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  1. @PsyCLown @CreX check this out
  2. Never been too worried myself with purple stems. In fact, I've always kind of seen them as a good sign of a maturing plant 😌
  3. Damn, these seed packs look pretty kewl I've got another two grows before needing to buy any seeds, if at all, but I'm glad to see supply is good 🍀
  4. Looking forward to the grow diary 👽
  5. Very nice! I am also currently using feminised seeds in my current harvest, also planning on popping some regular seeds on the next one. Hopefully luck is with us and we get females all round 😄
  6. Welcome! Please do not hesitate to show off your stuff 😁
  7. Super awesome my dude! Wishing you the best of luck and a good turn out of irie individuals 🧙‍♂️
  8. Thanks @Plant Matter, definitely gonna check out your stuff 😁
  9. Been looking into fabric pots myself. @Plant Matter where are your products stocked?
  10. Technically you could if you just called yourself a traditional healer 😄
  11. I'm looking for grandaddy purple. I haven't ordered yet, busy germinating two seeds of the previous strain I grew last 😁
  12. Looks like they are back online 😲 Edit: Nevermind. Everything is out of stock on their website.
  13. Your post reminded me of the Vice documentary on marijuana in Swaziland from 5 years ago. I think comparisons can be drawn between the two circumstances.
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