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    Totemic Choc x Gelato #33 BX, Motherland Genetics Banana Kush, Malawi Blue(Self bred)
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    Living Organic Soil
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    Sun Rah
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    Biobizz, Umya Nutrients, Organic nutes
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    Joints, Pipes, Dry herb vape, Cannabutter

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  1. Eish brother! That plant looks min stoked hey. As mentioned above, the cold, less sunlight and high humidity is not doing the plants any favours. Wait until end September ish and give it another go. I can testify that attempting an outdoor grow in Winter is just a las and waste of seeds.✌️
  2. The Mr E Pupil looks like the perfect high content THC/CBG strain. For this league of strain you definitely need to be kitted out with a proper indoor setup. I wouldn't want to risk paying this price for seeds to be grown outdoors, although i prefer outdoor growing. Shot for the link brother✌️
  3. Interesting, very interesting. Will check out your site @Thrive and maybe get a bag or 5 for the upcoming outdoor season✌️
  4. Howzit people. I got hold of some sundew seeds (Dorsera Capensis). Fascinating plant specie. Seems like quite a mission to grow but i'm amped! Thinking of using them, once matured, to catch those damn fungus gnats that's been bugging me. They detect and absorb nitrogen from insects that get stuck on their sticky tenticles (looks exactly like trichomes). They get all their nutrients this way and uptake nothing from their roots. This specie is indigenous to the Western Cape. Why don't carnivorous plant species get used more often to assist in pest management? ✌️
  5. Buffering forever...ain't got no time for that shit homes
  6. Lekker Brannewyn en Coke wat daar staan en wag ekse!
  7. Only his physical being is gone. His spirit will flourish for a long, long time still. RIP Frenchy
  8. Just had a look. This is some expensive seeds right there!
  9. Howzit man. Personal use for now but thinking to go bigger down the line.
  10. Howzit fellow growers Any suggestions on high CBG strains? CBD is one thing but CBG seems to be more potent for particular treatments. Any input would be lekka✌️
  11. Lovely designs👏 Very refreshing and the details are excellently depicted! Great stuff
  12. Congrats @Orcanic , nice image👏 @The_StonedTrooper 's entries were also bloody tight in the running i'd say👏
  13. Hi WesKush, thank-you for your interest and welcoming me to 420SA. Appreciated. 

    I am a marketing agent, freelance, for a couple of selected companies that have unique biological and organic products. I am a educated in Nature Conservation and spent the last 22 years stuck in Hospitality, and Sales...Life does not let you go where you want unless you are determined enough to make it happen....


    I am now in a space that I am following my heart and passion for growing and organic farming. I think that Cannabis farming and the related industries have the potential to provide jobs and financial security to thousands of people who are currently struggling to make a living...So this is my goal, to invest my time in networking and collaborating with people who can make the Cannabis industry grow to a point where Hemp fiber industries are main stream...

     I have just recently finished put a plan together, found a financial backer and will be growing commercially this coming season. The pictures are from the outdoor farming ventures last season in KZN.   I am from a farming back-ground and the one company I promote is involved in the setting up of Commercial Cannabis farming ventures here in SA, all legal and licensed of course. I have access to high quality 12 species, chitin rich, insect Frass, beneficial soil microbial additives and grow nutrients specifically formulated for growing Cannabis. Not the usual stuff found in Grow shops...not yet anyway!  I am working on a couple of selected outlets. 🙂

    So that is my story. 

    1. CreX


      Now you have us hyped! where can we get some of these things 😛

    2. Weskush


      Nice one bro! Keep us updated and keen to follow along or even get involved here in the Cape of Western✌️

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