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    #1 Weather issues #2 Gelato week 6 #3 Offspring #4 Girl Scout up skirt shot #5 GSC going Durban
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    Personally I think the move to shutdown was a good one and perhaps the only option right now. Especially for a country like ours. We have a huge portion of the population that relies on public transport and that public transport involves people essentially sitting on top of each other. Then as you say Prom, so many have compromised immune systems in this country. Our health system can't cope as it is so we would be desperately fucked if this virus took hold like it has in Italy. Granted Italy has a high number of elderly citizens but our HIV and TB issue could be a far more detrimental factor than just old age. I have my reservations about how this pandemic may have come about. The possibility of a natural cause or malicious intent bounces back and forth in my mind. Some things to read up on and make you wonder a little - http://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/ - this event took place in October 2019, a month before the apparent origin of the virus in November 2019. https://www.businessinsider.co.za/chinese-official-says-us-army-maybe-brought-coronavirus-to-wuhan-2020-3?r=US&IR=T - The US Military was in Wuhan in October 2019 for the "Military World Games" Coincidence? Who knows...
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    The forest of delight is starting to get yummy. 1/2. The GG cut from @Mambawana Looking pretty, she's putting on weight and started leaning over, will be needing extra support. 3/4. Our FruitPunch lady doing what she does best and getting top heavy. We had some heavy rain for a few days last week, some of the outdoor ladies started drooping. I'm assuming it was a sign of ''over watering'',luckily the rain stopped and they all looking perky again.
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    Additional note. You can't put in a bigger breaker if you need more watt room. The breaker is there to protect the cable in the wall. If you put a bigger breaker in, you run the risk of over loading your cable infrastructure and causing a fire or just burning your cable out. You will need to confirm the cable size and hope they have underrated the wire, or run a new bigger cable to the grow op
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    Alright guys here are our winners! Can the winners please contact me via PM with the following details please: Your name Delivery Address Your cell number In 3rd place @Peter Green - We liked the idea behind this pic. Thought it was something a little different In 2nd place @Valhalllafarms - This pic just has good impact And in 1st place... @Dagga Home Grower - if this pic wasn't gonna win him 1st place one of his other pics would have anyway! A well deserved 1st place. The lighting, colour, focus and effect is all spot on. Well done!
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    At least our ladies wil get the propper attention they need. Some might work in a harvest dry and cure in this time.. but if it lasts longer... which it might... Hope you have some auto seeds... Keep cool, have peace and above all... stay at home...
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    If I had to choose one of your top 5 jobs... It would definitely be the master grower part. I would love to have a cannabis coffee parlor, where I have a small room to grow a few plants... Nothing fancy and not my main grow... But just for people to view when they come grab a spliff or a coffee. I'd love to be a waiter in my own shop so I can tell the customers about each strain on the menu with their various intricacies. Actually I'd actually love a hydro store, with a coffee shop as the main attraction. That's my end goal
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    Hey guys I must apologise for going off the radar. Was away last week in an area with really frustrating data signal which made it impossible to browse the forum and get things sorted with regard to this SOTM. I assure that winners will be announced tomorrow morning or early afternoon. Hope you all had a good weekend
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    Was haveing a blank moment while admiring my lady's that have started flowering πŸ€”πŸ€€
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    ENTRIES CLOSED Hi all! Hope you're staying sane during this lockdown. Fortunately we have mary jane to keep us lifted. The nominees will be announced this evening or tomorrow morning
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    Gelato OG , she gave me endless nightmares ...but very proud of myself second plant successfully harvested .❀
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    @Mambawana mixed these two works great Amylox 2g per litre Bactoviridus 20ml per 10litre Works like a bomb
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    Took a quick pic this morning. Girls are doing well, most are in flower- various stages. But I'm not without issues. Still battling the Fusaria fungal problem, it's only affecting certain plants, only 3 so far. Might have been a bad batch of soil from the nursery, I dont know. The cinnamon and honey mix seems to check it for about a week and then it carries on, starving branches of nutes untill it wilts completely. The clove and nicotine sprays keep the worms and spidermites in check but those mites are hardy buggers and keep coming back. Need more companion plants to keep them busy. Funny enough my outdoor ladies are experiencing far less issues than in the greenhouse/tunnel. First Fruitpunch babies have germed for the start of the winter grow. Stay safe and grow well. Peace 420SA
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    @Totemic is bringing out fem seeds now. Not available on the 420SA store but available on Cannabist. Here's the link https://www.cannabist.co.za/breeder/totemic-genetics/ Also maybe contact him directly on here
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    I like the names already from your seeds.. ever thought to go a step ahead and go colloidal silver to do fem seeds.. and then.. the last step and cross with ruderalis to get a auto? 😁 (No problem to get silver coins, so very easy to get the colloidal silver solution) Would have zero issues to fork you out 1000 Rand for 10 seeds.. if the genetic are as delicious as they sound.. 1500 also zero issue.
