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  1. I would only start defoliating once it starts flowering. For now tucking leaves behind growth points is ok.
  2. And no one has mentioned malted barley. Use as is as ammendment to your soil. Or grind it up and make a tea. Worm tea. Add some worms to your containers.
  3. Fade. Your plant is late in flower. It is normal
  4. Orgasoilux 1 bag Freedom farms 2 bags(green bag) Mix together just feed water and Microbes.
  5. Howzit. Rather buy a bag or two of soil. Freedom farms or jamies or organics matters. Buy a 240w quantum board.
  6. Growlite is a brand. It is perlite. Growlite is manufactured by pratley. Cosys about R210 for 100l. They only open on the 15th of January again. You can try the hydroshops they should stock it.
  7. Howzit, about the 21st of january.
  8. Genetics is probably the most important factor to consider when it comes to growing. Dutch genetics use to be the go to genetics back in the day. But with the relaxation of laws in the 🇺🇸 they have over taken the europeans in that respect. SA is over run by white lable ducth/Spanish seeds which is normally cheap. If you are looking for something special you have to pay for genetics and do pheno hunts. If you are just looking to grow buy clones. These guys have already identified the best pheno types and you are guaranteed to grow some dank. @Totemic is going to launch his new fem seeds in Janu
  9. Cannaclone.co.za You can also access genetics through Instagram. Capecoasthybrids Couple other people. We also trade or give away for free if your in CT. Just ask on here I'm sure there are.other people
  10. That zurple purple in the corner is really growing fast. Mine is also going 100 miles an hour.
  11. Just buy clones. At least you know they have been pheno hunted and you will get a good one.
  12. Yes I have 2 of them. You can buy them from ACDC for R800
  13. When can we see a fem seed run again? Not asking for myself but other guys growing fem seeds.
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