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  1. I wish it were the case. The reality is that over the last 3 years I've been scaling down my space bit by bit, and now don't have any indoor space... Not even to keep keeper clones. It isn't possible for me to keep the quality standard necessary for market seeds without that indoor space. Perhaps I'll find employment somewhere in the industry where I can apply my skills. Perhaps not...
  2. It's a bitter sweet ending, and standing at that cross roads having to decide which direction is going to best serve the next decade of my life... Totemic was really never meant to become a brand, but kind of gravitated that way. It's always been about actively opposing those laws that would criminalize me for growing, breeding, and sharing that with the community. My genetics is out there in practically every corner of the country, serving their purpose beautifully, and will echo in other strains they inspire. It really has been an awesome journey, and while I move onto other things, I'll always be growing.
  3. My house is allowed to by law smell of cannabis, and in fact always does. That doesn't in my opinion give saps the right to enter. I would in reasonable circumstances also allow saps in to my house since according to me I'm within my rights, and I have nothing to hide... But saps isn't the idealistic police force we would imagine a police force to be as a child. It's rotting at the core for the most part. Allowing them in it seems, gives them the scope to write the story of what's going on there on the fly as they find 'evidence' to support a narrative. That's speculation, and won't survive a trial without other evidence of an actual crime, which the article has failed to communicate. Where is the victim? What crime has happened?
  4. I'll reserve comment for now. It would be great to find out more about how they manage to circumvent the current grey wall we are all staring at... The high court hasn't even spoken on the club model, nvm the apex court
  5. Another one I wish I could enter. All the flower I'm harvesting now is seeded though. I reckon I'll have to do a run specially for all the cups next year. Hope it's a raving success. Good luck to all the entrants.
  6. Do you have 4 x 600w covering an entire 16m2? 1 600w in my mind is good to veg upto 1.5m2, and for flower upto 1.2m2, but more ideally only 1m2 You probably could get away with it for veg. What height are those bulbs from the top of the plants?
  7. What size pots do you run the autos in that space?
  8. Consumers are very peculiar. Give them something for free they don't want it. Take that same thing, slap a huge price tag on it and it's the opposite reaction...
  9. 60x60x140 Mars Hydro tent R1000 120w QB(lightitup) 4 mnths old R2000
  10. Agreed. It was a killer event. The way it was setup, the vibe, alles lekker. And the bud entries were all fire. I couldn't sample all of them though, joh haven't been quite so stoned in a bit
  11. Day 34 Had to drop a net down past the top colas. I can just see they'll be flopping all over the place pretty soon. Otherwise after 2 weeks of pollination, seed development is well under way. 36 days to go
  12. I'm running a 120w from lightitup in a 60x60 for my clones and early veg and I do feel the light is overkill for the space and could veg 80cm or even 1m. As for Flowering. Because the light is overkill, and because the tent is only 1.4m high, with the light right at the top of the tent, you going to need some serious training, and even smaller pots to keep Flowering plants small enough to fit in the right zone of light
  13. I use the biobizz range with FF premium , and the issue here is that fishmix. Fishmix is great for veg, but in flower you want to switch to the biobizz grow. You also don't need to feed every watering. I alternate a feed, then water, maybe just water again, then feed. Feed basically once a week really. Try increasing the frequency of your watering. I water 15l medium with 2l water every second day
  14. Still difficult to see. Either way those plants are at least 14-21 days away from being able to pollinate anything...
  15. every Pic looks like early male to me.... But you'll know for sure in a week or so
  16. So much life happening that giving more frequent updates on the garden is a mission. The 4 veg girls are on day 21 of flower today already. This is a strawberry Sugar cookies run, with a ssc clone reversed and dropping first pollen today. Tortoni #1, Quattro Kush F3, Ssc, and a Cheese getting pollinated. Pretty excited to combine the ssc and the tortoni... 2 of the frostiest cuts that have been hunted and grown out over the last 2 years. Tortoni Strawberry sugar cookies Cheese Quattro Kush F3 Reversed Ssc
  17. Interesting research. Where the government is involved I'm sure all of us have plenty to say. I'll always take the opportunity to raise my insignificant opinions. I feel our governments approach or any other governments approach for that matter on cannabis is just too much of everything. They are burying the plant and tieing it up in legislation and red pink and any color tape they can find. This is not freeing the plant. Before 1922 there was zero law around this plant in south africa, and there is no reason why it can't go back to exactly that. Cannabis should be entirely removed from all written law.
  18. You could easily do 4 plants in 20l pots in just 1m2. This will also keep you in your target wattage Just the lighting needed for 2.4x1.2 is already practically 1kw(4 x 240w) then at least 200-300w for all your ventilation needs.
  19. That was one of my favorite crosses of that time. Sadly I lost that line so anyone with any of those still, have a real scarce cross.
  20. Day 45 Seed set is good. Clones have been vegging 4 weeks and are pretty much ready to move into Flowering in a week or 2.
  21. I have for countering loadshedding purposes gone down this rabbit hole, and ultimately decided it would be too costly to keep my setup running for even those 2 hours using an inverter and 2 x 100ah deep cycle batteries. The problem isn't keeping the lights on, as Led lights dont draw that much current. It's the fans(anything with a motor) that draws power out of batteries Hella fast. So while the sun is out and blasting you should possibly be able to keep the environment running, but after dark you will need the grid to keep it going
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