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    Good idea @Dank will give it some thought.
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    Rain on buds that are already with mold (budrot) or pm will worsen for sure I'm afraid. Plants without issues can be "shaken off" after a rain or heavy dew to help minimize issues. From the picture I saw and the few trees in the background, I would take down what's getting worse and leave the healthiest plants to mature longest. These are all fungi problems, spores get created and will spread across gardens quite easily left unchecked. The earlier harvests might have less taste and a more speedy high, budrot harvest is not worth smoking anyway. Hope this advice helps a bit. Vrede growmies
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    They doing great. 2x Ladies in the greenhouse are still flowering (checking trichs). Only harvested 1x outdoor girl so far.(taste tests were very good) Still got a big lady in the ground with about another week to go. But will do an proper update on the thread. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    When ever you think, it is time to harvest.. wait another week. 😁 New growers.. I recommend to do that at least twice πŸ˜‚ Is to early.. sugar leaves turn amber rather fast. Wait till picture area 5 has more color.. would be my suggestion. The more amber, the more couch lock.. so you have to decide when is your perfect time to cut.
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    Hi lucid, Sadly that looks like a bit of budrot. You can try pull the infected bits out to see if the Cola can be saved. What plans do you have for your next grow, assuming you pressing forward with this glorious hobby😜
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    Well done to @Dagga Home Growerand @Peter Green big thanks to @420SA 😁😁 mad appreciate everything
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    Well done guys, some great entries! Keep it up! Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
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    Morning session out at Tygerberg Nature Reserve with a shroom microdose and homegrown Mendocino Skunk πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ Forgetting my water in the car was not wise....... πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
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    Here are the 10 nominees in order of submission Due to the current lockdown, prizes can only be sent out post lockdown. We'll therefore run this poll till the 15th of April and announce the winners on that same day. @@_deanzo_ #1 @@_deanzo_ #2 @Prom #1 @Prom #2 @Smeegol @Garushk @Wolfsbane @Bospatrollie2 @SunShine Coast Farms #1 @SunShine Coast Farms #2
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    Warm water is 'room temp' or slightly warmer. Careful, if water is 'too warm' it may cause more harm than good. Sent from my CLT-L29 using Tapatalk
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    I don't think anyone can make a proper call without the details. I'd take a container of the latest and greatest for R1k a month, but for R40k nope - I'd rather invest in my own equipment. I'd also not want to use a name brand lights, would rather go for some quality QB's which are generally sourced from China and offer way better value compared to Fluence lights for example. I think what I am trying to get at is that it really needs to offer value for money but at the same time may be a bit tricky to get people to buy in as I assume the monthly rental price is not all that cheap and when compared to buying your own equipment outright multiplied over 6 months for your first grow - how much are you saving? Is it not worth just buying equipment as opposed to hiring? Also everyone is different and has a different idea as to what would work best for them and the type of equipment and setup they would like. A big concern of mine regarding the container is heat - if you were to provide us with more detail then we could give you a bit more feedback.
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    @zairek i found that my results improved a lot. So i am happy with the switch. That being said, i cant afford those top range LEDs that would definitely give the same if not better results. The cheaper LEDs (1000w china makes) tend to get the job done, but they kak after 2-3grows and you need a couple for desired results. Speaking as a amateur grower, im sure some of the big boyz will disagree and will be able to get descent results from cheapmade LEDs, but im not that good yetπŸ˜‚. The first 2 pics is with LED, the other 3 is with HID.
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    Anyone experience a plant with this 3point leaf configuration? Is this a mutation?
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    It helps a lot. Thanks brother. The pics I posted are all of the same tree. Removed any rotting pieces, will keep a close eye on her. She's the furthest along, all the other girls are quite far behind.
