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    Mother fuckers.... Behold.... My update has come forth... Feast your eyes on what is to come! I have upgraded my Bloom room and have moved the Chocolope and some others, under the scrog net. Take a look!
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    Ok 5 days short of 3 months. She got a good feeding of seed sprout tea, EM and Biobizz Bloom on Sunday. She loved it and was dry today. Gave rain water rain water today. Also installed the irrigation system today. I am getting lazy and it is hard to get to all the plants when they flower. She is 56cm tall today. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Alright folks! Step right up! Another week has passed and I certainly think it's been a busy week! Have been needing to top up the hydro res with up to 8l of water a day!! Serious guzzlers! With the fresh res from 2 or 3 weeks back, I had the ppm at 500, a week ago I checked and the ppm was down to 250! Super eaters too! So I added nutes to get the ppm to 650, then added 2 scoops of calmag.. Ppm jumped to 1350! Yikes!! But luckily no burnt tips or negative effects... And they have continued to eat like mad... Ppm is now around 850 today.. All ppm measurements have been taken at least 30 min after filling up the res to the max mark. So as you can see... The plants are really really going nuts! The 2 plants in the hydro have kicked into low gear and have really put foot! Only down side... I have no idea if either of the hydro plants are female yet😅
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    Grow update: week 2 of flower Not much happening this side, getting some stretch now as she his getting ready to go full swing. I could not find my tape measure any where and the wife was not letting me use her sowing tape measure. Hopefully will find it tomorrow then I can give the high of my plant. Think she is about 40 cm. More or less an even canopy with minimum effort. Bud sites looking good and starting to develop nicely. Took her outside to show her the stars, and hopefully when she is done flowering she will return the favour and show me the stars! ✌ *I must say the guys taking part in the indoor growoff, you guys are rocking it, plants looking fabulous and such beauties, Good luck with the final few weeks and it's been a pleasure following your diaries and keeping updated with each other's grows.
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    Day 54 / Day 2 of Flower She is looking good! I started with the LST training again to ensure she ends up with a nice flat canopy throughout this stretch period. With todays LST session she is around 32cm tall. Would be far taller if I had not done any training or topping obviously.
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    Day 75 - 21/08 / Day 25 Flower As Admin said I will be away for a bit, but I might have a chance to post one or two update of the plants, it might just not be the same quality and diversity of pictures. Here is one last update before I go. The One : The Other:
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    Day 8 Flower - Week 2 Not too much happening this week, just keeping eye on how the canopy develops, I will most likely retie some buds by next week and perhaps a light defol to expose some more bud sites to the light. I am pretty happy with the scrog coverage, node spacing is very close together and I think there will be no shortage of bud matter on these babies. The Chocolope plants are not giving any issues, real stars handling quite a lot of abuse (you will notice damaged leaves etc) with this scrog, not my fav grow style, but best setup for this growbox. Canopy size for the Chc#5 plant is roughly 40cm x 34cm at the moment. Peace and love yall, stay blessed up
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    Day 64 / Day 12 of Flower A quick update, looking good. I circled the Chocolope so you can identify her. Excuse the pole, was too lazy to remove it. I had to raise her up a bit along with another plant as she isn't stretching at the same rate as the others and don't want her to fall behind.
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    Day 72 / Day 20 of Flower So a quick update, note the photos were taken last night. I wanted to cut a small branch which was below the canopy and ended up cutting the incorrect branch by mistake, fortunately it was a smaller branch though.
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    Day 69 - 15/08 / Day 19 Flower Full moon update. Plants are doing alright, still stretching a little. First sign of frost appeared a few days ago. They received a nice aerated compost tea full of goodness this morning. Its always amazing to see how they react to the moon when fed on the day. I might have been sceptical at first, but getting to know her I am really enjoying the character and shapes. And she is pretty easy too. Looking forward to see how she blooms ! Here is the one: x And the other one : The family :
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    Day 62 / Day 10 of Flower I did a heavy defoliation / lolipop again this weekend. Then took some measurements today and pictures of the canopy and such. So far so good. She is getting pretty thirsty. She is now coming in at around 42 / 43cm tall.
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    What's up gang. So of the 5 plants I have running I may have identified 1 male and 1 female, that being Choco#1 the male and Choco#2 the female. #3 to #5 are still not showing. Below is a group pic along with individual photos. Must say one thing I've noticed is this strain has some serious sized main stem and branches compared to most other strains I've run. Hope you all stay blessed.
