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  1. Spot on guys.. And into flower she goes.. My girlfriend Transplanted her into a 30l pot I prepared for her. I am interested in seing what she'll do... Maybe he will be lucky with his bag seed.. She smells pretty awesome..
  2. Allot of @Totemic genetics being grown this winter.... I enjoy watching different people growing the same strain... very informative... Do you have a thread on the little one?
  3. Yeah, I'll make sure of that. Highly likely.. It's my girlfriend's sons.. I have not seen any other pistols yet.. I'll have a look when I go arround there again.. Do you not think extending the light hours now will keep her in vege..?
  4. Will need to add light soon.. otherwise she's gonna flower.. He's got her on a balcony with pretty decent sunlight.
  5. Good day my fellow growmies.. I have a question as to what the average age of a vegeling is when showing sex... My girlfriend's son popped a random seed into the leftover soil from his harvest and the little one popped on the 14th of April.. I potted the plant up on the 26th with a final pot up planned as soon as she starts flowering. Now on week four she is showing sex and have a weird leaf mutation.. I saw this I think on one of the threads on here.. with the indoor grow off I think... I'm just surprised at her showing sex so early.. Early for me as I've never had a plant show sex so young.. Below some pics.. 14/04/2020 Potted up 26/04/2020 08/04/2020 Leaf mutation. Today. Showing sex.
  6. Sounds cool.. Good luck and enjoy..
  7. Will you be building a wooden frame for your walls?
  8. Normal white builders pva.. ceiling paint.. Cheapest and covers well..
  9. Yeah.. I can help you if you have the space and would like to do some pheno hunting.. I'll help you out if you prepared to share some of the fruits.. 🤣 Swazi Seeds and some Malawi. These are old seeds.. Collected from township Swazi Suppliers in the early 2000s but one of them I have a thread on.. Corona... A batch from 2003. Where you based?
  10. Got some tomatoes and chilli poppers on the go.. Waiting for some other vegies to pop but the cold weather is not helping.. Sweet potatoes also well on the way..
  11. https://www.iol.co.za/dailynews/news/kwazulu-natal/pics-and-video-good-policing-leads-to-big-hydro-dagga-bust-in-durban-36870681 Be wake up guys..
  12. Stinger96

    Nute Burn?

    So the youngin finished harvesting and the dry is on.. Afterwards I checked the root growth and fou d that the one plant had some abnormal growth in her root zone... Any ideas on what might have been the cause..? There was no real issues with the plant.. Above the difgerence is evident.. Below the harvest..
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