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  2. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Blessed to have some of your genetics in my collection. Now they can be classified as Limited Edition i guess... Jah Guide bra
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  4. Welcome Bundy, are you in SA? What city?
  5. Hi thanx for the warm welcome... To answer your question ...no i have nothing growing right now....I stopped growing for a while when my son was born as it was still against the law in sa that time...since then I have been gagging to get started up again....but had sold and got rid of all my genetics and equipment....but now I'm getting lined up to start a small new grow just for personal consumption...where I use to grow to breed genetics and make dank crosses as well as I use to beta test genetics for certain seed banks ...I'm inlove with mj and breeding genetics but that takes a lot of space and gear as well as time I don't have...I'll get there again...well that's the plan.... So what I got now is a few strains in clone form a buddy is keeping them for me....I got a 5 bucket dwc/drip system 600 watt hps ...in a 1200x1200 grow tent...for flowering and for vegging I do the motherless system so I veg my cuts in the airocloner to size I desire before putting em.into flower So probably by the weekend I'll have my cuts collected and stuck into my tent Strains I'm holding are Pie face Bb cheese Blue dream Slurricane Sdv 3 Kyle kushmans strawberry cough the elite clone only strain Dabney blue elite clone only strain So my mate has been growing them and kept them going for me for the last few years.....I lost loads of genetics that was traded and breed from independent breeders from across the world and hence the reasons I joined here...hopefully link some decent growers share strains and info maybe even make a some friends
  6. All the best bru, lucky we all know you personally and will surely still be able to get some of those awesome genetics, what ever the future holds, it must include your strains I hope! this doesn’t necessary mean you are stopping what you are doing with breeding? If you are closing the store.l? I dono, I’m making assumptions.
  7. Blessings and salutations sir. Please do let us know of any endeavors you might have in future so that we may continue to support you in any way we can.
  8. Welcome! Do you have anything growing at the moment?
  9. Hey guys new to the forum ....been a happy grower for many years and was member of many forums in the past...joined here to see if I can connect...with fellow growers share advice and even genetics...the forums I use to be on were all American and European sites....so I'm very excited to connect with peeps from my own country.....Bundy
  10. Good luck with the future ventures bud. Sent from my S40 using Tapatalk
  11. May your new chapter be blessed man. And thanx for sharing the love.
  12. It's a bitter sweet ending, and standing at that cross roads having to decide which direction is going to best serve the next decade of my life... Totemic was really never meant to become a brand, but kind of gravitated that way. It's always been about actively opposing those laws that would criminalize me for growing, breeding, and sharing that with the community. My genetics is out there in practically every corner of the country, serving their purpose beautifully, and will echo in other strains they inspire. It really has been an awesome journey, and while I move onto other things, I'll always be growing.
  13. Is the sad news true my dude?
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  16. You can buy strong dual sided thermal adhesive tape. I've sourced some from Bidorbuy before.
  17. I have also printed the documents supplied by fields of green and keep it with my grow at all times. This is the scarey part. Cops and logic have never been known to go together. Thats when you have to go to court and spend those hard earned $$$ to get out (even though you are not guilty). I agree, everyone should have the documents printed and stay safe.
  18. That's just draft law. Currently there are no written laws as to the amounts allowed for personal cultivation. The cops usually make a judgement call at the time and everything is pretty much determined in court. Rather follow the advice posted by @Naughty.Psychonaut above, it's the best course of action. Although in those situations you're likely to at least lose all your equipment, but you are likely not to be convicted and serve time.
