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  1. @Aeradix @420SA @greensmokeroom @ExploGrow May I also please receive my prizes?
  2. I hope third place got made, my only goal was to get one of these awesome Volcom shaped trophy!
  3. Third place is better than what I did last year, @mantisYou deserve this win brother welldone! Can't wait for our 2022 grow off, I'll be coming for first place
  4. Been getting real gerook on this Tortoni.
  5. @420SA Are we going to have to wait for this madir to kla flowering before we get judged?
  6. It seems everyone is done now? May we be judged?
  7. You took them for a walk and photo shoot?
  8. This madir should've stayed in the comp. @Totemic Only fair for you to see her with that fade!
  9. T2 is getting chopped today. This is the first to come off.
  10. May I extend my judgment until I decide to chop? I'm reckoning to chop this weekend then I'll have more pictures to add to diary.
  11. Apologies gent, never replied to you. I dalla FIM after the 4-5th node
  12. Good sir, It has been a pleasure following your grow, thank you for showing us all that no matter how bad things are going, there can still be flowers at the end of the road. You've had a tough grow, and seeing your plants is flowering, in my eyes turns a tuff grow, into a successful one. Congratulations on sticking around and not falling away, you my dude, are resilient asf. Ty.
  13. Judge me mates. Hope my photography skills were good enough to do the plant justice. They came out absolutely bonkers smelling. @420SA Any specific requirements needed from our side? Do we need to trim and dry weight or?
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