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  1. By the end of this year I will have 6 mother plants of 6 different strains I have collected over the years. I don't plan on hoarding any more strains so the obvious next step to me is to start crossing between the strains I have collected 😛 a deep rabbit hole to be had indeed.
  2. If it's available everywhere I go to find rolling paper, yes. If it's exclusive to a particular chain, maybe nah. Also gotta have the roach cardboard attached, perforated of course. Unbleached, maybe my name on it. Then we good.
  3. Try through a web browser. Tapatalk struggles with files sometimes on this site. I have a feeling the government is going to make the sale of seeds by local breeders/seed banks only possible via registration and adherence to whatever made-up standards they come up with. Kinda like what they do with organic fertilisers, they will now just do with seeds. This.
  4. Hmmm, sounds like someone wants a state-organised seed supplier 👀 The rest of the document is pretty spot on until I got to this part about the seeds. They are thoughtful enough to mention all the socio-economic implications and the high barrier to entry for small scale farmers but couldn't do a quick Google search to check all the many seed e-stores we have currently available? Fishy. I am happy and sad if this document is legit and being considered by members of parliament; because it is pretty solid but probably also being ignored by the ones that in the end need to make the deci
  5. I feel the same, but decided I am just gonna squeeze this comp in between my already planned grows 😆 might get a nice new mother so I might as well.
  6. Ag meh. Context at the time was local breeders. Sorry to say I misunderstood.
  7. Nah, I don't need to stir on that front. They're not using it now and I didn't really give it much attention at the time either. I don't use conventional social media so my voice would've been pretty puny to begin with.
  8. We must also account for BnB and any other seed bank that provides us our beans here locally. Maybe they also get the shit end of the stick sometimes too from the breeders. Nothing stops a big pants USA breeder from shorting our boys with old beans.
  9. I've only grown two strains from GSR and they were Grand Daddy Purple and Pink Mango Gelato. All the GDP seeds were definitely GDP, and the same for the PMG. What I mean by the inconsistency is that between ten seeds of the GDP, maybe two plants were worth the time. I don't mean to say that I didn't get the strains I paid for. But to answer your question, you don't know, because they don't use tamper proof packaging. They use those plastic vials in a small plywood box with some wood shavings. BnB have always given me original breeder packaging so I've never felt like I've needed to s
  10. @Biltong and Budzhas also recommended Archive Seed Bank as a good local breeder.
  11. Ironically I believe GSR breed their seeds in California 😆 But I understand your meaning. Genetics make a real difference and there is definitely a tier to seed breeders and the strains that they produce. USA genetics do have more power at the moment because they went wild on breeding high THC strains for a long time now. I do like Nirvana seeds though and recommend them to first time growers. Also Ripper Seeds.
  12. I'll tell you what bru I even caught GSR using one of my pictures for the GDP I grew of there's. They got a better one eventually so they only used mine for a few months but I was perplexed. I had one good grow from a GSR strain but I found the genetics to be inconsistent, but they are at least the strains you pay for. Whether it's ethical to use someone else's pictures without their permission, well obviously not, but they are not scamming people with fake orders or fake seeds. Does flipping a picture and adding a filter with some branding make it fair use? Some would say yes.
  13. Please remind me if I have signed up or not? 😅
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