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    I've seen a lot of people (across social media platforms) make the same mistake I personally made when I started growing, and that is thinking that any soil will be good enough. The idea that heading down to BenBell and picking up whatever they've got is a good idea because "I'm still starting out". In reality, starting out with a good soil will make you see how great growing can be, instead of wondering what's wrong and trying to diagnose the problems that come from bad soil. If I had a PSA to give the new growers it would be: AVOID HEAVILY BARKY SOIL/BARKY POTTING SOIL Particularly avoid the Culterra mixes you find at your local gardening stores. While these bark filled mixes will work for a lot of plants, cannabis is not one of them. They are inherently acidic and the bark causes excessive nitrogen in the soil. The result is that you're left with plants which are getting burnt from the nutrients while being unable to absorb them because of the acidic nature. The result is plants that show both deficiencies and burns in early life, and rarely grow bigger than a ruler. There is a striking similarity between almost all of the plants which are unlucky enough to be placed into these mixes. I've grabbed some other people's images from social media just to show how uniform the problems tend to be. Invest in good soil! You're investing money into beans, don't waste that money by putting them into bad soil.
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    Update time We've got 3 Chocolope ladies and seemingly three different pheno's judging by plant structure and leaf shape. Plant 1 and 2 are quite compact with short internodal spacing and bushy. Their growth seems to be much slower. Our weather has been crap, stormy shit with wind, rain, lightning and hail- and lets not forget the 40deg days inbetween. Probably had an affect. Plant 2 also looks like she is getting ready to go into preflower. For the comp I'm going with Plant no3. Her growth was much more vigorous than the other 2 and she responded well to the toppings, creating a decent, relatively even and level canopy. And the dodgy weather doesn't seem to have phased her at all. Still feeding Seagrow and molasses with Epsom every other feeding. Going to bring in some Ecobuz Flower later on. Cheers Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Awesome, thank you. Recieved Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Hi All Started my first outdoor grow with bag seed from a friend. All cheese variants grown outdoors in treated soil raised beds. I started in middle September and just looking for a platform to get some help and see how my grow compares to other outdoor setups. Glad to be hear and looking forward to learning lots
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    Alright so, in the interest of not leaving an unanswered question regarding this driver, it appears this model is limited to 48V I've replaced the B model with the Meanwell 240 48AB and I'm happy to say that did the job. Can easily push to 200W and 5A with the voltage adjusting accordingly. So don't go for the B mode Meanwell drivers. Get the AB✊
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    Hiya Crex Sorry to hear about the probs. Got one of those t-shirt. Light a spliff, take your time and find the way forward bru. The good guys don't stay down. Hit us up if we can help. Even a pm. Keep it rolling Cheers Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    So the dry weight from my Chocolope came in at 84g dry. Not bad considering the size and how heavy I defoliated (schwazzing). I am happy with the yield, the effects are pretty good to truth be told. Scent on the bud taken out the jar is not great, once ground smells very nice.
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    Placed my order. Thanks for the special. Reliable access to international genetics is awesome. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    I'm personally not as optimistic about the recreational side of things as others seem to be, I mean I'm ready to be pleasantly surprised. But it feels like the way everything is being approached, especially by Government is that there is 0 incentive for them to give a fuck about the local market in terms of end use. I feel like they're going to fixate more on the medical side of things, and probably just define limits for the court ruling, but I honestly can't imagine seeing a well structured, fair and locally productive route for recreational usage. I've always thought we'd likely see medicinal implemented for several years before we see recreational addressed in any form we'd like to. But even then I see them taking a Canadian approach and making everything run through government with the favour of foreign companies as suppliers and government owned outlets. Personally, I'm not too phased - as a grower for personal use, I'll continue to do as I do and grow for myself. But I certainly would like to see the stigmas removed through a well structured normalization.