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    Day 61 - 07/08 / Day 11 Flower I will try to update twice a week from now on during the first 3 weeks of flower at least, hopefully that can give you all a good preview of how the Kush phone does in early flower. I am starting to regret not picking the other girl as I think with the manifold training she will have a very pretty structure. Lots of those extra leaflet on the leaf showing up which if I understand correctly means it is the Kush leaning pheno. The Trifoliate has only seen water and one AACT so far and is hooked with blunt, the other one has had various microbial inoculant and some humic/fulvic given during various watering, she is also on the outskirt of the main plants and is receiving far less light and a little more of the HPS situated next to her, she is basically in-between a HPS and a LED QB. I don't think it is required to update all plants after selection but if it's okay with admin I'll update both as it is a nice comparaison. The Chosen: The Other:
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    Alright folks! Update time! So I'm sure somewhere along the way you guys have heard me mention that I sprayed some stuff on my plants during my IPM and burnt the shit out of all my soft new growth on all my plants across the board... So that sucked. But the choco is strong and is pushing through very well... I have an almost even canopy of budsites, and I actually think she's gonna go into my Bloom room to get her into the scrog. Yes... I'm referring to my Chocolope as a female... Positive thinking never hurt anyone 😂😂 @420SA I can't seem to be able to make any updates from the mobile platform. I can't comment elsewhere either
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    Hey guys I'm really sorry for the late update, been crazy at work this week.🙈 So I repotted them last night and then today I did some low stress training using string and tape. Unfortunately I wasn't paying full attention to Number 1 while bending the top two colas and the stem split. I then wrapped it with tape and the she hasn't died yet💪 When I reported I place a hand full of bone meal in the bottom of the hole. I will be creating a post with a few photos of the repotting and training when I have a moment to breathe on the weekend. Going from left to right 2, 1, 3. Number 1: Number 2: Number 3:
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    Week 13 / 3 of Flower Going into week 13 the buds are starting to show a little now. Looks like I'll only get about 7/8 prime sites but I'm happy with that. Definitely some new growth still happening and she is looking happy still. I have adorned her Treeny. 🌴 this is cos she was Choco #3 and she is quite tree like 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣 Not much more to report on at this point. PS still no sign of the measuring tape 😳 Peace and clouds growers ✌💨
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    Good evening! I have in the last week done some more training as well as defoliation, and have fllipped to 12/12 today. I know it might be a bit late but I felt I needed a bit more structure. We'll see how it goes and hopefully it cam reach maturity by the closing date. They were also fed with rain water containing some molasses, kelpak, biogrow, fish mix, biobloom, aminomix and environoc 401. Conditions are between 21 and 26°C, and RH is 60 -75%. RH will have to be lowered with time, by watering slightly less than needed, and doing another defoliation during week 3. 🍁 Ps. I Hope everyone's flowering session turns out a great one!
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    Howzit okes, apologies for the absence and everything else that went along with it. Long story short, I've been going through alot of personal kak on my side and disconnected from the world. As for the growoff, I accept fully if I'm disqualified. I will still update so @Totemic will have his pheno data. @420SA, thanks for the DM mate. I only saw it this evening.
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    Into flower. I am hoping for lots of stretch. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Day 59 / Day 7 of Flower I have had a fair bit of growth since the last time, getting bushier again and could do with another trim, have not had a chance to do so yet though. Made a tea too and switching nutes over to bloom nutes. Canopy is still looking good, although having issues with space in the tent and the negative pressure causing the tent to flatten the plant a bit on one side, grrr.
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    Transplanted into 22l pots. She will go into flower 10th. That leaves round about 10 weeks to finish. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Day 57 - 03/08 / Day 7 Flower Alright alright alright ! The have shown their sex and The chosen one has been picked. To answer @YourStonedBuddy all 3 plants are in different size pot but all in the same soil, Organics Matter (and the experimental batches, so not even close to whats on the market now) and it is the second cycle for all 3 pots, a 20, 30 and 40L. @PsyCLown yeah its 20,30 and 40. the tallest stands at 30cm , the other 2 at 18cm. They are indeed very bushy, I have noticed that my QB produces super stacked and bushy growth in veg, unlike a MH or HPS . A few weeks back I lost a Crystal Meth Auto seedling in one of my 40L blumat pots, not too sure what to replace it with I pondered on it for a while and suddenly decided to transplant the trifoliate Chocolate in there... After doing so I looked at it and thought "You Idiot !!" , I mean what if she is a male ? or what if she was not the chosen one... I'd just end up with an empty spot or a waste of blumats. I even wrote "stupid" in the journal next to transplant. But it all turned out alright as she is a girl, super healthy and my chosen one. I got damn lucky ! The other 2 turned out as 1 male and 1 female. I will be turning the on male into a Fermented Plant Juice for this season so that I can feed it back to his sisters ... Forced cannibalism, Diabolical! The other female will hang in the flower room on the side and do what she can with what she gets. All plants are still getting water only and a few foliar feeds with aloe or knf. The difference between the blunt and hand water is pretty huge! Sure they are in different size pots but still, the general appearance is a lot healthier on the automatic watering side. Here is the male : The females : And The Chosen : Cheers
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    Update time: All going well, did a little defoliation this weekend hoping for better penetration. It's pretty cold in the Cape over the last week and it shows as the growth has slowed down some. Haven't identified any fems as yet but do think I may have spotted one male, but not 100 sure on that. The predominant Indica seedling has started to show a bit more of a her hybrid sides over the last week. Hope you all have a wicked week ahead, we're expecting another storm to hit over this evening 🙃.
