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  1. only a pleasure man, excited to see what you bring 😁
  2. Personally, if I was in any of the investors positions, I wouldn't wana touch Zimbabwe with a 100m stick. Sad to say, but that's just how it is and how it has been, I am not being fooled by empty promises of "this time will be different", they can sing that song to their mothers, but I am with the ex Zim farmers. Only an ass will bump its head twice in the same spot. Looking at how America runs things really isn't going to save them or anyone for that matter and it should be clear as day for all of us. It will bring profits to a certain extent and only to a certain select few, but the last thing it will do is benefit the natives and their country. It really is no ones fault but their own, managent and leadership really is a problem in our part of the world and those central african countries really have a long ways to go before they can start acting like America. I would say start with focussing on population control, then education management which will also help in the health management department, then adequate housing, then overall health care and management and environmental management with proper running water systems, cut ties with major companies sucking the resources out the country for a few packets of peanuts to feed the whole country, start using their own resources to work their lands and start actually getting food to the population, start proper farming and proper living and stop thinking living in shacks and clay houses and dying of hunger and disease is cultural enrichment... making money from growing weed isn't going to satisfy all these needs. it's just gona be another "taking candy from a baby" situation. can smell it from miles away. The whole world knows by now doing business with any African country is not a good choice to make, because of our management problem. For years and years other countries have been sending African countries money, food, water, clothes, medicine, housing, schooling all just because people are too nice and there will always be a bunch of people out to help those in need, yet still there are abandoned children laying in the dirt dying of hunger and the people from these countries are too proud and culturally enriched to change and be like the rest of the world. I hope Zim leaders wake up and realise the more they wana be like America and having to turn to other countries for help the more they will get sucked dry. They have every resource they need to make a thriving country, except leadership, but they can fix that.
  3. Hi there @Autoflow3r Your product sounds pretty interesting! Have you any experience working with any Sonoff gadgets? It seems very similar to what you are planning to make.
  4. your girls turning into ladies and wanting to expose themselves a phase all women go through 😉
  5. Goodmorning, Sir! Looking goooood 😁 I think it's not likely for only one part of one leaf to turn purple when cold is the only factor, so I think it's a bit of both here, looks like either deficiency or a ph problem not allowing uptake of a certain nute, the leaf is showing it and now because the leaf is compromised it's more susceptible to environmental factors such as the cold. just keep an eye on her, no stress yet, could be that the rest of the plant still turns purple, then it's the cold, but if growth slows down and odd discolouration continues you might wana ask yourself where it could've been that you either gave too much or too little of something.
  6. This sounds very interesting, I am in Paarl quite often, what place is this? 😁
  7. those plants are looking goood man! 😁
  8. sad to see equipment go to waste, but yeah that's a bit old tech hey hard to believe there are no takers, back when I just started I was running around like crazy looking for a cheap HID, before considering LED. you don't know of a electronics shop you can drop off old electronics in your area? those guys always looking for little gadgets to take apart and build new stuff with.
  9. awesome man!! sounds like you operating in a small slice of heaven, as they say hahah really exciting to see what you guys working with, you gona share some photos with us? 😁 well, I am sure I speak on behalf of the whole family when I say you are most welcome here, make yourself at home and ask and share as much as you can!
  10. Welcome!! excited to see what you working with, show us some photos! 😁
  11. There has been a struggle for ages, gouvernment hurting small farmers, because they can't profit off their backs. With all the mountain growers up there in central africa, who has passed down cannabis farming through generations, I wonder how this will impact their livelyhood? I feel the curve of "americanization" also implies treating everything as if it's a product, and I don't feel this is a good thing in every situation.
  12. Welcome 🤠 All sounds interesting, we all love a good permaculture situation man! 100% agree with the statement about decent soil, have to have life in the soil to have life above the soil, and not only for homo sapiens! and it all starts with microbial activity, mycelium, fungi 😁🍄 you guys caring for some fauna too or just flora and fungi?
  13. oh yes, like they say "out of sight, out of mind" happens with root health aswell. removing those white pebbles, less watering, allowing oxygen to the roots. all major factors.
  14. I believe you might have felt discouraged if you bought a nice new light thinking that is the problem, but then plants dont react and still look the same. you would've still had to get air sirculating and get the roots healthy and all that so I think this is a big step forward for your grow space.
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