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  1. Looking good there man. Hope the wind don't blow that hay all over yoir yard..
  2. Welcome.. You are definitely in the rigjt spot.. What in your opinion is SA lacking..?
  3. I just can not stand the taste though.. It was all I knew for a long time and even got parros when I bought them.. Those were the days.. Die "omkyk twak" dae.. But once I tried pure hemp.. Never again.. The mid size OCB is also cool..But then again.. Grand Pa papers came in handy in lock down..
  4. Welcome.. Enjoy and share..
  5. Welcome and enjoy.. You are in the correct setting to up your game for sure..
  6. On the dimmer itself. But glad you guys got it sorted..
  7. I have the same problem with the dimmer. Also removed it. I would assume this has been addressed.. Awesome light. Have not seen anny activity from Light It Up lately.. Hope all is well.
  8. So just a quick one.. Budlets dry and curing.. Have been medicating on scissor hash, some dry sift and fluff for the past week and I'm stoked.. All good.. Worried that the buds could get moldy but luck was on my side.. Awesome weekend to all.. Left.. Fluff centre left Prime Right centre Popcorn and right trim..
  9. Well done on the grow man. Awesome stuff.. Where do you get your dry ice from? Planning on doing the same..
  10. My very first thread on here was called New Bee.. I hunted Swazi bag seed as my first propper outdoor grow.. From a 120 seeds I think 112 popped. I ended up with 17 plants in the end. 4 or 5 Was stolen 6 or 7 hermied and the rest ended up in smoke.. With all the knowledge I gained in the 2 years since then on this forum, I would love to do a propper Swazi hunt again.. Below some pics of the girls. Out of this batch of seeds I gifted @Prom some for his Auto experiment.. The best plants of the run was stolen and one was flattened and hermied after I tried closing the area off.. Only one really gave me the old school Swazi vibe I can remember of the mid 90s.. The rest was a bit disappointing to say the least..
  11. Thank you so much.. Think it real average compared. But I love growing my own and I am never dissapointed.. Learned allot through this grow off.. That's the ultimate prize right there.. I think everybody gave the Tortoni a good run... There's really allot of absolute beauties grown and I can't wait to see the short list.. Awesome growers on this forum for who I have the world of respect for..
  12. Morning growmies. So 133 days from seed and week 10 ish of flower the girls got chopped. Not feeding is evident in the size of the buds but I am happy with my results. Nr 3 definitely had the best buds of the three. Size of the pot good watering regime the correct light and good airflow is some of the lessons I learned from this grow off.. Sulpher and serenade is boss and a must for all indoor growers. This then the last post on this thread.. Manny thanx to all the experienced growers for guidance, @420SA for the opportunity and @Totemic for the beans.. I opted for a semmi wet trim due to my WPM issue. Must say that the Seranade mostly saved the day. Thank you @Prom.. Your a legend. Good luck to all the participants.. This was eppic and looking forward to the next one..
  13. Some final quality and pest checks being done.. Having to grow in a grow off is a very humbling experience for me.. Nr 3 is looking very naaice.. She was the one un topped or fimmed and pulled down. Her nugs are a bit more appealing than nr 1's.
  14. Well well so it is done... I decided to make nr 1 my plant of choice. Below then the picks of nr1 for judgement.. All 3 girls realy did well and I would probably cut them down over the weekend if I am happy with the trichs.. What a joy and learning experience the grow off is. Big up to the organizers @420SA and @Totemic for the beans.. Nr2 Nr3
  15. Almost. Will sellect the plant and post Final pics tomorrow..
  16. So I flipped on the 5th. Does that meen I get judged today? If so.. what is required of us for todays judgement...?
  17. Stinger96


    Jolly good show dude...
  18. Welcome and enjoy.. Before you know it, the balcony is to small..
  19. Got some lucky trichome shots today while giving the girls some TLC.. I like more milky to clear so I would say a week or so to go.. Some amber showing on the Sugar leaves..
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