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  1. The buds - The one - 36g The other one - 67g I live near the ocean and all the sand is white beach sand with just enough minerals to feed the indiginous flora really and a few other real prolific plants, such as cannabis. I have a bedding that's composted about 30cm deep and I've added about 5 or 6 layers of compost over the last 2 years or so. Just to keep the garden alive really, have grown these two plants with no other ferts than whats in the compost and just water from the hose. They turned a bit yellow and then one day the leaves started to die back, there was nothing I could have done to save them, or well the one more so than the other, but I chopped both. They smell fucking amazing, almost sour fruity kinda smells, hard to describe they still curing and it's still changing. Anyway, this grow is done! Wish I could've pushed the flowers a little more! Will fertilize the soil a bit better and pop few more seed when the time is right.
  2. Hahahah gona let him chill in the bong if he promises not to fly down my throat when I pull the clutch! He's not a lady bug, although I have tons of lady bugs flying around, that is not one of them. I was curious, because I've never seen such a beetle. Had 4 big white squares on it's back and two long feelers coming from it's face. Looked rather majestic, even to the point that I was concerned that it might be snacking on my leaves or even on some of the other beneficial bugs I have around such as the lady bugs! The two girls came down about a week ago, buds weren't fully matured, but I was facing some troubles. Will post a pic of the buds tonight!
  3. I always have a different pack, all I can say is I don't like bleached paper. Bought a pack of those glass ones way back, didn't like it at all. Have you guys seen this the tips have little perforations for easy bending and making the perfect tip, the pack folds out into a work station with fold out sides with a pack of virgin paper. what more could you ask for!? I know RAW brought out a pack like this, but OCB had their pack on the shelves closest to me first so that's pretty cool!
  4. I don't mind smoking some weed and not getting super baked, as long as it tastes and/or smells good. I wouldn't grow a CBD specific strain for myself, though as long as the bud is good I don't mind if someone else brings it to the party. As for the Sativa or Indica thing, I don't know. Maybe I'm not smoking weed right, but what I get from the bud I smoke depends more on the mood and energy I was in right before I smoked. If I smoked a straight indica right as I woke up I'll just continue on with my day, don't have time to be lazy and "get tired". Within the next two hours I would have smoked again. Sometimes I smoke smoke sativa right before I go to bed, if it's some super sativa shit I probably lay there with a goofy smile on my face for like 3min longer than I would have if it was indica, if I haven't fallen asleep already... I guess my answer is that it doesn't matter hahah!
  5. That is crazy! How did you get them to varigate like that or do you just graft from an already varigated piece? I've seen a varigation thay was white as chalk instead of the yellow, and it was more like streaks with streaks of green in between, buddy of mine got a cutting and it rooted and shot out green... bummer. I am looking at doing a few lophophora x pachanoi grafts soon, wana do it indoors during the winter. Will be my first graft. I've got mostly pachanoi all over the place, then a couple macrogonus, cuzcoensis, like one or two small peruvianus and couple of lophophora williamsiis. One that's pushing flowers and I hand pollinate them each time and get seeds every year, also got a few seeds a while back, planted like 50 and 3 years later I'm left with one hahah. Gona plant more soon and do Lophophora x Pereskiopsis grafts. Got a ton of pereskiopsis. Then I got two cuts off a mutant Brigesii Penis thing. Will add photo, you probably know it. Some call it a whales dick or a jews dick hahah. Pachanoi Macrogonus Cuzcoensis Peruvianus Brigesii Brigesii Mutant Dick Lophophoras The One Loph Baby
  6. We share that passion my man! You got any interesting Trichs or only the real makoya? Been collecting a few years after I got my hands on my first san pedro, now I got all kinds of cacti growing all over the place, most of them are active. Looking to do a few grafts soon!! Also, very nice indoor setup you got there, I seriously need to upgrade my blurple and get me one of those qb's!!!
  7. Musical Genius Treat yourself and have a look at the video aswell! More Fire!
  8. If you look at it from the biblical perspective, it's obvious the 1% will push for the vaccine. It goes hand in hand with the cashless digital currency RFID system and why would it affect them? Once you've reached the 1% you're working for the devil. Even some of the 2% 3% 4% and 5%'ers are so deeply lost in the power of money they use the whole "selling their souls to the devil" to make even more money and we're eating this shit up like cake. Hahahah anyway, if I'm told I have to get a vaccine, because it contains information that will allow me to enter certain areas, shops or whatever, will be the day I become antivax. I'll stop eating bread and grow my own potatos rather than playing the cards right into their hands...