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    @CreX thanx for the advice will keep some Nutes close by. I have the system running for about 3 weeks now and got a positive reading for nitrate. Not sure my knowledge on this subject is nearly enough to be able to determine if it is the right food for the plants. I have a plant that received some of this solution and she seems happy. No Nutes in the Res,only AACT and that "nitrate water". She is going into week 3 of flowering I topped up with some more clean water and added a few more things to the top. (EWC, dried banana peel, kelp meal, insect frass, blood meal, turbo grow, mycoroot). Guess I should do some more research, but doing this as I go will give me a better understanding of what's happening and what is needed. All advice is greatly appreciated.
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    Yikes, nice recovery so far, @SmokeyZero πŸ‘
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    Hallo, @420SA No hydro Nutes at the moment. I had some issues with this plant during a few hot days a while ago, root rot. The only option was AACT, since then it's only been AACT, with explogrow once. This was the roots that was left after a big lump came off full of slime. This is the roots today, only brow because of the tea. The leaves started looking better after a few days and kept getting better. And below is today
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    I've had plants do that when they reveg, but some of my earlier Mango Kush ladies had 3 pointed leaves and they were grown from seed. Maybe some genetic anomaly caused it but, I'm sure it's not always a mutation. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Looks sleek, nice going πŸ‘Œ
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    The expo, D-day and marches have all been cancelled or postponed. Sucks that the biggest 2 months for cannabis in SA have lined up with the country's shutdown. https://thehighco.co.za/south-africas-cannabis-events-cancelled/ What other 420 friendly events have been cancelled?
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    You'll be able to do a full grow with a setup like that no problem. You'll just need to sort your actual growing medium and type. In a setup like this, I'd personally do 4 x 20L fabric pots with Living Organics Soil, and throw in a scrog net as well to maximise yield considering that LED. I've seen guys start out with worse LED's, the Apollo series isn't terrible but it's also not the greatest. Just keep that in mind when imagining expectations. It's a phenomenal price for that combo. All you would really need to upgrade is the LED to a 250W QB. From there it's a bigger tent and beyond.
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    Ahoy fellow horticulturists. Been doing some breeding work with our self dubbed ''Fruitpunch'' cross. This lady is the preliminary result of what was started with our Mango kush last year. She showed very vigorous germination and growth, compact strong structure. Soaked the beans 12hrs, transferred to moist paper towel for 24hrs and boom.... 10-20mm taproots, transplanted to soil this morning and they peaking out the soil this afternoon. They want to grow. She is relatively mould and drought resistant and technically an autoflower due to her Ruderalis roots. Introduced some Swazi gold genes to boost her structure and resistance. Harvested about 100 beans from her. Results so far are very positive, she is ticking most of the boxes for what I want from her. Some of my companion plants (gemsquash/butternut) have pm on them but none of my other plants, which to me, is a very good sign. Thinking of doing do a backcross to stabilise this wily lady.
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    Can you do requests as well? I mean, can I request seeds that you do not currently offer and you source them?
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    Thought it may be useful to share a website that has numerous events listed from all over South Africa, Cannabis Events SA allows you to browse through a selection of cannabis events and 420 friendly gigs listed from around South Africa. If you find it helpful you may also list your cannabis events here as well, Hope you find this useful, Regards
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    I see that leaf quite a lot when plants reveg out of the flowering stages, never ran across a plant that only had 3 blades from seed, if so possibly a rarer phenotype of that strain. Plants that reveg will usually go from 1 blade, to 3 blades, and then starts producing full sets as the veg period is in full swing.
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    My kinda thread 😁 Autos have some advantages.. and some disadvantages ( at least I got told hehehe) I grew a few and, me, I love autos. My opinion advantages/disadvantages of Autoflower Disadvantage - Got told they taste less good as they grow less long (that is on the list to get tested) - Not a beginner plant, every fuck up will lower your yield substantially, the plant demands perfect growing conditions all the time Advantages 1 Tent for all generations (18/6, 20/4. 24/0 fix light cycle) You can grow a bigger selection on the same space I get a lot more yield from Autos in relation of the fertilizer I put into the plant (cheaper weed) A lot less maintenance work (watering, defoiling) and easier handling of the plants First batch outdoor Autos you plant in October comes 100% without seeds as no males out flowering before the harvest. Over all I like the simplicity of the plant. No light changes, every 2 days 1 liter of water in my 11L pots. I have to grow 12 Autos, to reach the fertilizer consumption of one of my outdoor fems. If they don't yield at least 600g dry, my fem will lose the yield battle.. and that is with a lousy 50g dry calculation per Auto.. we reached on the last 19 Autos we harvested.. friend and myself, an average of 80g dry per plant.. we take that number, fem has to reach over 900g dry if the fertilizer i put into both, are the same amount. An Auto uses about 215ml fertilizer total during her life cycle, one of my outdoor fems stands on around 2865ml per life cycle... quite a bit hehehe (using Bio Bizz.. so fucking expensive 😁) I only plant Fems these days, if I can't get the Auto version of the plant.