  19. Good advice. Print and stick that up on your wall. I subscribe to Field's of green for all and have everything concerning your rights and the law up on my wall. Like the pubs have their license and permit to trade on display I try the same. Not a license to trade but my rights according to the government. Sent from my S40 using Tapatalk
  20. for those who need legal support when the -shit for brains- police show up https://fieldsofgreenforall.org.za/stop-the-cops/ take a moment to study that shit guys, keep the help at the ready, keep yourselves safe. Support the legal movement! cops show up at my house saying it smells like weed, I keep my mouth shut and wait for them to say something else. If that's all it is, I tell them thanks and go back in my house. if they ask to enter my property, I keep my mouth shut and wait for them to say something else. if they don't present permits or warrents with something better than "suspicion because this house smells like weed" written on it then there is no case. No permits? No entry. make the police aware you are backed by a legal team and if they have permits with valid reasons you have to let them in, if they arrest you for anything, let them. don't fight them. if you know you are within your rights, they will be the ones facing legal actions. ANY AND ALL papers you are handed are NOT to be signed with any lawyers present. No paperwork gets done without any lawyers present. if you don't have lawyers you get in touch with Fields Of Green For All and have a chat with them. don't wait for the police to be at your front door to then run around like a headless chicked trying to figure it out. these arrests MUST be stopped, we need to get smart and make examples of these fucking asshole cops. In the Natures Farmacy case 3 cops lost their jobs due to wrongful arrest, because someone spent a couple hours studying the legal framework. I bet that branch of SAPS will not be so quick to arrest again.... https://www.netwerk24.com/netwerk24/ZA/Paarl-Post/Nuus/dagga-cafe-in-pickle-20210615-2 this article ends off with the co owner seeking legal action, I got the beef straight from the horses mouth, but I don't think an article was published on the 3 police men that had to look for new jobs. because who wants to push that narrative? it's litetally up to us to break this bullshit narrative, some people on the forefront and have already won the legal battles, while the rest of us still sitting here scratching our heads trying to figure it out and scared to be locked up. hahah not me
  21. A case happening in Atlantis area at the moment. A friend who owns a farm, ie owner and landlord. Another so called friend (fucked us all over with his charm and shenanigans), tenant. Tenant convinced landlord he had a license to grow. Tried warning landlord there is no such thing for private yet. Tenant grew 100 odd trees plus some up in Greyton and then some indoor. Tenant thought he was a big boy and supplied various gangs in Atlantis. Landlords farm got raided as drug squad had been watching tenant's dealing. They found just under 15kg flower vacuum packed in 1kg packs in the landlords house and some unlicensed ammunition and licenced weapons. Area rented by tenant they bagged close to 150kg of cannabis harvested, drying and curing, hash and hash processing equipment (two mini washing machines). Tenant on the run. Landlord and his wife spent the weekend in the cells. Cops and the drug squad were very professional with the raid apparently although they [emoji780] the wife for answering the door with a cocked pistol. She saw cars screeching into the farm and dude's in balaclavas with guns surrounded her house. You wanna get shot, try that shit out here where we live in the bush. After the weekend in jail for whatever legal police reasons they at home. Told by the police and drug squad they have nothing to worry about and no charges against them. They after the tenant. I asked the landlord where am I going to source flower for my products now. The fucker smiled at me and says 'they left the flower where it was'. Looked at it, photographed it and left it. Suppose it depends on the raiding cops understanding or not of the law unfortunately. Sent from my S40 using Tapatalk
  22. To be arrested for suspected dealing there has to be, at least some baggies, scales, large amounts of cash etc...if none of these were found it is complete and utter piss takery. Only a large amount of weed and some growing equipment are not justifiable to get arrested for suspected dealing. There is still an amount stipulated on how much weed are allowed in one's private property. If this held any value or not, i don't know. Max 1.2kg dried flower for a household of more than 2 persons right? and 600g for 1 person. Correct me if im wrong
  23. It's no problem man I'm just busting balls
  24. I will definitely do my own thread, and was only finishing my discussion here, as wrong as it may be, I am trying not to leave things unfinished
  25. Hey, buddy! This is a DIY thread!
  26. That's some nice gear. I'm keen on the Larry OG and Blue D no.5 I look forward to your diary bro
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