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    Day 46 I still need to pick a plant, have not flipped them to flower yet. I feel the Chocolopes have developed quite nicely over the past 2 weeks or so. I am leaning towards Choc #1 for the simple reason that it was a bit faster to germinate and therefore got a head start of a few days - although they are both very similar you can notice the extra height of Choc 1 over choc 2 .
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    So making a screen for your green shouldn't cost you an arm and a keg... There are cheaper ways of doing this, but I went with a wood frame for a bit of weight. You can get aluminum angle bar that is pretty cost effective too... But light. Also conduit can be used, but I would use it for smaller nets and more of a sub canopy support and not for canopy support as the plant will lift the net with growth and time if it is not heavy enough. I bought some 38mmx38mmx2m square pine wood from builders... Cost around R50 a length. Bought a packet of screws to put it together... Cost around R50 too Had a spindle of string at home so I was sorted there... But strings not costly either. Okay so I made 45° cuts on my lengths of wood, I made a custom size to fit my grow space exactly. And ended up with enough wood to make a 2nd decent sized screen ... I measured my square sizes and made marks on all the lengths of wood the same. Drilled all the holes for the strings. My square size is 75mm x 75mm I screwed the corners together using 3 screws on each corner. That made up the frame. Then I strung it up making the string fairly taut. Check it out! So begins a new experience for my indoor grows✌️
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    Diary Update, week 13 (flower 2) Hey all, sorry about lateness. The plant is thriving, despite low nutrient. I'm busy flushing rest of flowering, which should be mostly out next couple weeks. That will give the chocolope room to spread out. Also looks like I'll have to raise the lights shortly.
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    Grow update: still training one and kept the other as is . Explogrow and water . Milk/water mix sprayed on for wpm prevention . Flipped to 12/12
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    Day 69 / Day 17 of Flower So I finally got around to taking measurements, tallest cola clocks in at 51 / 52cm tall and on average my Chocolopey is around 50cm tall. Day 2 of flower the Chocolope was 32cm tall, so it has stretched 20cm in 15 days basically. It's actually quite difficult to take a picture of the height as angle plays such a huge role and with the lighting and holding the measuring tape, not as easy as one may think. I will admit, the Chocolope is amongst the shortest of my plants - the second shortest actually, and the bagseed plant being the shortest of the lot. The Chocolope is in the middle, at the front and the bagseed is in the middle at the back. Both of which are raised a bit as well. I feel the Chocolope is without a doubt more indica dominant and am not expecting any sativa like effects from it, but we shall see once harvested and cured.
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    Day 71 - 17/08 / Day 21 Flower Not much has been done. I did do a bit of a defoliation. But thats about it. I don't think I mentioned it before but environment is the following : Day : 24-26.5°c and 55-59%RH Night : 19-21°c and 50-56%RH The one: And the other : BTW, she is in-between a 600HPS and a 480QB LED in this order. You can clearly see which light she prefers.(LED)
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    420SA is FIVE and kicking! Today marks the forum's 5th birthday. 5 years ago on this day the forum went live. 5 years later and we have 2058 members, 2368 topics and 28 507 posts A huge thank you must go out to you, the member, who makes this forum what it is. Without you guys and your valuable input it isn't a community! Also a very big thank you to the veterans of the forum. Namely @Totemic who has been with us from the start. He helped the forum get on its feet by assisting with hosting in the beginning. As you know, his support is still ongoing, being an integral sponsor in this year's growoff. Thank you @Totemic 🙏 I must also thank @GreenthumbHydro for their incredible support too through the years. They were also there from the very early days supporting 420SA. These guys are doing so much for the industry and they must be commended for it. @THCSA thank you too for your support as well. Here's to the next 5 years and more!
