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  2. We grow organic outdoors, I use a lot of different amendments in my soils, which are basically built from scratch. The wormfarms were a game changer, castings for the soilbuilding and topdressing as well as wormtea. Liquid nutes I prefer Biobizz, with Seagrow and molasses for AACT. Also use numerous liquid extracts and FPJ's during veg and flower. So far, so good.
  3. For now....Same as AK but Tripart instead. Reason : i struggle catching deficiencies quick enough with organics Hoping to do water only organic run next
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  5. What is the lifetime of the batteries in your setup? Have you had to replace them yet?
  6. With this grow for the first time I'm now trying FloraCoco DualPart, Grow and Bloom. Also have FinalPart and the FlashClean which I'll be using.
  7. Just wondering what nutrients do you guys prefer. And what do you use as bloom boosters. I used bloombastic but it's very pricey..
  8. I run a 3kva inverter connected to 4 x 12V lithium batteries, its able to hold two tents running at a total of 1600 watts for about 3 and a half hours (along with some lights for the house and our PC's and TV). The unit itself cost me around R45000, but worth every cent.
  9. I'm also curious. I was considering buying an inverter, however they do get very pricey. Load shedding is a constant battle.
  10. I know it outdoor season. But those that have indoor setups running multiple lights. What power backup system do you have?
  11. Hello growers I would love to have an opinion on this topic. Let me update you on what I have been working with. I have a one plant indoor grow inside a 80cm x 80cm grow tent. I use a 40l fabric pot with both Orgasoilux and Freedom farms soil (green bag). The bottom half I use Orgasoilux(20l) and the top half I use Freedom farms soil(20l). Throughout veg all I give the plant is Biodyne Environoc 401 (microbes), Molasses and water. This results in an extremely healthy plant. Once I flip to flower I start using organic bottled nutrients. In the past I have used Biobizz Bio-bloom, and more recently I have used Dirty hands inc - Bio-Phos (Jamie's brand). I give 3ml Bio-Phos once a week early flower and up it to 5ml every week mid to late flower. Plus a molasses feeding every 2 weeks and stopped using Biodyne microbes 1 week into flower. I was thinking about completely ditching bottled nutrients and going the topdressing route for flower. I was thinking of maybe topdressing a week before the flip with Jamie's elemental blend. I am just worried if it will provide enough for the plants through to harvest. I was also thinking of maybe using my own topdressing blend of Dry kelp, Gypsum, Malted Barley and Worm Castings. Would love an opinion on switching to topdressing for flower and if the elemental blend should be more than enough to take me to harvest. If you think I should just stick to bottled nutrients for flower let me know. I am going to include photo's of my 2 previous grows using the method I have stated above. Just trying to get the best quality flower possible :) Some thoughts of mine...… Topdressing vs Liquid Nutrients? Biobizz Bio-Bloom vs Dirty Hands Inc Bio-Phos? One topdressing enough 1 week before flip? Elemental Blend or my own flowering mix? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Grow: Medium: Top Half Freedom Farms soil (20l) + bottom half Orgasoilux(20l) Additives and Amendments: Molasses + Biodyne Environoc 401 Microbes + Dirty Hands Inc - Bio-Phos + Mycoroot (seedling) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Seedling) - Solo Cup + Freedom Farms soil + Mycoroot -Transplant in week 2 of veg to 40l ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Veg Stage) - initial inoculant 2ml Environoc Microbes -1ml per litre Environoc every 2 weeks -5ml per litre Molasses every 2 weeks -Stop Environoc 1 week into flower ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Flower Stage) -3ml Bio-Phos every week (early flower) -5ml Bio-Phos every week (late flower) -5ml Molasses every 2 weeks -Stop Bio-Phos 2 weeks before harvest -Feed molasses until harvest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pictures below include TH seeds - Orangesicle + Trainwreck (darker leaves) and a photo of Orangesicle during veg
  12. Looks awesome. Can I get your advice on my next grow please. Im growing indoors with a 30l pot. The bottom half I use orgasoilux and the top half I use freedom farms soil(green bag). I veg for 2 months and I only use biodyne microbes and molassas through to flower. Girls are always happy. Then once I hit flower I either used diry hamds biophos or biobloom nutes. This run I was thinking of ditching the bottled organic nutes and topdressing 1 week before the flip. Will one top dress of elemental blend be enough to carry me throigh to harvest with molassas feedings and water only?. Or should I stick with liquid organic bottled nutes(biobizz bloom). Your help would much appreciated. I wouls include a photo of my last grow which I used diry hands bio phos during flower. Alternatvely if I go the topdress method for flower should I be safe and go for elemental blend from jamie or use my own mix for dlowe. I was thinking a mix of Dried kelp, malted barley, gypsum and worm castings. Since elemenatal mix has more amendments should I rather lean towards that. Thanks again TH seeds - Orangesicle
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  14. Thank you sir, I your spot on the money from my reading up on these. Yeah, a herd doesn't even describe how many there are...
