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  1. Update a week or so later. The tent is filling up, the main mother Psycane is being scrogged, this is my first scrog ever. Also have a clone of the Psycane right next to her so see what's the performance like compared to the mum. The mum is a bit stressed due to aging under bad lighting and eventually being bent down under the scrog, but I can see a good clear recovery, leaf sizes are returning to normal (gigantic)
  2. Not capable of answering that question, please speak to my boss.
  3. I did drugs and now I'm a forklift driver
  4. Clones made of winner growing pheno! Behind on updates sorry man, here's some will add more with date later on. Left front corner is a clone of the big Psycane next to it
  5. Just ordered "Glamorous Grapes" clones from them, via DankstreetCollective.
  6. Update time! They're doing great, destroyed that PM with AQ-SF Predatory things. The growth has been incredible on one specific one which I've now replanted into a bigger bag.
  7. Loadshedding shots shows the flowers nicely. Bloombastic seems to have a noticeable result after second feeding of it!
  8. Week 3 flower, did a light defoliation before taking the shots. Feeding with Explogrow and Bloombastic, very keen to see how it does. Next grow I want to go with biobizz range.
  9. Is Crex Cannasaurus Rex on Instagram?
  10. Done replanting today. Used whatever pot I could find in garden. Pictured is the one I like the most so far.
  11. Yes same project he was asking about for testers in April! Afaik all testers has been sent out, but a pack can still be obtained by buying a pack of Organic Matter soil or something like that can't remember full details.
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