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    Yeah, with only 10 months left for parliament to rectify the law to align with the concourt ruling, one would expect that we would have been invited to submit public input already. If we, the ones exercising our new found rights to grow our own, dont even get that gap, then those 'very clever' money hungry MPs who dont have clue about growing are going to keep us oppressed because it will suit this ones cousin and that ones brother. The hawks are already having a field day. There has been no real footwork in changing the stigma around this plant since the concourt ruling, and both the far left and far right are still anti cannabis ie anti drug.
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    Yeah, I have some Bruce Banner, Chocolope and I think mango kush curing, harvested during the first few days of my break. Can't wait to give the Chocolope a proper test 'flight' Sent from my CLT-L29 using Tapatalk
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    Well that was abit of a challenging post lol had some issues with the uploading Here is the other pic for #5 And #6 Transplants done and mulched with lucerne The plants have only received dechlorinated and/or rain water
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    I've mentioned it to a member on the forum. Selling living soils/super soils commercially is risky business with a lot of factors that could go wrong. Having a production facility that is sealed and contaminant free is almost next to impossible, maybe that day will come, but not right now. That's how the occasional batch will have fungus gnats etc. I also feel there's a catch 22 with packaging. I don't know the real science behind it but I'm worried the bags are too sealed and don't allow the soil to breathe well. On the other hand, if you allow the soil to breathe well by punching more holes in the packaging you risk the soil drying out, another issue in itself, plus you invite pests like fungus gnats etc. I think you'll need to accept a certain element of risk when buying a commercial super soil. The only way to avoid doubt entirely is to mix your own
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    Girls are looking healthy.
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    Hi guys, @cee2020 you should be reciving you seeds very soon - out for delivery. Please check your mail for tracking details. @Mambawana "All we want is feedback. If there's a delay, tell us, we will understand and we will wait for our orders. Very Poor 1st impression." - 100%, we will over comms going forward. "So I'm not the only one? Those prices... too good to be true?" They are true πŸ™‚ @Totemic Payfast are good, got their mails - just not good when they freeze the account πŸ™‚ @420SA All should be in order now, dont blame you for the harshness - looking after the community @Bakstein420 We will drop you a coupon, once we writeup how the below works.. Totemic "Importing seeds can take anything from a week to a month..." We want to move to a 2day import - its a bit pricey so we are going to have to work out that we have a target, enough orders to hit the target for the import while still making a small profit. If we charged the prices the other guys do in SA, every order could be imported via 2days >.< Ive gone through each and every posts here, not going to make more excuses though can promise next round wont be such a mess 😞 , all orders we have received are on the way to their new homes. @SkunkPharm Already received his order πŸ™‚ and posted some pics. ,
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    Greetings all, I harvested on Monday and Tuesday night. ~ I had to do a good trim before drying as I lost 4 big colas due to bud rot, ~ After the trim I was left with 315gram wets buds with no stems and leaves ~ Drying them in a box with a small Pc fan for air circulation. ~ I will de a decent report regarding height and all and all on the weekend with some more pics and bud pics. I will also do a smoke report when they done curing. ~ This was really fun to do and a great learning curve. ~biggest thing I've learned is better IPM is needed to succeed. ~ I cannot complain about the genetics as I know I did not make it easy for this lady and she had some hard times. ~ the Buds I managed to save is all chunky, meaty and hard, will definitely be a good smoke. Thank you to all involved, Thank you @420SA for not banning my ass for missing a few updates and being patient. I will be back for the next one and definitely going to be a contender then. @Totemic thank you!
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    True yeah. A liter from bio grow is getting expensive and whipping out for a 5L,.......well that's not gonna happen soon, unless you go 50 50 with a friend. I still use Seagro during veg as it's the cheapest and still really effective. Most of the other bottles nutes calls for using between 10 - 15 ml per liter as where Seagro only needs 5ml per liter. I have used it for a few years now and came to loving it. The wife hates the smell but it's bearable... When it comes to water people always say that if it's dry a knuckle down then water.... I choose to take 4 sushi sticks and push it in at 4 points in my pots and leave it there. Every 2nd or 3rd day I pull it out to check how damp the stick is and how far down the dampness goes. That way I know what's going on inside my pots.
