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  1. I like that CMH and LED setup in the last pic. Very creative. I run my one room with a mix of CMH and Gavita. It works really well. Those 630w CMH's put out a lot of light. Now I want to test flowering under 630's with one bulb at 3000K and one bulb at 4200K in the same fixture. Your plants are looking good bro. Can't wait to see them take off.
  2. I'm excited to see what you pull out of the hat.
  3. Fucken awesome man! I would love it if you posted pics here bro! Go wild...
  4. The GG#4 is already sold out. Someone bought it all a few minutes after putting it live. Wow! Did not expect that. I hope at some point they release more packs, as that was the last 3 packs available anywhere.
  5. Ok, stock has just arrived! I just need to work out cost/retail pricing and then add it to the site. Keep checking our site over the next 24 hours!
  6. Hey bud, I responded to your mail. 😉
  7. Yeah, sorry about that delay brother. I'm glad it all worked out though, and that you like the freebies. Now... let's see that Headbanger fly!!! Good luck on the grow my man.
  8. We have some awesome new gear arriving soon. Karma Genetics Lemon Tini - Lemon Tree (Lemon Skunk x Sour Diesel) x Sour Diesel BX Lucky Dog Seed Co Guerilla Fume - (Silverback OG x Chemdog 91 reversal) x Chemdog 91 BX3 GG Strains GG Wedding Mints - Wedding Cake F2 x Kush Mints 11 x GG#4 BX6 GG#4 IBL - work done by Mycotek and taken to BX6!!... only getting 3 packs of this one as that is all that is left. Apparently this is not available anywhere anymore. I might keep back one for myself 😉 Old School Genetics Orange Road restock
  9. Thanks again for the order brother. It is much appreciated! The White Bubblegum will be there (along with some new gear) the next time you're ready to order.
  10. 🤣 Sorry bud. The White Bubblegum uses a pre-2000 cut of Bubblegum, which is good news. I don't want to sling mud, but there is a persistent rumour that the current version of bubblegum from a certain breeder is not what it used to be. So an older cut (from an era when bubblegum was all that and a bag of chips) is what you want. In this cross, the bubblegum is the star of show with the white widow just being used to create a stable seed run. He likes using his white widow for this purpose. He did the same thing with Exodus Cheese, and 96 Super Skunk. The flowers of this cross ar
  11. Hi guys, The special is supposed to run until 8pm tonight, but I see on our site it is no longer valid. I've asked my web developer to change it to 8pm, so check back in a little while. Cheers
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