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  1. I have a set of QB's and drivers to go with the QB's. No spare drivers unfortunately.
  2. I believe they are struggling due to the loadshedding. Not sure whether Dennys has closed down or if production has just been reduced? Bit of a concern, very limited supply of mushrooms and then what's going to be in low supply next?
  3. So let's bump this thread and see what's happened since we've been in stage 6 and talks of stage 9 and greater coming. What is everyone doing? I'm going to assume the loadshedding has lead to some no longer growing indoors?
  4. @Sticks@Sticks R2500 each, although these must go. So if you're interested drop me a PM and make me an offer, be it for one or all of them. All are brand new and unused, gathering dust in my garage.
  5. I have 4x 120W Quantum Board lights, all are brand new and unused and come with all the accessories (rope ratchets, power meters etc. etc.) Some are 3500K and some are 3000K, I planned on using them but then changed my grow setup so no longer have a use for them and pointless having them sit around in my garage gathering dust. These are from Light It Up if anyone is wondering. If you take all 4, I am sure we can work out a better price as well. If you have any questions, drop me a PM!
  6. So I have quite a few 22L Plant Matter fabric pots which I want to sell, they have all been washed and I wash them between each grow. I'd like R40 per pot, I have quite a few available. Shipping can be arranged, collection is fine too.
  7. I still have some pots available.
  8. So I've not put the covers on so I can easily monitor the water level in the trays. I went with the Easy2grow setup, so 2 pots per tray. Also using the smaller pots, so far the top of the coco has remained wet... Maybe because they're still small clones or maybe because it's a shorter pot?
  9. So I have a 40x Blumat Tropf Carrot kit (the dripper carrots) as well as some extras as seen in the picture. Putting it up for sale as I am trying out Autopots. The Blumats are awesome though and work really well. One of the best parts is that it only waters the plants when the medium dries up and you can adjust each carrot to start watering at different "dryness levels" I know 40x carrots is quite a lot, however one could easily do this as a group buy and split between everyone if it is more than what a single person needs. This could be used in a greenhouse, outdoors, flower bed, indoors and you have the choice of using a gravity fed tank or you can connect a small water pump to the system. So very flexible and versatile. Shipping can be arranged.
  10. So I have quite a few 22L Plant Matter fabric pots which I want to sell, they have all been washed and I wash them between each grow. I'd like R45 per pot, I have quite a few available as there are more inside the box. Shipping can be arranged, collection is fine too.
  11. So I am unable to easily raise the height of my 100L flexitank for my autopots, however it does not seem to be an issue and almost empties my flexitank despite everything being on ground level. Autopots are still very new to me, busy with my first grow with them still so will continue to monitor it and see how it goes - so far loving the fact that I do not need to water manually and can simply topup the res without any further adjustments.
  12. I agree with the others, look at getting a Quantum Board locally. Sent from my OnePlus 9RT 5G using Tapatalk
  13. Not my grow this, but I have a cutting of this pheno. Sent from my OnePlus 9RT 5G using Tapatalk
  14. Looking great! I have one in flower and more in veg. This pheno seems better than mine for sure. Sent from my OnePlus 9RT 5G using Tapatalk
  15. Looking beautiful!! Going to out up the clones tonight and get them vegged. Sent from my OnePlus 9RT 5G using Tapatalk
  16. I'll be able to confirm in a few weeks and as promised I will bring a sample through for you too
  17. So this diary has kinda come to an end. I harvested most of the plants last night, both Critical Banana look really nice. Will sample and inspect further once dry and trimmed and decide which pheno I will be keeping however so far I am very keen to run the Critical Banana again. The GG Wedding Mints improved a bit towards the end, I took some quick pics of each pheno. Will run them again and hopefully get better results, if they are not better than I will probably drop them from my rotation. I expected more from them. The In House Strains came out looking amazing and beautiful! Both the Bananium & Platinum Punch, such a rewarding strain to grow as the trim is easy and the buds sparkle nicely. Nice dense nugs. The one Zweet Inzanity ended up hermieing quite badly and pushing balls. The Citradelic Sunset came out alright, big, heavy bud with decent frost. This is a strain I have since dropped though. The one Crescendo was lacking frost and very unhappy, the other one is still in the tent as she went into flower 7 days after the others. The Banizzle and Pineapple Chem are also both in the tent still, giving them a but more time to mature. The Pineapple Chem actually split her stem while I was in the tent, the one cola flopped over. So I had to do some surgery with electrical tape. Yield looks as if it will be really good and frost does not look terrible, nowhere near the level of frost from the In House Genetics plants but a reasonable amount. I will try post some bud pics once some of the bud is dried and trimmed, especially of the GG Wedding Mints & Critical Banana. They were the 2 I was most excited for, perhaps more excited for the GG Wedding Mints but turns out the Critical Banana seemed to be the better plant this time around - although neither of mine had the nice colouring of the pheno I posted earlier in this thread.
  18. I need to disagree with you here. If they are decent diodes, such as the Samsung LM301B/H then 3000K for vegging a plant is not a problem at all. I have done it many times before, used both 3000K and 3500K with excellent results. The amount of blue light a cannabis plant requires is not all that much and 3000K full spectrum still gives enough blue. You can certainly flower with 3000K and 3500K. As soon as one starts to go 4000K upwards then the light starts to become a bit too specific IMO and leaning more towards a light I'd only want to use for veg. 3000 to 3500K I feel is the perfect combination for veg & flower, also keeping in mind plants are in veg for a fraction of the time they are in flower for (generally speaking, depends on how one runs their grow though). The kelvin of HID lights might work as you described, although for decent LED diodes 3000K for veg is fine.
  19. I just remembered that you run autos so not 12/12 for flowering. Although still, one tent R10k seems too high. Even with an aircon. Perhaps for multiple tents, I can understand R10k per month on electricity - especially in summer with heatwaves. Sent from my OnePlus 9RT 5G using Tapatalk
  20. Yikes, a single 2.4 x 2.4 tent with an aircon and R10k on electricity? How much do you pay per unit?
  21. In normal consumer quantities, most online stores have the same pricing on BioBizz. https://myhydrostore.co.za https://gthydro.co.za https://www.futurama.co.za https://hydroponic.co.za To name a few
  22. A single portable aircon in that sized space with HID lights is not going to cut it, especially in summer when heatwaves hit. You can simply change the bulb from HPS to MH and then change back when it is flower time. Best to have the lights on an 18/6 cycle and then change to 12/12 when it is time to flower. Do not rotate having some lights on and then others on - if you have plants under the lights then have those lights on, according to the timer.
  23. Post has been updated with what has been sold and what is still available
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