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Competition Info

As of 14/04/21


Totemic Cannacraft are very generously sponsoring their feminised genetics to all participants this year. Each participant will be getting a 3 Pack of Totemic Cannacraft - Tortoni Feminised Seeds

When Is The Seed Drop?

The seed drop is planned for Saturday 8th of May 2021.

How does the competition work?

  • Each grower will germinate and grow out all 3 seeds till harvest. The grow must be performed indoors with no growing outdoors. Greenhouse growing will not be accepted.
  • Each grower will be required to run a diary of their grow updating their diary every 7 days, or more frequently if they wish to.
  • Growers who fail to update their diaries within 7 days will be given 48 hours to update their diary with 2 warnings/reminders given within those 48 hours. If they fail to update after the 2nd warning they will be disqualified unless a valid reason is provided.
  • Each grower may only provide 3 late updates. More than 3 late updates will result in disqualification.
  • Just before harvest, growers will then choose which plant they feel is their best plant to put forward for judging.
  • The judges will then deliberate and decide the winners.

How to enter

There is a buy in/entry ticket purchase for every entry this year.  The entry fee will be R265-00 and will cover the following:

  • Your feminised seeds - No charge
  • Courier Fee - R115-00
  • Handling/Packaging Fee - R50-00
  • Competition purse fee - R100-00 (explained below)

Those that have a pack of 3 Totemic Tortoni Fem seeds, or are able to collect from Totemic directly will only need to pay the R100-00 purse fee.

The ticket purchase will be handled through the 420SA Store.

Competition Purse

A primary reason for an entry fee purchase is for commitment however the entry fees will be used to formulate a money prize as well as cover the cost for the winners trophy.

420SA will be handling the purse and will keep things 100% transparent.

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