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  1. Looks like rot. Starts from a wound or from inside the stems. It will spread quickly. Cut and remove infected branches if possible or Save what you can and cut your losses
  2. https://grovebags.com/ I used their wicket bags last year and they maintain the perfect environment for long term storage. No discolouration of buds like in a glass jar with Bovedas. I still have some bud in the bag and they are as fresh as when i bagged them. Ordered terploc bags for this harvest. Manufacturing quality and price is excellent. I'm converted @Aeradix
  3. Lekker setup there to grow some trees
  4. You should be worried. I ordered from hydroponics.co.za and my order was delivered within 3 days. Its a new year and January is almost done so there is no excuse to take 3 weeks with an order unless its a back order.
  5. Yes brother. That guy is nogals a guru. Hope this file works. Safari - 15 Jan 2022 at 18:02.pdf
  6. I will never go back to bagged soil after making my own soil and seeing the great results so far. I used Subcool's super soil recipe and it is fire. Here is a link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13ivnUXwCGqASKO_5LNhY1r8PSdheVMlG/view?usp=drivesdk
  7. They look good man. Those buds still need to fatten up quite a bit. As mentioned by @donnob look for leaf fade, pistils turning brown/orange and curling into themselves and then trichome colour. Also try your best to keep the bud sites as dry as possible to avoid bud rot during flower. Patience will be rewarded
  8. Yo bro. Those trichomes are clear. Note that you should look at trichome colour on the buds themselves and not the leaves. The leaves trichomes mature way faster than those on the buds.Wait until they are milky with about 10% of them amber. Harvest then. At least another 3-4 weeks. Personally i don't flush for i grow in living soil but if you use synthetics then its your call. Lekker
  9. Could be temp/ph related or something is infecting the new growth. What is that dark patch in the bud? Look for bud rot or moth eggs/larvae. Nice sizey plant though
  10. Ma se sleg man! I would firstly hand out a moerse pk to your friend, if he was educated by yourself, otherwise i would look deeply into the mirror and promise myself to never let someone else take "care" of my babies. Only you know your plants. Therefore only you feed and take care of them. Live and learn brother
  11. Leaf miners? Just squish the miner's trail with both fingers. He is hiding simewhere in that brown trail. Will leave a dried hole in leaf but at least no miner
  12. Shot for sharing @Chris Jay! This very cool to see
  13. Howzit. In optimal conditions(moist but not soggy medium, high humidity eg. 80%+ and warm temps) you are looking at 3-5 days for the seed to break surface. Some will take longer. All dependant on strain, age of seeds etc. Patience is key
  14. Yes bone meal also. Its just a slow release source but the bomb
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