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  1. As long as the wire being used is thick enough you should be fine. You could do some calculations, what is the wattage of the ballast and bulb?
  2. Duties on food grade ethanol alone is R200 per litre. They could be selling close to cost or they are selling something that is denatured. 99.9% also contains Cyclohexane. Cyclohexane is used to remove the water content from the alcohol. UN1208
  3. This is nice and very unexpected as I know @CreX would've outperformed in hydro.
  4. If you mean the diodes, then unfortunately not
  5. No problem, it's not for you
  6. We've got portable PPFD meters for R 5 000, available here
  7. Aeradix


    Why these lights? What does its PPFD map look like?
  8. Maybe @PsyCLown can make use of a PAR meter?
  9. It is a bit of money for a PAR meter, but if you're not using a trusted brand for your grow lights, it's probably worth the peace of mind.
  10. We created a nice animation to explain watts, lumens, PAR and PPFD. Getting the right grow light for your needs can be straight forward. Easily compare Mars-Hydro and Spider Farmer LED grow lights here.
  11. I have indeed. Considering all the mistakes made, 100g of good bud and 60g of less good bud is not too bad.
  12. You can use a tCheck with the expansion kit, available here and if you're hesitant you can send a sample and I will test it with mine.
  13. Have you considered warranty on the machines?
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