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    But you see that is a problem. I dont feel the forum should be offering any apologies on behalf of Cannabist. I've been sitting quietly watching this unfold after even I started a thread to address the damage his actions are doing to my brand. I feel the same damage is being done to the forum's brand. I've said my piece about my seeds in another thread, and that's a done topic. As far as what is happening around cannabist right now, is hardly the forums responsibility or fault. I feel for the forum users in the situations they are in. They shouldn't be in those positions period, yet they are. And in many cases it has been through this forums endorsement of cannabist as a vendor, or through personal referrals from myself. I cant speak for the forum as I have no ownership over any part of it, but when I do speak i always consider the forum and what it stands for. I wish Cannabist all the best going forward, but he has lost my support.
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    It is shocking news - Great love and Compassion to Myrtle and family Go in Peace and Love dear Julian. We will continue the cause with similar passion you showed us! 💜
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    Reminds me of when I needed a veg area ASAP, converted a tv stand taking up space in the garage,,, Sun visors work like a charm!😁
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    Another moderator has jumped on board - @CreX welcome! Thanks for helping out 👊
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    SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH JUNE Sponsored by www.greensmokeroomseeds.com/ www.thehighco.co.za What's being given away this month? 1st Prize 5 Pack Juggling Cannon Balls Feminised Seeds R250 Green Smoke Room Seeds Voucher Green Smoke Room 4 Ply Face Mask Green Smoke Room Lanyard Sponsored by Green Smoke Room Seeds 2nd Prize A TheHighCo R500-00 voucher Sponsored by TheHighCo HOW TO ENTER? Simply reply to this thread with your entries. Attach the images to your reply or embed the images from a 3rd party website Snapshot of The Month Rules: Original images only please. If your entries are found to have been pulled from the internet your entry will be void. Members can enter a maximum of 5 images each. Images entered this month may not be entered in future competitions. Members can submit photos and/or graphics designs of their own Once entries close entries will be narrowed down to 10 nominees which will then go to a private poll with the Competition Voting Panel Members can only come 1st in an SOTM once every 12 months or 2nd or 3rd twice every 12 months. Entries are judged on: Overall originality - What sets the image apart from others. Creativity & Effort - was there a good amount of creative thought and effort that went into the image Wow factor - does the image get attention. Quality and clarity - Is the detail in the image decent. Is the photograph clear, well focused and not blurry. Entries close 01/07/20 Good Luck! --------------------------------------------
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    Seeds just Arrived!! 🥳🥳
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    What up peepz. Just a update on the above grow. FAIL.. seeds didnt sprout. Did a little bit of investigating. Seems like the taproots barely grew from the time of potting. Was abit upset. But then again . They were bag seeds. Frustrations aside. We ready to go again. After some long convos with @CreX. Decided to invest abit more to get going and be less disapointed each time. So. Starting from scratch again. Looking to go the distance this time. Made some purchases. 1. 150w cool white LED light for veg. (Highly reccomended by Crex) 2. Extractor fan. 3. 2 galon fabric pots. Wann keep a small stealthy grow. ( easy to upgrade later) 4. Had the Seagro nutrient. Will stick with this to keep cost down for now. 5. Biobizz bloom. ( reccomended by the store guy. As excelent and works well with my grow medium) 6. Freedom farms formular 1. ( guy who sells it. Says propbably the best in SA. Works very well nd easy to grow with. 7. Got a hygro meter for humidty and temp monitoring. 8. Ordered a PH meter. Tds meter. Mini miroscope thingy. And a pocket scale of wish. Should take about a month or so. ( try and make do until then. Reccomendations are welcome untill then) 9. Built a small grow box. Floor area 500x700 mm x 1meter high. With inlet holes covered with mesh. Extractor fan. Led light for veg only. Wraped the inside in some foil. Oh and it is a cardboard box. 10. Lastly and i think from my experience most importantly. I got me some seeds online. Biltong and buds worked Out quite reasonable and had a massive selection. I took 5 seeds. 2 photo and 3 autos. I think with my setup and low grow requirements i am gona mainly grow autos. But lets see how it goes. Also. Before the Mrs started asking alot of questions about my spending recently. I bought some seeds and started to grow some herbs for her aswell. Could use the grow box to veg these aswell. N make it seem like im doing a little bit for her too. Marigolds. Daisyz. Mint. Thyme. Lettuce. Corriander. Chives. Tomatoe. Chilli Pics below.
