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  1. "The Bill allows possession of up to 600g of dried cannabis per person, or a maximum of 1200g per household with two or more adults living in it." I am happy with this. I know some of the bigger growers or extracts users will probably have a problem with this. "The commercial model would allow for regulated commercial cultivation, possession and retailing of cannabis, similar to the regime for tobacco and alcohol." This is really interesting. Recreational cannabis on the same level as tobacco and alcohol is a great step. Will obviously need to pay attention to how accessible this industry would be for the small farmer. However we won't see the commercial model this time round, "The Bill, he said, did not address commercialisation of cannabis or licensing, which was being attended to by the relevant departments, including trade and industry, health and social development." All in all, pretty exciting developments on the horizon. Just hoping they don't botch it in some typical fashion..
  2. So 600g. Wonder if that's per household total, per person or per private space 😵 At least we are getting closer to a number.
  3. "The Ministry of Justice has drafted a new bill which provides guidelines as to how much cannabis people can grow and possess in South Africa. The Mail & Guardian reports that the bill was developed in response to the Constitutional Court judgement in September 2018 that ended the ban on private cannabis use. The draft bill – which has not been publicly released – states that South Africans will be allowed to possess up to 600g of dried cannabis in the privacy of their homes for personal use. However, they will be prevented from selling the drug – either recreationally or for medicinal uses. The draft document was reportedly sent to the national director of public prosecutions, the department of health, treasury, and other stakeholders in October 2019 with a deadline set for the end of January 2020. It should be noted that the details of this legislation may still change and that it will still have undergo a public consultation period at a later date. The government has until September 2020 to bring legislation on cannabis in line with the Constitution. Hemp regulations The government also plans to open up and regulate the commercial use of hemp products, providing opportunities for small-scale farmers, President Cyril Ramaphosa said in his State of the Nation address on Thursday. Ramaphosa said government will formulate policy on the use of cannabis products for medicinal purposes, to “build this industry in line with global trends”. “The regulatory steps will soon be announced by the relevant ministers,” he said. He reiterated that agriculture is one of the industries with the greatest potential for growth. The Eastern Cape Government has also indicated that it plans to build a cannabis college as a means of creating jobs in the impoverished province. The training facility will upskill farmers in the growing and distribution of cannabis, and will assist with seed, fertilisers and fencing. It is set to be built in the Ingquza Hill Local Municipality in Lusisiki, picked because of its ideal growing conditions." https://businesstech.co.za/news/lifestyle/374310/new-draft-laws-show-how-much-cannabis-you-can-keep-for-personal-use-in-south-africa-report/
  4. I feel some legal terms are being used incorrectly here. I don't believe any decriminalization has happened with regards to the use of cannabis; a legal precedent was set in Sept 2018 in accordance with already entrenched legal provisions, the most prominent being the Constitution of our country, which provides many rights one of which being our right to privacy. An argument was made that the use of cannabis as well as the cultivation for personal use of cannabis falls under this right to privacy and the court judges that the people should not be persecuted for doing so. The legality of the sale of cannabis seeds is the same now as it was before Sept 2018. It is illegal to sell any part of a cannabis plant. Does that mean it is illegal to sell seeds? It isn't defined. This is what we call a 'grey' market. As yet, to my knowledge, the authorities are not targeting the seed banks. If they felt that they wanted to target seedbanks and the import of cannabis seeds, I feel imo the circumstance can be argued in court with enough current legislation that a precedent would be set and vualá, we have a legal definition to follow. Unfortunately democracy means laws take forever to be written, so enjoy the limbo while it lasts
  5. This is a fire topic. Subbed
  6. Please report when you do 🤙
  7. Unfortunately a very small percentage in cannabis. Could be possibly bred to increase the percentage, but how strong do we really need our weed? Some shit I've smoked has really cooked me already
  8. Is a balcony considered "in private" enough to be able to cultivate marijuana in terms of the current understanding of the law? That being, the ability to cultivate and consume marijuana for recreational use in private.
  9. Updated thread: This box will be covered by 5mm plastic.
  10. A very reasonable fear in this regard 😄
  11. I'd definitely never recommend it to any soil growers as it has citric acid, but if you're doing DWC or soilless it's simply a bloom booster for when you do your initial switch to flower.
  12. @Bakstein420 you mind posting links or info on where these services are in JHB and CPT? Extraction services is a new one for me.
  13. @SkunkPharm I don't think @DankFiend is looking for a premix medium, he's looking for the Atami PK-fertilizer suspension called Bloombastic. @DankFiend Home Gro Depot can give you free bottles if you go visit them. They are located in the Kingswood Centre in Glenhazel, Johannesburg.
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