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  1. 500 watt on what area? I use 430 watt on a 1.2x1.2 meter area and that is more then enough. Testing on reducing to 360 watt for same area... but the main issue with DIY lamps is, you guess your way through a grow on what distance to hang, or you get the tool to measure, what costs as much as a proper grow lamp. But the producers tell you in general what distance to hang for germ, veg and flower. You buy the lamps because of those information coming with. Since i measure the correct amount of light my autos grow 30 to 40% taller... and we still talk same time period. It went that far that i have to change my way of growing and try to learn how to reduce growing speed with light stress. But with the 8 plant max... i might just let them go undisturbed. The Bubblelicious i did outdoor last season, grew about 75cm tall. My indoor Bubblelicious, same Nirvana seeds, are over 1.20 in general, and not done yet πŸ˜‚ Yes, it is very important to have the right spectrum, but you also need the right micro mol PAR on the plant or it will get stressed, to much or to little isnt to good and will affect the outcome.
  2. Depends... anything you burn and inhale is bad for your lungs. So if you are or were a cigarette smoker... smoking a joint, will not make the condition of your lungs much worse. 😁 If you never smoked before, dont start it for weed. Vaporizer for dab or bud.. pen or desk rig would be my recommendation. Consumables are difficult to dose, agree with @Fridgedoor Last eatables i made, butter and brownies mix. Ate one, not much after three hours, ate 2 more, had a sweet buzz for 5 hours. Considered them safe. Gave a friend some, he also smokes but 15 years younger. He came the next day and gave them back minus one πŸ˜‚ he got knocked out for 6 hours and was not in the mood for another one. He never trusted me with ateables anymore after. What brings me to to much. There are 2 general conditions occuring Has many names, greenies, green fever,... you name it, somebody had it πŸ˜‰ It likes to occur preferred in combination with alcohol. Weed and booze dont mix to well. Result is pale to green face and people sweat as the body goes into shock. Nasty head spin. As most try to ignore the condition, they start taking it serious when they start to vomit. If you get dizzy, lay down and put something below your feet to raise them above your head. Stay down till you feel better. Short snooze sorts it fastest. 30 mins you good. If you did had a sweat phase, mix 1 tea spoon of salt or sugar (depending availability and preference) into 1 liter of water and drink a glass, sorts your electrolytes back, which you lost over the sweat. Ate to much... person hardly responding The guy coming to the party and not getting the browny story, is most likely to get a face paint πŸ˜‚ To my knowledge you cant eat enough to reach a letal dosage before you vomit of over eating. Had to much, keep calm and have a sleep, happens in this case by body fatique anyhow... will take some hours to get back to normal. You dont really give a rats ass while they paint your face either. 😁 i consume thc products for over 35 years now, never ever had a letal case around me because of marijuana consumption.
  3. Nothing beats the importance of light. Your harvest raises and falls with its handling. You can have a perfect grow light and still harvest less then a dude using his DIY light perfect. Light stress, to little or to much, will reduce your harvest. Light is the most tricky and the most rewarding if mastered.
  4. Intrnet search... you might have to look a bit to find somebody shipping to SA. That is the biggest issue.. 1 liter is about 25$ US. Shipping will be more expensive I get mine over my California PlanetExpress address
  5. That's the shit you wanna get 😁
  6. PM, short word, we have serious PM in the Cape region. And you want to get your plants clean BEFORE you hang to dry. A budwash with bicarb of soda works but only if you had it on your leaves only... very difficult to get your buds clean clean with a wash. Working system to get them proper clean... Serenade Garden disease control. You have to import, but it leaves zero taste on your buds and cleans PM rather fast and well. For heavy infected plants, spray several times a day to a good run off and open your buds up soft by hand and wet the buds properly. I do those sprays during the 2 days dark. Havent lost a batch since i got my bottles 😊 I prefer my weed over dried then under dried. My Bovedas in general add moisture. And if i had a bag in a bad jar, the bag goes to the dumpster like the weed on the compost heap πŸ˜‚ look that your storage jar are properly disinfected.
  7. With drying you do not need a monster air flow. Just enough to regulate your humidity and temp inside the dry box. No direct fan needed at all, just the tent fan, low entry and top exit. There are many recommendations how long you should dry.. the longer the better. What is sure, to fast drying and you get hay smell and the typical chlorophyll taste. I remove all fan leaves to dry, but not the sugar leaves. If you are in a wet area, you might want to snip more, if very dry, might even keep the fan leaves on the plant to slow down the drying process. I try to keep my drying material between 55 and 60% humidity. Beginning I prefer more around 55, end more 60. If you are dry before day 5 has passed, you are to quick. If you are in a arid area, put a pan of water in your drying tent and point air flow on it depending on your humidity reading. Also try to stay out of the +65% area.. to wet can cause monster problems. Temperature.. best taste results I have with 18-20 degrees and 7-14 days dry time. Growing a plant is one part, I even think the easiest part. The result of the smoke depends on your drying and curing procedure. Most people ruin their material in the last 2 steps.
  8. Prom

