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  1. https://www.theweedtube.com/blog/parkinson-s-foundation-partners-with-australian-medical-cannabis-company-to-study-treatment-benefits
  2. I just hope they will keep in mind that when growing photoperiod seeds that male and hermed plants need to be discarded. Last season I started with 16 plants. 4 were stolen, 4 hermed and 2 was male. That left me with 6 females. If you are only alowed, say, 4... what would the ods be then.. I will push it to the max every time untill I can explain my logic in court..
  3. https://www.zamnesia.com/blog-perfect-cannabis-strain-for-zodiac-sign-n2021
  4. Luckily there will be thousands of growers by next year... good luck to the popo to police us all. Keep your nose out of shit and I think the sky will be the limmit... If my personal use requires me to have 20kg for oils, extracts and smoking I will have 20kg.. If they want to go after me for that... so be it..
  5. Stinger96

    Nute Burn?

    So his girls are well on their way..
  6. Welcome... eagerly awaiting your input on this forum.
  7. Well the irony of it all is it's legal for personal users to grow and smoke but as far as I have read it is still illegal to sell plants and seeds... how the f does that make sense.. Would love to hear the inputs on this..
  8. I volunteered in the Cannabis College in Amsterdam for a few months and this might seem extreme but the grower used a vacume cleaner to remove as much spider mites as he could. Still remember him covering the bud with the pipe. I neerly shat myself but that is how they did it.
  9. Yeah guys.. putting the standard right up there..👏👏👏 Awesome comp. Glad you guys cept this one..
  10. Stinger96

    Nute Burn?

    So the laaiti... not a laaiti he is 21 but a laaiti in my eyes.. is as proud as a dad can be.. he's girls started flowering..👏
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