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  2. Beautiful forest you got. The smell must be awesome in there.
  3. Hi guys. Thanks for the offer. Got some seeds. 4 seedlings going. Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
  4. Harvest date is 30th, so I'll dalla dan[emoji16] Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  5. Week 10 - Harvest Week This week has been a telling one. Trichomes are definitely milked up and I think I saw an amber or 2. I am going to give her until Wednesday just to finish off and I think after a very thorough check she shall be plucked hung and trimmed down. Leaves have definitely begun their fade and the missus now complains almost hourly! I have suggested nasal plugs and a case of "go live elsewhere if you dont like it" 🀣😜 this is a bad joke, I wld be strung up like the plant if she ever read this. She really is smelling amazing (plant not the missus) and I am very excited to see what she yields. Even though buds are smallish, they are stacked and dense and I cannot wait to taste her. In terms of harvesting, what is the deal with the end result? Does anyone know how/when/where we go from there? @totemic thanks for allowing us access to your amazing strain, it really is a thing of beauty! Again well done to all still battling it out, and even though I am pretty certain mine is not going to be a winner, I am so grateful to be a part of this awesome competition. Big ups to all peace and clouds βœŒπŸ’¨
  6. Thanks @Totemic, but this was down to your breeding/ genetics. I've enjoyed growing this so much I've bought your 420 special which I assume is more of the same.
  7. Thb the plant isn't pushing thicc glorious nugs, or smell, but it is organic so eh... I've got 3 other tests going on inside the tent which I feel turns my thread around a bit. 1x Kimbo kush from Exotic Seeds 1x Clone of Blue dream (Humboldt) 1x Auto From Expert seeds I'll post the results on the other test's at the very last post in my thread. Enjoying testing more than growing [emoji23] Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  8. Above is about half way through. 690 grams (including some stem).
  9. Aeradix

    Win 🎊

    Yes, Facebook is @aeradix and that will make you eligible to win the Facebook hamper. The hamper is a Miron Violet Curing Jar and a Mars-Hydro smell proof bag.
  10. Fuck man, did you grow them from seeds or clone? Where did you get the seeds / clones from? Simple answer is genetics. If a couple have 3 kids and they are all male for example - they aren't all going to look the same. They will have features from the parents and one / some may look more like the mother or more like the father. If you want the exact same plant, you need to clone it. You can try find a pheno and keep breeding and breeding until what you get in each seed is just about the same but that takes a lot of time. With the majority of seeds you will have a few different phenos and therefore some variance as well. Although perhaps you just got screwed over, depending on where you got them from. That is a possibility too.
  11. I'm heading back on Thursday and shall see these ladies againπŸ’ͺ but for now some shots taken this morning.
  12. ...Planting got delayed by few hours... Day 4 : Pre-soaked 3x Jiffies in solution of EM1, Kelpak (stocked up with new bottle after photos. lol) & pinch of Dynaroot 2 for the 'Control Plants' Pre-soaked other 3 Jiffies in the same solution, but including Explogrow., which of course will be our 'Explogrow Plants' Dechlorinated tap water. pH-adjusted to 6.4-6.5 One seedling already popped out it shell and another sprouted twins!
  13. Getting pretty dank. A few thick nuggets. Trichs still mostly clear. About 2 weeks left.
  14. yes, we just had to pay shipping. they changed the policy though, you get like 80% the value of the ungerminated seed back, but because it was our first order, they were epic and gave us the full value. 80% is still lit af though.
  15. Day 3 : All 6x seeds germinated with only one not showing its taproot here yet. Curious about the green stains, makes me think of copper oxidation. But they seem unaffected.
  16. Day 1 : I didn't want to risk anything and mess around with germination, so used my tried-and-tested method; straight to paper towel & dechlorinated tap water
  17. Haha. Thanks @Breadinator ! Going to need all the note-taking I can get
  18. also, the second one in the photos is half the size of the first two
  19. So I have three Inzane in the membrance growing - same room and conditions. First two pics are of one of the plants , and last two pics are of the other. Two of the three look like pics the first pics. Question is - why such a variance in the way they two look ?
  20. PsyCLown

    Win 🎊

    Oooh, very nice! Wanna link your FB profile too? What exactly does the hamper consist of?
  21. Aeradix

    Win 🎊

    Win 🎊 a hamper πŸ‘‰ every Thursday in October. 1️⃣ For FB and 1️⃣ for IG. All you have to do is repost and tag @aeradixza and 3 friends in any post about the current @marshydroled sale from @hydroponic.co.za 🌱 T's & C's www.hydroponic.co.za and www.aeradix.co.za
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