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  1. Professional working relationship. We've been working together since 2016.
  2. Thanks guys. TerpLoc Bags are available here, but if you're going to order other things from Hydroponic.co.za then throw the TerpLoc bags in and spread the love. If your local grow shop doesn't have them, ask them to get in touch. 🤘
  3. No smell at all. Completely discreet.
  4. They do regulate both ways, but if you're in an extremely dry area this will be limited and a humidipak will help. Below is another nice picture showing the benefits.
  5. We did a test with some hygrometers and they work exactly as advertised. Not always the case in this industry. Other great benefits are stealth due to being odour free and terpene preservation from being air and light tight. Anti-static properties prevents trichome loss. Does not require humidipacks. The list goes on. Gave away our jars since we started using TerpLoc Bags.
  6. If it adds heat, then no. Rather get a normal drying rack or hang the branches in your tent.
  7. I would rather get a 220v fan and a regulator. Will work but not nearly as good as a WeDryer.
  8. Looking at mid August. The pandemic really delayed everything unfortunately.
  9. Hi Guys, I've learned a few things during my winter grow, especially by overfeeding. I'd love input from more experienced hydroponic growers like @CreX on a post where I try to summarise key scenarios for future reference and anybody else who would like to use it. Taken from here: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monitoring the interaction of EC, pH and water uptake in hydroponics can prevent most issues and this post explores the interaction with guidelines. Hydroponic growing Growing marijuana hydroponically is a method of growing cannabis plants without soil. The plants get fed by soluble fertilizers that are dissolved in water. Hydroponic gardening can be more productive than soil growing, but it is not nearly as forgiving. Soil works as a buffer for nutrients and holds on to them longer than a hydroponic grow medium does. Hydroponic grow mediums contain no nutrients – all the nutrients are supplied via a nutrient solution. Contrary to popular belief, hydroponic gardens often require more care than soil gardens. Because the plants grow faster, there are more things to check and way more things that can go wrong. The electrical conductivity (EC) and pH of a hydroponic system are vitally important and their interaction is recapped in the next section. EC and pH Hydroponic systems are reliant on the composition and formulation of the nutrient solution to supply all the essential elements required for optimal plant growth and yields. However, nutrient solutions are complex and their composition changes as mineral ions are extracted when they flow through the root system. Ideal pH is 5.8 during veg for cannabis and 6.0 during flowering. Best results can be achieved by allowing pH to swing between 5.8 and 6.2. Deficiencies in hydroponic production are more common than toxicities, as plant uptake of many elements has the potential to strip out nutrients at a rapid rate, particularly from recirculating solutions. The most common deficiency problems in hydroponic crops are potassium in fruiting plants like tomatoes; iron under certain environmental conditions; nitrogen in some readily growing, highly vegetative crops; and calcium in many species, such as lettuce, tomatoes and peppers. Deficiencies might or might not be the result of an actual deficiency in the nutrient solution with hydroponics. The problem of overfeeding and nutrient lockout is the main aim of this post, especially on how to prevent it before your plants start showing strange symptoms like the photo below. Nitrogen deficiency in early flower caused by nutrient lockout. EC, pH and water uptake in hydroponics Starting with reverse osmosis water can prevent most of the issues when growing with hydroponics. The table below is a reference to assist hydroponic growers to keep the perfect growing environment going. Water Level EC pH Comment Static Static Static Plant not feeding/drinking, change EC, check meters. Usually, lowering the EC a little (by 0.2) should get the plant feeding again. Static Static Rising pH buffers probably raising pH. This is usual. Having a static water level is not though, a slight reduction in EC (by 0.2) or a res change should resolve this. Static Static Falling Usual cause of this is when media has been rinsed at a lower pH than you require. The other possibility is that too much CO2 has been pumped into the water. Change your res and look at the volume of air pumped plus look at your air source. Res change is recommended. Static Rising Static Plant is leeching nutrients, raise EC by 0.2. Static Rising Rising Plant is leeching nutrition, raise EC. An unusual state. The rising pH is probably caused by nutrient leeching back. If these are alkaline, it will lead to the rise in pH. Could also be pH buffers. Static Rising Falling As above. Res change, plus increase in EC. Static Falling Static Plant eating but not drinking. Not ideal. Lower EC by 0.2. Static Falling Rising As above but rising pH is a better sign. Lower EC slightly or res change. Static Falling Falling Falling pH along with falling EC but no drop in water level suggests a res change. Depending on other symptoms, lowering EC after res change. Falling Static Static Perfect conditions. EC and pH are at the correct level. Falling Static Rising Normal state most people encounter. Nothing to worry about, carry on doing what you are doing unless other symptoms are showing or pH swings by more than 0.5. If pH swings too much, change res and lower EC. Falling Static Falling Res change plus a change of EC. Lower EC if over 1.4, raise EC if lower than 1.0 Falling Rising Static Plant is drinking more than eating, lower EC by 0.2. Falling Rising Rising Plant is drinking more than eating, lower EC by 0.2. Falling Rising Falling Plant is drinking more than eating. Lower EC with a res change. Falling Falling Static Hungry plant, raise EC by 0.1. Very good situation to be in. Nutrient buffers are working and plant is taking a balance of nutrients. Falling Falling Rising Almost as above, usually considered almost perfect, raise EC by 0.1. Falling Falling Falling Res change. Raise EC by 0.2 on new res. Lastly, a word of wisdom is to always start with half of the recommended dose of nutrients and work up. References 420Magazine PercysGrowRoom.com 420bugbud Maximum Yield
  10. Aeradix

    Led issues

    Post 3 pictures: Veg only, bloom only, both. From there it's easier to see what the likely issue is.
  11. Aeradix

    Led issues

    Driver or circuit is broken due to blown LED. Also, not Mars-Hydro 😉 Does the light have the bloom/veg switches? If so, is the photo taken with both switches on?
  12. Hi, We don't have any units available at the moment, but will let you know when we do.
  13. Aeradix

    Lights for veg

    It will work for clones, seedlings and the very beginning stages of veg. But so will a few CFL lights.
  14. Close to R13 000 with the latest exchange rate.
  15. Always good to have independent validation. Especially by someone who knows what measurements are important.
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