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  1. It looks like a awesome pheno you have. I would say your issue is ether a light leak or insufficient light. It has nothing to do with your vege time. If you are in your grow space after lights out it needs to be so dark that you loose your balance. You will be astonished how a light leak can screw with your bud development..
  2. Not again... These guys came around... And now... Sorry bud.. If they did then they tanked themselves this time around..
  3. Looking nice. If you want to keep them small rather top and lst. Fimming could get you into trouble if your timings out.. my
  4. Yeah. Problem is. With loadshedding.. If you standby ligjts are higher than the uvb the plant gets to much of the wrong spectrum in that time. It cost me 30% at least in density. Awesome as I say.. but not with loadshedding. The loss in not having full light the whole 12 hrs is already a issue. UVB Normal I have also found because of the confusion, the Terps suffer. The THC content is better though. Very good if you want to make oil.
  5. Nice one so far.. Be careful with the UV.. It screws with your density. Found that the spectrum confuses the plant. Only had them on for 2 hrs a day.. man did that screw the run side ways. Loadshedding did not help either. I will not use it again. It does not make such a big difference. Although trichome production shoots through the roof, the flower suffers.
  6. Those little ones look healthy.
  7. Howzit Mr Dank. How did this go?
  8. Well done on your grow. I have not read through all the comments but I honestly think that you have a light leak problem. Loadshedding is also a major contributor here I am sure but I see major light leak issues. If you are in your grow space after lights out you need to make sure it is dark as shit. You will not believe how much it will improve the density. Well done and good luck.
  9. The babies a promised. Inhouse and Ethos. The litlle white wedding is a monster.. The bottom right is a appliscious..
  10. Well, 3 of the 5 replacements germed. Now to see how they turn out.. They were germed with 5 more Ethos beans. By the way they were InHouse and not Ethos. Had it wrong. All the Ethos girls germed. I would say those Inhouse beans could have been stored wrong. The seedlings seem a bit off but they will be given time. It's really the first time in a long time that I struggle with seedling like this. I have germed Swazi beans that are more that 14 years old and never saw the inside of a fridge. So seed storing necer really bugged me but with this... Well I'm not convinced.. Will update with some pics soon. ✌
  11. So the girls got the chop. Nice dense nugies with a awesome terpene on all three. The Boo Berry I must say has a very sweet terp. Sweetest I have ever encountered. A definite keeper. I would say about a 20g dry per plant. Was a joy..
  12. So the girls are in their final stretch.. About a week or so, then the ✂. Boo Velvet Catalina
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