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  1. So genetics have become expensive. I have recently made my first batch of seeds due to a germination issue with one of the batches of seeds I started. Dream Queen from Humboldt Seed Company. I also pollinated a slurricane clone just for fun. Have you guys done this as well? If the phenos was not the best there is out there do you guys think I will find good ones in the seeds I made?
  2. Cove crops indoor is not effective. Especially not in a 20l pot. Also sometimes it grows bigger than you plants. If you get a grow bed one day by all means use a cover crop.
  3. It is an commitment. But you can easily automate things if your growing in living soil. Basically just watering. Blumat or simple pump and timer. I regaulary go away from home and dont have any issues.
  4. https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-other-lighting/bantry-bay/led-grow-lights-for-sale/1008942279540910018068909?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social
  5. The seed stores are basically resellers. They sell you the genetics they brought into the country. Its not exactly legal. I had the same issue with seeds I got from B&B. 4 of 10 came up. Luckily one was male. Did a small seed run and now I have hundreds of fresh seeds. No need to buy shit any more. If you do seeds once you will be hooked to the process. You don't need to start a new seed bank with the seeds just enough to keep you going.
  6. Thank you fir sharing. One day we hope to do tourism in that valley near Plett.
  7. How much will hyou be investing in solar? Do you have a hybrid inverter or are you just dong a charge contoller with an inverter?
  8. That Deluxe is so much better than any auto will ever be. That clone just needs a bit of size. That plant tripples in size when you switch it to flower. 200% strech.
  9. I also want to play. Do I need to pay the full amount if I get seeds straight from @Totemic?
  10. I have seen some seriously frosty phenos of the Deluxe with super low yields. So I do prefer the pheno that I have.
  11. Slurricane, Blunicorn and frosted apricots.
  12. You can also buy fem seeds and just put them in 12/12 from the start.
  13. Older auto strains was not very good. I would suggest looking at all the newer auto's on the market lile fast buds and ethos. I would.also suggest you buy newer stock that just came into the country. The longer seeds sit on the shelves the less likely they are to germinate.
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