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  1. I say the same, and fully agree, you can mess up the whole grow, months worth of work, by drying it wrong. Slow and low, the best way, 2 weeks minimum at 18deg or lower
  2. Also very hard to check by filling a 30L empty bag, as I did this and came out with enough soil to fill up an actual liquid volume 45L tote to almost full, so you can squeeze way more than what is in there already from factory.
  3. This is slightly true, but also not, as you know when you water it compacts it too. Unfortunately that has been compressed, and is a different matter all together, Most soils, when wet, will pull / pool together and look less, as there is less air in there now, my understanding.
  4. Yeah, exactly, like your favorite, FF telling you, we can give you the same amount, for less at X, or a little more for the same price?
  5. Agreed, but you can call a Litre a size, just the same as a cube, wet or dry.
  6. I'm trying to make sense if you will, of how a Litre can be anything less than a Litre, Like saying a Kg of Sand is different to feathers, when the only thing that changes is the size, not weight. But soil, can be less than a Litre, but still be a L, and weight less than 1 L What standard does one use?
  7. Some bags have more weight and yet they the same volume out, which is why ask, to understand and not be funny or with intent
  8. I'm trying to understand if people would prefer more in a bag, to not have to purchase 3x bags of soil to comfortably fill up x2 of some branded 30L fabric pots. Or happy to have the same size, and then obviously the cost wouldnt be as much as the 40L version as it's less.
  9. Correct, then if I may out understand, how much, weight does 30L soil total? This is the question, as a 25L bucket is knee high, and a 30L pot is half the bucket, and a 30L soil of anywhere, doesn't reach the top of most bags,
  10. Thank you, great feedback on FF. I think its slightly off topic, and wasnt asking about soil brands, or types, or who's bag is best or bigger Was only wondering, if you would prefer more at the same cost in the bag, or the same amount for less, which ever your flavor or taste. Thank you family for the information so far, it already shows me that a market, would prefer to pay less, and keep the same size, than get more for the same price, even if the rand per Litre stayed the same.
  11. Good day Family, Out of curiosity, when buying soil, which would you prefer... 1. Enough soil in the bag to fill a 30L fabric pot 2. The same amount in the bag, as everyone, but for cheaper Thank you taking the time, and think I know the outcome, but still curious.
  12. Nice brother, you have a decent mix there! You have a lot of Vermiculite there, and a little coco, is that right? Asking only, to understand and or help if possible,
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