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  1. quite wild that cannabis grow sites will list them as aphids lol
  2. If your plant got a high Brix% bugs will stay away natutally, but if you got a plant that's a bit compromised and there are bugs in your garden it's just a matter of time before they find the plant. In farming we used a lot of sacraficial plants, best example right now would be a rose bush amongst shrubs. growing different berry shrubs we would plant a rose bush at the end of the line. if there are insects present, they'll be on the rose buds and the roses would bud about a month before the berries flowered. giving us about 2 weeks to monitor and act accordingly. what we picked up is that you find a rose bush with bugs on it, it's not always just the plants closest to it that also got the bugs, but rather the more unhealthy looking shrubs in and around that line. after a while you can spot the infested plants from a distance. One year we where replacing the rose bushes as they where never maintained, we ripped them out and it was a good 6 months before planting new ones because of poor management. This prooved to be quite a interesting experiment, because what we found is the plants that year that you would spot in the distance looking like it's not doing well, you go over to the plant, no bugs!!! so the roses didn't act as a sacraficial plant as some of the Agriculture students where soooo religious about, instead it acted as an insect lure ensuring infestations each year and thus ensuring higher doses and more frequent IPM. they don't use "sacraficial" plants anymore. 😁 can't say for sure that this is the case, because again there are so many factors at play and obviously cannabis and bean plants differ from berries and roses. Personally I have just lost the idea of sacraficial plants. I moved over to sticky traps, their colours still attract bugs, that's what they made for, but at least bugs can't infest, live, breed and colonise on your sticky traps. with a "sacraficial" plant you basically inviting and farming insects.
  3. Topic: "When to harvest autoflower cannabis plants" Discussion: "an Autoflowering marijuana plant can take anywhere from three to six weeks to mature" This guy came here to teach us all 😅 I got a question, but sadly it's not about autos. No funny business, but did you browse the forum at all before signing up? Why not shoot us a little introduction thread first before you want us all to indulge in your wealth of knowledge. Who is @SonomaSeeds and what exactly? Are you a breeder? You just starting out? You SA local? Western, Eastern, Northen Cape? We gotta know where that -3 to 6 weeks to mature a auto- information comes from. Who knows, maybe you're right and we don't know what we're doing, but if you want a whole community to take you serious coming up making some random bold statement is not the way. You're very welcome to be a part of this community, just don't assume you're what this community needed right off the bat. Chances are you still got a lot to learn yourself, why would you start off wanting to teach us? There is a litteral shit ton of collective wisdom on this forum, you gona have to be more carefull making those statements without listing all the variables. If I was a newcomer I would wana buy one of those 3 weeks to maturity auto seeds from you, because that sounds too good to be true, and if it didn't live up to your statement there is going to be a lot more questioning than you're getting right now. The more you get to know the more you will know how little you actually know.
  4. same here man, thought it was just my area but seems everywhere is the same problem 🤦‍♂️
  5. If pappa spliff can recall if the seeds where still whole (not crushed or cracked) when dropping them in the soil I think it will be safe to say the seeds where not the problem if they where in good condition when you recieved them. Totemic is reputed through and through, 420sa is not going to take you for a ride either. One thing bout the fridge storage, I used to preach fridge storage that lead to many a arguement and a bunch of conclusions. You can test it for yourself. A fridge that gets opened and closed a lot, like a communal house fridge, fluctuates a lot in temperatures. If your seeds are not sealed and air gets trapped inside of where your seeds are kept, there is a minute chance of air condensing inside the container and forming droplets of water or high moisture. a Fridge is not the place you wana sprout seeds cause they likely wont do anything, so high RH and low temp might cause more kak than good. The key to fridge storing is to keep them bone dry and airtight sealed. even better if it's in a fridge that's not being opened all the time. It would be in pappa spliffs best interest to share more detail with us on his germing method, stuffing more seeds in someones hand who already lost 11 seeds is not going to solve anything.
  6. he also cropped the photo a little more? booooyy got some explaining to do
  7. @SonomaSeeds what's up man, this is a great forum to be on for SA locals wanting to grow some cannabis. we got all credences round here, first timers all the way through to the seasoned growers with around 20 years of experience behind them. how bout making a little intro thread, introduce yourself and show us what you working on?
