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  1. ODB aka Cheesy Rider is live! I have an exceptional cut of Exodus Kush, and if this is anything like that, it is going to be fire!
  2. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm certainly not proposing guys start filling their rooms with landrace strains. For me, the magic of landrace lies in their potential for breeding.
  3. @PsyCLown I think you have it backwards bud. Although life is all about perspective. For me, and many others like me, the newer stuff is all about marketing/hype. Take this "elite" polypolypoly hybrid and smash it together with this other "elite" polypolypoly hybrid. Give it some bullshit desert name and then hype the hell out of it. Do this multiple times in a year, which pretty much guarantees nothing has been tested, and then sit back and watch the fanboys queue up to throw their money at you. Laugh all the way to the bank, while the market is flooded with super frosty boof that smells and tastes the same as the last super frosty boof they grew. The frostiest and possibly "prettiest" strain I've ever grown was a freak Amherst Sour Diesel. We all thought it was going to be super potent and tasty gear. It was straight rubbish. Same with a cut of DOG I had from Ripper. That one was potent as hell, but the high was muddy and although there was a hint of grape terps, there was no taste at all apart from your typical burnt hash flavour you often find on freakishly frosty gear. Are there "new school" breeders who still produce fire. Of course there are. Are they completely overshadowed by the cookie fam? In my opinion... definitely! Think about this for a second... Golden Goose will never be one of the big banks in SA. My partner and I are well aware of this. We've even had a serious discussion about stocking things like autos and your typical hype gear to help improve sales. We haven't done it (yet) though, because then we would be completely contradicting our own mission statement. Making us hypocrites and twats. We wanted to be niche. That is probably going to bite us in the ass in the long or even medium term, as South Africa is just not a big enough market for this type of philosophy or market strategy to work. If we pack up shop, at least I will have tons of gear for my own breeding projects. That will be the silver lining I cling to. LOL! Also, I just want to add that I doubt OSG is testing all his gear either. What I like about him, is that he is sitting on gold when it comes to hard-to-find older "elite gear". He is also an honest guy and a pleasure to work with. If you're looking for gear that has been properly tested with real fire power and that old school flavour, then look no further than Lucky Dog. Skunk VA is passionate about his chemdog genetics, and it shows. Unfortunately, his stuff is not cheap though. You pay for the work that he puts in. Now, a logical person might surmise that progress is just that... progress. Therefore, cannabis strains in general will improve. I firmly believe that sentiment to be flawed though. Before the trend of global legalisation, or decriminalisation people had to do some serious hunting to latch on to anything special. Wether in clone form or pheno hunting through seeds. That led to it's own set of disadvantages, but one of the positives is that growers and breeders cherished what they had and the passion was real. When breeding, it was often done with clear intent on the outcome and they selectively bred towards those goals. Many of those same breeders in today's economic and social climate would probably also just smash unicorn raspberry poop to sunshine rainbow cheerio pebbles and call it a day. So it's not that their moral compass was any better. These days, demand is massive and everyone wants that new new. If you want to stay relevant, you have to pander to that demand. Making it almost impossible to breed to the standards set by the previous generation, who could afford to spend years on a breeding project to get it just right. The Brand is the new god, and every breeder has dreams of being the next Coca-Cola. Apologies if my post came across as hostile. I didn't read the entire thread either, so I might also be in danger of picking up stompies. 😉
  4. Schism is live. I ordered a few packs but only received 1. So be quick about it. 😉
  5. at 20 days now I think They've just been moved under HID lighting from flourescent. He says they are very hungry. He has just bumped up feeds to 1.1 EC and says they still want more.
  6. We've been busy! Lucky Dog Seed Co. - Schism : TITS (aka This Is The Shit) x Chemdog 91 BX3 - TITS is Sour Diesel x OGKB Karma Genetics - Old Dirty Biker aka Cheesy Rider : Exodus Cheese x Biker Kush Karma Genetics - Sweets : Gelato (guava cut) x Sour Diesel BX2
  7. The following strains have been restocked: Old Widow S1 White Afghan Skunk White Bubblegum Glueberriez OSG Cheese Orange Road
  8. Old School Octane is now live
  9. Wedding Cake x Jamaican Blueberry x Red Khyber is now live
  10. Larry OG S1 is live (I'm still waiting for a photo)
  11. Super Silver Haze S1 is back in stock
  12. Thank you for the kind words brother
  13. Banana & Cheese is now live
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