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    @StickyD420 thanks man! 🙌🏻 Second grow for me! Never had such deep interest in something 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    @GGG 4 20l pots filled 3/4, own soil mix, bubble berry glue, no feeding just use my own powdered mix of fulvic, Humic and kelp in ratio of 5:2. Every 3 weeks or so.
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    from the pictures i would quickly say that you have what seems like Potassuim def, coupled with magnesuim def, coupled with increased storage of nitrogen , but i wouldnt say its toxic yeeeeeet. my advice, as contrary to @skunkpharm as it may seem. i would mix a feed of epsom salts (NOTCALMAG - we dont want the calcuim nitrate in the callmag, just the mag) and your GHE bloom nutes at labled dose of whatever per liter. and then the next few feeds only with water - depending on the reaction and maybe mix 50ml of milk into the feed for the microbes, maybe alil mollasses and you should be fine. Identify the problem - make one adjustment - monitor be careful not to over fix an issue
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    People dont seem to grasp communication, and promise what they cant deliver. Just be upfront, say how it is, and others will respect that and you for doing so... You make a promise and dont deliver, it doesn't reflect well. So many people want work or opportunity to make a living, and others are nonchalant about their current. Flippin SAD
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    Thanks for this. I just picked up a QB-75 from @growopz to test. I can now retire the blurple.
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    Aweh 420SA, Been busy in the dead of winter. 1-3.Our Kalashnikof lady is getting dank and Yummy with a Capitol Y..... 4-5. Then we have an accidental clash of Titans. Chocolope x Gorilla..... 6-7. My chosen Fella to further the Fruitpunch line. Strong, vigorous, bullit proof, slow to flower, fruity mango and stanky, pukey stem terps.... 8. Fruitpunch boys and girls at 5/6 weeks Clearly showing sex and demonstrating good vigour, even in our cold winter.
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    Are you in cape town? Seeds found in bought weed is not really worth growing. As most of these are un known males that pollenate the plants. Rather get some of @Totemic genetics seeds. All the grow off plants last year was 🔥. So you cannot go wrong.
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    digikey had free express shipping at the time. Aliexpress goes per weight.. so was cheaper for me to order from 2 different suppliers. If you buy just one QB 288, do NOT take the 240 driver, take a 120.. other way you waste way to much energy or need a dimmer. The 120 works perfect and the draw is correct. The 240 draws way more as it just tries to squeeze everything inside the board.. one reason my boards were way to hot. Now.. not even sure I need a heat sink, hand warm. So select the driver matching your boards wattage. 1 QB288 IM301B/H - HLG 120H-48(A, B or AB) 2 QB288s - HLG 240H-48(A,B or AB) If you do not want to use a dimmer, just don't connect one and it will run 100%, works on all three driver versions A, B and AB. But you still have the option.. I go with B usually as I like to connect them to a Arduino system and dim from that source.
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    The author is not taking into account specially formulated soils, which generally has zero michorizzal input from the 'earth'.
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    What about this being a hit? It's one thing to jack all their shit... But it's another thing to pull the trigger and end a life. And to go back after the looting to do the shooting... Sounds pretty hairy to me
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    Scrap yards, not the car type, but old fridge repair or service centers, have old or broken possibly? You could also go for a strip of sun visor, cut to size and hanging (hey @Ill_Evan?) I too want to see one cut up🤣 That foam rubber is good stuff, it lasts and seals, and cheap enough. Make latches or catching points on the corners or the cupboard doors to pull them toward the frame if you want even better seal.