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    Day 47 and everything is looking good topped 3 out of the 4 females. Did LST on CL #4 CL#1 still just growing straight.
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    Eishhh....Go for the doctor bruh. You can grow anytime, injuries cost bucks and take time to heal- but you have only one body so look after it. Learnt how to fall, the hard way. Pissed blood, broken bones, dislocated ''you name it'', black n blued. But it was awesome and I'll do it again in a heartbeat. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    So our grow is busting out at the seams.... Summer outdoor growing season is in full swing. But with that comes issues... ''Had'' a problem with some green grasshoppers and caterpillars that started munching everything.... Pic 1-3. Had to move some of our Swazi girls outside as the were getting too tall and we want to see how big they get in the ground. Pic 4. Duo of Herbnation Cheese auto's. Pic 5-6. LST/HST experiment doing well so far. Pic 7. Swazi Lady doing her thing and getting big and bushy. Pic 8. Swazi clones were cut for possible future breeding. Got some Basil, tomatoes and Palermo chilli's going in my soil to test suitability. Seems good. Lekker. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Thanks bud. This is the stuff... https://ppplastics.co.za/product/bidim-non-woven-geotextiles These are long ass rolls though! 75m-150m! I do remember now that someone mentioned that you can only get this stuff in a huge quantity not really viable for home DIY use. Unless we organise a collective purchase on the forum and split it
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    I buy my silver nitrate etc from them. Packages always arrive 2-3 days after order.
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    I was 1st checking what the plant will look like more opened up. Then I saw that my Acasia Bonsai Forest is in the way of pulling her more down at the back. The other reason is because I ran out of twine, which is good cause I went searching for something better and found small wood beams that'll suit it better in terms of training. I will remove the twine and screws today and redo the training. I will also try to use the bonsaias part of the training. I have found in the past that if you pull branches down with twine and let it grow up, it tends to tip over once buds are heavy and then you need to tie the branches up. With the wooden dowls (?) it's more firm and steady. And besides, that training doesn't seem like something that'll win the " best trained plant " award.... 😐😐😐. Just busy drinking another cup of Joe, smoking a wake n bake pipe and then Im getting ready to head up the mountain. The BIM mission needs to wait until next weekend cause I don't have rice and not in the mood for people and shops today.......
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    I have set them to flower and was wondering why the banana kush keeps stretching ...having to lift the lights up higher everyday.
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    True but autos have earned a place in our community. Many scenarios people just can't grow photos. Like right now for instance... If I needed bud asap, I would grow a couple 60 day autos. Or if my yard was heavily light polluted by street lights or neighbours lights I would have no choice but to grow autos. The flip side to being put in this position would be you probably gonna have mediocre end results. Although some breeders are putting crazy thc numbers on their autos so who knows maybe someone on this forum is gonna meet up with a Fire pheno and show us all something new.
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    This may help you for now @PsyCLown https://www.cannabist.co.za/product-category/cannabis-seeds/breeder/ You can browse by breeder. @Cannabist perhaps you should add this product category to the main menu as well. More accomplished growers are more likely to browse by breeder
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    Slow but sure, here is the copper method
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    Quick Germ Update: 1 seed didnt make it, something in the medium chowed it, i think, found a bunch of flying ants in the medium & no taproot😱 Remaining 5 are all germinated & growing nicely.
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    That some real sht, @CreX you did good man, ain nobody got time fo dat. Damn crazy ass btch's.
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    Alrighty, proof of concept at 50%, I've got the eskom on/off portion sorted. Both relays clicking so I don't believe the LED side will have any issues. Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    I hope my seeds will sprout with this sudden temp change 20Β° drop i moved my seeds from outside to ontop of the ps3 but now this load shedding I hope i see strong sprouts
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    Fuck I missed - just pinched too much, 2 tops
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    @Zah I am busy with a micro grow and finding space to be a bitch. I rate 40cm x 40cm to be ok per a plant, 50cm x 50cm even better. Otherwise they starting growing into each other and any training, defoliation or moving of pots becomes a PITA.
