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    Howzit. Good genetics is always a good start when you want to grow some dank shit. Problem is it is expensive. What we have done as a group in CT northern Suburbs is to buy as a group and split the seeds between us. Not sure if any one needs help buying what they dream of growing. Post on this topic or start a whatsapp group through the forum. To find like minded folks.
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    Pink Mango Gelato ... week 4 ... maybe some airflow problems, definitely some trimming ones
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    New favorite in the stable, FruitPuke's kids are looking aight
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    Black Friday Build Up. Prices drop 10% every week with 60% off on Black Friday Weekend. Stocks are limited! yearld LED Grow Lights yearld Pro 660W. SOLD OUT yearld Mid 640W. SOLD OUT yearld Pro 330W. Was R12 000, now R6 000 Green Smoke Room Seeds Black Poison Feminised. Was R228, now R114 Super Gorllia Cookies Auto. Was R272, now R136 Bluetooth 3.0 Auto. Was R272, now R136 Big Bush Auto. Was R272, now R136 White Widow Fast Feminised. Was R228, now R114 Harlequin Pride Feminised. SOLD OUT Silverback Zkittlez Regular. Was R137, now R68 Herbal Chef Stove Top Butter Maker Small, Large, Extra Large. Was R640, now R320 Mars-Hydro Smell Proof Bags Black. Was R300, now R150 420 Smart Trimming Clamp Easy Harvesting. Was R500, now R250
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    1) As soon as the seeds pop, I put them 1cm deep in FF Premium Classic and water with Root juice. 2) You start your clock when you drop the seed into the glass of water for 12 hours. 3) I try to give nutes on all feedings.. can be to much for some strains. You always have to use your eyes and check the leaves for troubles. If you are unsure, give every third feeding nutes and stick to water otherwise. The feeding amount is per liter you apply to the pots. Your feeding table says: 3 Grow, 2 Bloom and 1 Top Max.. you add that to each liter.. and apply the amount the plant needs for this single feeding. OK.. my beefed up feeding tables for 8 and 10 weeks.. 9 and 11 week plants I just take the lower one.. 8 for 9, 10 for 11. 12 you have from the original table. To make it easy for me: Fish-Mix = F / Grow = G / Bloom = B / Top Max = TM / Rotating each feeding with Fish-Mix or Grow = FG | 4/4/4 = 4ml Grow, 4ml Bloom, 4ml Top Max per liter of feeding liquid. 8 week Table Week 1 4ml Root Juice Week 2 2ml F Week 3 3ml F Week 4 3 ml FG / 2ml B Week 5 3ml FG / 3ml B / 1ml TM Week 6 4ml G / 3ml B / 3ml TM Week 7 4/4/4 Week8 Flush - if 9 weeks 4/4/4 and week 9 is flush 10 week Table Week 1 4ml Root Juice Week 2 2ml F Week 3 3ml F Week 4 3 ml FG / 2ml B Week 5 3ml FG / 3ml B / 1ml TM Week 6 4ml FG / 3ml B / 2ml TM Week 7 4ml G / 4ml B / 3ml TM Week 8 4/4/4 Week 9 4/4/4 Week 10 Flush - If 11 weeks 4/4/4 and week 11 Flush I haven't checked my Ph for over a year ^^ so you can skip that, if you use rain water. If you kill your plants.. don't come running to me. Those tables takes no prisoners and on the 8 week table you might very likely run into yellow tips.. half the feeding amount for 1-2 feedings or give pure water. Then resume with the same dosage. If it comes back, your strain might not need that much.. some strains are very hungry out there, some are not ^^ And 1ml means 1ml.. not 2 not 3 or 4, the 5 is totally out of question😁 be as accurate as you can be and use your common sense.
