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    Totemic Ginetics- Green Gelato, Chocolate Gelato, Dark Ride and Chockolope x NL FAST BUDS Autos-Mexican Airlines & Crystal Meth Dutch Passion-Durban Poison Fem and my own Lemon Gorilla Og
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    Organic - Freedom Farms
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    Amnezia, Pot of Gold, Durban Poison, Purple, Rooi baard Original Swazi, Malawi Gold, Cheese....
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    Natures own
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    Smoke, edibles, Oils & Dab

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  1. Yeah Thnx bud.. I'm hopeful that it might be something else causing it.. But Inside I know what you saying is true.. It's just a cheap alternative to at least chill him out..😁
  2. Welcome bud.. Green Thumbs to you..
  3. Morning Growmies... Hey @Jimmy-z Thnx for the clones bud.. Awesome of you.. Hope you have joy with the Tobacco.. Way thing are going they might just take our siggies again..🤣 Honestly will not mind though.. decided to quit all together.. it's just a real bad habit..
  4. Welcome back buds.... I was hoping for a comeback from you guys... Let's see... Thumbs up for pulling through...👌
  5. Welcome bud... post some pics... we love pics... Here we help.. It's not Face Book.. don't be scared..😁
  6. Yes bud.. your welcome to some.. Where you based..?
  7. Thank you so much for the info.. Had no clue.. Will keep the rest of the beans till July then..👌👍
  8. These little buggers are slow growers.. not sure if it is the jiffy.. potted them up today.. Hope to see some explosion in growth... seems I'll need it soon...🤣 They are in the tray in the middle. The rest are companion plants..
  9. Thanx so much bud.. Received em Beans today.. Will run a diary on them as soon as I start.. Will give cuttings to anyone on the forum as soon as I have available.. Again.. thank you sir... you are a Legend...
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