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    I only discovered that there’s something like washing your buds after I found some PM on my plants while harvesting. I searched the web to find out what can be done about it other than chucking it into the bin. I found the following video and did everything this guy suggested to do and it worked great. I also kept a bud that wasn't effected by PM and dried it along with my washed buds. I compared the washed bud vs the unwashed bud and couldn't tell a difference.
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    Y'know, the product that says it treats PM but actually does nothing.
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    At this point you the hitting hight numbers, most probable we need suggestions from you [emoji6], just pulling your leg bro, jealousy dies that [emoji38] Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
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    Not even 'ultimate' grow, just 'a' grow. Let's get the basics down first. Look for cannabis specific soils such as Freedom Farms Classic, Just Cannabis and Living Organics. Or when you notice the price of organic nutrients, you may decide to go coco and use hydroponic nutrients. If I had to make a guess the Swazi is probably photo. I am not aware of an auto swazi.
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    Your soil looks like it contains lot's of bark etc which cannabis doesn't like so much in my experience. What soil are you using?
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    Oooh baby baby.... Saw them too, Wedding Cake🤤 Will need to contact 1000hills soon😎
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    Isn't formula 1 coco with some amendments? Not quite the same as their classic soil which is a bit closer to a living soil with microbes and such? I could be wrong though. Curious as to what difference you'll notice, if any. I personally would rather stick with coco, synthetic nutes and add things such as microbe inoculations (gotta ensure there is something in your medium for the microbes to breakdown though), mycorrhizal fungi, teas etc. With coco being an inert medium, I believe the microbes won't care much for it, I have no way of proving this though. If one were to reuse coco from a grow, there'd be roots left in the coco still and I'd imagine that to suffice and not be a bad thing. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
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    @CreX Forgot to reply, wanted to thank you it has helped a lot! 🙏 Plants are looking great!
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    Just set up my Mammoth Pro120 tent I got from Futurama, R2500 for 1.2mx1.2mx2m was the best price I found online. Really happy with the quality of the tent, I just find the floor sheet abit thin but the rest if perfect.
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    Controversial one that... sterilizing an organic soil is the last thing I would suggest to be honest. I would rather suggest using an IPM to control any pests or bad fungus. Depends on your preferences of course but personally I feel sterilizing the soil is setting you back
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    Ok Bud's, looks like we can also have a laugh on this platform as well as great growing info. Looking forward for what's to come. Scallywag but actually DamDave . ScallyDave mmm.
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    Thanks for the welcome . I’m A Long time Stoner but first time grower . Hoping to expand my knowledge and learn from fellow growers Here. Decided to go with a indoor grow for my first grow as its out of season for outdoor and lockdown came, so took up a new hobby. Growing in coco/perlite with a Gavita 750w . Currently growing: dutch passions Glueberry auto Strainhunters Caboose T.H seeds Critical hog Here’s some pics of my girls started 01/04 and 06/04 ,just switched them to flower and the auto is about 2 weeks into flower now. I’ve Made a lot of mistakes so far but will learn from them and do better on my next grow. Can’t wait to harvest my own home grown🙏
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    @KaktusBoer Howzit bro, yeah but all hell broke loose when i took pics yesterday, had to pass my pool and bloob, phone dropped in so she's in a bag of good old rice to dry out lol It was a situation of dropping my beer or dropping the phone🤣
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    Reading this headline is hard enough. I honestly cannot believe it... We couldn't have had a better person leading the fight for cannabis freedom in our country.... his departure leaves an immediate void that only he could fill. No one else was/has been willing to go as far as him and Myrtle have gone to ensure that we achieve the rights that we cannabis users deserve. It's because of him and Myrtle that we enjoy the rights that we now currently have, and they still continued to fight for more ... Jules we are forever indebted to the work you have done for us. YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. RIP good man! https://www.dispatchlive.co.za/news/2020-07-03-dagga-activist-julian-stobbs-fatally-shot-in-armed-robbery/ As for this country... I lose faith day by day...