    Mars 144

    πŸ˜‚ let me correct that... 2020.
  9. Prom

    Mars 144

    Hi guys I sell my Mars 144 as I do a redesign of my grow areas. I bought the lamp 3 Jan 2020, so still some left of the 3 years SA warranty. Lamp comes with card and slip from Hydroponics.co.za. The lamp is perfect for a 1.2x0.6x1.8 grow tent and has cooling included. Add fan for the tent and a inside oscillating one and you have a running system, very low heat lamp: This is exactly the lamp I sell. The lamp also comes with the correct distance to hang for Germination, Veg and Flower Stage, PAR measured! 😁😎 Mars says it is equivalent to 800watt.. i wouldn't go that far ^^ but the lamp draws in Veg 179 Watt and 269 Watt in Flower mode including ventilation. I would prefer pickup ^^ then I do not have to find adequate shipping package for courier. Lamp has not a single scratch, all LEDs are in working order.
  10. They dont break the law for you. You declare value and content and are responsible for what you declare. You can go premium and pool parcels (up to 45 days storage) to save courier fees. Just with seeds, do not collect several parcels into one... they see seeds, they remove them. I just get another shipment of Serenade... so service works like a charm. I use bitcoin to pay them. You select what post service you want to use, they offer all options. If the seeds are stealth packed, just declare what item it is inside. Stealth packed seeds can also get pooled into one parcel. They dont see, they dont care.
  11. If they Fedex directly, yes, is save.. just the seeds need to be packed stealth!!!
  12. Yes, Planet Express.. just a remark to the service. Don't consolidate Seeds.. they do not send seeds further, so best is to send your seeds parcels further without letting PlanetExpress open them. Check that the seeds get send stealth or customs will confiscate them.
  13. I wrote my suggestion.. follow California.. treat it same as alcohol and tobacco.. generate tax and jobs instead of more police work load. but not sure what difference that page does ^^
  14. I use crypto currencies a bit to play around and it takes just seconds to finish the deal. All big Seed Banks accept it and my SA Credit Card didn't work international (non resident account).. one of the reasons I do not own a SA bank account anymore, was easier and cheaper to use my German bank account at the end. I like the simplicity to make a payment with crypto. You still enter way less information as with a CC purchase. Amount and the BTC transfer key.. and done. I like the concept behind crypto and use it because I think most currencies in the future will be block chain based. But if you don't like it.. don't use it ^^ for me it is just personal preference. And a international Bank Transfer is 50$ charges... the 3$ i pay for a crypto transfer still a lot cheaper (and a lot faster as IBT, they take around 5 days, I move money from my European Crypto Trader to Bank account in SA within 2 hours if needed).. if you send ETH.. we talk cents in transfer cost. There are pros and cons on both sides.. just go with what you like, I like new technologies ^^ and not paying monthly fees to a bank.. also a word.. crypto accounts have no running cost like banks charge. Banks rip you off.. happy I can leave those *censored* 😁 I have now also a CC running over crypto and just a Bank account left in Europe for just in case, but haven't used the Bank account in over a year. Usually pay friends EFT when they mail me some stuff and they don't have a Paypal or Skrill account. Hardly use it for anything else.
  15. I buy most my seeds with Bitcoin. Easy trader to use if you have a ABSA, FNB or Standard Account is www.altcointrader.co.za
  16. If you are looking for that special bean... you might have to look outside. Otherwise ordering local removes the customs. They will confiscate your order, if found. First time ordering seeds, i would recommend a short look over the local seed banks, i am sure you find something tasty and you get it delivered on time. Early birds are preparing already... outdoor season is open. You dont want to depend on Post Office to get your seeds on time 😁
  17. i prefer the 40cm from takealot... and they have free delivery 😁 200something, cant remember exactly I shop a lot at takealot.... πŸ˜‚ Check this out on takealot: Goldair - 40cm Oscillating Desk Fan - White https://www.takealot.com/goldair-40cm-oscillating-desk-fan-white/PLID17260415 is 299 now, i still got my 2 for 259 each.. prices go up and up πŸ˜₯
  18. Prom

