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  1. This, Air in fan, fully enclosed light, air out fan. Done deal.
  2. To be honest, it doesn't appear that it would work as you might want to use it. You'll need to have the unit on for long periods, and you cant with plants. Which is why I suggested the enclosed version, which was what I really wanted, and run that 24h, and that will keep the air clean. Getting the light, to clean and already infected area, will also give false hope. Also the plants are going to be upset if you run that amount of UV for that long, with direct light contact.
  3. Couldnt find my plants picture, but you want to have the light inside a tube, and fans blowing air over the light, not the light on shining on the plant. Also wasnt sure of the UV type of the globe that was used, as the shop only had the 1, and the box is gone, and not written on the globe. Those plants, got fried bad, and my very first grow too. Was the Jack HERER with GSC before the UV
  4. Yes it does, and did, fried my plant in 1H Let me find a picture for you.
  5. @John Stonedwellsending you my postal address 😂 JK, but if I could make use of that beautiful art, I'd purchase one from you sir Not only do you get stoned well, you make stone well too, good work
  6. I dont know many plants, that you can snap in half, and grab duct tape and join the branch back macgyver style, and the next day, she is praying the lights again, getting a bigger harvest on that branch too.
  7. I had thought so too, Most probably the case, and fully agree here too Unless you have a mate who is really into his practical jokes🙈
  8. Like ringing a tree, Stops the flow of nutrients and the protective coating Not sure cannabis is the same though. Maybe a cutworm?
  9. If you keep the dome closed or unventilated, your clones dont need roots, they get what they need from the air, as it so moist. You can close it off in the first 24h and then slowly open or vent, more and more, so they seek food. Making roots I use old Dynaroot, and have 100% rate, and also not to leave them in water for long, just dip and go...
  10. Um, sure, let's go with that😂 Always consent and willing🖖
  11. That's ONE sexy bitch that, Tied down, and spread wide, just like I like my ladies🙌
  12. Bless you, was only looking for a picture of the light to know what it was, but appreciate the invoice and so on too
  13. I myself love a good DIY, and learning while making my own goodies, I do it all the time. Though, I have to be realistic and consider all things before I go forward. If we didn't we would have many mistakes in our lives. When I purchase my lights, I knew all about the specs and what to purchase to build my own, perfectly. With the parts imported. Yes, they can be cheaper imported and built yourself, and yes they will arrive. Though now, when or if something has to happen to these lights, or they arrive not working or damaged in posting. I preferred buying local, and through GrowOpz, which gave me satisfaction and comfort in knowing, that is the light had any issues, he was right here, and willing to help me, at his own will. Often in the past, imported goods, felt extremely frustrated when the goods aren't as shown, or had not worked or worked for long. Then given a choice, if you can get through the language barrier, that suddenly materializes, and get told, they will give you 25% off your next light as yours arrives broken, or some struggle. Yes, you can get extremely lucky and no issues and the best company to deal with, but those are fewer and further between, than I'd like to chance. Plus, have you seen my nugs from my lights😂
  14. Bro, the amount wasnt in question, it's the size bro, always about size 🙈
  15. Pictures or it never happened Seriously though, let's see the goods😋
  16. All I can say is Farck 2 Brother, you really are such a chill and knowledgeably person, and was an honor to meet you, and sure it's the first of many more times to come. The community will benefit greatly from more collaborative efforts and there is lots on the cards ahead.
  17. Like seeing what will be needed to grow a plant in each, Cost upfront, then cost to finish, and weigh it up at the end... What did the plant need further, was water enough, did you have any deficiencies, what are the differences? But yeah, as this is for us all, we all should be part of the process, and that means ideas too
  18. Of course all input are valid and will be considered, My personal feeling is, that you going to have all three 3 of them using different variables of feeds of waterings, and will always be that way unfortunately, but willing to debate or understand better? I dont feel the Thrive soil will take only water and such, and will probably need to be fed sooner, and thought it would be more fair, to run each soil, on their preferred inputs. And the forum, as a whole, decided what was given and when, and we could all participate in this, in a virtual way. Ideas?
  19. Hey Fam, Hope you all are well today, peace and blessings to you all. Many of you may already know, that I am in partnership with a very close and good friend, and are building an Eastern Cape (PE) based craft cannabis company, that for a while, and for now, has been making a organic living soil, that you all have seen me using for a while now, all without and or very little input other that water. Now for me, it would be easy to run a side by side, and compare and give actual honest and transparent feedback, although I still feel this wouldnt be fair and not at all right in terms of who I am as a person. I've spoken to @donnob and he has agreed to the following... I will give him the sample soil of @Thrive and the same size sample soil of mine. Donate 2 or 3 of the same clones, pheno and size. These will be rooted in my soil, on its second run, in small pots. It will be up to @donnobto decide if he will run 2 or 3 and purchase another brand of soil, one which the forum could decide on together, probably FF green bag, and he can, when the grow off is done. Do this side by side? How do we feel and vote on this family...
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