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  1. Jokes aside. If you already have acne issues, weed can worsen it due to raising testosterone levels in your body.
  2. Nah eating shit food will though😬
  3. Well done to the winners👏Was very informative to follow along with your journey✌️🔥
  4. Looking good there👌Be careful with beans. They tend to attract pests from my experiences so far. Tomatoes same thing. White flies seem to love them.
  5. After emailing B&B i received confirmation that they no longer sell Motherland genetics. Guess that i'll be using my Motherland t-shirt for checking the oil on my car from now on😐
  6. Well, klap me with a wet snoek😳. This is the exact same thing that a certain seedbank that named their strains after political figures and another one named after n chips brand did. Sies🧦
  7. Market price and economic value is there for a reason but because of current laws and regulations re cannabis there isn't any regulating party. Would be interesting to find out how seed prices are determined. Based on potential yield of strain, class/quality/rarity of strain and an equation of some sorts is calculated or did it start with a thumb suck figure and everyone just accepted it as the norm? I am aware of all the hard graft going into producing and selling seeds so i'm not tuning any breeders. Just curious.
  8. Ja out of stock so they probably did pull it but how can Motherland charge R300 for 10 reg while B&B charges R500 for the same item?? Someone undercutting or someone taking the piss with their markups? I personally have never had any issues with Motherland. Don't know the whole story but when i see shit like this it makes me think twice who to support.
  9. I'll just leave this here...
  10. This grow is one for the books. Well done brother✌️
  11. Not gonna stress. This is my first bought clone. Leaving her outside in the shade with a light breeze. Will wait a week and see✌️
  12. The drooping i can understand as shock but the tips turning brown tells me N toxicity but my medium is not rich at all and i didnt feed any N except for a light(10ml/1litre rainwater) Kelpak watering🤷‍♂️
  13. Planted it out a day after receiving for it was completely rootbound in a miniature container
  14. Ja was shipped. Still perky and no drooping or brown leaf tips though when received. Roots were also well developed and nice white.
  15. Howzit fellow growers. I received a Green Crack clone from GSR. Kudos to them for their excellent customer service! The clone was in good shape when received. I transplanted into 50/50 coco/perlite and potting soil mix. Gave light Kelpak watering till slight runoff. Plant is currently outside in the shade until the shock is over and sleeps inside at night. No artificial lighting during night. She will go into 3 liter pots once roots are established. Problem is the drooping and browning leaf tips. This worries me. No signs of perking after 3 days in solo cup. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks✌️
  16. My knowledge of serum is zero to nada. Will get some tips from you. Regarding the P%$^& expensive part. Meant that Organic nutes is P877676 expensive. That's also part of the reason that i switched to No-till living organic soil. If you keep a hand on it with lasagne layering etc it will sustain a good couple of grows without having to start all over. Lekker bra✌️
  17. Looks good bru👌 With my mix, i added some additional amendments and also some bat guano pellets not listed. Once a week i will water it down with some Epic 5:2 at 1/4 teaspoon/10L rainwater. Check out my mix: I used Subcool's New Super Soil Mix recipe as reference and added a couple of additional amendments as per recommended ratios. Here follows my recipe and total volume is about 250L or 9 cubic ft: Base Mix: - 3 x 30l compost mix - 3 x 20l potting soil mix (peat moss based) - 1 x 20l sand (mix of mostly sand and fine clay from garden) - 5 x 1kg Coco Coir bricks - 1 x 30l bag Perlite Amendments: - 1kg Bone Meal - 3 x cups Kelp Meal - 3/4 cup Epsom salt - 1 x cup Dolomite lime - 1kg Soft Rock Phosphate - 5L Biochar - 1L Diatomaceous Earth - 1L Insect Frass (BSFL) - 1L Basalt Rock Dust - 1 cup Gypsum - 1 cup sprouting barley seeds for kicks Note: This is the first time that i made my own living organic soil. In the past it was the Biobizz line all the way. Works like a charm but poes (apologies moderators) expensive and the living organic way seems more sustainable and of course cost effective in the long run. Peace brother and will follow along on your growing journey✌️
  18. Shot brother. Actually just read that they are beneficial for the garden. They assist in breaking down decomposing and organic matter. They shall continue to live
  19. Howzit fellow growers I'm back with another insect query. This time it is an insect that i'm unfamiliar with in my area. Did some Googling which pointed me to a South American specie called, The Lovebug. Couldn't find anything else on this foreign visitors. They are mating like crazy and only gathering in and around my living soil bed. Don't want to interfere too much with Mother Nature's creatures but this one seems odd. Any advice would be lekker. Thanks✌️
  20. @Green Leaf Organics that image is very unique. Creates a perfect feel for your setup. Lekker man👏
  21. They look pretty good hey. The leaf cupping and slight drooping is heat related i think. The topsoil also looks a bit on the dry side like @Batista mentioned. Otherwise ayoba✌️
  22. Correct. Double whammy! 👌
  23. Probably in-house bred seeds and not In-House Genetics. 😂 Grow them out. Maybe they surprise you after all✌️
  24. There was even rumours of scousers using powdered glass as a dip for more weight and the illusion of glistening trichomes.
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