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  1. I’m no salts grower but with my limited experience it looks like nutrient lock out due to a pH issue. I would make sure you have sufficient run off then watering your plants .
  2. I add all that stuff to my worm bin. Then feed the castings during flower
  3. It should work but I don’t know how effective it really is. The breakdown of kelp and bonemeal takes a long time and would probably only be available to plants after they flowered. If you have cash try using greenhouse bio feeds at the beginning of your flowering cycle and see how it affects your grow. It is a mineral feed but I have gotten lazy. It really works. I see you get 50gram sachet these days.
  4. If I veg that long I normally transplant the plants from a smaller to a bigger bag, say 10l to 30l bag then there is nice fresh soil for the plant
  5. Wist are you top dressing with? Just compost? What compost?
  6. Check out Jamie’s Garden shop on instagram. He has a couple of profiles on insta documenting his grows.
  7. The lights cycle is not such a big issue. It’s more Fluctuation in humidity that causes the most issues. As long as your plants get their 12 hours sleep you should be fine. Keeping the humidity down during the load shedding period is the most important thing.
  8. You don’t need to add anything. You can get a really good grow whit that soil. Freedom Farms Antifragile and Orgasoilux is my go to brands. Just add water.
  9. Roid rage #4 and #7 gonna run them out side and will then flower them indoors when winter starts.
  10. I ended up having 5 males and 3 females. Flowered out the males and selected on for future use. I had issues with this grow, as I had a heat issue and my favorite plant hermied. 3 weeks into flower. I then seeded the plant that did not hermie with al of the males. First pic here is of the seeded female and the rest are just what they looked like just be fore the showed male flowers. The big one is the one that got seeded.
  11. Africa Smoke, Limited Beans,
  12. Well all the factories and mines are closed for Christmas and New Year’s. Will see what the new year holds.
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