  9. Could not agree more! On a biblical note, the 5G thing is linked to the marking of the beast story. The whole, mark on the left hand that will ultimately identify us by Radio Frequency ID technology, thing... Been talking to the rastas and they starting to make some heeeectic sense... for some reason we like to think they're not very well educated, for someone with a business orientated attitude it might seem like it, but for people who have watched the world evolve and "grow" they have been sticking true to their roots, learning and living with nature our only true teacher and healer. If you say they're not very well educated, they predicted all this and if this was all part of a bigger plan, the smartest thing we could've ever done was turning away from technology and economics and being humble and greatfull for what we have. Giving thanks to our mother and not some "god" and living life for the reality of living and not competing in a rat race. Sooo maybe it's not about educating the kids better, but just differently and about different things. Even if this lockdown brings any positivity, I hope it turns people onto self sustainability. None but ourselves can free our mind.
  10. @Prom That is the thing, how do we get from "I" to "we". Someone will have to take "charge" to get people to do things because people don't have their own initiative and a leader will just lead us to the same situation we're in now, and let's not forget the balance in life that makes for that one guy that will stab everyone in the back. For all the good there is just as much evil, they say? Sadly, this rainbow nation of ours boasts about it's rich multicultural coexsitance, all for shits. I see your point about needing some else to take over. I like that and I agree with it. I think many of us would like better leadership. Oh yes, someone will profit from the disease, that's for sure. That's probably the biggest reason I would say it might not be all natural.
  11. I know a lot of information has come forward going into detail about what's being done and what can be done, but what concerns me is the information that has been exposed and then pulled back from the public eye. Leads me to ask why we know the things we do. Why all the videos with such "stunning information" is out there and it's all different? Like I said, I know nothing. One thing is for sure, I'll be wearing my mask and keeping my hands clean acting just as paranoid as the next guy untill the stories of people dropping like flies have cooled down. Hope all the peeps and their peeps are still in good health and keeping shit together!!
  12. I will be tuning in. When it comes to this stuff I like to start it off just making this clear, I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I agree with @420SA always a good thing to investigate things kept in the dark and even more so if it's something that has such direct impact on so many of our lives. On that note, anyone heard anything about the asian lady that came out end of last year already, saying she was part of a medical research team and got some hectic info and started to warn people about literally everything that's happening right now? And now it's nothing, she's just MIA. She explained that at first there will be drastic measures taken to "prevent the disease from spreading" while media does what it's always doing, confusing the heck out of people while the governments acrually go around making money off the "disease". All in all, just a bio-weapon or a form of population control as we haven't had any wars or forms mass murders in a while and you can't send a disease to prison and it will be the least controversial, universally, than creating another hitler or some crazy dude that makes a hero of himself killing taking the lives of a bunch of people. My opinion is that, well we all know money rules us and we depend on it way too much, and this pandemic has made it very clear that the structure of our society is as out of balance as it could be. The more I read about this "situation" it just seems the world is kind of in debt, somehow, eventhough we all know it's just suffering from greed. According to the 1% the world is in need of another recession and a halt of the whole economic structure will do just that. Two birds one stone. My question is, are we all gona go back to square one when this is all over? Are we gona learn anything from this?
  13. @CreX Thanks a ton man, really enjoyed all that info. Will go have a look see at those youtube videos just to get the idea of the vortex brewer concept, but it seems straight forward! When I got my brewer brewing I'll go back to your page with all the recipes, for sure!! Thanks again! @SkunkPharm Sweet, that price is actually not too bad, think I been looking at the wrong compressors! I'm assuming that little guy does not run quiet?
  14. @SkunkPharm Thanks man Saw this on futurama website, but I'm sure I can get it cheaper somewhere else, but would this guy be able to do the work? Anything bigger than this would be air compressor pumps, but would that really be necessary to agitate 10L of water? They also cost over 1k so there is a big price gap, but I'll do it if I need really need to.
  15. Wana start brewing some tea for the girls, I will be using a 15L bucket, but will only do 10L batches at a time. What size pump will work best for this? Any recommendations?
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