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  1. Howzit guys! Plants are looking good for an outdoor grow during this time of the year where cold night temperatures and fewer daylight hours are creeping in. The @Totemic Choc x Gelato BX's are all showing pistils including the 1 Banana Kush (Motherland Genetics) with her long internodal spacings. Will maybe add a bit of Kelpak or Epic 5:2 biostimulant during the week. Note that the ladies will not be repotted and stays outside 24/7.🌞🌙 @Totemic Choc x Gelato BX's @Totemic Choc x Gelato BX @Totemic Choc x Gelato BX - the early bloome
  2. Weskush


    This full organic grow got my attention✌️Sterkte brotha!
  3. Jere now that is propa prizes right there! How about an outdoor challenge this coming summer or even a solo cup challenge to spice things up @420SA ✌️
  4. I personally start germinating no earlier than October and harvest by latest March. Anything later and bud rot takes hold of things. Temps also drastically drop from April in my area(WC).
  5. Shot. Case closed. Much appreciated👌
  6. Appreciate the info bro. Thanks.
  7. Nah not particularly. What worries me is the pattern from outside spreading uniformly to the inside of the leaves, which makes me suspect that it might be something more sinister than burn from the biostimulant mix...
  8. Shot guys! Going to monitor the situation and will keep updated. The Banana Kush from Motherland Genetics are growing lovely without any issues and @Totemic Choc x Gelato BX's are showing some interesting phenos but developing beautifully. Had to feed the Chronic plant to the soil due to male flowers.Bless up!
  9. Thanks bro. I'm suspecting Calmag deficiency...The day before the spotting appeared i watered with Epic 5:2 and wet the leaves also...possibilities. The markings are also only on the bottom, older leaves.
  10. SOS⚠️ Any advice on these spots on my leaves, anyone?
  11. Right guys/girls. Here is an update on my living organic soil project. Only added a weekly dash of Epic 5:2 Biostimulant and some Kelpak at about 40ml/10L of rain water. Waterings needed about bi-weekly due to soil staying nice and moist under the mulch and also top dressed with another alfalfa mulch layer and added some barley seeds for cover crop just for kicks. Today i noticed some weird spotting(Calmag deficiency?) on bottom leaves of my @TotemicChoc x Gelato's and bloody male flowers on my Chronic plant which showed female earlier...What is a grow without issues right..?
  12. As jy dom is moet jy kak en as jy n skelm is moet jy harder kak🤦‍♂️
  13. Good work guys. Especially in these times when nobody gives a fuck about anyone except for themselves. @Nibiru grow and show bro✌️
  14. I received the same Rooibaard as a freebee with my order from GSR. Couldn't believe my eyes. Fkn Rooibaard!!! Germinated 2 seeds. Both duds. One left. Last of the Mohicans. Going to wait until outdoor season to germinate it. Holding thumbs. Malawi Gold, Durban Poison, Swazi Gold and 1 Rooibaard seed are waiting in anticipation for the next outdoor window. Leka!
  15. Same here. Great value for money. Can't wait till October!
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