  15. Those look like springtails which are considered beneficial insects, although you seem to have a quite a herd there
  16. Hey y'all, So the first time I ever saw these bugs was in the pot trays for my autopots and I figured it was some water bourn bug/pest, but when I was done with the harvest and checked the roots, it was teaming with these things. Now in one of my organic pots, these little fuckers are back and I have no idea what they are. They are coming out in my run off and are tiny, I assume they feeding on the roots, but I have no idea how to get rid of them or if its even worth trying. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Tooth Fairy: Flower - Day 7. light defol + training.
  18. 24 November This is where we are now. Planted into pots, and second grow light up. Opened two of the passive intakes at the bottom instead of an inlet fan. Trying passive intake and a bit of negative pressure this time. Going to wait a bit longer before feeding first nutrients. Would be interested to know when other salt nutrient users start feeding? Any input appreciated. Back left Hiroshima in the last post's photo also died. I need to stop meddling. The line-up is now Hiroshima, G-Fawke both by Renegade Seed Co. Also from a friend's personal seedbank I've added a seed labelled "Pierre's Black Mountain Temple" to fill the last spot. Hiroshima #1, #2 and #3 Number 1 and 3 are healthy and doing fine. Number 2 struggled a bit straight out of the seed, one leaf shrivelled on the end. Not sure why that happened, but it seems to be recovering well. G-Fawke #1 and 2 and the Black Mountain Temple are doing fine.
  19. There has been a longtime campaign against cannabis brands, its not just about sales. In the USA a couple companies have been fighting lawsuits against these crap social media companies. Canna Cribs had their account suspended for 1 week, and they follow the community guidelines to a tee. I have tried every way possible, including speaking to some seasned social media managers to get my account back, sent template support requests. Sadly its the business of being in cannabis, all the big names clamp down on cannabis. Instagram deleted DabStars account with over a million followers a couple years ago. You must not forget evil trolls, ex girlfriends and the likes. One ex of mine blocked my account on IG, i could not use it. She called me and sat having coffee, I asked her to unblock me as I had lost a primary business of mine ( charging for IG posts ) , i literally watched the account open up again. I played her own game and banned her immediately so she could not do it again. I have lost alot of social accounts, domains , suspensions, bans in the past. You either got to work harder or smarter. I had a youtube video deleted 7 days ago and got a strike against my account. The reason was " false information". The video was of how cannabis kills cancer cells, based on scientific evidence in the description. I was funny enough chatting to Sister Vee about this last night, after the Canna Clubs video last night. Video , 3 parts is damn interesting. Twitter seems to be a great platform to market cannabis these days, hopefully the other assholes catch up soon.
  20. Just stumbled upon this vape thread. Exploring the differences between vapes can be a maze. From my journey, it boils down to personal preference—portability, temperature control, and, of course, the herb experience. I called Dampfi Vape Shop and found everything I needed to try different combinations. And I found my favorite soon - the oil pen.
  21. Update: Got the Dynavap M 2021. What a beautifully engineered piece. Most flavour that i've ever experienced. Complete, smooth and equally powerful as a joint at a fraction of the herb used. I was sceptical at first but from the first toke i realized that the Dynavap is a beast. Once that you get the hang of heating the cap correctly without combusting, its smooth sailing. Flavour for days. Get one. You won't regret it!
  22. Hey, not sure its sold, its been on the market for just over a year now. It was R14 million and seems now 12 million. I might be wrong, but news travels fast here. https://www.algoafm.co.za/local/sa-s-oldest-pub-the-pig-whistle-inn-for-sale Their babootie is great, but you should try their steak nights, epic, also asian nights on wednesday and sunday roasts. All great value for money. I am sure new owners will bring in a breath of fresh air to the establishment, and the current/previous owners have been wonderful for the place and Bathurst village.
  23. Death of an institution. The original Pig & Whistle, Barthurst . WW2 RAF pilots pub in the closest village to their base. Best babootie in SA in my opinion. I was almost arrested on the closing night of the Pig & Whistle in Rondebosch for trying to nick their sign off the building front. Sorry. Just think I need to mention I hope the energy survives with the new owners. Sorry not herb related but I did light up on hearing about the sale of the establishment. @Chris Jay?? Hope it stays true.
  24. Im deciding between the Dynavap B or 2021M. Big price difference of course. Then theres the 2023 M+ at double the price of the B. Biggest bowl of the bunch. The B has a "half bowl" though which might be annoying and is not compatible with the Dynacoil insert for concentrates. Anyone have experience with one of these?
  25. Hello hello, As I'm doing my first photoperiod grow I'm going to end up lollipopping my plants. My research has led to a little bit of confusion. I see many different takes on the subject, and was curious as to the opinion of you experienced growers. Some people lollipop a few days before flip. Others a week before. I see other grow diaries and resources that show people lollipopping a week after flip, even up to two weeks after flip. When do you decide to lollipop? I'd be interested to see the different responses. Is there any reason for these differing schools of thought? Or does it really not matter and its all anecdotal. Is it strain dependent etc?
  26. Join us for for our monthly 420 lifestyle market on the West Coast at @West Coast Vaper Secret Garden Nursery. Play park for the kiddies. Braai pits. Braai packs available in-store. Stroll through the Secret Garden Nursery. Browse through the farmstall. Grab a bite from the kitchen.
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