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  1. @Mambawana @greenkush Home Gro Depot in Glenhazel are giving out free samples to customers. They are in the Kingswood Centre on Northfield Avenue.
  2. Cool topic, so smoke helps with germination and seedlings of plants that do not germinate easily I've never struggled to germinate cannabis seeds specifically. Apart from smoke assisting difficult to germinate species of plants, I wonder if it would affect the yield or quality of cannabis bud 🤔 suppose if it affected initial vegetative vigor, perhaps one could flip to flowering sooner from seed? Maybe autos could benefit from smoke 🤔
  3. That is only if policy is so that it allows people in such areas to create start-up ventures and small businesses without too heavy handed red tape, registration and expensive licensing. Otherwise it will only be big corp benefiting once again over the local populace. Although nice to see our financial minister recognising the economic opportunity of the plant for the country (we can save the conversation of misappropriation of said potential funds for another day...)
  4. https://www.fin24.com/Economy/South-Africa/legalise-it-mboweni-tweets-he-will-propose-legal-cannabis-industry-to-cabinet-20200109
  5. "and even a cannabis dispensary retail store are now doing business.." Thought ol' uncle Russ was in the slammer 🙆 Maybe Cannapax not the only cannabis dispensary retail store around.. although many Cannapax did open under alternative trading names. Wonder if they are still operating, the ones that didn't get directly shutdown Otherwise, I'll agree that cannabis in South Africa has achieved quite a bit in 2019, which the article wishes to express. I've spoken to people during the year I would never have though would have been remotely interested or know of cannabis, and I thino the populace is opening up to it gradually. As far as I understand, the flower and concentrate cannabis cups come across as close-knit and probably for obvious reasons. I haven't come across many open invites to such events. But I like you pushing the Agricultural Show as a means of displaying one's plants to those who would usually not come across it otherwise Awesome stuff @Chris Jay, keep it coming ✌
  6. I for one would like to know how you transported your wonderful ladies 😯🍀
  7. If @Mr_Nice_Guy is down to do full grows indoors he could definitely make it a snazzy grow cupboard. But even me as a primarily indoor grower, if I'm out doing the outdoor life already I'd be hardpressed to daddle too much in indoor.
  8. Just sounds like bad luck. Sometimes dem beans just don't pop 😞 duds
  9. Why not use the full height of the cupboard from the get go?
  10. Ill_Evan

    Do you bud wash?

    Often the assumption is that a bud wash is only necessary for outdoor plants or when PM is had. Although one would be very surprised how much fine dust, hair and general fluffs can enter the average indoor grow space. I've known about bud washing and it shows through those who have used it to be a great enhancer to one's bud, but I haven't really been that interested in doing it myself as of yet. Might just do a wash on one half of my current grow as a comparison
  11. Link him your tea thread bruh 😄 @Meepmeepza :
  12. Eiiiish ja, tore my rotator cuff snowboarding and it took a good 5 years to get back to normal, tried physio for a year at first but kept dislocating the shoulder doing the exercises. Ended up doing the bankart repair surgery with a fantastic surgeon and 4 years later my fixed shoulder is better than my uninjured shoulder 😄
  13. Ill_Evan


    Thanks @KushNewbie. Very interested to see what happens in February. You gotta try pretty hard to be denied bail. That's some serious afkak for one to be in.
  14. You might have a license to grow for R23000 but your product will still fall under the Medicines and Related Substances Act. Your product will be scheduled, will need to be registered per strain and per product made and quality control standards will come into play. Okes playing in the black market that try going legal under whatever legal framework is presented here might as well just stay in the black market. There will be no ability for the small farmer to make a legal living off of the herb in SA anytime soon. I predict things to go the same way as it has in Canada; commercially focused, focus on exports, and fokol for the little guy.
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