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  1. Buy any pack of Karma Genetics, and get a free promotional pack of either Road Dawg or Sweets. Seed count ranges from 6 to 16 seeds per pack. I only got 7 packs...
  2. It will encompass DNA, Reserva and Crockett Family Farms
  3. I have a connection to that side of the world. Promises have been made, but now it seems to be a hurry up and wait scenario. I've been down this road before. It usually amounts to nothing more than promises. I now have my sights set on potentially stocking DNA Genetics. I've run plenty of their gear over the last 10 years, and most of it has been fire.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions guys. No autos for us unfortunately, and for now we are focusing on imports. I'm approaching this like a game of killer. Never chase, always try and open.
  5. Hey guys, what breeder would you like to see stocked in South Africa?
  6. Thanks for the support guys!! We did well. Now that money can go towards new strains.
  7. It's a pleasure bro, and thank you!
  8. Guys, I'm struggling to log into Courier Guy to organise outgoing orders. Please bare with me.
  9. Thank you for your awesome support bro! That Cheesy Rider should be awesome. I love my Exodus Kush, which is practically the same cross.
  10. Ah... was that you with the last order?
  11. You should find fire in your purchase bro. That BPC looks fire, but it will be almost 100% indica which is not for everyone. For someone like me who only smokes in the evening to wind down and help me sleep, it will be medicine.
  12. Go and have a look at Bubba Purple Chunk. I think I'm going to keep 2 packs for myself.
  13. 5.5 weeks 12/12 Pheno 9.... she is going to be an absolute monster at 10 weeks!!
  14. New products have been loaded on the site, and sale goes live from midnight tonight until midnight Saturday the 27th. 25% off everything on the site. Do some window shopping ahead of time and see if anything grabs your attention.
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