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  5. Good article, for interest sake. https://www.biogrow.co.nz/biochar/biochar-liquid-vinegar/horticultural-uses Added, @PsyCLownwouldn't this work for the root aphids?
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What the actual fuck my dude, I am literally shooketh that I did not know this 😵 Although 'Hitler facts' is probably the last thing I'd list as relative skills in my CV...
  7. Hey brother, I'll take a chance and are you asking about the wood vinegar? It's got a multitude of uses actually, my main need and use for this will be in order of preference... 1. For PM right up through flowering. 2. Foliar feed while doing the above, adding flavour, smell and amount of fruits, and or flower (used in Orchid's and farming) I will be doing the test runs and currently have one plant I've run 2 times, and running the third now, and was an issue with PM, so this will be a good in practice run. I shall also report on the flavors and we will all surely see the difference in my further grows. My honest, and transparent opinion as always to follow.
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    Farie dust [emoji6] One was topped other Fimmed and other just let her go Sent from my Hisense Infinity H50 using Tapatalk
  9. Nice.. Can I ask in my limited experience and knowledge of these things.. What do you use it for..?
  10. It was called Hitler because his birthday is on 4/20. What I was told.
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    Is that trichomes or WPM? [emoji23] Looking good. Interesting variation in phenos Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. A small set back for the organiser/s of the Garden Route Cannabis Festival. All the damn sample packages for the judges were confiscated and Leon Meyer was put into holding cells for 2 nights before he was released. The show will go on. Probably leaving tomorrow for a slow toke down stream to the Canna Cup, so catch you guys next week. Stay safe. he
  13. Yeah goes with out saying [emoji2962] Sent from my Hisense Infinity H50 using Tapatalk
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    Day 29 of flower , can't see any major difference's but then again I don't have a eye for that . They all got the same feeding as last week and then just rainwater when they needed. Basically 80% of the time they get water 2cm from the rim of the pot and 2 time's a week they get a little close to the stem. Again no growth differences with the soils . Pics are #1 , #2 and #3 , and took pics outside for 3 Min to get better pics [emoji94] Sent from my Hisense Infinity H50 using Tapatalk
  15. not sure why weed has to carry the name of a war criminal. To me smoking and relaxing has nothing in common with what ever violent background, the least war. Some moron seeking attention... is my opinion to that weeds name
  16. None of the Pineapple Express we tested actually made it in the mother tent. Went compost heap... potent yes, Pineapple flavor.. nope... bye bye I kept 2 mothers from the Cream Caramel batch. One kicked very hard, the other had a lovely sweet caramel flavor.. growing a bigger batch with training. Very very giggly weed. Main reason to keep it. Just grows veeeeeeery slow and super compact. I very much enjoy the Deluxe Sugarcane... a lot more as my Slurricane pheno. The DS will replace the Slurri.. very similar grow behavoir, the DS just tastes 10 times more interesting, both potent, no complains on that part.
  17. Sorry for the delayed reply. I believe you can add it to the solution you intend spraying.
  18. Thanks for the kind words man. Appreciate it. 🙏
  19. i love checking okes DIY work! especially when it comes out as neat as your net did man! nice one! super light weight too
  20. I also use FF premium classic and also have zero problems germinating in them. I repot twice in veg, so no need for nutes. On the second repotting I mix some FF & Elemental blend into the bottom of my final pot at a ratio of 3 parts FF to 1 Part Elemental blend and let the plants recover for a week, then i flip them. And again, like you, I top dress in week 4 of flower with the same ratio of FF to Elemental blend. Seems to be working for me. I also add lots of perlite to the FF as I find it tends to compact after a few weeks. I even use the FF to make a pseudo compost tea once a week. Would like to try the Orgasoil next, though.
  21. What's up growmies. I purchased a scrog a while back and never ended up using it. One of my biggest concerns was that the squares between the strings were too big for my liking. They were roughly about 25cm to 30cm big and wanted something smaller. So I went and collected a few things around the house and bought a couple things here and there. So firstly I cut 4x pieces of 1.2m pvc conduit piping (25mm). 4x corners for those pipes too. I built a big square that would fit into my 1.2m tent. Please note all measurements are rough estimates as my tent wasn't exactly 1.2m. The inner sides of the tent poles is what I used as my size which was slightly smaller than 1.2m. I drilled holes along the conduit piping and drilled them straight through. I decided to tie each string individually about 11cm apart. The reason I went with the individual string instead of one long string that gets weaved is simply because if one of my strings break, the whole rig doesn't come down. If one breaks, just that line will be broken and can then be repaired seperately. I decided to use string I bought at a hardware shop. The string is used for shade cloth, gardens etc. One packet of 30m cost R30. So was pretty cheap. I had some steel ferrels that I had left over from another project. I cut them in half with a steel saw (super cramps in the hands trying to hold with a pliers and saw. Use vice grip if you have). I only used about 18x ferrels. Made my squares about 11cm apart. I made a little knot the one side and then took it through the other side (making sure there's not too much tension) which I then used the ferrels to keep them taut (by squishing them with a side-cutter. Just not too hard that you cut through). The pvc pipe bends easily so check your previous lines as you go, not to make them too tight. Once you have finished one side of, let's say the vertical side, when stringing towards the other sides horizontally, make sure to go over and under the vertical strings. I ended up using some cable ties just to tie down my DIY scrog to the tent poles. I'll be using this scrog to keep 4 plants down. This is from inspiration purely from this forum. Some of the guys that have made their own scrogs have done some nice ones. As I mentioned, there are plenty of different kinds of material, methods and ideas that can be used to do this. This is just one of them.
  22. I'd really like to thank @Thrive for the visit today, it was a blessing to meet with you. Cant wait to try the sample soil and give an honest side by side comparison. There wasnt a doubt in my mind that I needed the Wood Vinegar, and bought one myself to try out, and have got such faith already in this product, in what it can achieve, that I have asked to be an ambassador and supplier of it, in the EC. With safe application throughout flower... Wouldnt you want your harvest to Thrive?
  23. Girls were outside quick for some plain water. And looking good.
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