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  1. I do organic only and use SuperFrass to top dress my grows. Calsap, and ExploGrow. Great results on my plants.
  2. There is a new MIGRO approved app for phones and has the whole real deal... Check out his YouTube channel, I downloaded it, it works well, just didnt have a Apogee to compare to calibrate my phone or get closer. Paid version too, with plenty options Not Affiliated in anyway
  3. I was doing Volcano at 180 to 195 for best results
  4. You could be like me too, never check it, ever... Many grows later, I found out recently that the Calsap product I'm using in my new grow, lifts the pH past 8.5 sometimes and the first time feeding that, was a huge shock to the plants. I now always pH, regardless. Ps, your Stormtrooper seeds are hunted, and have a female that grows fast like a male and the stem rub, yummy.
  5. Things have got tight lately, even for myself. You have got the skills, and have faith it will work out for you, the industry is changing and will need folk like us, it's only time now. It's easy to have the money and idea to have the seed bank or be the breeder, but at the end of the day, can they do what you can, or can they grow like we do, know the plants like we do?
  6. When they said, all these bad things happening in the world, it couldn't get worse... Well, it got worse Very sad to not have given your goods the run that I wanted to, and feel that I'm the one whose missed out. Yes I could find seeds, but would I pop them, knowing they essentially the last, probably not. That Grape Gorilla, evaded me, the seed, then the clone, and will always be in my memory for this, and that smell of Chappies Grape gum in the long stick, epic Please stay in contact and best for your new adventure
  7. Hello and good to have you here fam. Is it Al Bundy? Enjoy the forum my brother
  8. I will definitely do my own thread, and was only finishing my discussion here, as wrong as it may be, I am trying not to leave things unfinished
  9. Excuse my questions, I ask to understand and not be funny. Is it normal that we see so much fall off on the edges, when you are in a tent? What lights are these, would you please send me pictures or post here, or normal QB? Ta
  10. Oh fark Next upgrade, to their Digita
  11. As I havent had one, didnt know this, how bad is the sound? And would the latest digita ballast be better? Thought that they all would do the same thing essentially, take 220v AC and make it, X amount of Watts, in DC? Probably should have looked into ballast lol, but here we are...
  12. What Watt, do recommend for that size? Is there a difference? How do we know or not, if their ballast, isnt a driver, and that their HID, is like that of a car, with HID bulbs, and therefore could run LED, as there isnt a difference. The Ballast has a dimmer, well, set power modes... They never said you couldnt run the light on another driver, but they do say you'll void warranty doing that, so it's always a choice you can make or chance you take. With the efficiency as high as it is, with their ballast, I dont really see the difference, then help me see
  13. I want to reconstruct my middle light into its original shape, and use it in my clone and mother tent now. Will make it so much cleaner in flowering tent, and give me light for my clones, as I didnt have one anymore and was using a 200w spot light LED since whahahah.
  14. This is supposed to be more than my current flower tents output, at 600w in a 2.4x1.2 tent, and feel if I replace half my lights, in the middle, with the Lumii 720w, and still have the outside 300w, I will be happy enough. Will post pictures and video of unboxing when I get it
  15. Where did you find such?
  16. The only reason I wouldnt do QB, and no offense only opinion, was coverage alone. Good price and good DIY replacement parts. Exactly, throw in the GIB LED, same distribution company, and way different prices, for essentially the same thing, bar the LED specs But, what if, those both had the same LEDS made by Samsung, or whomever, and they asked you double the amount for the one, as opposed to the other, when the Watts are slightly more on the cheaper Who'd purchase the first? Might have withheld data, for this reason, or it could be just a lower spec name brand, with their best chips How do we know???
  17. The mystery will always be, and only they will know...lol
  18. Nothing solid out there, but alas the PPFD aren't that bad, and the Efficiency too... Might be naughty and try it
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