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  4. Never knew this, pretty awesome. Some flights may end up being really smelly, not in a bad way though.
  5. So to summarise and cover each question: 1. Should we keep it in checked luggage or carry on? Carry On 2. How should we package it? Small jar to keep the smell at bay. Not that it's a major concern. Bank bag will do fine too. 3. If we do get stopped by the cops what should we do? Tell them you have rights. Remind them of the law they should be aware of 4. How much is too much? I wouldn't push with more than 10g's but you should be allowed to travel with more
  6. I don't think there is a need for them to state specifically about flight travel. Unless that has been done already. What's on your private person is exactly that, private. It falls in the same bracket as taking cigarettes or booze on board. Also, it's just another mode of transport... if you're allowed to get into a taxi with it then why not a plane...
  7. Shot alot for this article @420SA. Is it on any official documents? Or government websites?
  8. This is a good topic to get some knowlege on. Would be very helpful.
  9. You are allowed to fly with it. It's on your private person and as the law allows you to carry a certain amount with you at any time, for personal use, the same applies to when you are flying domestically. I did it not too long ago. I think I had about 10g's in my backpack which went through the scanner at security. No issues. Was quite funny, after landing someone opened up the above head stow away compartment with my backpack in and the area immediately stank up You may get the odd ignorant security staff member who thinks otherwise but quickly educate them and take the matter further if necessary. I would definitely keep it in your carry on luggage or in your pocket. If they confiscate for whatever reason when finding it in your checked in luggage, you have no chance of arguing it. More info 👇 https://zootly.co.za/flying-with-weed-what-you-need-to-know/
  10. There was provision made in the new bill or Constitutional ruling, not too sure where I read it. You are allowed to fly with cannabis not exceeding 10g if I remember correctly. Doesn't mean everything will go smoothly if you get found out.
  11. I have never heard of someone being allowed to take some cannabis with them on a plane. Imagine everyone on the plane taking just a single gram of bud with them, that entire plane is going to be stanky! I personally would try take cannabis with on a plane, perhaps someone else with more knowledge can comment. I know the couriers are stopping and confiscating parcels which contain cannabis, does not make sense that they'd do that but you'd be allowed to take with you on a plane. If it was edibles, you could possibly get away with it, but it would be at your own risk, with bud I do not think so.
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  13. Shhhhh, I dont need that type of negative attitude, but you are right, time flies when you having fun. Highbo, was also given shrooms today. So I should be able to squeeze those in between that time. Another gardener mate of mine always does a clean month Feb, cause its the shortest month. So lets just forget about November damnit.
  14. Happy Birthday. Dusted off the ''rolling'' skills for a mates' birthday. Triple Kingsize blader with 6 grams (3gr Bubblegum+ 3gr Vanilla Kush) A good time was had by all.
  15. Good day 420sa community. A few friends and I are taking a domestic flight for the holidays in December. We’d like to take some cannabis with us but we’ve never flown with it before. I understand that it is currently legal to take a small amount of cannabis with you on a domestic flight but I’m still somewhat anxious to do so. If anyone has any experience flying domestically with cannabis I’d like to hear about what the experience was like and if there were any complications. I also have a number of other questions that I’d like help with: 1. Should we keep it in checked luggage or carry on? 2. How should we package it? 3. If we do get stopped by the cops what should we do? 4. How much is too much? Thank you!
  16. Constitutionally allowed Christmas tree Have a smoking festive season Lights on
  17. Yeah I've also been waiting for @Ill_Evan with a meme on this one...
  18. Mmmmm. Just cannabis, just cannabis... Now where... Up in smoke: UK businessman cries foul after SA firm offloads his product to dagga growers - Times Live https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink/topic?share_fid=155892&share_tid=4411&url=https://www.420sa.co.za/index.php?/topic/4411-Up-in-smoke%3A-UK-businessman-cries-foul-after-SA-firm-offloads-his-product-to-dagga-growers----Times-Live&share_type=t&link_source=app Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Hey Guys, the best-selling Just Cannabis Mini Rosin Press is in stock! The Just Cannabis Mini Rosin Press is ideal for personal use and extremely easy to use. It is just simply that amazing! A handy tool for extracting cannabinoids using heat and pressure. Price: R3 849 R4 250 Get it Now
  20. Haha, that escalated quickly. Went from October to Feb - a good 5 months delay, almost half a year of delays in a post. Good luck though, not as easy as it may seem 🙂
  21. Its not the actual material that is kak. Its the prep of the material, as well as the how and what it is blended with. You get coir, and then you get COIR. A lot of that is purely which brand is putting it's name on the label. You cannot compare products which come from BVB or Meegaa to some rando product that was purchased in Sri-Lanka. I am fully aware that the mentioned companies do source their raw product in these countries, but the quality control process is super high and the name backs up the quality. You cannot cut corners when producing these products, they soak the husks in sea water which means the EC levels are through the roof. Failing to rinse and dry the product sufficiently can/will be fatal to your crop. There are many stories of commercial nurseries loosing full blocks due the the poor prep of the substrate. Check out these links below, for what i would say are two of the best substrate suppliers in the world. https://www.bvb-substrates.nl/en/ https://meegaa.nl/en/ I've only had one dealing with the company mentioned in the article, they still had a warehouse in Kya-sands, jhb. I guess this was about 5 years ago. The business i was working for at the time decided to go with another local importer.
  22. I believe you can still buy a cc if it was not closed though? If Progrow is infact in the wrong and reselling the stock he received under Just Cannabis, hopefully the guy in the UK gets something out of Progrow / Just Cannabis.
  23. I'm growing baby spinach as well. Also noticed that! Pistils are identical
  24. Still “budding up” [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Thank you brother.. Now my Indoor journey will start...
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