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  1. Update: Got the Dynavap M 2021. What a beautifully engineered piece. Most flavour that i've ever experienced. Complete, smooth and equally powerful as a joint at a fraction of the herb used. I was sceptical at first but from the first toke i realized that the Dynavap is a beast. Once that you get the hang of heating the cap correctly without combusting, its smooth sailing. Flavour for days. Get one. You won't regret it!
  2. Im deciding between the Dynavap B or 2021M. Big price difference of course. Then theres the 2023 M+ at double the price of the B. Biggest bowl of the bunch. The B has a "half bowl" though which might be annoying and is not compatible with the Dynacoil insert for concentrates. Anyone have experience with one of these?
  3. Been waiting for an outdoor grow off since joining the forum. Let's do it! I'd suggest growing a strain of your choice and documenting like the indoor grow offs previously run on the forum. Buds can then be submitted for judging etc. like a proper Outdoor 420SA Cup. Germination dates i would suggest would be from 1 September and cutoff for submitting buds end of May to allow for a proper dry. Good idea.Bad idea?
  4. Once sister! Well done
  5. https://grovebags.com/sweating-cannabis/ Forgot to mention the sweating process before curing. The buds will feel crunchy on the outside but still moist inside. As i've mentioned, by squeezing the bud between your index and thumb fingers, it should bounce back. Place buds in paper bag (Spar paper bags work very well). This takes some experience but close bag up and leave for a day or two. Open bag up and shake a bit for bottom buds to get to the top. Leave slighty open for another day or two. After this process your buds will be ready for curing in Terplocs. Some do this step, some don't. I always sweat my buds before curing to make 100% that excess moisture is sweated out. Perfect cure every time!
  6. No Boveda packs needed. They self regulate humidity. No burping either. Just open and shake once or twice a week in the beginning for buds not to stick to each other. Never had any issues with Terplocks.
  7. High avg humidity - wet trim to avoid mould issues. I also remove buds from main stalk and let dry on dry rack, flipping buds daily. About 2 weeks dry time. Buds should be crunchy on the outside but still bounce back to its shape when squeezed. Then cure in Terplock bags.
  8. Jip. The grass is at its greenest in your own backyard bru. Play the cards that you were dealt. Unless you have kids and looking for a potentially more stable future for them. Moving abroad means having to be dealt a new set of cards to play with. It's a gamble. Maybe one day i'll get outa dodge when Elon makes interplanetary transport available for us humans. For now. Give thanks and enjoy the moments. It's all that we have. Jah Bless!
  9. My take on your situation is possible bad genetics. Invest a little bit more into an established breeder that sells you seeds in sealed breeder packs. Plants look fine. Just give them some time. Peace
  10. Their website as been under construction for a good while now. Don't know what the holdup is. I have some of their gear and so far so good. Prices seems on par and they offer some legit genetics. Give them a go.
  11. Nice one broIm also very impressed with the BB x DSC. Ticks all the boxes. My only gripe was the susceptibility to bud rot. But that is a given with such dense buds accompanied with high humidity and untimely rain during late flowering.
  12. Epic 5:2 used to be distributed by Envirofarm. Can't seem to find any distributors anymore. Might've been discontinued.
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