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    Exodus Cheese, Cheese & Purple Afghan Kush. Revege. Mother plant excersise.
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    Amnezia, Pot of Gold, Durban Poison, Purple, Rooi baard Original Swazi, Malawi Gold, Cheese....
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    Natures own
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  1. Stinger96

    Nute Burn?

    Some updated pics.. Going strong..
  2. Poll open again. Got a setting wrong..
  3. Lets see what Starsign loves da Herb more..
  4. I must say.. me neither.. I definitely upped my consumption.
  5. Aah man... I feel your pain. I lost 5 last season. It was only bag seed but after putting in all the effort just to have them stolen sucks balls..
  6. I would say trade for extraction.. Cheaper and you can deside which you prefer before investing in youre own.
  7. Don't fix the light to the top. Suspend it so you kan lower and lift it up then you can move it up as the plant grows. You should be able to grow two nice plants in there if you train it correctly..
  8. Confused... How does the terpene profile do this.?
  9. Very innovative. I like the idea.. Indoor guys might be worried about light leak.. I do not have a clue about indoor but I like the idea. Might want to use the bottom part though in the future. Good job man..👍
  10. Stinger96

    Do you bud wash?

    Last season I washed most of the harvest. What I have found is that there is a definite advantage to it but what I did not like was the fact that my washed bud turned out far more pale in comparison to the un washed bud. It does not look as appealing. If at all possible I will do some propper testing this season.
  11. Is it possible to arrange for a collection in Cape town.. @420SA
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