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  1. Hey there. I see on the Humbolt Seed Company you are listed as a local retail outlet.

    I am looking for their Freakshow or Supafreak strains. Any chance you could get ahold of some ?

    1. Kempton Clown

      Kempton Clown

      Have you managed yet? I've been looking for this srtain the last 2 months ans still haven't found anyone. Emailed the seed shops I usually use, but none of them seem keen on trying to get those. 

  2. Hi guys, So one of our suppliers had a great 4:20 sale and we are extending the saving the our clients. Most of you should know, but if you don't - All Sweet Seeds packs come with freebies. 3+1 free seed, 5+2 free seeds. A few packs have already been sold after we launched the campaign this morning though are a few left. If you want to take advantage of the savings, check out https://www.cannabist.co.za/breeders/sweet-seeds/ Have an epic weekend!
  3. ** E.g. buy 5 seeds, get 5 “Cannabist premium seeds” for free, buy 10 seeds, get 10 “Cannabist premium seeds”. This is not buy one and get one of the same. Will be adding more seeds to the sale as the day goes on All the seeds on sale are on the home page https://www.cannabist.co.za/
  4. It's the local guys like @Bay Seeds and @Totemic that are allowing us to give way more than we used to. Only a pleasure!
  5. Thanks @Live Canna, really appreciate the feedback. All the guys that have commented so far will be getting a special package Will pm all for details
  6. Motherland is also overly active on Insta So you can also shoot them questions and great response times
  7. Just a quick update, we have been quite hectic but finally managed to upload the stock. Totemic Genetics https://www.cannabist.co.za/breeders/totemic-genetics/ We have some of the last of his 2020 runs Head Honcho Genetics https://www.cannabist.co.za/breeders/head-honcho-genetics/ Met up with them, super awesome guys. Each order will come with some of their freebies. Motherland Genetics https://www.cannabist.co.za/breeders/motherland-genetics/ Autos making a appearance on the breeding scene from KZN which is epic. Bay Seeds Didn't have stock for us to buy but gave us a ton of freebies to give away. So each order going out gets 3 seeds. Think we have like 50 packs left to give away. Gerber The Gardener Stock will be up tomorrow, we have the seeds, just late and something do make us happy tomorrow. Going to be an epic year for the community
  8. Also first time seeing a hermie from Barney's autos. Where did you source the seeds from?
  9. A lot of the bulk seed don't have pics hence seedbanks find a pic on google and use it. Same thing with the OP's reversed pic, same strain, same pic, just named differently. Yes, dont think its ethical when it's claimed it's bred in Cali or something like that. We are also guilty of this when we started but wont be buying bulk seeds from overseas any more with the abundance of local seeds and us breeding our own. The repacking of seeds is also another one, if one were to bx something like Seed Junky and you sell the seeds claiming they are from the breeder, you getting the genetics on paper but cost is a 10th of the price. The markups become insane.
  10. Ye to sum up - know you guys are legit Just thought Nirvana changed their packaging and we didnt know. Enough hi-jacking the thread, @StickyD420 looks awesome, will be watching for when you get the Grease Monkey going.
  11. @Marijuana Seeds SA ye not questioning the credibility, just though we missed the boat on some packaging changes. e.g. Telling if we get old stock from looking at the packaging (Yes they have batch numbers aswell ). Like the old GHSC discs vs the black cards now etc..
  12. Out of interest, is that how the Nirvana seeds where packaged or did you cut the labels off and that's what's in the pic?
  13. Not fun loosing plants. Drop us a pm, we have a pack of mixed autos we can't sell due to being lost over a year ago and found in our store room this week, can't garentee they will germinate but pretty sure they will. Happy to donate them. Think it's mixed autos from 00 seeds.
  14. We will tidy up the site tomorrow, mainly the breeder logos, some styling and mobile view Have uploaded around 80 percent of the stock, mainly international. Hopefully by end of tomorrow all the local stock we have now will be up and getting motherland genetics sometime is the week aswell. Also happy to report that we are a now a monthly donator to Fields of green for all - just need to send them our bio and related to be up on their site. Wanted to hold off till new site is sorted. Have an epic night guys.
  15. We launched out new look and feel and totally re-did our site. We had some funnies with duplicate orders and silly things so thought it would be best to migrate the products, clients and orders on to a fresh install. We have tried to put local seeds upfront and will be loading stock for the rest of the day. We have also dropped all the marketing and analytics tools so we are just focusing on word of mouth and a happy client base. No one likes to be tracked However will still use email marketing. Would really love some feedback, the good and the bad - In return will be giving away some local seeds to 3 randomly selected folk that give feedback. Will also be running a local seeds special next week.
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