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  1. Our black Friday Specials are active on our website! https://lightitup.co.za
  2. @Prom Thank you for the information, we will look into it. Currently we do not have any boards with IR diodes, however if anyone is interested in Quantum Boards with IR diodes, please do contact us and we will look at getting some.
  3. Black Friday Specials Coming Soon! 23 November - 30 November
  4. Hi Prom, For now we are only offering the 120W and 240W light options as we feel this is what majority of growers would be interested in. We will consider expanding and offering some larger lights if there is demand, if you are interested in a larger Quantum Board light let us know and we could bring some in for you with our next order. Our boards do not have any IR diodes. I believe IR can lead to plants stretching, much like Far Red. We believe one does not require IR in order to flower cannabis, we as well as many other growers have done so successfully without LEDs and no IR. If you feel it adds benefit though, that may be the case and we are happy to assist and look at bringing in some lights with IR diodes. We would like to offer 3000K boards as well however there have been stock issues with the Samsung diodes and we were unable to get the 3000K boards with our last order from the manufacturer unfortunately. The 3500K is often seen as a happy medium for both veg and flower, although we know many use 3000K for both veg and flower as well without issues. We agree with you regarding the number of lights required for a 1.2m x 1.2m tent. 3 to 4 QB288 (360w to 480w) would be ideal. With that being said you can still achieve good results with fewer lights. We understand that setting up an indoor grow can be quite expensive and some may choose to start with a single light and add additional lights later on when they are able to. We have updated the foot print for our lights, the previous figures were incorrect. The footprints do not necessarily mean it will provide the ideal amount of usable PPF for such an area, it is more a guide as to what is the maximum area one should considering having the light in. If anyone require any assistance, guidance or are unsure as to how much light they will require they are welcome to reach out to us. This website also has a nice grow light calculator which can assist someone in finding the optimal amount of light required for their grow area. https://www.cocoforcannabis.com/grow-light-calculator/
  5. Hi Wulf, We will be having some Black Friday specials - keep an eye on our vendor board for more details. The 240w light, it would depend on the size of plants and the tent. We would say around 4 to 5 average sized indoor plants however we have seen some squeeze 6 plants under a 240W light and achieve decent results. It would work well in a 1.2m x 0.6m tent.
  6. Thank you! We are excited to be part of this awesome forum. Hoping we can help members on this forum out with the products we provide. We feel our pricing is great and aim to provide excellent customer service. Any questions, please reach out to us.
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