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  1. I dropped the seeds straight into solo cups with some new soil I'm trying (420Mix). Kept them in the dark in my cupboard. Gave up on them after 2 weeks, so this weekend I removed the seeds from the solo cups and put them straight into the ground/garden as a last resort . The seeds popped cos I could see the small taproot but the roots looked dried out. @TotemicApologies for saying that your seeds did not pop I think that I under watered them, as I did not want to make the mistake of over watering them. Looks like it was my bad all round (rookie mistake)... Anyways, that's a tough lesson learnt from my f#ck#p... This week I started some bagseed I found (just to keep me busy this season). But this time, I'm gonna do the tot glass soak and paper towel method before dropping into soil...
  2. So much information in one place. Thanks for taking the time to put this together... Great read
  3. Congrats to all the winners - well done... As a noob I really learnt a lot following everyone. Thanks for the great learning experience. Hope your flowers taste as great as they look - enjoy...
  4. I purchased the 4 pack (palomino, chocolate gelato, Tortoni and cherry CBD). I'm pretty sure I purchased it from 420sa, back at the end of April 2021... Had them stored in my refrigerator since the until the beginning of October. Do you think that was the problem??
  5. Good day guys. I was really excited to start my grow this season. 12 plants were going to be too many for me to grow, so I gave 6 seeds to a buddy of mine to try out. It's been just over 2 weeks since I dropped them into the soil. None of my seeds took off and only 1 of my buddies. Think I'm gonna need to buy another pack. @Totemic Do you have any more of the mix pack available?
  6. @iGrowDagga After which node did you FIM?
  7. Good Luck everyone... As a non-participant I'm keen to see what's put on the table at the end, but I also want to learn from you guys along the way... Happy Growing
  8. Sup guys. Just wanted to close off this thread by saying thanks to all that provided me with guidance and advice during this past season. I have certainly been enlightened and can't wait for the next outdoor season to begin... I managed to grow 3 strains: Super Lemon Haze (Green House Seeds) Purple Urkle (Bud Buddies) Blue Dream (Bagseed) All plants have been harvested and are busy curing... I've already dipped into the blue dream and I'm really happy with the result... Thanks once again and hope you all have a great harvest as well...
  9. Received my order this morning... That was really fast - great job @420SA and @Totemic
  10. Just placed my order as well @Totemic Can't wait to get started on this grow
  11. @WeskushGood save bru... I'm just keeping an eye on my ladies for now and hopefully we can get past the Easter weekend. Should be ready for harvest by then...
  12. Ain't that a itch... Are you gonna chop just the damaged cola's and let the rest of the plant go on, or are you gonna chop the entire plant??
  13. @Weskush Thanks for the advice I got rid of what I could see today... Will keep an eye on it daily from now on. Hopefully they can pull through the last week or two But if I see any more bud rot in the next couple of days, I'm gonna give her the chop...
  14. @EvenSteven Thanks for the link bru, very informative... After today's rains, I gave my ladies another look and found a couple more buds with signs of bud rot, so I got them removed as well... Hopefully there's no more, but I'll keep a close eye on them until harvest... Thankfully there's a few more large colas for a decent harvest...
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