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  1. My vape is set at 428 F (220 C) constantly. I do smoke the gool ol Golden Virginia green packet rollies...Anything lower feels a bit pap hey. Higher is also cool. Lekker thick clouds and a harder hit to the dome.
  2. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Blessed to have some of your genetics in my collection. Now they can be classified as Limited Edition i guess... Jah Guide bra
  3. To be arrested for suspected dealing there has to be, at least some baggies, scales, large amounts of cash etc...if none of these were found it is complete and utter piss takery. Only a large amount of weed and some growing equipment are not justifiable to get arrested for suspected dealing. There is still an amount stipulated on how much weed are allowed in one's private property. If this held any value or not, i don't know. Max 1.2kg dried flower for a household of more than 2 persons right? and 600g for 1 person. Correct me if im wrong
  4. That's why you establish good relations with your neighbours before pulling this kinda dumb shit off. Dumb move Donnie Brasco. Dealing is still illegal, whether its ganja or tik. The cops see no difference. Now he's gotta deal with the consequences.
  5. Ja scheme that i'm going to take a cutting. It might be something special or not...Those crackheads don't care about strains. Mix is mix vir n bottelnek haha!
  6. That is highly likely man. Both points. Guess that i was caught up in that "mystery strain" fantasy and forgot my logic at the back door haha! Will still monitor this soldier.
  7. Possible...the non-flowering i find interesting though. The plant doesn't seem have grown much over the last year also. Stands at about 1 meter high with smallish, Indica like leaves.
  8. That sounds like a kaka situation. I guess that the herb doesn't affect everyone the same way. With pre-existing mental conditions it could go either way. Take a break. Take a KitKat . Use the herb. Don't abuse the herb.
  9. I also thought that it could be male but not even any sign of male flowers. This plant is getting full sun and flowering was supposed to be triggered by now. Ruderalis perhaps with a continuous lifespan? Haha if that even exists...Im just speculating for i've never seen a plant going for over a year without flowering at all.
  10. Howzit growers! I've been observing an extremely hardy plant thats been growing in a certain location for the last year. This plant seemed to survive the whole year, maybe even longer before i started noticing it growing randomly in a private estate. No care given and only rain water as far as i can tell. Very dark green, compact structure and most importantly, what sparked my attention was that there still is no sign of flowering. Could this be an original landrace strain from the Zim/Mozam builders that dropped a seed perhaps? Will take a pic soonest and post. Don't want to draw attention to the plant
  11. Ja that Dynavap looks sweet. Great workmanship. The only thing preventing me from buying one is that it looks like you're klapping a crack pipe when heating it up. Not so cool for public use.
  12. Ja agreed. I have a Cloudious 9 vape which i bought for shits and giggles. Had it for almost 2 years and still going strong and used daily. Great value for money and easier on the lungs. But if i had to toke on the same amount in a joint i would get way more gooft. Not that i don't get gooft from the vape. The vape just provides a mellower, deeper gooft, if you know what i mean. Still dig my vape and having my own homegrown supply definitely helps loads. Always lekker to have a nice selection of smoking utensils, depending on what type of stoned that you're after on the given moment.
  13. Be the pot my friend. Feel the pot. Most accurate way to determine moisture content in container. You'll be surprised how much moisture the bottom 3rd of a container retains even when the topsoil is bone dry.
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