6. You only grow outdoor? If so, do you use pots or in the ground? I agree, it's definitly economical in the long run. Going organic is really a way of investing in the future for your whole garden, if you're really into it, aswell as investing in yourself. You mentioned that one can really run into much bigger problems with organic than with synthetic grows, however building a thriving symbiote and some real fertile soil will make your grows seem effortless, it will be "just add water".
  7. I see what you mean here and I've seen guys growing DWC and really doing some amazing stuff, no doubt about that. The reason why I wana grow organic is because it will stand the test of time. It is the knowledge that comes with it that I desire. I want to know about microbes, bacteria and nematodes and all the other living things. I believe, even though being not so skilled, I'll get there faster if I take the right steps. I've got some background with synthetic nutes, not only with cannabis. I feel at the end of the day the best for me is going to be to plant straight into the
  8. If she's outside I would say more than 2 weeks still.
  9. Update: Not much has happened except the plants grew some more.
  10. I wana know how many of these have sold!? I don't think a one man band can make enough music to fill that space, if you know what I mean... Would have to quit your day job and employ a staff team!
  11. Kill them with kindness, that kinda vibe? Hahahah! I am not the most intelligent, but surely they can be more clear on what exactly is concidered "a flowering plant equivalent", because honestly with the education of our officers these days I wont be suprised if they mistake my mother for being a flowering plant equivalent.
  12. Nice! Welcome @Biltong and Budz I'm always looking for beans, now I know where to place my next order!!
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