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  2. I have a 2016 KTM 300 2T, but have not ridden since March. Tore my rotator cuff when I high sided coming down a pass. I am currently stuck in a toss up between doctors bills or a grow tent lol.
  3. The Roof is epic..... Dakar, Romaniacs.... Liked to follow our SA guys abroad and at home. Used to ride enduro 125 and 250 2T. nothing professional. Moerse good fun and a hell of a lot of work as a privateer. Good luck and God's speed on your endeavour. What bike you riding? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  4. For some weird reason my Samsung auto tags my cannabis plant pics as Asparagus Ferns 🙂

  5. No high for dagga shop owner 6th Dec 2019 The owner of a dagga shop in Brits, who was arrested on 9 November for dealing in dagga and contravening the Medicine and Related Substances Act, was denied bail in the Brits Magistrates’ Court on Friday, 29 November. Russell de Beer (48), the owner of Canapax in Van Velden Street in Brits was arrested by the Hawks in his shop and 500 kg of dagga, as well as equipment for processing dagga were seized. During his bail application, the court heard that De Beer, who claimed to be operating under the Traditional Health Practitioners Act, intends to plead not guilty and that he denies dealing in dagga. In his statement, read by his legal representative, he said he could pay R5 000 bail. His bail hearing was postponed the previous week as a result of queries around the residential address he supplied to the Hawks during his arrest. The Hawks opposed the bail application and Captain Tumi Sothoane, the investigating officer testified that De Beer gave them the business address, saying that he also resided there. “However, when I went to the shop to try and verify that he does in fact live there, I only found a single bed without any bedding and no personal belongings. One would expect items like a toothbrush or something but there was indication that someone lives there,” he told the court. He also testified that he questioned a gardener on the property during his visit and was told that De Beer comes to the shop in the morning and leaves again at the end of the business day. Sothoane told the court that the Hawks started investigating De Beer in March 2019 after they received complaints about Canapax shops all over the country. “This led us to the shop in Brits where the head office was situated. During the investigation it was established that the accused, the owner of the franchise, was offering franchises to other people to sell dagga and dagga products.” In June the Hawks applied and was granted permission for entrapment. “We visited the shop and bought dagga for R300. On 9 November we executed a search warrant and confiscated dagga with a street value of R3 million, and dagga products to the value of R200 000 at the Canapax shop in Brits.” Sothoane testified that the Hawks have in the meantime also established that Canapax was not registered as a legitimate business in South Africa and that De Beer was also not a member of the Traditional Healers Association. The Hawks are also waiting for feedback from SARS. “The Hawks have a problem with De Beer being granted bail as a residential address has not been confirmed. If he evades trial, it will be difficult to find him.” The court heard that there were also questions around De Beer’s passport and “presumptions can be made that he might have exited and entered the country illegally in the past.” Magistrate Regan Rosenberg said that the court is not convinced that De Beer is not a flight risk and denied bail . The case was postponed to 24 February 2020 for investigation. Sothoane said that the Hawks are currently “running all over the country to close Canapax shops”. De Beer allegedly sold about 70 franchises at R25 000 each all over the country. This was publicised yesterday. Link: https://kormorant.co.za/no-high-for-dagga-shop-owner/
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  7. The plan is to build in a rectangular duct on opposite ends of the box, one at the bottom left and one at the top right with 2 fans. Hopefully this will regulate the temp to a desirable level. I could build a cover to avoid the sun hitting the box directly Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
  8. I hope my seeds will sprout with this sudden temp change 20° drop i moved my seeds from outside to ontop of the ps3 but now this load shedding I hope i see strong sprouts
  9. It's an epic dirt bike race through Lesotho. I'm hoping to do bronze class next year if my shoulder comes right.
  10. Fuck I missed - just pinched too much, 2 tops
  11. Fuck I missed - still lucky here, 3 tops
  12. Just messing around.. Fuck I missed - the way it should be done, 4 tops
  13. I am very lost and confused and had to google. Sort of like Dakar, but not quite?
  14. Anybody following the mother of hard enduro?
  15. @biometrics That sounds rad! and then you can puff on it at work all day - puff puff pass
  16. Great looking plants so far Bos. Good to see guys have started selecting their "chosen ones"
  17. @PsyCLown "Too early can also lead to a possible disruption in your REM cycle" very interesting ever since I smoke my own stuff I dont have groggy mornings so much.
  18. PsyCLown

    Sativa or Indica?

    When you harvest plays a large role in the effects as well, how mature the trichoms are. Cloudy trichomes vs amber trichomes basically, giving the plant a bit more time to vary the "chemicals" the plant is able to produce as well. If you harvest with less amber, the high can often be more stimulating. With more amber can lead more towards couch lock. Too early can also lead to a possible disruption in your REM cycle, so you may wake up feeling groggy if you smoked before you went to bed and this could be prevented by letting the trichomes mature a bit more before harvesting. Very important to check your trichomes before harvesting IMO.
  19. I agree with @CreX and feel you are most likely going to end up with some issues. Generally there are a few things required for a grow to work well: Good lights Extraction (need to get rid of stale air and ensure there is fresh air, as well as air circulation) Environment control (Temperature & humidity) When growing outdoors, there i no need for the above as nature takes care of everything. You have the sun as your light source, wind as air flow and the weather will do it's things in terms of environment. When growing in a confined space, such as a tent or in your case a custom built area things change a bit. Without extraction it will get extremely stuffy and humid inside and that can lead to multiple issues, if the sun is shining on it, it's going to get stupidly hot. Even without the sun shining on it but having lights inside the confined space the temps are going to sky rocket. You will need to think of these things as well, what are you going to do to ensure you can control the environment to a point? You could look at installing some 120mm PC fans for extraction which will help, although it needs to then suck air in passively through somewhere and this will leave you with possible light leaks when the lights turn off... although with auto's perhaps not as much of an issue.
  20. My entries for the December Snapshot Competition. All homegrown and home pressed [emoji4] Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
  21. Alright bro! If you can make your space a bit bigger then you will be okay... If the sun never shines... A grow cabinet, outside, on an open balcony... You are going to have major heat issues, especially now when summer comes along... Any direct sun hitting the cabinet will push your Temps in the cabinet sky high.... Likely upper 30's...which is way way to hot. Is there no space to somehow keep the grow space inside? Alternatively... It is legal to grow at home unless the lease specifically says you cant...so If 3 autos is your goal... I would put them straight on the balcony and not give a single fuck... You will grow a decent 3 plants that way and he happy with the results.
  22. If she looks fine and doesn't tell you she has problems then go on as if nothing is wrong. I agree with @SkunkPharm, your plants look good, leafs are praying to the sun and just good to look at. Well done...
  23. Last week
  24. I don't think there is anything wrong with you plants. They are pretty. Phenotypes most probably. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
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