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  1. That's a nice looking cap, bro! I do not wear caps often, but support is what it's all about! If I was to wear one I would prefer the "baseball cap" design, if there is one. I am one for a more "professional" look, but with hoodies it doesn't matter too much as a hoodie itself is a little on the unprofessional side hahah. I am looking for a hoodie, though! So defs will support if hoodies with a nice design become available! Do you have a name or a catch phrase of some sort?
  2. Awesome bud! I would love to have a looksee at those designs! I do not move around much in the cyberspace, so I do not have instagram. Well, if I was gona support a bigger brand online I would have to pay courier so if I'm down to buy some goodies I'll pay the shipping! If possible you can pm me some photos on here?
  3. This should be interesting! That GPSqm is impressive @TheUltimateNoob This will be based on my grow from last year, about to finish up end of the mont then will check how things changed. My setup makes the math real easy, The numbers: 1mx1m tent. 250w blurple LED. Harvested 216g. GPW: 0.86 GPSqm: 216 WPSqm: 250 I saw that thread prom pulled just under 1kg in a 1mx1m space, absolutely ridiculous!!!
  4. Buying clothes , looking to support my local cannabis industry, anyone need support or know who to support?
  5. Hahah I'm quite impressed by it too! It's about 20cm, but I will have to check tonight if you want precise measurement?
  6. Just a little update here on the ladies under the 50w. Leaves are all shiney cause they got another Phyta and BioNeem treatment right before picture was taken.
  7. @afternoon blazer Shiiib, only a pleasure my dude! Here's something you might like, https://ledgardener.com/diy-led-strip-build-designs-samsung-bridgelux/ Someone on the forum was kind enough to provide me with that link, it's really all you'll need when going DIY LED. On the frame, cause of the 1mx1m space I'm planning a 80cm x 80xm frame so the light can comfortably fit inside and not fuck with my tent. Beams of the same alu T-strip across. Will have the best coverage possible, cause will have strip on the frame all over. There will be about 4cm gaps between each beam so no need for passive cooling, heat will be virtually non existant. That's about it!
  8. The cost of things? Alu - (local) R250 Strips - (Digikey) R2180 Driver - (Digikey) R1680 - Digikey has free delivery with anything over 2k, will see how much import tax is when we get there. Potentiometer + resistor - (Stepdads garage) Free, although if you gona buy it, it would be fairly cheap.
  9. I agree, awesome thread topic! @ChroniclyChronic That's one sexy frame you put together! I'm putting a 1mx1m flower room together. Got 15m of Alu T-strip. 3cmx3cm. Gona build a 80cm x 80cm frame and put 10 beams across. Here is what I ordered, Strips on backorder with 8 weeks waiting! FML Here's what I'm going for, Will have potentiometer for dimming aswell.
  10. @afternoon blazer I see what you did there, so this is actually the 150w from acdc we're speaking of? Those are good temps, yeah! Do you carry the plant out in the sun each day? That's dedication!! @ORGANinc. Let me know how the light runs! I guess either way I'm getting one! I literally just put my digikey order through, gona put something special together for my 1mx1m flower space. Then use the blurple just for veg and I have to say it's quite a nice light. Apollo 8, said to be 300w but true wattage is around 240. Plants explode once they go from this light to the blurp. So when I get this flood light I'll just keep it in this "grow box". Once I got the new light running gona spoil myself with a new tent, can't wait!!
  11. Few things to concider then. The 150w will be kinda overkill to be completely honest. It pushes out 12000lumens and quite a bit of heat, so unless your setup is equipt with proper passive intakes and the appropriate inline fan to replace the whole space with cool fresh air every 5 min (fan measurment ACFM = Actual Cubic Feet per Minute in correlation with the cubic feet of your space) you'll be risking overheating the grow space and possibly scorching the plants. If you only gona do 2 plants you don't need that much spread and will be able to hang a light quite close to the ladies, a light that gets too hot will force you to hang it further from the plants and that will cause the ladies to stretch like hell. You could try actively cooling it by blowing fans over the light in the direction of the inline fan to push the heat out of the space and allowing you to hang it closer to the plants. If I where you I would actually rather go with a smaller light, but then this thing is on special and such a fucking good deal!!! Also why I wana get one, even if I use it as a night light outside, it's a fucking good light for a fucking good price. You probably gona pay more for a smaller light right now hahah
  12. @CreX I knew it was something I didn't necessarily have to order online. Putting together a 300W LED light, would I need any specific kinda variable resistor? We have a few local hardware shops aswell as electronic shops, I'll check all of them before getting online. @Jimmy-z Thanks man, I'll keep that link if I don't find a local walk in outlet that can help me!
  13. Yeah this electricity situation in our country is redicilous, untill I can comfortably go off the grid completely I won't even think about HID. I would love to run a CMH. @afternoon blazer that 150w is defs a good deal!! How many plants you plan on vegging at a time?
  14. G'day mates Where do you guys get your potentiometers and resistors? Anywhere local or should I rather add it to my digikey order? TIA.
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