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  1. Interesting, and good points. Looking at it again, as I was of slightly different understanding. Found this on wiki
  2. I believe, only sharp when dry, and when in soil, it's not active enough to kill off microbes or small bugs. It only works on mites when they hit with it dry. As mentioned, it kind of dissolves into the soil, and that is the silica you will get in slow release
  3. I'm also using bokashi or how ever written Great stuff, every bag of soil has it, and baked with it as a top layer The silica will slowly leach out with waterings on the diatomaceous earth
  4. Diatomaceous earth is pretty much pure silica, and has other added benefits Liquid, as mentioned by Evan, can fall out of nutrients and doesnt hold lekker in a medium
  5. Diatomaceous earth This too, very interesting
  6. That Zsweet Inzanity is one hectic plant, have mine for over a year now, Garlic smell at the end, and good high. Golf ball solid sized heads. Your grow is looking good brother
  7. Just a question, @Naughty.Psychonaut Take a 600w LED vs 600w HPS, both run 12 hours a day, will the 600w HPS cost you more money?
  8. So far, for me, the best thing has been. pHuck Off spray by Organa Grow You'll thank me, and I'm not Affiliated
  9. Bottom second and third from right Looking flippin sexy brother
  10. 1000 apologies, but your sentence start, sounds like an Indian person with a stutter. Light stress maybe yeah, or did I miss the burn?
  11. I agree with Evan, and as you have done either lower power, or lift light, it's very close. Plants dont seem lacking, if anything they appear thirsty to me If roots are filling that pot, it's going to want to drink twice a day soon or already
  12. The only problem, or not such a problem, was the layout of 12 plants in the tent, lol.
  13. Was in a hurry to get them flowering, so pushed early. More to get something to smoke, while other plants got bigger and ready. Now they almost at size I like ( December goals and targets). But yeah, the smaller, more of, gets your bauds out quickly, and a wider selection, if your running many. 12 was perfect my one grow, size and time
  14. 18 plants, in the same size tent. Got out about the same grams total, 30 to 40g a plant. Sent juvenile plants to flower, and no cleaning or training of the plants. I only use Explogrow now, I'd say not bad, but watch my next grow
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