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  1. We have a good relationship between growers. I basically put out a message and the first guys that responded got in on the deal. I baught the seeds and when they paid we split the pack over coffee.
  2. I agree. Trust needs to be built up between the guys. We bought a pack of 10. Came with 11 seeds. Gave the extra one to the guy who's seeds did not pop. But that is the luck of the draw.
  3. Howzit. Good genetics is always a good start when you want to grow some dank shit. Problem is it is expensive. What we have done as a group in CT northern Suburbs is to buy as a group and split the seeds between us. Not sure if any one needs help buying what they dream of growing. Post on this topic or start a whatsapp group through the forum. To find like minded folks.
  4. The parts came from Digikey.com they also have the samsung strips if you want to go yhat way. If you need guidence on drivers check out the DIY section of led Gardner'sweb page.
  5. How bout Jamies garden shop's blend? Organolux
  6. Not bad. It all depends on growing style. And PM is always an issue in CT. I also prefer more space between plants. I also found that I get a better yield with my grow bags wrapped in cling film especially the top 3/4 of the bag. It prevents the soil from drying to quickly thus gives more root space therefore you get a bigger yield. It seems to be counter intuitive to why we use grow bags. But it works.
  7. I like them cause I can travel with weed in my car and you dont smell a thing. I buy like 10 at a time. How bout a discount voucher.
  8. I just shipped with UPS and stock was here in 7 days. Including clearing by customs.
  9. If any one feels that they are able to do this please see the following article. https://ledgardener.com/diy-led-strip-build-designs-samsung-bridgelux/
  10. So after a friend of mine wanted to buy a 100w cob grow light for 3.5k I decided to give him a hand and I built him a 2k strip light. 123w light. Driver HLG~120H~C1050B =R846.11 Bridgelux eb gen 2 strips 6x R82.41 = R494.46 Aluminim strips R200 Wire plug and wagos and other bits R220 Import costs R230 +- R2000
  11. I am so sick of people just making money out of the grow community. And I am getting the feeling there is a couple of people that is feeling the same. I want more people to grow and I just feel that for some people the investment is to big.
  12. I only use this on my indoor plants. Outdoors I have 40~70l pots and they have irrigation so I want them to dry out before the next watering cycle. They get water multiple times a day. My indoor plants get water once a day so they need some assistance. But hopefulle I will just do grow beds in future.
  13. I will be worth the wait. Looking lovely.
  14. Ok so recently I decided I need more light in my tent. So decided to get prices for lights. Cheapest was R4500. It was elg~240 driver and bridgelux eb 2nd gen strips. Fuckit build one myself. Driver HLG~240H~20A = R 1175.11 Strips Bridgelux EB 2nd Gen 56cm - 12 x R82.42 = R 989.04 Aluminum strips = R450 Plug, Wire, wago connectore and electrical cable = R300 IMPORT COSTS = R 430 TOTAL COST = R 3344.15 If you count the rope rachets its another R240
  15. When you wrap you pots it retains more water and your roots actually grow to the side of the pot. The more root space you have the bigger your plant can grow. Most of the new grow bags in the states come with a plastic lining sown into the bag. Specifically for organic growing.
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