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    I've been away from the forum for a bit, so first post in a while . Hi everyone :) I just purchased a 240W Quantum Board from @Light It Up and I'm very exited to start using it. (Unfortunately I'm moving soon so I probably will have to wait two weeks before I actually can 😒) The experience with @Light It Up was excellent. They answered questions before I had purchases and were quick and friendly. The delivery was amazingly fast and everything was packed really nicely. Very impressive. Once I've moved and setup a grow area I'll start a grow diary. I can't wait to see how much difference using proper lights makes. I'm not sure how I'll know what to set the dimmer too. I'll take a look around and see if there is any info so long. Here are some pics Lights: Heat sink: Driver, dimmer and power meter display Mounting wire & Rope Ratchets Power meter with different dimmer settings (kak photos, sorry)
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    I'm all for it. More often than not, those who are using hardcore drugs are numbing some sort of trauma that needs to be addressed. Locking the user up will just make matters worse for them, psychologically and financially. Plus, in this country's prisons, those drugs are more easily accessible than on the streets. The state doesn't give two shits about your well being, so them locking you up under the pretense that it's for your well being is absolute shite and they have no data to back that up. Really makes no sense
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    Hey dude and dudettes, Long time smoking growing regular family man here. Love my pot, Love growing my pot and I am here to learn as much as I can from everyone and possibly add some of my own value. Cheers to you all!
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    I use a USB microscope, just a cheapy one but it gets the job done and for me it's far easier than trying to use a loupe. The below picture was taken with this microscope.
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    So, Sober October was called to an end last nightπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘... Feeling great after this month's detox. Started a training schedule, and putt on some weight at the same time.πŸ‘ Hope to keep up with the training in the weeks to come... Blazed up a spliff after 1month, some blue dream from my last harvest... like a noob, I didn't need much, only got to about halfway and it was more than enough πŸ˜‚... Then went trick-or-treating with the offspring... Sweet tooth sorted after thatπŸ˜€ Be safe bro's✌️
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    Anybody else experienced Orgasoilux being too hot? Transplanted two of my girls into Orgasoilux when they where around 20cm and am having what appears be to nutrient lock out. Leaves are yellowed with burnt tips, major stunted growth. Been adding some Vermi pure worm tea and a dash of liquid kelp when watering. Repotted into trusty Freedom Farms now. Hoping they will recover and not be too stunted. Did I get a bad batch, common issue or am I missing something.
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    You get a couple of people ducked with one tulip. It turns into a nice bowl at the end Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    πŸ˜… haha well I don't own other shoes so...
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    Lets talk how to make easy hash. I will keep it more on the simple side, some decisions you simply have to make yourself, other steps are give and are rather a must. But as none of the steps are rushed, a rather relaxing procedure. First step is getting your grids.. which ones, I leave that selection to yourself, as not in the mood to hear: bought the wrong sizes because of you! 😁 I use 2 max.. (Google, decide, you can always reorder), I know people using 4 (i just think is a bit over done, if you consume the stuff and don't want to sell in different qualities. Depending on which "take" i rub, i skip the fine one completely, only use the fine one with take 1. I use a cheap Car massage system and put one side of the grids (rather firm connected) on one of those vibrators, set to max. This is not needed at all, I am just a lazy fag ^^ And you need a hard, very smooth surface below your grid.. mirror/glass works best. Once you have the grids of your choice, next order you have to do is dry ice (www.dryice.co.za, 20kg, R816 + shipping, 3mm pellets) and some clean silicon kitchen gloves or non powdered (like always when you handle weed) medical gloves. The dry ice will last 2-3 days, so order that best to the date you want to use it. When you store it, wrap some additional blankets around and place it beside your air intake for the tent πŸ˜‰ Free CO2 generator. There is no need to put your dry left over into the freezer. You just wait 10 minutes longer with wet material, the dry ice does what it says.. it drys very quick ^^ and no liquid left overs. Material I use are fluff buds and material from dressing the A class buds I want to keep. Those are the GSC fluffies, made no pic of the WoW material i hashed, but looked 1 to 1 the same. GSC gets bubbled. In your bucket with the material you dump some