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    All still good under the hood Right now they just getting plain water.
  3. Shortest day is around 21 June, from then on the days get longer, the plant will soon go back into veg. Someone help you out with a new clone, seed, or arrange one, and plant it outside in 3 to 4 months time, then keep your IPM on point. Always easier to prevent, than to cure.
  4. I say cut it all down, to much WPM and bud rot, to far gone and not enough bud development yet, wasting time now unfortunately.
  5. Big plant bru! That brown stem is bud rot creaping up towards the buds. Cut the discoloured stem and dispose asap before it devours your whole plant. Bud rot starts from inside the stem so your whole plant is most likely to already be infected. Harvest now or risk losing alles. That is through my experience with bud rot. The absolute bloody worst thing. Sterkte brother!
  6. I like that! Play the cards that you were dealt. That one plant is quite likely to be the star⭐ of the show!
  7. Hi @Totemic, I recently got your 2021 Summer pack from the 420sa store, with these strains Chocolate Gelato Palomino Tortoni Cherry Gelato CBD Do you have a rough idea of what you'd expect effect wise from each of those? Thanks :)
  8. So the Nevil's haze clone seem to be in her last few weeks.. With the wet weather we're having and the high humidity I saw some WPM creeping in.. Made a few cuts off her and this one will go to @HappyGrower soon..
  9. Good luck! At least you can put all your time into 1 and make it awesome 🙂
  10. They came out of the humidity dome today.
  11. Thanks, will definitely treat it. I stay in a valley in JHB south and the weather is not the best here think it also got some frost burn. Yip this things huge over 11 meters high and not an auto. Has a very strong smell now. Will research a bud was and try it. Seems to be only flowering where the sun hits it. Any other nutrients I need to feed it?
  12. What's a PM issue? ooof, now I see it too. PM - Powdery Mildew. caused by the presence of a fungus spore. you need fungicide. Pyrol 75% dose to treat infection. Bioneem 50% weekly to keep shit off. that seems to be a female in flower though, so this changes everything. what you can do now is wait till harvest and then bud wash. biggest female I seen in a while wow.
  13. White Powdery Mildew.. https://www.airoclean420.com/blog/mold-and-mildew/3-aggressive-effective-ways-eliminating-powdery-mildew/
  14. Seems to be male not sure, this is what the buds look like.
  15. Seems to have a bit of a PM issue..🌱
  16. Bro that's a healthy seedling you've still got game left to jam
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    AY Tarryn might be a vixen in disguise!
  18. iGrowDagga


    Welcome McMan hope you're having a Grand Chicken of a day!
  19. 2/3 popped. Wonder where this other aunt is jolling at.
  20. Absolutely no idea, just thought it's cool to have some sort of reading, not expecting it to be like hella accurate, it's free so😁
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