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  1. Stinger96

    Rock & Metal for me

  2. Would this not be awesome for indoor? I prefer outdoor. But when I saw this I thought you indoor guys would love this.. https://m.takealot.com/#!product?id=PLID49530770
  3. Cooking some home made special soil. Testing some germenation medium and getting companion plants germinated. I just want to pop em beans man..
  4. Hello fellow outdoor growers. I can't wait to start the new outdoor season. Seeds ready and waiting. Soil cooking. Net house on the go. Companion plants germinated. Just want to drop those beans..
  5. Will be growing in a net house. Thats the plan. Hopefully it will be done by then. The plants will be in raised beds.
  6. I must say after reading what @Pat999 had to say, on another thread, i was convinced and still am. Better taste and smell but I dont like the way the bud looks after curing for a while. It looks dull allongside the same flower I did not wash.
  7. Are you a vegetarian and do you sleepwalk..?
  8. Must be smelling dank when you work on them... nice aromas floating arround I assume..
  9. Welcome. Enjoy..
  10. Howzit fellow gardeners. I wonder if there is any feedback yet on germination rate of seeds bought from Biltong & Bud.. I am planning on buying some autos from them. Would like to hear some opinions.
  11. That mix could be a bit hot.?
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