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  2. Thanks everyone, guess I'll need to start saving for some decent grow lights.
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  4. Eishh....You need to be real carefull when buying online as indicated in above posts by @Bay Seeds Many of these so called growlights advertised wattages are terribly overstated on the websites, especially the chinese cheapy lights. Another question...Is 45w enough? Wouldnt you need more watts/light/ppfd for 8 plants? My cloning dome smd strips are 45w. The vegging clones are using 200w (1Γ—100w led flood and 2x50w blurples ) and I dont believe it will be enough to veg them all the way.
  5. This ''1000w'' led only has a 70w power supply or driver. Its output is 70w. This 110w Quantum Board has a 100w driver. Its output is a true 100w. This 2000w led only has a 100w driver. It may have 100x 20w led chips. but they never run at full power. This 3000w is listed as having 5850lm lumens and Lamp efficacy: 90 (lm / W) = So its actual driver is only 65w. This cheap 14w 6500k ''daylight led bulb has a 14w driver pushing 14 x 1w leds to the max.
  6. The parcel arrived at my Cape Town address some time back. Had it brought up to the reservation this morning. This thing is a piece of art man. Thanks a ton Pass The Dutch. Sent from my DRA-LX5 using Tapatalk
  7. I literally saved R10 here R50 there. You'd be surprised at how quick it adds up. Sent from my DRA-LX5 using Tapatalk
  8. Even me bru. I'm gonna pop my whole packet of Tortoni's once I'm done with my current project in the grow tents πŸ˜† Gold ☝️
  9. Light just went out as I wanted to take some pictures.. so just one. Left them alone. Beauty sleep important πŸ€“ closer look
  10. @lloyd81, take a feather out of @DamDave cap here... I promise you... If you can dump 800 on that light... You can find a few hundred extra for aomwthing that growers actually back and have good results with. Those blurple lights are so old tech... I mean... It will work... But why buy a 34cm CRT TV when you can buy a 42" LED fullHD with surround sound for a few hundred extra? I mean... You can... But do you really want to
  11. The way I grow has evolved around my breeding. The idea of breeding in a controlled environment, consistancy in every input is key to replicate expression. So considering all, I split the plants life cycle into a rule of 3. 0-3 weeks - Embryo to seedling 3-6 weeks - Early veg, plant is focused on root development. 6-9 weeks - Veg, Plant has reached sexual maturity and is building on itself. Flip to 12/12 9-12 weeks - Preflower. Florigen hormone level drive the plant into flowering. 12-15 weeks - Peak Flowering. In this time the plant is going to produce all
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  13. So the companion plants are coming along really nicely.. Glad that most survived my hot soil. Curious to see if they really do what is expected and they attract beneficial Insects.. Spotted a new mantis today but I don't think these plants attract them though..
  14. Yes sir 45w. It's either that or 6 of these 300 led bulbs, no details on watts. https://m.banggood.com/E27-60-or-126-or-200-or-300LED-Grow-Light-Bulb-Indoor-Plant-Hydroponic-Flower-Veg-Lamp-85-265V-p-1733272.html?act_poa=POA7253567&cur_warehouse=CN&rmmds=detail-bottom-alsolike
  15. Yes sir.. you are correct... knew it was on the dark side...πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚
  16. Just looked at the link properly. 45w, is that correct. Sent from my DRA-LX5 using Tapatalk
  17. From someone who has only been growing indoor for a year. Started with cfl's first grow. I was happy, hey I smoked my own home grow even if it wasn't pukka shit. Started investigating led's with the help of the forum and very quickly invested in QB's entry level bars available from @growopz for a few hundred bucks more. Best move ever. My first few grows I maxed my cabinet with as many plants as possible, trimmed, butchered and mutilated them under 1 overworked QB75. Over time I added to my light set up bit by bit, not that expensive if you able to save a bit instead of going to the pub or bu
  18. I feel once I've isolated some mothers I'm totally going to mix up some strains. Levels
  19. Awesome. Hemp has so many possibilities not to mention employment opportunities. Sent from my DRA-LX5 using Tapatalk
  20. Just published this article about The Hempress, an interview i did a couple weeks ago. Lady run businesses powered by hemp. The Hempress was founded during March 2020, the first lockdown and worldwide pandemic in about 100 years. Jamey β€˜jameson’ Ries started sewing much needed masks out of 100% pure hemp after her fulltime managerial job at a local restaurant had become redundant during the several months of lockdown. A friend of hers offered her a bundle of hemp fabric, and the rest is history. Proudly South African, lady owned and powered by hemp. The Hempress is celebrating one ye
  21. Hey guys, what are thoughts on these lights for 8 plants in doors. plants. https://m.lightinthebox.com/en/p/1pc-45-w-5292-6300-lm-1365-led-beads-growing-light-fixture-red-blue-85-265-v-vegetable-greenhouse_p7532695.html?prm=1-
  22. Here are some macro shots of the tent. I'm happy with the variation in phenos. Im seeing and smelling, chocolope, gelato 33, and slurricane dominance in one tent.
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