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  1. Dankstreet.co.za they have lots of the new fire genetics even had a Breeder cut of Chimera #2 . Limitedbeans.com also have 1 or 2 cuts if you want something more "exclusive"
  2. I've tried the some THC carts but find them to make my throat scratchy and doesn't give me the kick I want. Myself and @Dr. Green made our own rosin carts but still didnt do the trick. I own the old Puffco peak but still mostly use my bong for flower. I do use less flower as I alternate between the 2 but still prefer my bong. But like @Naughty.Psychonaut mentioned solventless rosin is really enjoyable and you get an amazing taste of the plant. If you not growing enough rosin and hash can get expensive if consume a lot.
  3. GMC and Mecca are good brands. I got lucky a few years ago with a 2nd hand one from marketplace with someone moving overseas.
  4. Not sure where in the country you are but for my in the Cape humidity goes up at night when it gets cooler so I run my lights on at night to have it abit warmer and keep humidity in check. Having a dehumidifier is also a big plus if not must have if you serious about growing. I would consider investing in one before a new inline fan.
  5. I don't think your fan is so much of an issue that you need a new one. I think it's more of the airflow inside the tent. Make sure to do a proper clean with bleach before you start your new grow. Is your lights on day or night time? Haven't seen much of Secret Jardin inline fans but sure its decent I use their tent and love it. My reason for getting the AC Infinity with the controller 67 is I can set my temp and humidity triggers for the fan to speed up or down and when not triggered I can keep a constant negative pressure in the tent which I couldn't do with my Ram 6inch which only had a constant extract speed.
  6. You going to struggle to get rid of that PM. AQ-SF is more to keep things at bay and prevent it. I would recommend Bio Sulphur and using it in veg never had PM issues since I've been using it. Also get yourself a box fan it moves around more air. What's your current humidity with your extractor? I went from my ram 6inch inline fan to AC Infinity S6 inline fan with controller 67 it allows me to control my conditions abit more than before.
  7. Feels expensive imo. I recently bought some carbon to refill my carbon filter. Paid R200 for 1kg needed about 1.5kg to fill my 6inch. Probably also comes down to pellet size as well.
  8. The one that just posted puffco and had pictures of legal grows? If so then I don't think it's him.
  9. Just throwing a spanner in the works here but have a look at Secret Jardin tents. I got myself one last year and love that I can place my vents and outlets where I want to.
  10. Have you looked at the Grove bag Tote Liners? They slightly cheaper than the 1kg Grove bags. https://hydroponic.co.za/hydroponics/terploc-bin-and-tote-liners/ Do you reuse your Grove bags?
  11. I was interested in the Mando https://www.cannabisseeds.co.za/store/feminised/renegade-seed-co-mando But just abit skeptical cause I can't find any info on the seedbank and the flower pics aren't that convincing. I'll give it some time and wait to see if anything pops up.
  12. Was having a look at them again and saw some good prices on HSC seeds. Then came across RENEGADE SEED CO which also looked interesting but I can't seem to find any info on them besides another local store selling them and 1 single grow diary. Does anybody know about them?
  13. Just closing this one up. One of most disappointing grows I've had, plants weren't digging the loadshedding, I eventually removed 1 plant outside and repotted another in week 4 of flower. All this really showed in the quality and weight of the flowers at the end. I didn't even take much pics of this grow as it just wasn't what I wanted. But we learn and Grow again! Currently have some 3x Puff Mintz and 2x IN ZAir seeds growing that I'LL start a thread on.
  14. Yeah was mostly cookies variations.
  15. Last year there was 20 strains overall way better quality this year. I like the large variety I smoked smaller bongs this year so spent lots of time chatting so didn't feel too high.
  16. Just a question did you judge the looks on the bud they gave you or the full nugs on display? 3 was my lowest could barely finish that bong.
  17. Yeah there was some variation in buds. I really enjoyed my no6 but the guy across me didn't at all then tried his and wasn't really the same.
  18. Your No2 look like this? Just smoked some now again didn't get much lemon on initial pull but definitely that sprite kind Flav when drinking water after.
  19. Yeah even around the table I was sitting nobody had the same favorite which was cool. Last year there was a clear favorite by most people buy this year more variety. My favorites was 12, 11, 6. With 13 not bad as well
  20. 1st: Red Deliscous by Connoisseur Collective 2nd: Apple Fritter by Boof 3rd: Cremebrulee by Dr Dankenstein
  21. I can't remember what was highest THC but 3rd was #12 2nd was #8 and 1st #9 (Same guys who won last year)
  22. All good man understandable. Everything of the best keep pushing
  23. Will be cool to meet some forum peeps. Who will be attending?
  24. Anything with Mazar in should yield decent.
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