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  1. Shortest day is around 21 June, from then on the days get longer, the plant will soon go back into veg. Someone help you out with a new clone, seed, or arrange one, and plant it outside in 3 to 4 months time, then keep your IPM on point. Always easier to prevent, than to cure.
  2. I say cut it all down, to much WPM and bud rot, to far gone and not enough bud development yet, wasting time now unfortunately.
  3. Goodness gracious son, what a plant you got. Welcome welcome 🤜🤛
  4. Can see old resemblance of what must have been a fire place. Make the entrance to this place "invisible" and you dont have a grow space at all💪
  5. Sick space brother, wow🙌
  6. I know, and dont mind at all, it's for the love of the plant and as mentioned before, enjoy what I do and keep the activity going on the page, if nothing else. Thank you again @420SA
  7. Pictures of the SOTM 1st Prize Juggling Canon Balls. (Week 6) Thank you for the opportunity to take part and be on this forum.
  8. Greetings fam, like the way you made your own and impressed too. Very nice work and setup. Make yourself at home 🤜🤛
  9. Like soldiers Brother, I admire your style, grows, product and what you stand for.🙌
  10. First impressions, holly Sh... What a machine, the weight gives a extremely good quality feel, and the size is so much smaller than expected. Ran 3 times last night, 2x this morning, and then was just under half battery, not bad. The vape amount and quality are exceptional. The app, wow, the app is just so cool. Open the app, hit your desired effect or path, and boom, the app turns the vape on, warms it up and shows you in real time, as well the app logs the run and THC and CBD used. Open the app now to see a function, update, so I run this... the app undated my vape through bl
  11. Plant looks a little way to go, The amber you saw, was on the leaves, not the bud. You want about 50, 50 amber and milky on the buds, not leaves.
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