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    Into the flower tent she goes. Fighting for space. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Week 12 - PREEEEESENTING The contender!!!!! So it has been just over a week since I flipped, and no3 is already showing some nice development and new growth. Not as many primed bud sites as I would have liked but preflowers are certainly showing now and looking good. I did a tiny train on her mid last week. Nothing crazy as she has already shrugged it off and onwards and upwards she continues. My tape measure went who the p#@$ knows where, so my crappy 38cm 👈🤷‍♂️ ruler had to do! Shes probably around 50 - 60cm in height, but will get a more accurate measurement soon. Not much more to report. How is everyone else feeling about their stages of development thus far? Peace and clouds homies ✌💨
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    If it wasn't for totemic I would have said this girl is a mostly indica variety with a short flowering time. She is bushy with with very short inter nodes. She is ready for flower but I may just take her another week or so. Should end up with a Christmas tree shape as the lower flowering spots are now pushing through the fan leaves as they look for more light. Lower fan leaf will be pushed aside or removed in due course. Will also be monitoring popcorn bud sites as I don't want them to be using up energy that could rather go into fattening up the main flowers. She was also fed for the first time this week. Will be continuing an organic feed (NPK - 4-3-6) from now and into middle of flower. With a possible 8 - 10 week flower still to come, she should produce really rock solid nugs. Being with her for so long now its hard to imagine a big stretch during flower. Yes she is going to grow bigger, but I can't see the inter-nodes stretching that much.
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    A friend of @CG420za has contacted him and @CG420za says he's fine however does not want to disclose any reasons for his lack of updates. He didn't say so but one can only assume it's a highly personal matter. He also didn't specify whether his grow is going or not so its all very hazy at the moment. With this in mind I would like to put this to the guys that are competing. What do you think is the best way forward for treating this case? Personally I would like to hear his case and so would like to give him another 2 weeks to fill us in, and if it's understandable, he'll be allowed to continue. Let me know your thoughts
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    Day 64 - 10/08 / Day 14 Flower Absolutely nothing has happened over the last 3 days, they are just left alone to do their thing. Most branches are still growing opposite nodes or only slightly alternated as you can see. The Choosen : The other lady: Now VS 3 days ago , You can see the stretch happening. Here are all the neighbours around the Chocolope, I'm sure you'll be able to spot them.
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    The plants have settled in well to their new pots. I can't find the memory card with the repotting on, I will keep looking for it. The split on Number 1 seems to have recovered well and didn't have a major impact. Number 1: Number 2: Number 3:
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    Week10 - Final Destinations So re-potted this week into bigger pots and they all seem to be loving the extra leg room. Plants have taken well to their new homes and i am not expecting much slow in growth as they have been all looking strong and healthy and taken really well. Thank goodness as I am wanting to cram as much growth in the next few days/weeks before the flippening. I have notice a wierd growth deformation on Plant 1's leaves, 2 strange fingers protruding from the centre of the leaf. Looks really cool and excited to see what comes of this beauty. Overall a really good week and looking forward to the next few days as the young lasses (hopefully) all settle. Happy Growing 😉
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    Update time! Plant is doing great with the training.. Really starting to put foot now. Haven't plucked any leaves and have just been tucking for now. No deficiencies at the moment with healthy new growth I always seem to take pics right after training which makes the plant look so meh...
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    Diary update (2019/07/31) Three of the plants are still growing well, the fourth looks healthy enough it is just growing a lot slower. I'm pretty much out of space already so I'm considering flipping to flower early, perhaps as early as this weekend after moving them to the final pot size (~15L). For now I've done a bit of lolly-popping some LST training & FIMing but I don't have much more lateral space to work with. No sign of gender yet <<--- Strange mini leaf, perhaps from a previous FIM 🙂 Space 😢 But the plants are looking good
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    My latest ladies. sticky and frosty and smelling oh so good
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    girl on the left, boy on the right.
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    Hi All, I've chosen my female entrant, as the others don't show their genders as clearly. Transplanted to a 10L Freedom Pot, LST'ed and defoliated during the week. The medium added is the same, only this time I've added some fine and coarse zeolite, as well as some bone meal and again some mycoroot.
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    Diary Update, week 10 Plants are putting on weight nicely, so I'll probably be switching this weekend. I do need to make room in main flower tent, probably by using small tent as flower, or putting some pots outside. #1 is probably the competition plant, but I've got #5 (defn fem) and #6 (no sign yet) as last minute reserves. I'll only be switching the 1, other 2 will go in veg storage. There is a bit of wind burn on #5, my small oscillating fan broke, so I've been using a large fixed fan and leaving tent open. (Has anyone tried buying a desk fan in retail sa during winter. Not possible, lots of heaters, but no fans. Oh well, ordered online, and will only have to wait... forever...) Feeding/watering about 2x week. At about 1EC, although I'll up that a bit next feed, some lighter new growth is showing.
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    Added some Alfafa from Organic Matters
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    Set up some small tents. Upgraded pots. I topped one of the smaller two and left the other one, just to see what happens. Might top the second one too, later. No signs of sex yet. Accidentally flipped to 12 hours for a couple days. Seems like people are starting to flip. I'll probably flip the bigger ones soon then. Bigger ones have a 100W QB now, and the smaller ones have a 75W COB.
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    Stick a cutting in a bag with a bit of tap water and give it some time on the outskirts of your grow lights.
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    She is an amazing amazing little plant. Must be the Kush genetics coming through. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
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