  8. @Khakibos thanks for the post man. love it!!! 🤘 Kevin Jodrey should come down to Cape Town so the oaks here can show him where to find that original old school skunk, it's super easy, I've heard you can just find it online 🤣🤣🤣🤣 But seriously, there really is some valuable information out there that goes unheard of and it's not because of a lack of information that's available, I think it's a clusterfuck of too much information that lead people to pick the vrot cherries when out cherry picking. *this is a good cherry 😁
  9. Alrighty, outdoor season is upon us! 🤠 I got myself a few free seeds, just going to be playing around with them a bit, nothing serious. I have 2 big pots, 60L and 80L, ready for action. Planning to run some clones of mine, but first... I recycled and reamended some soil for my outdoor plants, but before really planting anything important in it I wanted to see if it's any good. Did a few tests, this is one of them. These are all regulars so I will be putting them in the flower tent in groups to rid out the males. Then clone all the ladies, number them, flower the mothers and select the best girl for further testing. Will probably end up with 2 plants at the most. Small phenohunt if you wana call it that, but it's not quite really. Group 1 - Hawaiian Cake in Freedom Farms Group 2 - Hawaiian Cake in reamended Soil Group 3 - Trainwreck in Freedom Farms Group 4 - Trainwreck in reamended soil (added more perlite) These plants are all between 4 and 6 weeks old, popped in sphagnum peatmoss and transfered to these pots a week after they popped. Only been getting clean water, no nutrients. The only signs of stress was the leaf damage from the few days of heavy wind that smacked their first sets of true leaves a while back when they didn't have any wind shade. They seem to be growing just fine, I have tested the EC of the soil, came in at 4.6, which is really fine for a young plant in an organic situation. I went ahead and brought out the first clone for the outdoor season, planted her in the 80L pot she'll be in till harvest. Sour Lemon OG
  10. Freedom Farms for me too. You trying to find something for yourself to grow in or just asking for interest?
  11. damn that's some nice profit hahah they probably don't even pay the R300 motherland offers it for, I bet the markup is more than 200. sadly because of the involvement of money corruption runs the marketplace. I am not saying these guys are corrupt, yet. I know a breeder can put any price they want on a seed, if they wana ask 1000 for a single seed, they can. I won't buy it, someone will, but not me. The reason can be that it's the holy grail of weed and nothing can compete with it, or simply because it's a seed that the breeder holds near and dear to them, sort of like a "signature" brand or a "niche" item. I understand motherland been stirring some controversy, luckily for them I am not looking for seeds right now and didn't know about all this. 300 for a 10 pack of regs is not over the top at all, though I wouldn't buy those anyway, just because of how they advertise them. all the name tells me is "random genome aka random genome" if a reputable breeder offered these I would question the legitimacy of the breeder. what I don't get is that insane markup, I get that they need to cover distribution costs and what not, but holy fucking christ. I have only heard good things about B&B, never bought from them myself, but I am also super interested in what that insane markup is all about? and their relationship with motherland genetics at the moment? maybe shoot them a quick email see what's up?
  12. wow that's a crazy reveg 😁 gona have a nice big bush!! do you know the strain of those plants?
  13. I spent a lot of my days picking out the thinest of papers, untreated, organic papers, hemp papers.... it's only logical, right? No, it's all bullshit. I believe we're being taken for a whatwhat by the marketing sector. BIG RED FLAG FOR HEMP BASED ROLLING PAPERS 🚩 BIG RED FLAG FOR ANY CELLULOCE BASED PAPERS 🚩 BIG RED FLAG FOR ANY WHITE PAPERS 🚩 Here is a video to help some understanding how to look at rolling papers before buying and not only to read the name on the box
  14. oh man, bugs sure do love them some bean plants. I have infestations on my beans every year, gona try out some dragons tongue, but each year I start seeing bugs on the beans it's not long before I see them on other plants too 🤦‍♂️ on those beans you picked, I can't really make out the plant? is it just a stalk with some bean pods on it? looks like you got some wild beans there man, magical beanstalk, though those look pretty average 😅 not sure about species, will have a look see if I can find out for you
  15. how did you get rid of this plant? just make sure the bugs can't still spread from this corpse. I think best way to get rid of a plant like that, you bring a black bag over and cover the whole plant, chop it down and it never sees the light of day again. bag is closed properly and it goes deep in a bin. sometimes it's good to let it lay in the sun for a day or two to help kill the mites. They are notorius for sticking to clothes and materials, can stick to your arm hairs, we can transfer them by touch the same way mold spores act. these guys really are pesky and a fight with them is usually not over so quickly.
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