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  1. Grow some autoflowers its better than nothing.
  2. Have you started prepping your soil?
  3. I would suggest planting in September on the full moon. Except if you are planning on vegging indoors for a while. An then you must be prepared for quite a big tree. So for me I have height restrictions so the earliest I will plant is novembers full moon. I prefer growing multiple small plants as wind also restrict size of your plants in cape town. And then ther is also the problem with pollination of your plants. You dont really want to grow when every one else is. My plan this year is to only do 2 outdoor harvests instead of 3.
  4. Swopping out lights would not be an issue... I do it regularly with my setup now with load shedding. Tomorrow will be 50w cobs instead of the 150w HPS.
  5. Well a 400w hps will grow you some decent bud. But if I was you I would buy a 75w led from @growopz. You can always add another later on. And then another and then another and so on.
  6. Chop it. Grow propper indoor.
  7. You will see the flower opening. Do you want to make seeds?
  8. He is still around locally. Still growing strong.
  9. Thisnforum has had issues with them before. Just ask @Pat999.
  10. I just use pro tek gwano pellets. It has plenty of phosporus in and is 150 for 9kg.
  11. @Aeradix he is the registered importer and does the repairs.
  12. Temperature and Humidity can differ quite allot in a tent set up. I have 3 sensors at different levels in the tent.
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