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    Your welcome, biggest issue in commercial soils is poorly composted materials generally create a "hot" soil that really holds onto moisture. In addition like mentioned above the bark chips rob the soil of Nitrogen while it is decomposing, after decomposition the Nitrogen will again become available to the plant. If you are mixing up yournown soils its good to let them cool off for a month or two after adding ammendments, as in the case of mixing ur own supersoils. Compost needs to be decomposed very well, same with wormcastings. Else there could be issues. Last tip is to use something like dolomite lime to help control PH and it will also add Calcium and Magnesium to the soil. Do some searching online for soil recipes to get an idea about correct ratios etc if are interested in supersoils.
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    Oooh, new equipment 😎🔥 1000ppfd is great, what's the specifics or link? My plan was to place my Chinese COB in the centre of my LEDS from GrowOpz, but using it as my seedling light, and wanted to purchase another light from GO, but I battle to put electricity in now days, so tight times. Nothing wrong with mixing the platforms, you get the best of both worlds. Can place the high power hps in center, which is centre specific, and LEDs around the outer edge to cater for the coverage and have no shadows, with each having different spectrums or color temps, and different levels. Picture for reference as I'm using the middle light for seedlings.
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    I just wanna see some cut-up sunvisors
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    I don't even think cops would get involved. If legal things needed to happen for people to get their money back it would be done via CPA, lawyers and banks/payment gateways. In terms of the seeds, that'd be the state's decision whether or not to pursue, and because parliament is still setting up perimeters, the judge would either put it indefinitely on-hold or throw it out. Some in the seedbank industry have medical research licenses and work with the SA Medical Research Council so I don't think anyone will be shutting down seedbanks anytime soon. It is what probably gives all these fly-by seedbanks so much confidence at the moment. This is an emerging industry to the common folk, barely in it's infancy, although existing for so long. To people only just now getting involved with cultivating cannabis in general it could be quite overwhelming with all the sources available.
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    Yip. @Cannabist has in fact done this twice before. On those two occasions they managed to fulfill every order within a month and within the time constraints we placed them under. I've given them shit everytime then. In fact I was the one that opted for them to be booted the last time. We are way past a month in this moment and it seems to be way more orders this time too. Their vendor status ends at the end of this month and so reap the consequences. So I don't know what else you're looking for from 420sa specifically my bruh.
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    If he is running it through a pty (ltd) he wouldn't be personal liable so don't worry about legal action. He wouldn't be dealt in his personal capacity.. unless he's running the business in his personal capacity..well then..
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    improved grow skill could account for not seeing any fade. diodes are rated with a 10000 h lifetime or 20000 i think so you are more likely to upgrade your lights before they become an issue
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    @Ill_Evan and now the police cap too, I'm dying here, whahahahaha🤣🤣🤣
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    This could just be a pheno expression on its own. we only look for more favorable phenos, strong stems, big buds, frosty, thin or fat leaves, long petiole, pest resistant.... They are all expressions and there are likely hundreds or thousands of minute differences that we don't notice. So it would be nice if the breeders gave a direction to look in... But it would just be a rough guideline and no promises can be made Also, it would make selling seeds harder because people would only buy seeds that can produce the best of the best... And so strains that aren't visually appealing to grow or grow weird will be completely avoided - even though the smoke report would melt your face. But in saying that... Most breeders do have an info line somewhere, either Facebook or Instagram or a website that you could ask those questions "what do you recommend I look out for"
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    I've had good results reusing my living soil without feeding. I didn't re-amend as well... but it depends on the soil of course @SkunkPharm is spot on
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    It happens bro... it will also get better in time. Maybe he's just busy, but steps need to be taken not to leave customers hanging like that
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    Glad to see there is a reply here, a bit disappointed about the decision to offer no communication not even a bulk email.Im willing to wait, but a heads up would be awesome.People start feeling nervous when they dont get a reply after payment is maid.The bulk of the paid up orders, those members have probably never been to this website, so i think its very important that you send out a bulk email explaining the situation like you have with your last reply on this thread to everyone that still has a pending shipment in order to save your future customer base.
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    Yeah welcome and nice budz bro Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
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