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  1. Good day guys. I want to provide the greenvingers in the Garden route the opporunity to use Freedom Farms. Contact me if you interested.
  2. Morning & welcome.. you are going to love this...
  3. Stinger96


    Understood... I just really think that they are doing the forum harm and should not be associated with Cannabist... It's sad but true... It would of been real easy for them to put people at ease but some still had absolutely no coms from them..
  4. Stinger96


    Who would like Cannabist to be removed from this forum as a vendor..?
  5. Aah man this is dissapointing.... I would say these guys made a duck... Sorry to all that got cought up..... Carma is real though...
  6. Not to much shit in the soil for their age...? I've read that no shit is good shit...
  7. She's putting on weight and really starting to smell up my girlfriends bedroom..
  8. Howzit bud.. Yeah that could be.. It's one of my girlfriend's bacony grow plants. But now that you mention the drainage I can remember one pot was always heavy for longer than any of the other... That must be it.. bad call on my part... The rest are doing fine.. I will tel her to do a transplant..? Nothing to loose at the moment..
  9. Seems to be over feeding, although she's the only one reacting this badly. Told my girlfriend to remove the topsoil she added the compost to and replace it with new soil and flush well. Probably not the correct action but it was all I could think of at the moment.. She will either be dead by tomorrow or she'll show sighns of improvement..
  10. I really hope so.. was hoping it could be.. thnx.
  11. All these noobs might be in on the scam...
  12. Good day guys and gals.. One of my girlfriends plants are going all twisty.. Do not think it's overwatering or heat stress I just do not have a clue.. Any Ideas. ?
  13. https://www.takealot.com/boyu-clip-on-cooling-dc-fans-for-aquariums/PLID46906798 https://www.takealot.com/deskmount-clip-on-rechargeable-fan-olive-green/PLID68092038 Found these.. probably not very practical..
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