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  1. I'm looking for nothing bro, I love this forum. And the way they been handling everything is 100%. Just constantly on the story because I feel it needs to be seen. I feel bad for the ous as I've been ripped like this myself and it wasn't lekker.
  2. As far as I know, It's legal to buy seeds, planting them is illegal. Why call him if he's been dropping each promise?
  3. The thing is, this entire story has been played out before.. This guy's excuses about Covid is null and void because he's done this before! Literally word for word people are crying the same tears just 6months later.
  4. Sorry about that, just thought it's allowed as the number is on the November thread openly on this forum. This scenario played out before (before covid) and it came to a point where you said we should give him a call - openly supplying the number.
  5. So no driver? Looks interesting enough to produce some fire!
  6. My Veg tent has Vero29 cobs running at 68v each - so 275w total Combined with a blue supplement from HLG. Also have my Anthelions on there but unfortunately they only used when I flower in this tent.
  7. You would recommend them to any grower? Would you honestly recommend to another grower that they wait months for their parcel with no communication? "well worth the wait" Why/how is it worth the wait, is the prices half the price of other local seedbanks? Sorry but my scepticals are jumping out, did he pay you to put that comment like he paid to be on this forum?
  8. The homepage should show this instead of cannabist's name. "I was going to give them a go until I ran into this story. 💔
  9. Go open a case @popostation dude, 2k is no jokes. If each person that ordered from him did 2k that bastard is running off with 20k+
  10. Your TLDR is absolutely right. But I feel that if they are a business, they should be prepared logistically before accepting money. Otherwise it's a scam, unless they provide proof of order at supplier. Showing proof of order would have calmed my skeptical ass down.
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