dry ice pellets and shake it in in steps. In a 10 liter bucket I drop around 4 cups of dry ice. The 20kg box you get is HUGE ^^ would guess you can easy do 15 huge trees with that box. I had 5 Wonder Woman total. Used not even one quarter. Once it stops "steaming" the water is gone, mix carefully and check that none of those pellets enter your glove.. or you will end with a freeze burn, dry ice is -80C. When you take a bud out and squeeze it.. it should just crumble to dust.. ready to go. Take a hand full out and rub it firm in between your hands. the dry ice pellets will help you get the material fine. Don't take to much, but you are also in no rush, all will stay super cold. No need to dig in your fingers.. just move it gentle without any down force over the grid, that way your fingers stay warm. What falls through looks more like a fog. Depending how long you work the more you change quality. I work each batch around 60-90 seconds. Keep the material, you can do more than 1 take. First will be super sticky and very easy to form a ball, third to fourth will be more powdery and demanding a heat press to get some potency out. When done, remove the material into a second container and rub on a next batch with your hands till done. The fine grid will have collected 90% of the pollen you filtered out. I add some dry ice pellets to that pollen and let it cool down again. Then use a old credit card to gently move it over the fine grid with as little down force as possible. When you are happy, you put the batches in bags. To work with the fine grid, the lower you get the temperature, the better will be the result. (was take Nr4, so a bit greenish) The left overs from 2 10L containers And the result of the first take You can use a pollen press, your hands (gloves) or leave it in the natural chunk it forms by gravity inside the bag. Depending to that, color will change. But is very soft and very sticky... If you have a phone call and have to leave during a batch is on the grid, add some dry ice and let it cool down, that way you don't mess up your grid. Cleaning the grids, any soft brush will do.. if you cool the grid down with some dry ice, you get it rather clean.. just careful.. very cold things like to break way easier. Freeze burns hurt.. keep that in mind before you get one and don't "rub" down when you work the material.. only slide it gentle over the grid. Rest.. good luck and have fun πŸ˜„
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    Hi Prom, For now we are only offering the 120W and 240W light options as we feel this is what majority of growers would be interested in. We will consider expanding and offering some larger lights if there is demand, if you are interested in a larger Quantum Board light let us know and we could bring some in for you with our next order. Our boards do not have any IR diodes. I believe IR can lead to plants stretching, much like Far Red. We believe one does not require IR in order to flower cannabis, we as well as many other growers have done so successfully without LEDs and no IR. If you feel it adds benefit though, that may be the case and we are happy to assist and look at bringing in some lights with IR diodes. We would like to offer 3000K boards as well however there have been stock issues with the Samsung diodes and we were unable to get the 3000K boards with our last order from the manufacturer unfortunately. The 3500K is often seen as a happy medium for both veg and flower, although we know many use 3000K for both veg and flower as well without issues. We agree with you regarding the number of lights required for a 1.2m x 1.2m tent. 3 to 4 QB288 (360w to 480w) would be ideal. With that being said you can still achieve good results with fewer lights. We understand that setting up an indoor grow can be quite expensive and some may choose to start with a single light and add additional lights later on when they are able to. We have updated the foot print for our lights, the previous figures were incorrect. The footprints do not necessarily mean it will provide the ideal amount of usable PPF for such an area, it is more a guide as to what is the maximum area one should considering having the light in. If anyone require any assistance, guidance or are unsure as to how much light they will require they are welcome to reach out to us. This website also has a nice grow light calculator which can assist someone in finding the optimal amount of light required for their grow area. https://www.cocoforcannabis.com/grow-light-calculator/
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    I haven't tossed the plants yet @PsyCLown, my mate says he'll take a chance trying to mend them. He's hellbent on saving the genetics, coz they are good ones to keep. I'm doing a proper clean over the weekend. Full tear down of everything. I have one of those hand pump sprayers, so i was checking i could mist the entire tent then zip up and hold the mister at the intake vent with the fans on to get the H202 everywhere. Wipe down and repeat. Just worried about the H202 potentially eating on my LED's. I could remove the lights and spray that down with ISO... Also, my tent vents directly out of a window, so the room should be safe... Would bleach kill the spores? I know H202 will.
