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    Totemic Ginetics- Cherry Gelato CBD, Tortoni (Grow Off) Bay Seeds-Banana Monkey x Lemon Jedi Og, Gorilla Glue x Bubblegum, Dirty Banan x Jetfuel, Nevil's Haze, Bubblicious and my own Lemon Gorilla Og
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    Organic - Freedom Farms
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    Sun / HID
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    Amnezia, Pot of Gold, Durban Poison, Purple, Rooi baard Original Swazi, Malawi Gold, Cheese....
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    Outdoors / 1x1 Mamoth Indoors
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    Natures own
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    Indoors and Outdoors
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    Smoke, edibles, Oils & Dab

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  1. Looking stellar there bud.. Well done so far..👌👍🌱
  2. Mornings.. I have a pot up planned to the final pot in the next few days. 1L to 5L.
  3. Good morning guys. So the next 420 event is on the cards at Interlude hydro on the 3rd of July. Jeremy Acton wil be talking on legislation and your rights. It starts @3pm and a cover charge of R50pp will be levied.. Come arround and browse the 420 friendly goodies on offer and have some of the awesome coffee and Iced coffee by Scorpio Roasteries. @Totemic @Bay Seeds ginetics will also be available. So please come arround and listen to Jeremy tell us all we need to know about our rights and where we heading..
  4. Stinger96


    Very nice so I prosume you flipped..?
  5. Yah dude.. Just checked.. They in these pots for 15 days now.. You right need a pot up..👌👍🌱
  6. Thanx. They will be potted up end of next week. They've been in these pots about a week now after potting them up from the seedling mix.. That will then be to the final pot. 5L.. As soon as they are settled it might be the 3rd and then the flip.. That's the plan but I will keep my eye on them to ensure they not root bound.. They should be fine for the next week.. Is it just me, or is time flying by way to quick.. Before you know it we're done...👌👍🌱
  7. So I had some drivers and strips ripped out of old factory LED roof lights.. Had a panel in the vege tent but ripped them appart and made a DIY.. It's not very strong but should be ok for vege.. Think the 4 strips work out to about 150W.. These are the initial lights.. Then I stripped them and took out the strips.. 2 per pannel.. I will now see how the three brats react to it.. Shame.. They so far behind everyboddy else..😂
  8. You feel far behind.. Dude.. I'm getting nervous.. These guys got vegeing bushes that can win beaver hunt of the month and mine's looking like seedlings..😬😂🔥
  9. Looking good there bud..👌🌲
  10. Stinger96


    Did I mis the reason why we not watching them dance..?
  11. So I just had to get a vege area and what better time than the now. The girs get a new home and I have somewhere to keep some cuts and seedlings.. Need to build a stronger light but for now it works..
  12. When the girls show you they dry you should be able to lift it..
  13. Stinger96


    Love that moving pic.. How you do that shit?👀
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