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  1. Maybe @PsyCLown can make use of a PAR meter?
  2. It is a bit of money for a PAR meter, but if you're not using a trusted brand for your grow lights, it's probably worth the peace of mind.
  3. We created a nice animation to explain watts, lumens, PAR and PPFD. Getting the right grow light for your needs can be straight forward. Easily compare Mars-Hydro and Spider Farmer LED grow lights here.
  4. I have indeed. Considering all the mistakes made, 100g of good bud and 60g of less good bud is not too bad.
  5. You can use a tCheck with the expansion kit, available here and if you're hesitant you can send a sample and I will test it with mine.
  6. Have you considered warranty on the machines?
  7. The Rosinbud® M1 Rosin Press is the world’s first instant essential oil/rosin extractor and infusion device. In just 5 minutes, you can extract and infuse your favourite herb into your favourite food. Gone are the days where harsh solvents and hours of waiting are required to enjoy nature’s bounty. Make the switch, and time travel with the Rosinbud® M1 — the revolution is here and now in South Africa. Get your Rosinbud Rosin Press here. Rosinbud® M1 Rosin Press Features HIGH PRESSURE: Delivering 1 000+ psi, the Rosinbud® M1 is designed to provide you with high quality solvent-less essential oil/rosin while returning the best yield possible. FAST HEAT UP: Dual heated aerospace-grade aluminium platens can reach from room temperature to 100°C within 20 seconds. PRESSURE LOCK: Maintain constant pressure over a long period of time for low temperature extractions. ULTRA PORTABLE: Weighing less than 1.8kg and with an overall length of 42cm, the Rosinbud® M1 is light and versatile. TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Fine tune the platens’ temperature between 50°C – 150°C. The quick heat up time and uniform heat distribution will enable you to achieve consistent results every time. INSTANT INFUSION: Turn on “D Mode” on the temperature controller to process the essential oil, and infuse it with other herbs, spices, oil, or food. Make infusions in minutes, not hours. MINI PAN: Create your own masterpiece by combining different ingredients inside the food-grade stainless steel Mini Pan. Anything is possible, there are no rules here. PRE-PRESS: Shape your starting plant material with the pre-press and you will be rewarded with consistent results and superior yield. Inside the box Heated press (made with anodized aerospace-grade aluminium). Mini Pan (made with food-grade stainless steel). Pre-Press. Food-grade Nylon stirring stick. Locking bolt. Allen key. Power cable. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Voltage: 110-240V Frequency: 50-60Hz Power: 80W Temperature Range: 50°C – 150°C Pressure: 1000+ psi Package Weight: 2.3kg Certifications: FCC, CE, FDA.
  8. Aeradix wants to make it even easier for the average working guy to grow his own top shelf weed by introducing LED grow light rentals. The most powerful Mars-Hydro LED grow lights are available: the Mars Pro II Cree 256 and the Mars Pro II Epistar 320. LED Grow Light Rentals in South Africa Appliance rental, or product-as-a-service, offerings have been lagging in South Africa and the constant pace of innovation in technology makes it difficult to purchase a top of the range LED grow light for the average home grower. Our LED grow light rental service is as flexible as possible with the following advantages: No deposit. No upfront costs or investments. Month to month rental with no cancellation fee. Cancel with a 20 business day notice. Only growing for 6 months in the year? Rent for 6 months. The rental unit can be purchased at any time by application. The Catch No catches! However, there are some conditions to the rental: A signed lease agreement is required. The LED grow light may only be used indoors as determined at the discretion of Aeradix. A GPS tracking device is fitted to the device to avoid theft. No information will be stored or disseminated in any way. Late or none payment will result in the unit being deactivated. Opening or tampering with the unit will result in the unit being deactivated. Contact us for more information or to apply.
  9. Both are blurple lights. The diode brand and design being the main differences. More info on the lights here, but in essence: Max PPFD Value (µmol/m2/s) – 45cm height Pro II Epistar 320 - 1 494, compares to 800w HPS Pro II Cree 256 - 1 300, compares to 700w HPS Coverage provided by both in cm - Flowering: 120 x 120 Veg: 135 x 135. I happily grow with my blurple Mars II 1600 and in no rush to replace it.
  10. Yes, either one is available.
  11. Won't make sense to rent out cheaper options and using better lights will increase the yield, which would be better for everyone.
  12. No deposit, but lights are managed and tracked remotely.
  13. Rent to own is a possibility. R500 per month for any Mars Pro II light. Month 2 month with no penalties for opting out.
  14. Aeradix wants to make it even easier for the average working guy to grow his own top shelf weed. Now you can rent an LED grow light in South Africa - but not just any light - a Mars Pro II light. The most powerful LED grow light that Mars-Hydro offers. Limited units available, so move fast and send a PM.
  15. No idea. It's this thing: https://www.gethigrade.com/faq.html I have another one that's 40x and I can see that I need a bit more patience.
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