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  1. Sorry for getting in on this a bite late, we do not check the forum everyday but do monitor our emails daily. If there is ever anything urgent, best to drop us an email. We see the issue has been resolved by removing the pot / dimmer. We have been experiencing some issues with the dimmer and got a new batch of dimmers from our supplier which we are now making use of and busy testing. @donnob Drop us a PM and let us know if you'd like some replacement dimmers and we will happily send them through to you.
  2. Hi Dookie, Yes it was - setup was done to try and simulate a tent of 1.2m x 1.2m
  3. So I know a few of you have been waiting a while for these, apologies about that. Here are the PPFD maps, they were done at heights of 30cm, 45cm and 60cm and then at power levels of 80W, 160W and 240W. We have done this variation to assist those who are using our lights to try and optimize their grow and efficiency, allow you to adjust the height and power to suit your grow and the stage of growth your plants are in. We have included a PPFD guideline to further assist as we understand just having the figures on the map is useless if you do not know what range to aim for. The guide is rough and specifically for cannabis, however keep in mind there can be variations between strains. There are some other changes which have been made and we will be posting about them soon 30CM 45CM 60CM
  4. We have decided to extend our sale until midnight, 3 December 2021.
  5. Just to inform everyone, we won't be available from 26th November until 3rd December, any orders placed during this period will be shipped out during the week of 6 December 2021. We will also be posting the PPFD charts that same week.
  6. Black Friday specials are live on out website for our 240W Quantum Boards!
  7. Black Friday Specials Coming Soon! 22 November - 30 November
  8. 240W at the moment. We considered larger lights but feel multiple smaller lights are better as it offers more flexibility and is more modular.
  9. @Marzcanna We do not have it listed on our website, but can assist you. Drop us a PM
  10. Well done to each of the winners and thank you to @420SA for hosting this competition!
  11. Thanks for providing further feedback! Glad you are enjoying the light as well as your plants!
  12. Sorry guys, I know we've been quiet. We've been busy with a few things in the background and with some other things on the side. Was the issue with the dimmer itself or with the connector? Regardless, we have changed the connector and we also moved over to a different dimmer. We have also finished with the PPFD charts, we just need to release them. Ideally we would like to get a few other things done and sorted first but if the delays are any longer then we will rather release the PPFD charts separately. We're still here, we're still supplying lights and are available for support if you have any issues
  13. Feedback is appreciated, without the feedback we may not know if issues exist. @Green Drop us a PM with your details and we will happily send you a replacement connector. If our clients are experiencing issues, then it needs to change.
  14. Hi @Dookie69 Thank you for the feedback. As mentioned from the beginning, we will take all feedback into consideration. We want to ensure our products meet our clients needs and wants and where possible, will adapt accordingly. We are doing this to try and help the community and to make quality grow lights more affordable. We are looking into better ways to package our lights to further protect them from damage during shipping. Weighing up the various options, costs, additional weight and so forth to see what would work best for both us and our clients. We can provide insurance for shipping if required, however we understand it would be best to not have to insure ones order. We are working on some PPFD charts and will be including this with additional information with all of our lights once completed - we hope to have it all completed by the end of the month. We will also post it on our website and this forum for those who did not receive it with their lights. We have made use of the push connectors for convenience, we have not experienced any issues while using them ourselves and have not heard of any of our clients experiencing issues either. This is something we will certainly consider though - doing more of a hardwired option for the wiring. At this point in time, we do not have any plans on coating our diodes with a resin like some manufacturers do. All diodes will degrade over time with use. If this is something our clients want, then we will certainly take a look into it - just like the board with the additional diodes which we added to our stock due to demand from clients. The power meter will be of more use once we publish our PPFD charts as they will include output at different power levels as well to help optimize power usage and efficiency. The hanging wire provided is long, however there are multiple ways to use the hanging wire and some can lead to the hanging wire being short. Some even avoid the hanging wire altogether and simply make use of the rope ratchets. We will provide some pictures on a few ways to make use of the hanging wire and rope ratchets so our clients can decide on what the best method for them would be.
  15. Glad everyone is enjoying their lights from us - we have been making some slight improvements to the overall light, such as switching over to a new dimmer, changing the way the wiring runs to help keep the wiring a bit neater, ensuring the power supply is setup to prevent someone from giving their light more power than recommended and we will continue to improve where possible. If anyone ever has any questions, please feel free to reach out to us - either here on the forum (can tag us in a post or drop us a PM, can even create a post under our vendor section on the forum) or via email or our website's contact us page. We are happy to assist and give honest advice, our aim is to try and help the community and fellow growers.
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