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  1. This is awesome. Something like this is what would push me towards wanting to learn coding in general. Very awesome stuff @Trailblazer420 and @SuMi
  2. It pleases me to see a positive outcome ✌
  3. @PsyCLown and @CreX let's chip in bois, charge some plebs to measure their light's ppfd 😄
  4. My brand is "@PsyCLown DIY", probably the most trusted brand on this whole forum 👽
  5. Interesting 😯 so us using those lux meters on our phones isn't going to give us too accurate information 💁 If only there were cheap or even easily accessible ppfd meters.. us boys just gotta trial and error like real hobbyists
  6. This is very balls considering @Cannabist is accredited on the forum as a sponsor/vendor. I rate they get the boot if another month passes with no response from them. I don't think they represent what 420sa is trying to establish.
  7. Alright so, in the interest of not leaving an unanswered question regarding this driver, it appears this model is limited to 48V I've replaced the B model with the Meanwell 240 48AB and I'm happy to say that did the job. Can easily push to 200W and 5A with the voltage adjusting accordingly. So don't go for the B mode Meanwell drivers. Get the AB✊
  8. Here people on 702 straight up dumping on normal nicotine vapes because of vitamin E oil in those black market THC vape products that people in the US got VAPI from 😒
  9. Hey people, I'm experimenting with a QB setup but I appear to be having an issue with the Meanwell 240 48B driver I've got connected to two QB288's. My multimeter is reading no more than 1.46A when the dimmer is set to max. Volts stay constant at about 49.95V. I've removed the dimmer and tested the default max and also don't get more than 1.46A. This means that my max wattage is sitting at 73W where I have a driver technically capable of 240W. I wouldn't run the QB at 240W hence the dimmer, but 73W seems way too low for maximum. If anyone has an idea what I am missing please reply 🙏
  10. If it feels dry to the touch I would consider jarring and burping once every day. Keep the jars in a cool dry place out of sunlight.
  11. I think the topic of landrace strains deserves a thread of it's own. I'm not even sure they exist anymore from all the human intervention, but that depends on how strict your definition of landrace is. Kinda like the argument regarding organic growing 🙆
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