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    Totemic Genetics-Bubble Berry Glue Fem. Bubble Berry Reg Gorilla Glue
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    Organic - Freedom Farms
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    Amnezia, Pot of Gold, Durban Poison, Purple, Rooi baard Original Swazi, Malawi Gold, Cheese....
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    Natures own
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    Smoke, edibles, Oils & Dab

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  1. Howzit bud.. Rather use courier guy. Post office takes to long. Took 3 mnths for my seeds to reach @Prom
  2. Covid touched me funny mommy.... 🀣Grow your own... smoke your own... far more satisfying...
  3. This was a very informative read and I thought to share.. https://cannabis.net/blog/recipes/dont-throw-out-your-cannabis-roots-just-yet
  4. @Totemic Any secret with getting the seeds to viable age..?
  5. Keep the seeds... I think...😢 Have no idea if pollination is important here... haven't read up on it yet.. Been having a hectic two weeks.. and will be having a few more hectic days.. but I assume pollination is needed and whala.. I have some more to plant and grow....
  6. This little one is beginning to flower..
  7. Nice one...πŸ‘ Let's have a new one for soil as well?
  8. Organized... I like it...😎
  9. I was told it is Verginia.. How would I know though?
  10. That's interesting.. Will have to research this more..
  11. Would love to know.. I would assume you could harvest leaves at any point.. But I think the drying is the trick..
  12. Cool thnx bud.. will get them in the ground.. Any advice on the drying of the leaves?
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