    Importing seeds

    help me quick 😁 In the draft it states that you can have unlimited seeds. But you cant buy them. So if the seed bank declares your shipment as free samples... customs cant stop them. I understand that right?
  19. Just for the fun of it ^^ #1 "Lighthouse" (Royal Gorilla Automatic) #2 "Ladies abused by Eskom" I agree that the picture wasn't hard to take.. getting those 8 Blue Cheese Autos to this point, a real effort grow😁 Not there yet πŸ€“ 1,2 weeks to go
  20. I like the finance Ministers point of view ^^ I think I get me 2-3 T-Shirts done to express my point of view ^^ Front: Legalize it! Back: More Tax we urgently need As money greedy the ANC is.. is our best chance to turn Corvid19 into our full advantage. Get heard and sees guys.... 😁 This country needs money.. legalizing Cannabis would give a huge boost to Tax and Jobs.
  21. Use rain water and no need to ph that. You can also skip the activera, that is enzyme for coco to my knowing. The haze will love the pot... and grow easy into a 3 meter tree, if you dont do anything. But you seem to have a plan and look rather prepared. Will end well... 😎 Just keep your eyes open for pests and PM. Good air flow is key in a good greenhouse. Rather sure you will end with a good result.. man has a mission 😁
  22. Hi, hope you have a good time here. 😊 6x3.. nice space 😁 popping seeds... dump them for 12 hours in a glass with clean water. Put it in the dark and keep it between 20 and 25 C. After 12 hours seeds start to drown too. Then you have three common options. A. Put the seeds directly in soil. For photos, use about 3 pot sizes, repot, when the leaves reach the outside of the pot. B. Plate them. Wet 4 kitchen papers, use 2 per side. Put the moist paper on the plate, seeds, 2 to 3 cm apart next each othrr and cover with the other 2 moist kitchen papers. Second plate on top, flying saucer style. Put it dark and same temp as the glass. When tap roots are 2 cm out use tweazers to transplant... not your fingers. C. Bit like B, you fould the seeds in a moist kitchen towel and put it in a zip lock bag... same handling like plates after that. Your 90 pots are sexy.. but will become a monstrous tree... you have to mainline those or your 220 are not even close to harbour those plants i would go with 40 liters and give them a topping after 4 weeks. Best cage the plants to add stability for the branches... will have huuuuge buds 😁 clean the lover 4 to 6 nodes and remove leaves. You can go October, if you look that your youngsters stay warm. Start Nov you are rather save. Perfect time to start slow autos too 😁 Biobizz. If you use bio heaven, just follow the feeding table, all you need included. If you work without bio heaven, feed them some epsom salt once a month. Hope that helped 😊
  23. I played with co2 generators. Gas, yeast and dry ice... my final result was rather simple. If you do not have a closed environment, where you cook your climate and have all sorted from air intake humidity and temp control plus gas sensors for venting, you just waste money over all. I think i had to vent way to much due to moisture. In a dry environment, makes more sense... in any case you have to run a big ass AC. I PAR my light and got bigger plants... before you invest into a co2 generator.. get a quantum flux meter. There you get bigger plants for sure.
  24. Fish mix during veg. Pre you bring Grow in.. but best is to swap grow and fish with each feeding further on. If you get yellow tips, stick to grow. Grow is 75% Fish Mix and 25% molasses. 🧐😁
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