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  1. I have had no issues with germination rate from @Totemic. I normally just plant one or 2 seeds at a time.
  2. Ja like Psy said possibly nutes. If it affects more of the plant worry. I would water the plants all the same if I was you. Just less for the ones in the plastic pot. Consistency is key.
  3. I make my own mix. It’s a peat based mix. I don’t like coco base products as the tend to have to much sodium, if you don’t run loads of water through it before it is mixed. I know peat is not environmentally friendly to harvest but basically all berry producers use peat my 2 bales of peat is not going to end the world.
  4. There is plenty other seed banks around that do not make such a big markup. But if you run a business and have to pay salaries I suppose you have to make some money along the way. That’s my 2c.
  5. How could you still support some one who has lied to you straight to your face?
  6. The first book I read was True Living Organics by The Rev. It helped me a great deal developing my soil mix.
  7. Why would you amend store bought soil like that? Orgasoilux, Organics matter and freedom farms are made not so that you don’t have to do anything. You basically just give some essential microbes and water. If you want do fix all your issues that is what I would do from this time forward. Microbes and plain water. Microbes maybe once a month. Water for the rest of it. With organics less is more.
  8. https://www.marijuanamoment.net/watch-live-key-house-committee-to-vote-on-federal-marijuana-legalization-bill/
  9. Oh and Quattro Kush crosses from ethos genetics making some more of those seeds atm. Quattro Kush F3 and sour diesel x Quattro Kush F3.
  10. Ginger Tea and Crazy Hazey Archive seeds Apple Jax Inhouse Bobby’s Widow Maldalorian genetics pluto cut auto flower ethos genetics.
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