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  3. Hi guys. Does anyone know which strain is this
  4. Hi guys My plants are in two different locations with lockdown! So I just want to plan my harvests. Can some of the experienced guys hazard a guess? What will be my best bet for Boveda packs in the Gauteng area? Greenthumb Hydro is closed and I don’t think I will be able to courier anything. Hopefully lockdown does not get extended and I can harvest after that. First two pics- Mango. On flowering times I reckon this one will be first. Next two- Sour Cheese. Last one- Swazi Gold. Going to be a while!
  5. Haha lol, my wife thinks I'm smoking crack, she does not care about my growing, never wants to see things to do with my plants but, when harvest comes she asks where her jars ? I can spend hours just staring , she says I look like a serial killer , it is by far one of my favorite hobby I have partaken in , the reward with a successful harvest, knowing that you can nurture and nourish a plant of this earth to its full potential is amazing, this lockdown in my grow room is going better, only thing keeping me sane lol.
  6. I knew I wasnt alone! I also spend way too much time in the grow room. When I started off I kept on dialing things in and I thought that in time as things get sorted I would spend less time there, but I must be honest it increases. Oh yeah and then I got a greenhouse, I am surprised my wife is still here 😛
  7. Lekker. Enjoy. Have a look around and ask questions. Learnt a lot on the forum. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  8. Hey all! I hail from good ol' Slummies. East London .... 😄 Starting growing my 1st strain (currently flowering) I believe it to be Durban Poison. Working out to be far too expensive to be constantly buying by the gram for decent strain. I am currently an educator. In my down time I rather enjoy fishing, rock and surf as well as deepsea, playing PS4, marine keeping, playing guitar, reading books and spending time with my incredible fiancè. Smoked a bit in highschool, recently got back into it in the past few months. I dislike alcohol as it really messes around with my anxiety. Besides, who can say that they really like a hangover.... Can't wait too meet like-minded peeps.
  9. Hi guys so best is to order from buyseeds.co.za which is what is in SA, we are having delays with imports. Buyseeds.co.za orders are going out same day.
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  11. Took the Gelatos down today.. close to week 9. 😁 proper amber. Drying now, lets see how much I got from that square meter harboring 9 plants .
  12. Thank you for this info. I really do appreciate it.
  13. Hi@Vanessa In the later stages of flowering the plant pushes a lot of nutrients into its buds. Even pulling nutes out of leaves and directing it into the buds as the plant finishes up. ''Yellowing'' is normal up to a point, there are certain ''abnormal'' conditions that may look or present similar like: ph fluctuations, root problems, N and S defs. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  14. Wow, your flowers are big. What are you feeding them with. Good grief.
  15. Lovely flowers. Mind if I ask why do the leaves turn yellow like that. I have the same problem.
  16. Howzit 420SA, Pic 1-3. A Purple Bud from Seedsman A Indica dominant hydrid that goes purple during lower temps. Got some fris sticky buds developing. We will wait and see what she does. Pic 4-7. Nice frosty WW X CHEESE sativa lady. Sweet and fruity. Pic 8-10. Our inhouse Fruitpunch auto lady doing her thing. Fruity mango scents and solid buds thanks to her Ruderalis moms' roots (pheno A) Pic 11-14. Another Fruitpunch lady leaning more towards her Swazi gold fathers side(pheno B) We wanted big and we got bigger. Pic 15-17. White widow lady struggling to carry her buds. Looks like the plant structure did not develop well enough, but her buds are sweet. Pic 18. The new generation of f3 Fruitpunch auto girls doing their thing.
  17. HI there how much is i sachet of rock phosphate
  18. until

    @Chris Jay was this event cancelled or postponed to a later date in the year?
  19. ENTRIES CLOSED Hi all! Hope you're staying sane during this lockdown. Fortunately we have mary jane to keep us lifted. The nominees will be announced this evening or tomorrow morning
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  21. Seems nice and good place for discussion and get educated, thank you
  22. Some growers have an emergency light that switches on automatically when the power goes. It's not very bright, but enough to trick the plants its day time and cloud passed by
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