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  1. Thanks @PsyCLown. They are TerpLoc Bags by Grove Bags. Fast becoming the industry standard in the USA.
  2. Have a Herbal Xmas Get a R100 off, seeds, a lighter and a TerpLoc Bag. Use the coupon code HerbalXmas2020 when purchasing any Herbal Chef Stove Top Butter Maker. Valid until 21 December 2020 only. Get your gift now
  3. Prices now 60% less for the weekend. While stocks last.
  4. Black Friday Build Up. Prices drop 10% every week with 60% off on Black Friday Weekend. Stocks are limited! yearld LED Grow Lights yearld Pro 660W. SOLD OUT yearld Mid 640W. SOLD OUT yearld Pro 330W. Was R12 000, now R4 800 Green Smoke Room See
  5. Professional working relationship. We've been working together since 2016.
  6. Thanks guys. TerpLoc Bags are available here, but if you're going to order other things from Hydroponic.co.za then throw the TerpLoc bags in and spread the love. If your local grow shop doesn't have them, ask them to get in touch. 🤘
  7. They do regulate both ways, but if you're in an extremely dry area this will be limited and a humidipak will help. Below is another nice picture showing the benefits.
  8. We did a test with some hygrometers and they work exactly as advertised. Not always the case in this industry. Other great benefits are stealth due to being odour free and terpene preservation from being air and light tight. Anti-static properties prevents trichome loss. Does not require humidipacks. The list goes on. Gave away our jars since we started using TerpLoc Bags.
  9. If it adds heat, then no. Rather get a normal drying rack or hang the branches in your tent.
  10. I would rather get a 220v fan and a regulator. Will work but not nearly as good as a WeDryer.
  11. Looking at mid August. The pandemic really delayed everything unfortunately.
  12. Hi Guys, I've learned a few things during my winter grow, especially by overfeeding. I'd love input from more experienced hydroponic growers like @CreX on a post where I try to summarise key scenarios for future reference and anybody else who would like to use it. Taken from here: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monitoring the interaction of EC, pH and water uptake in hydroponics can prevent most issues and this post explores the interaction with
  13. Post 3 pictures: Veg only, bloom only, both. From there it's easier to see what the likely issue is.
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