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    Nice one dude. 5/6 is a good ratio. I got 4 females. Plants are getting bigger....
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    Good taste in music @Dank! Big fan of Fortunate Youth.
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    Hey all, sorry about the long absence. Nothing happening, plants still in tent (no food and low light), as we've been having wild storms last couple of weeks. They will definitely be put out this week.
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    Seabird guano will be good, lots of P and Ca. Vegging plants use a lot of Ca due to accelerated growth. Should be a lekker addition to the tea's as well, just use care with dosages to avoid fosfate buildup in the medium. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Hey there, I help out Biltong and Budz with their orders. I've popped around 40 seeds that I've received from various breeders through B&B, and while not all have germed, about 92% have. Last 2 batches (20 seeds) have had 100% germination success. I realize I may come across as biased, but I only want to help you determine where your problem lies. Biltong and Budz don't breed their own seeds (think there was 1 pack that they did), so whatever else you buy (unless a local breeder) is being imported directly through the seed banks you'd buy from if you ordered internationally. The seed banks that carry them don't really have control over the viability of the seeds, it's all about picking seeds from a quality breeder, more so than the seed bank. The issue here is 100% the mediums you're using, not sure about the other 2 but when I started growing a few years back I made the mistake of using a soil like that and had the exact same issues with my plants. It isn't the genetics, it's the soil in this case. Avoid barky soil you find at garden shops, cannabis does not do well in it at all! Avoid barky or woody soils. They all stunt in exactly the same way, and look like the plant in the image. Barky soil is typically very acidic and also quite hot. That is why you see what you do here, a plant that has both deficiencies and burns.
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    @Cannabist apologies for any harsh words i sent your way, very childish of me. I'm very happy that you have indeed pulled through. and.... I agree with @SkunkPharm, I can wait a month for seeds at these prices, one can simply plan ahead.
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    What they look like now. One looks a bit stunted, but will see what happens. Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
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    Photos of the confiscated stock in Brits where Canapax HQ were raided.
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    @Aeradix what was your end result? Have you chopped?
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    I'll be doing that, along with giving you some for you jars. Thanks J!!!
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    Place your vote in this month's poll
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    Practice a more hands off approach than hands on. Especially with organic
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    Hi All! So tonight is the deadline, and my plant is at day 73. It could maybe go a day or two but I will be harvesting as I have spotted a couple of light amber trichomes here and there, which I reckpn is good enough for a sativa. It has put out nicely size lately, and is fragrant and spicy in scent. I am content with how the genetics performed - Thank you @Totemic!! 🍁
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    So after a bunch of time spent , after dealing with moving , on getting prepared for the season , i am finally jumping in A bit delayed but none the less im still very excited for the season and very grateful for the opportunity for this experience The beans were soaked yesterday afternoon (21 Oct) i thought this one seemed cracked but went ahead with her anyway ⬆️ This evening , after a little more than 24hrs soaking , they were popped into solo cups in some of my own simple seedling mix This is when i realized #4 (the one i thought may be damaged) had a tap root around 3 - 5 mm already And now we wait πŸ€ Big ups to all the other growers - the diaries ive seen are looking good and makes me even more excited πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ™
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    It's the media's sensationalist weapon... "dagga lab" "hydroponic dagga lab" and of course still using the word "dagga". It's all about the angle. The media is clearly targeting those who are strongly anti-drugs and anti-"dagga" to read their articles. They are the only one's who will read it... and us. If they say police raided a persons home and encountered a "cannabis garden" the effect of the story immediately diminishes. They've lost the reader and the advertisers lose out. A lot of people also think cannabis and dagga are 2 different things. They see cannabis as this breakthrough healing plant that they are hearing about on the news but they still see "dagga" as this drug that is ruining our youth. The media capitalizes on that. Also notice how the media will call it cannabis when its an article on medicine but as soon as its found in someone's home its called dagga again. Twats
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