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    Hello everyone, Candyman is the name. No, not the movie, rather my fondness for those particular terpene profiles. 😁 I'm from Ptown and have been growing my own stash on and off for about 15 years now. Mostly outdoor grows from bagseed, but I have dabbled a bit with overseas genetics and indoor hydro back when there was no such thing as grow tents available. Times have changed and so have Cannabis. Looking forward in sharing and learning a lot of new things. Cheers
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    Been sitting here thinking what to say but this is really weird. This has gotta be a personal vendetta. Some old dying turtle from generations past is pushing their dead agenda just one more time before they finally kick the bucket and become irrelevant.
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    Looks like a full blown hermie, pollen will come soon enough.
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    @PsyCLown Well i cant say for sure how much truth there is in this story but the one thing that im absolutely certain of is that theres a lot more bullshit than truth and none of it in Just Cannabis's favour either Because how the fuck do they go & respond (on record nogal) making the claim that the product is substandard but because their supplier refused to do anything therefore UK company is in breach of contract - thats pure bullshit for 2 simple reasons 1.) they continued to sell the substandard product at a premium price - R180 for 30lt is pretty up there --- so one things for sure if they didnt fuck over their supplier they fucked over their customer and in my books if you capable of doing one its likely you done both 2.) breaching a contract doesnt mean you get the keep the shit AND still not pay for it - go breach your home loan and see if the bank gives you any money back so i mean instead of REFUSING to sell a substandard product they rather doubled down, packaged & marketed the subspar goods as their own inhouse premium brand with a premium price so i mean it begs the question if the soil is subpar then why continue scamming end users by claiming its premium and if its not subpar then why the fuck dont you just pay your invoices like the rest of us and stop giving the country a bad name. @Chris Jay yeah, but shame this Pommie still thinks he's getting paid though....someone never explained to him what a "ya bru" is lmao
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    I have most of my plants in his soil and they grow perfectly well. Without fertilizer. He's doing tests on his soil regularly and publicises these tests on his website contrary to most other soil producers. I hope the ones that claim it's a ph issue have actually tested it instead of guessing. I'd contact Jamie directly.
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    So this is what my current feminized run looks like. Plants between 3 and 5 weeks of flower. I have 3 different chocolope NL phenos, and Chocolope NL #1 is the pollen donor, her one branch was treated and the other left untreated with STS. Then there is an OKC, Slurricane, And Green Crack. Pollination has started. ...
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    Definitely not abandoned. Each cross will get their own grow as space opens up. The slurricane mother has been my favorite this year so kicking off with them first.
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    Very well placed in the market, nice and affordable. πŸ‘πŸ» Keen to see the back Friday special! πŸ™ŒπŸ» Anybody currently using these q boards???
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    Excellent topic @Candyman! You have provided a ton of great info! A bit much for the time I have to reply! While I agree that anything with some applied perfection will always be better than something you unknowingly slap together. But not everyone can brew the perfect tea to suit their needs... So a guestimate gamble is all we have. Reading the bacteria and fungi content of what you add to your teas is a good step in the knowing direction, which cuts down on some guesswork... But grabbing a good chunk of earth from a flourishing environment doesn't have an ingredient list... So it's hard to be scientific about it... I hear you, you will have a greater margin of success if you know what's going into your tea... And likewise if you don't have any idea what you are doing, the risk of adding something dodge is very high.
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    Thanks and you're correct. Doesn't get too hot Had a heater on during winter actually, because it wasn't hot enough in the tent Timer regulated that nicely.
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    Futurama is having a Black Friday sale this 2020! The Futurama Black Friday Sale will be live from the 20th 6pm November right through to the 30th of November. That's all we're giving away for now so keep your eyes peeled! To pass the time while we eagerly await our Black Friday Online Sale! We will be open to any questions, but there's a catch... You can only ask us a YES or NO question😜 Click Here to watch the countdown begin!
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    With you on that one, Chief. Have had to chop a grow myself not too long ago. You can definitely use H2O2 as a cleaning agent πŸ‘Œ
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    I dont think heroin and meth should be decriminalized, that shit fucks up peoples lives.
