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    LED Quantum Boards; HID Lamps
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    Sweet Deep Grapefruit; Royal Gorilla; Gran Daddy Purple
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    80x80x180 Indoor Tent; LED Quantum Board; DWC hydroponics; Extraction system with carbon filter
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    GHE; BioBizz
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    Dry Herb Vaping

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  1. Howzit and welcome, what dry herb vape you rocking?
  2. I can see this being a real factor in Winter and in flower. Probably explains all the powdery mildew issues this last season. However I'm sure a good extraction system coupled with good airflow in the tent could prevent any spikes in humidity, warranted the intake humidity isn't super high.
  3. Maybe just take an average if you're doubtful of either device? Would be difficult to be objective about their accuracy without lab grade equipment to make a definite comparison.
  4. Mmmm...if it's GHE that micro should be both for hydro/soil. Hydro ratios are usually on the left of the label on the bottle, soil on the right. Well, some nute brands do recommend feeding every watering, like the BioBizz that was suggested.
  5. Yee I think either straight up mylar sheets or the matte white spray paint are probably best options.
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