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  1. Hey, we called our international courier yesterday and they are just dealing with a backlog from black friday 😑 though seeds are through customs. I dont want to promise a specific day as we are dependent on them atm, though am certain will definitely get them this week and ship locally. Doing everything we can to hasten the process. Well post on update as soon as we are 100% on any dates.
  2. All orders have been placed with our suppliers - We did have a issue where two of the items were out of stock 😞 Contacted the respective persons to sort it out. Bit hard because we cant place the orders till the funds clear so some stock gets bought out whilst we wait 😞 Going to see how we can improve on it, though we bought a shit load of seeds and only had a issue with 2 of them. So something to work on. Awesome guys, will be sending out comms when we have updates and thanks for the opportunity! Have a lekker weekend.
  3. You were the last one 🤣 Will be sending out comms to all once international courier has picked up
  4. Promo has reached its limit of 20, we have added 1 more use as some guys have stuff in their carts but haven't checked out.
  5. Given it 30 more mins for anyone busy with a order and we going to end the promo. Some nice orders, thanks guys
  6. For the top contributor this year to 420SA, @PsyCLown I'll make a plan. Have pm'd you, all the other guys that have ordered - you still getting great prices and getting extras. Really want to help grow this community and think rewarding @PsyCLown is fair for his time and effort here. Have a great day guys
  7. Hi all, its time for some mad prices. We not going to do black friday, though will do BLACK THURSDAY 🙂 Why, we have our reasons but ye.. YOLO Coupon is limited, so get in while you can - posting first on 420SA the night before, you guys have been awesome. Coupon is active. Max spend on a coupon is R3000. Enjoy! ❤️ https://www.cannabist.co.za/shop Coupon = BLACKTHURSDAY
  8. Morning guys, same promos as yesterday. Use the coupon codes above. We have enough orders to import so will be shipping on Wednesday and these orders should be here latest Monday. So if you want some seeds, you can jump on-board this shipment by close of business tomorrow. We will be placing another shipment after Friday with all the orders from Thursday and Friday.
  9. Hi guys, To kick off our black Monday - Friday, we will be running specials every day of this week 🙂 To kick of the specials and slowly ramp up during the week.. The first 3 orders over R1500 will get a 5% discount and free GHE Tripack 500ml valued at R450.00 - Use the code "BlackMonday" at checkout and you will know that you are getting the Tripack. For all other orders, you can get 20% discount by using coupon code "20percent" for today - Minimum spend of R500.00. Seed promotions still apply with discounts. Link to our site: http://cannabist.co.za/ 1 x 500ml GHE FloraGro 1 x 500ml GHE FloraBloom 1 x 500ml GHE FloraMicro Softwater or Hardwater pH down and testing kit Let us know if you have any questions.
  10. Just an update - looks like the attack is ongoing though under control and our site is running as expected. We have measures to stop/migrate attacks on our side however we are still dependant on our host. Might be some outages. https://www.domains.co.za/serverstatus.php
  11. Just letting those that might be trying to access our site know that, out host domains.co.za is trying to migrate a DDoS attack so we are experiencing some down time. Nothing wrong with our side, will let you know when it's back to normal.
  12. @Za Weed Lover Hey bro, we new on the seed selling scene though have been growing for years - we launched a year ago making super soil, fabric pots and led lights though want to focus on seeds. If you keen to try us out, we are going to be running some black Friday specials for the 22nd. Keen an eye out for updates this week in our thread - will post the coupons there.
  13. https://www.cannabist.co.za/product-category/cannabis-seeds/breeder/ wont work anymore. We have added https://www.cannabist.co.za/breeders/ which works a bit better for now, still working on improving the filtering but you can filter by breeder easier now.
  14. We are moving our lights to another website and going to move all the seeds up a category which should help. Also want to attach the breeder logos and I for one, identify quickly with the logos/images 🙂 Will post when done. I've added the breeders as a main menu item for now to help. Thanks for the feedback!
  15. No stress, we dropped the ball and know what its like to be scammed so cant blame you. Have a lekker weekend guys.
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