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  1. Just had a blast ^^ and congrats to all the winners and a huuuuuge 😁 "Thank You" to all the organizers, judges, price donors and @Totemic for the beans 😊 all smoked πŸ˜‚ Hope very much there is a competition next year 😎
  2. Had a few dogs before, but my first clothing muncher. Got one of my socks, obstructed his colon. Had emergency surgery... 15k gone, was planned to get 5 solar panels.Β πŸ˜‚

  3. Prom


    Time has passed and i served the guys at Poker some Tortoni. It is not a taste cannon.. but over all a way over average smoke due to smoothness and the pleasant flavors you get when exhaling. They asked me if there is more coming.. I said yes and there was happiness all around the table πŸ˜‰ As said, I am very sure I find a way better pheno and will do a hunt with regulars as soon as I have space. If you smokes a lot and have cough issues.. this weed is a nice solution. Buddy wanted to make a break, because of his lungs.. he is total fan of the Tortoni smoothness, had zero issues smoking it.
  4. Have no SA bank account (was to much hassle and cost, so i kept my German account) or would have made a donation. Do you have a crypto account? I have all my cash in crypto... nice interest 😁
  5. Prom

    Utillian 421

    Some nice temps per terpine and cannabinoids for vaporizing temp settings https://www.getmyster.com/blogs/blog/what-are-the-best-temperatures-for-vaping-weed
  6. ^^ DNS updates can take a bit. Shit happens πŸ˜‰
  7. Wasnt especially ment for you 😁 PM trimms are harsh... that way or chop chop, when heavy infested. I think you did a rather awesome job with the difficulties due to your leave. Sorted it out fast and efficient once back. Just posted the comment in regards to defoiling. I think people remove to often to much.
  8. Defoiling is a bit depending on the plants growth characteristics. At one stage you want to help the plant or simply have to do it. Autos are easy. If you want a good harvest, touch em as little as possible. Folding the leafs away and not cutting it off. If you run into PM, removing the infected leaves just helps and reduces the time needed to clean up. Otherwise, i lolipop for the increased air flow to prevent PM and other issues. But avoid it when my climate is spot on. Some strains are so bushy, it even helps the plant to increase air flow, can even say you need to defoil. Others need every leaf they have and cutting off just hurts the plants gas exchange capacity. Before defoiling, i suggest to use your head a bit more if you really need and what are the benefits. Plants transport nutrition, depending where they need it. A bud in shade will still grow, if the rest of the plant gets the energy for photosyntesis. The main goal is always to remove as little as possible.
  9. Prom


    Dryice.co.za 😁 i use 3mm pellets
  10. Busy life 😁 got 2 Ridgeback Puppies beginning this week and they keep me busy πŸ˜‚

  11. I am no breeder 😳 very far from that title... i dont even want to get involved. I just grow and smoke weed 😁 that is a bit my passion... Just want to turn them into autos. I think i can do it, but time frame and if i get a final product, totally open... never did that, so why not? πŸ€ͺ I like to try new things. Have another additive on test too and see if it is as good as people told me.
  12. Prom


