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  1. Nice find on LED Gardener https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9fjKeYOyqU
  2. @southern26 have sent you a email. Will package the order so long and send it out on Monday first thing 👊. For the others, looks like our snapscan payment integration had a wobbly and didn't process his payment. Will look into it and sort it out today. Update: the issue is on our side, not the clients - we have missed two orders and sorting them out along with the snapscan integration. Thanks @southern26, if you didn't comment here - we might have missed the issue. Will through in some decent merch for the feedback.
  3. Hi @southern26, order #2929 was cancelled due to "Unpaid order cancelled – time limit reached. Order status changed from Pending payment to Cancelled." I have checked our bank account and there is no payment with a ref for #2929. If you did make a payment - please forward the proof of payment to sales@buyseeds.co.za We are just prioritizing orders in progress and imports as trying to sort them out - have been flooded with questions around Covid 19 and expected delivery dates. We are experiencing delays with international imports of 1-2 weeks however buyseeds.co.za is within the delivery time limits. I did get back to your DM on 420SA in thursday, see you sent a question asking if we received payment. Will get in touch asap
  4. Hi guys so best is to order from buyseeds.co.za which is what is in SA, we are having delays with imports. Buyseeds.co.za orders are going out same day.
  5. Hi guys, just letting anyone that has ordered or wants to order seeds - our services and couriers remain in service and are not effected. We have send the same out to all orders in process. Update: We are experiencing delays with international imports of up to two weeks though orders are still being processed and guys will get their seeds eventually - Some things are just out of our control with the regulations. We are also getting a ton of comms and trying best to get back to everyone, please understand that we are doing the best we can to get back to people individually though are sending out bulk updates to keep those with orders in progress up to date (With the information we have been provided)
  6. Let me know what you are looking for and we can see.
  7. His feedback was fair sitting on the other side. We tried and failed on the initial promise and didn't hold to the response times. Feedback taken and will improve. Can't wait to drop the new site - will help us ten fold with confusion and local vs import
  8. Ya there's no bad vibes, when we say thanks for the feedback, we mean it. Try to be transparent as possible, directing all customers here to leave a review - good or bad. Thanks for the further feedback from both of you guys. Regarding making a killing in profit, some of the guys do though we are highly competitive - even when compared to prices in the country a strain is bred. We also have to make provision for when things go missing on import and locally - happens on both sides and we cover the cost. Just picture a 20k order going missing 🙄 Really believe our pricing is fair and in-line or less than recommended retail prices from the breeders.
  9. The abundance of freebies was with your initial order, along with a free pack of same quality, from the same breeder.. Of seeds also for free. Further to that, we were willing to give you more seeds last week whilst you waited - yes comms were slow and didn't respond same day when we said we would regarding more free seeds. And then actually forgot about it, so yes.. We didn't follow up for your requirements regarding additional free seeds - still on offer if you want them. They will be up on our new local stocked only site by the end of the week. We are trying to eliviate manual responses and manual work where possible as things get forgotten and the ball gets dropped as with your experience. When you wanted your money back, we gave it to you immediately, without question. Again thanks for the feedback, will improve where we can.
  10. It's unfortunate as we went out of our way to try keep you happy. One of the seed packs you ordered, was out of stock - was communicated to you and we gave you an alternative free pack of equal value whilst we source the outstanding pack. What was communicated to you is what was communicated to us from the supplier regarding when it would be back in stock - we were told it would be available a week ago. However it is still not available a month later so put us in the hard position of "lying" to customers. Further we gave you an abundance of freebies and refunded you within 5 mins of you requesting a refund for the outstanding pack. @CapeGrow, we apologise for the extended wait - really tried to keep you happy and thank you for the honest feedback. If the pack was not out of stock for an abnormal amount of time - which is very rare, you would have had a much different experience with us.
  11. Updating the site today with some new seeds, will post a link here to the cheap ones
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