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  1. She finished wonderful, but I'm doing a second round and it's going even better!
  2. Some late as always updates! This plant smelling great and full up on crystal production
  3. Video of a lower nuggie https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cwcl9ADMfrZ/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== Week 8 video: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CvXdp_VLlvG/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  4. Hella late updates, but this plant finished good and absolutely killed me asleep 9000 times. Very much indica this thing. Not growing this again my wife said too strong, on to the next which is Psycane - check my diaries for that grow
  5. Update a week or so later. The tent is filling up, the main mother Psycane is being scrogged, this is my first scrog ever. Also have a clone of the Psycane right next to her so see what's the performance like compared to the mum. The mum is a bit stressed due to aging under bad lighting and eventually being bent down under the scrog, but I can see a good clear recovery, leaf sizes are returning to normal (gigantic)
  6. Not capable of answering that question, please speak to my boss.
  7. I did drugs and now I'm a forklift driver
  8. Clones made of winner growing pheno! Behind on updates sorry man, here's some will add more with date later on. Left front corner is a clone of the big Psycane next to it
  9. Just ordered "Glamorous Grapes" clones from them, via DankstreetCollective.
  10. Update time! They're doing great, destroyed that PM with AQ-SF Predatory things. The growth has been incredible on one specific one which I've now replanted into a bigger bag.
  11. Loadshedding shots shows the flowers nicely. Bloombastic seems to have a noticeable result after second feeding of it!
  12. Week 3 flower, did a light defoliation before taking the shots. Feeding with Explogrow and Bloombastic, very keen to see how it does. Next grow I want to go with biobizz range.
  13. Is Crex Cannasaurus Rex on Instagram?
  14. Done replanting today. Used whatever pot I could find in garden. Pictured is the one I like the most so far.
  15. Yes same project he was asking about for testers in April! Afaik all testers has been sent out, but a pack can still be obtained by buying a pack of Organic Matter soil or something like that can't remember full details.
  16. Pumping along, will repot after acquiring more pots next week. - Fighting some PM for first time ever due to tent ventilation failure. Sorting it out however. Loadshedding shot.
  17. The symptoms I observe is, stems going purple, very short stumpy new growth with lots of side branching. This is read as stress from my end, seems to be attempting to create more shade for itself. This is confirmed for me as I have twice tried to run all light on, which results in above observations. To be honest I corrected the issue with Epsom salt and less light, and above update does unfortunately only flex the healthy part. Should have documented the stress response and how I corrected it as it may help future readers. Will be sure to document it this time as I'm about to start running all light again, just needed plant to recover al look 100%
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