    And for the people interested, the smoke report after 2 weeks on 62%. Bud smells more earthy with a sweet hint of Tumeric. Shredded the sweet smell intensivies quite a bit. I tried to define it a bit more and went sniffing on the spice rack, couldnt find something matching, even the hint of Tumeric is covered more by a smell of plastic foil you had candy wrapped in. Rolled in my usual way, 5 parts weed, 1 part cigarette First toke is as smooth as it should be 😁 was on flush. You have to focus and look very hard to find the little sweetness. Mostly a earth smoke, reminded me of the Bruce Banner Autos. The weed might need way longer curing. I test it in a few weeks again. I stick to my point that i dont judge a strain after 2 beans... and unlucky, both had the same pheno swing. Would be a bit like a foreigner says South Africa sucks and just entered customs. πŸ˜‚ The plants i had reacted rather unimpressed to HST, that counts for strong genetics. On the other hand they didnt show resistance to powdery mildew, but also no special weakness to it either. Rather uncomplicated grow run. And reaching close to 15% THC on a first run of a strain, tells right away, there is some UMPF in the genetics 😎 Will try a bigger batch of Tortoni first quarter 22. The results i saw from other competitors, wants me to take a closer look Was fun, Thank You very much to all organizers, judges, prize donors, competitors and the breeder of the beans πŸ‘Œ You all rock and hope you have a sexy weekend. This is THE END 😁
  13. πŸ€ͺ i just look for African Landrace seeds. πŸ˜‰ Have Malawi and Swazi... some Kilimanjaro would be nice. If somebody want to share a few seeds. I will take good care of them in my seed vault. 😊 And to the breeding discussion. Lots of opinions, loads of passion... as long as you have fun, all and everything is kinda legit in breeding. Is a bit a zoo out there but still better as the hemp GESTAPO walks from door to door. 😳 😁
  14. Would never say the weed was more potent in the good old times ^^ it wasn't... πŸ˜‚ nostalgia taste swing back, yes, but stronger.. no way. Just look what changed on extract tech. The oil I extracted with a freakin laboratory.. not joking, was black crap compared to the one cylinder Butane you do today and result is see through golden honey, nothing black or extremo dark green ^^. Landraces are the most stable strains in my book, not changed for centuries. So they also have hardly any sprinkle and potency. That you do with breeding the different genomes you want to express more. And I kinda love Sativa plants 😁 just how they grow. If you don't get stoned from your weed anymore, swap strains. Is this phenomenon when you go to a friend and his weed always hits you harder as your own and you think, the guy grows better weed ^^ and he thinks the same of yours.. πŸ˜‚ A robot bush weed joint can hit you hard.. not that it tastes great but can really hit you, till you get used to it. Addon And we don't forget Autos... is funny how all yell Photos are more potent.. but the potency record holders at Canna-Bliss and Qure.. are Autos πŸ˜› If I could clone Autos.. or get Auto seeds in very stable form from the strains i like, never ever would touch a Photo.. way to much trouble to get something out and the time it takes.. naaa I just Love Autoflowers.
  15. Fast solution are cool packs you drop yourself ^^ Would check in a Aquarium store in SA.. that could be couriered in 1-2 days. 😁 if you get em to ship Express, 5 days usually from China, Europe or the US.
  16. I use 1.2x1.2 trays and if I have run off, I just drop a few sponges in the tray and remove after a few minutes. No need to raise the tray to drain and picking up the sponges isn't really hard work ^^ If you put a slight angle on the tray, one sponge per corner will do the trick. Just angle to where you can easy access.
  17. 😁 I love to harvest
  18. Electricity based or CO2 based? If you just look for something to cool your solution, would go with a Aquarium chiller.. build in temp control to the degree. https://www.amazon.com/aquarium-chiller/s?k=aquarium+chiller
  19. In my case is easy.. I just want to play and try to create a Autoflower out of them. Pure fun, I don't have the space to serious develop and wash genes. Never turned a Photo into a Auto, pure curiosity and a stable Landrace should be rather simple to turn, not that I expect anything close to a high yielder, just very intense Sativa genetics in Auto form (97% Sativa, 3% Ruderalis, that area). And if the result is some what useable, use it to trade with Breeders in the US. I personal enjoy very much the new strains and run those in my mother tent.. the Super Skunk is perhaps the oldest... "name" ^^ Not really tasting like the Super Skunk I know from 30 years ago in Amsterdam. But tasty, so, a keeper. Might rename it ^^ we started to give weed our own idea of names, when it is just nothing like the original. Last two I gave is "Fruit Bowl" and "Lithium" (two Pineapple Express hehehe) 😁 Not that the name survives.. mothers i dumped on the compost heap πŸ˜‰ Both very potent but zero Pineapple taste.. why keep that? What I really hate on a weed.. when it smells unbelievably good and tastes like cold socks, just nothing like the smell of the plant. I smoke em, not just smell em ^^
  20. Prom


    Condition of the pistils, would say minimum a week... 2 sounds better. Hard to see how yellow your fan leaves are. If they go yellow, i remove em to remove shade. Not cutting to close to the stem, half way, less stressful. Looks a bit like the fake Pineapple Express i just had. πŸ˜„ Would guess, biggest cola of the comp right there, nice job!
  21. Prom


    I would choose the sativa too 😊
  22. just put a coffee filter on the bottom of your cylinder.. you can skip to mess up your screen. And use a non stick plate to collect, you get everything out without a mess.
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