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  1. Aeradix

    Led issues

    Post 3 pictures: Veg only, bloom only, both. From there it's easier to see what the likely issue is.
  2. Aeradix

    Led issues

    Driver or circuit is broken due to blown LED. Also, not Mars-Hydro 😉 Does the light have the bloom/veg switches? If so, is the photo taken with both switches on?
  3. Hi, We don't have any units available at the moment, but will let you know when we do.
  4. Aeradix

    Lights for veg

    It will work for clones, seedlings and the very beginning stages of veg. But so will a few CFL lights.
  5. Close to R13 000 with the latest exchange rate.
  6. Always good to have independent validation. Especially by someone who knows what measurements are important.
  7. TS also has the 3 year warranty fulfilled in South Africa by Aeradix 😁
  8. Depends on your budget, but in comparison to what you have at the moment anything will do. You could use the current light to prevent flowering and let sunlight do the heavy lifting.
  9. Could you find a PPFD map anywhere?
  10. Hi, Congrats on making the leap. I don't see one of those being nearly enough to grow weed with unfortunately.
  11. I would get my money back as fast as possible.
  12. For a 60 x 60 area I would grow an autoflower under a Mars TS-600, which is R2 900 at the moment with the standard 3 year local warranty fulfilled in Cape Town. Thanks @CreX
  13. @BigBud if you're looking for a single quantum board to cover 1 x 1 m, then this Mars-Hydro light would be your best option. Still selling at the old exchange rate with a 3 year local warranty. We're expecting a 20% increase in price (minimum) in the next few months if things stay the way they are now.
  14. No PPFD map... https://fluence.science/science-articles/horticulture-lighting-metrics/ Three important questions you should look to be answered when researching horticulture lighting systems are: How much PAR the fixture produces (measured as Photosynthetic Photon Flux)? How much instantaneous PAR from the fixture is available to plants (measured as Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density)? How much energy is used by the fixture to make PAR available to your plants (measured as Photon Efficiency).
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