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    Zkittlez x Purple Punch
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    Soil; Coco/Perlite
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    LED Quantum Boards; The Sun
  • Favourite Strains
    Zkittlez x Purple Punch
  • Grow Room Setup
    120x240x205 Indoor Tent; LED Quantum Boards; Fabric Pots and coco/perlite; Ventilation system with CF
  • Preferred Nutrients
    Terra Aquatica; BioBizz
  • Indoor or Outdoor
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    Dry Herb Vaping

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  1. Grow diaries where it's at.
  2. We should start a list of publications that routinely post articles "dagga lab busts" that never actually end with a conviction, and one day when the laws are written and cannabis is widely accepted, we can call on these publications for their shit behaviour.
  3. Blessings and salutations sir. Please do let us know of any endeavors you might have in future so that we may continue to support you in any way we can.
  4. Welcome! Do you have anything growing at the moment?
  5. Is the sad news true my dude?
  6. That's just draft law. Currently there are no written laws as to the amounts allowed for personal cultivation. The cops usually make a judgement call at the time and everything is pretty much determined in court. Rather follow the advice posted by @Naughty.Psychonaut above, it's the best course of action. Although in those situations you're likely to at least lose all your equipment, but you are likely not to be convicted and serve time.
  7. It's no problem man I'm just busting balls
  8. Hey, buddy! This is a DIY thread!
  9. As far as the article explains the cops only looked into the property because of an "odor" and then they reacted swiftly. I'm not sure how they would get evidence of the person dealing from only finding a grow room and extraction equipment because as far as anybody knows the person and their family has a huge apatite for the 'ol cannabis bush. There's always these articles of okes getting caught, but I never see them brag about people being actually convicted or serving time give me cases!
  10. Yet again, cops can't do shit themselves. Always keep your nose clean and don't draw attention to your neighbors. The proverb of "don't shit where you eat" comes to mind. Use carbon filters if you are gonna have a mad grow! Although the smell of cannabis is not enough to let police into your private area. You are allowed to consume cannabis in your private space so the victim didn't actually have to let the police in. Although, his actions of working with the police officers will probably help him in the long run, depending what he was saying during the initial inspection of his property. See these canisters? The above quote makes me think these are large bottles of butane. Alternatively it could be CO2. Either way, CO2 or butane, having those sized bottles in a confined space like this is a super no-no. Just this alone could get somebody into trouble and is actually quite frankly the only good part about this story. This dude was a mad lad having those bottles in a frickin bathroom
  11. I've owned the 600W Blackline electronic ballast and it's as loud as any airpump or fan I've used, except instead of a hum it's a high pitched rrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee!!!!
  12. Let's say per 1.2m², 1000W but you don't need to run it at 100% all the time. Would also help with longevity if you could underpower the diodes. This I rate is a personal preference, but I do not enjoy the frequency that ballasts generate and I am unfortunate to be able to hear the coil whine so I would prefer the silence of drivers. I see where Lumii are coming from, and I actually think it's a really clever move to use ballasts over drivers because anybody who's invested in a 600W electronic ballast to run their MH/HID bulbs can easily just switch over to the LED fixture for a slightly cheaper price because you already own the ballast. Even I have a ballast lying around from the old days (3 years ago lol).
  13. I'd be willing to bet we are one generation away from what will become the new standard for LEDs. I think bar LEDs will take over from QBs and the efficiency of the drivers will also increase. If they could maybe bump up the wattage, replace the ballast with a dimmable driver and keep it all at the same price, I'd be sold. We honestly don't need UV, we don't need IR, just gooi me that good old 3000k full spectrum and some 660nm all in a neat little package and we good son.
  14. lumii_black_720_led_4pg_leaflet_.pdf
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