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    @CG420za you could do some copper soap as a treatment incase its rustmite. Will also help against a few other microscopic issues. πŸ€
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    Which water source are you using ? Tap water ? Also, might be deficiency ? Slow amendments or water nutes ? I’m new to the town. Find me on Instagram: tanzenmusic thanks
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    mmmm im sure mine said 1600 on the box or on the microscope itself. 1000x is still excellent and you wont be able to guess incorrectly haha funny enough, the max zoom is actually too much to get a good enough picture. you see the trichomes super close up! but like in @PsyCLown pic, you only get a few in the scene to look at, which makes me end up looking at many many other places. i stick to the 300x zoom i think it is... where i can see like 50 trichomes at a time and be able to get a better guestimate on when to harvest
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    agreed on a pest issue. that doesnt quite look like thrip damage, more whitefly or spidermites. funny enough i battled to notice whiteflies more than i battled to notice thrips so just check for that... whitefly like the underside of the leaves
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    ^^ Is also my way to check em fast. Macro pic with my Nikon and zoom in on the computer and check in peace with a smoke for the good things to come 😁
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    Sorry.. just wanted to post a reminder.. your 12 week outdoor Autoflowers wanna hit the glass NOW!!! 😁 So No.. you are not to late πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹
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    Is not a bad spot to put them.. inside a vacuum sealed container.. can also freeze them
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    shot for this mate!! i personally have all my single QBs hanging at different heights like in your last example... and yea, it is a bit of a B to adjust, but the flexibility is second to none. i spent a bit more time on my build than you did im sure... had to do it in increments and weekends hahaha i have wired up a dedicated 12v system that feeds each light in my grow for a little pc fan. I also have no heatsink, only the board and an alu plate, but with a fan for each unit. as much as the boards can handle the heat, i add the fan because i ran some tests about a year ago where i tested the light output for a passively cooled and an actively cooled setup. both boards were at max output (120w) and the one with the fan put out a whopping 10% extra lumens according to my dinky toy phone sensor.. less heat equals less wasted energy equals higher light output! Again, shot for a sweet write up man
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    Thanks for this Prom. I used an Android phone and the Doggo app with my QB bar lights and it seems my estimations were fairly close to your findings on the Photometer Pro App, no idea how close the Lux readings will be between the 2 apps. Anyway, for Germination I had it on 15K - 18K Lux, Veg - 40K-45K and flower was around 63K (Max @ around 40cm away, guess I can move them a bit closer as they run quite cool). I'll fine tune that closer to your recommendations next time. Will also try out the app you work with. Cheers
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    @felix2000 i can tell you why i never ended up getting the air pots. I did some research on them and found 2 deal breakers. Some of your medium is prone to run out the holes when watering. And the holes on the pot allow gnats easy access to wet soil. Can imagine a fungus gnat infestation in all those little holes would be near impossible to get rid of.
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    LOL you open the jar of that and your couch sommer fluffs up and grows seatbelts hahaha i would be locked for days on that couch hahaha
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    So Coco for cannabis have a nice calculator on their site: https://www.cocoforcannabis.com/grow-light-calculator/ Below is the size of your tent and what they recommend in terms of usable PPF: Then below is your Quantum Board, provided it has Samsung LM301B diodes and you are running it at 240W: The umol/w figure I got from MiGro from back when he tested it - keep in mind the environment was simulating a tent. Also I doubt you would be running it at the full 240w. Regardless, there is a bit of a shortfall compared to the recommended PPF. 2x 240w QB's will be perfect can have them dimmed a bit then too. Although majority of people do not want to spend the money to spec out their grow area with lights - you can still get good results, I'd say put your plants as close together as possible and as directly under the light as possible and results should be good. I managed to fit 6x 20L pots inside a 1.2 x 0.6 tent - it was a tight fit. So your 1 x 1 tent should be quite spacious in comparison with just 4 plants inside.
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    Hey CreX, thank you for the welcome! We at Futurama have written a series of grow articles which we will be publishing in the subforums soon for everyone to check outπŸ˜€
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    Here are some pics of DigiBerry (mother is 1999 dutch passion blueberry, father is backcrossed 2001 blueberry indica x sour bubble). This is the best Blueberry hybrid that I've found so far.
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    Here is a cousin of the BlueberryKushs, she has some Romulan genes added in the mix. BlueSpaceKush
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