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    I grow ganja, bru...Growing ganja is an art - an art that even people shit at art can do. It takes a special kind of craft - one of binding yourself to another life, to try to make for it the best form of life. Its a neurotics therapy and I am extremely neurotic - but when I have a grow going and have time to sit and have a joint with my plants, I am not anxious anymore and my negativity and obsessiveness is absorbed there. It's my point of entry to a secret life filled with clandestine projects, experiments, adventures and even anonymous encounters...beautifully seditious pleasures (will I lose that when its legal for reaI?). There is also always something new to learn, or an idea I want to try to implement (the next time round). And I am always getting better. Wiser even - because I am learning the limits of my control over the grow. But I also complain about my grow all the time. Bitch! the truth is I hate my grow, and I wish that fucking thing would get done already... It is a trap binding me to a place - "be there everyday". A labour of obligation that is never done. The promise of more that will only pay out in full the next time around. An obsession that costs and now a different source of anxiety (because who knows when the cops are going to come knocking on the door (again)). Then it happens...a broken cola, an infestation, lockout... and my grow breaks my heart. I want nothing to do with this bitch... So I am done (almost). The grow will soon be chopped...but like a junkie jonesing for a needle, all I can think about is which girls are going under my new 1000w Gavita next, and which system will be crafted to nurture them through my training. But I am taking my time and testing the patience of my still fulll jars. I'm not going to overdose. Not again.
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    Weed is like wine.. you store and cure it, it will improve in taste and smoke quality tremendously. Seriously, is like day and night. All weed I smoke, is at least 2 months cured. Those Bovida bags I bought once, 5 years ago... and use the same since. If a bag gets "grainy" from the crystallized salts, the bag(s) get their own vacuum container with a little cotton ball wet with water. When the bags are nice and elastic again, they go into the normal vacuum storage jar with the others and moisten out evenly over the next month till I use them again. So 5 years ago I invested something like 1000 Rand into bags and use them since.. 200 Rand a year, isn't really a wallet cruncher 😁 I blow 1000 Rand a month fertilizer into my plants.. is a huge waste not to cure that or you smoke your own nutrition's. Like good wine.. if you don't let it stand and ripe in perfect conditions, your 200$ bottle of wine is just vinegar in the beginning, after the right amount of time, you get a unbelievable smooth and tasty experience. Cure your weed! I think the drying and curing process is the most neglected tasks by most growers.. and has the biggest impact on your buds taste.
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    Temp and humidity are the most important factors here. Lower terms are always better... If you can keep your Temps down at around 20Β° that will help preserve the terp profile... This includes your growing Temps as high growing Temps can also burn off terps if you aren't careful. Humidity is also of paramount importance... Too high and you get moldy buds... Too low and your harvest dries out before it has time to break down the chlorophyll and other shit. From the moment you harvest and hang your plants... The humidity must not go above 65% and not lower than 50%. It is a tight gap and can be a mission to maintain... But if you can do that... Then those thin stems will be snapping in 5 days ish... If you keep your humidity on 65, you can expect an extra day or so to dry out. If you can have some subtly moving air or an intake fan... it will help keep the RH down... But too much moving air fresh air will dry out the buds very quick. After that, Mason jars and burping... I have a small RH meter that fits in the jars nicely and I can easily see if I need to burp or not burp... I burp when my RH in the jar hits anything over 65...and close the jar when RH is around 55... Rinse wash repeat until the bud is smokable... So like 2 or 3 weeks from harvest... It is highly advisable to not smoke the bud as soon as it can be smoked... Quality comes from a good few months curingπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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    I just love this pic. The neighbour will literally see a weed flower just sticking out like that! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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