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    Zkittlez x Purple Punch
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    Soil; Coco/Perlite
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    LED Quantum Boards
  • Favourite Strains
    Zkittlez x Purple Punch
  • Grow Room Setup
    120x240x205 Indoor Tent; LED Quantum Boards; Fabric Pots and coco/perlite; Ventilation system with CF
  • Preferred Nutrients
    GHE; BioBizz
  • Indoor or Outdoor
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    Dry Herb Vaping

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  1. Picture in OP is from potguide.com or 2fast4buds.com and it identifies aphids as the pest in both captions.
  2. "The results of this survey confirm that most rolling paper products available on the consumer market contain pesticide or heavy metal contaminants" "With pesticides, the story is largely the same. Though less prevalent, the concentration of pesticide contaminants varied widely, and a significant percentage of the products tested were contaminated with pesticides in concentrations that exceeded the action limits." Reminds me of the fact that most soda cans have rat poop on the lids 🤷‍♀️
  3. Oh snap, I actually met the guy that makes this Rhizo PGPR Porridge at a grow store once. Cool dude, I was wondering when his product would pop up here on the forum. Personally haven't used the product myself but I know a few big outdoor growers who mix their own soils that love the stuff.
  4. Daaaaaamn Dave! 😵
  5. I'd pop that bad boy in the ground because the amount of root space you'll need in order to take it through veg from now until Autumn is going to be rather insane. Also, if you do take it all the way to next year, remember to trim regularly. Outdoor plants get mega bushy in this African sun! Also, it will save you 1000 hours of work come harvest time. Maybe also treat the plant for pests like with an Efekto spray and then also try treat for powdery mildew with some beneficial bacteria and you should be good. Would be absolute balls to do all the work to take it through veg only for mold and aphids to come destroy your work.
  6. My go-to is RAW, and then alternatively OCB, but when I was a young warthog Rizla was good enough! 😆
  7. It just seems strange to me, I've also done quite a bit of DWC and I've had roots look like that with no problem. When I saw root rot there was a very noticeable amount of what appears like slime and goo, I'll post an example below. I just wonder if the plant somehow triggered itself to cause end-of-life, something mega rudimentary.
  8. I'm about to be smoked, Captain... hopefully I can stop myself from arbitrarily banning ouens!
  9. My vape just has a dial and no temp sensor so I just wing it I do try to go on the lighter side though as the heating element is quite beefy and anything past a certain point just combusts... not cool!
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