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    Aurora Indica; Zkittlez x Purple Punch; Criminal+; Jock Horror; Royal Gorilla; Grand Daddy Purple
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    Hydro; Soil; Coco/Perlite
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    Aurora Indica
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    120x240x205 Indoor Tent; LED Quantum Boards; Fabric Pots and coco/perlite; Ventilation system with CF
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    GHE; BioBizz
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  1. I would follow the instructions on the bottle for the full dosage and simply give a little more often than what you are currently doing, but don't go overwater your plants. Yes you can give too much nutrients, so stick with what the bottle says and if there is still deficiency we work from there.
  2. Ill_Evan


    I've done snowboarding and skiing when I was in Europe and more recently I got into muay thai but since the gyms can't really do any contact sports I haven't done much apart from hitting the bag. As soon as the gyms are allowed to operate fully again I'd like to do BJJ and get back into muay thai properly. In future when I have hundreds of thousands of Rand to blow I'll get into paramotors 😛 especially when they figure out the electric versions.
  3. Some girls be greedy, homie
  4. They are definitely more into flower than in veg, I wouldn't transplant this far into flower but adding some fresh growing medium isn't the end of the world. Check in a few days whether the light green in your leaves gets any darker or not. The first pic I would have rather added some nitrosol as it appears the plant is slightly deficient in nitrogen. Cannabis plants still need a bit of nitrogen in flower but not too much. The second pic the flower looks more mature so you may be experiencing a mix of fade which happens as you progress further into flower, depending on the genetics,
  5. Are you feeding any nutrients at the moment or just water?
  6. Ill_Evan

    Wind burn?

    It's an auto pot (edit: or is it?) with an air pump and air dome 🤔 seems strange it wouldn't be getting enough oxygen 😵 Maybe take the pot off the auto pot tray for a bit to let the medium dry a bit more? Might also just sort itself out with time as the plants and roots get bigger.
  7. I had been eyeing @Totemic's Tortoni F1 for some time now and since @Cannabist has rejoined us I decided to make an order with them to get these seeds I desired 👽 Not only did I get my seeds within two days but I also got 5 x Gelato seeds by Cannabist and also 3 x Wedding Cake seeds by @1000Hills Nursery! Funnily I was actually looking at the Wedding Cake strain before ordering so I'm pretty stoked about that. I consider vendors as trusted once they are affiliated with 420sa so with the debacle last year I was pretty upset that a vendor was bringing bad vibes to the forum, but I am h
  8. I have had a keen eye on this strain, as well as following the work of @Totemic since joining the forum. I therefore went and did the deed. I am not sure when exactly I will pop them, my next two grows are lined up quite tight but I didn't want to risk not having these 🧐 Keen to see what I will be able to do with this 😎
  9. @Gloriosa superba that's a neat setup dude, nice 👽
  10. I think that was him harvesting 😛
  11. That kid is a known diva and in my mind accurately represents something that is stubborn in showing its sex 🤣
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