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  1. The girls aren't flowering as fast as I hoped, but looks like it'll be thic dank nugs at least
  2. Quick update, the one plant started praying and is going hundreds. Other plant still looks to have a eina eina with the bright light.
  3. Pictures works better for me tbh. This big leaf one I'm actually thinking to clone tonight. She's pretty 😍 Sorry about the yellow pic, I know rules say we should avoid but my camera is going bonkers under the cobs, can't figure out what it wants to do.
  4. VID-20210708-WA0011.mp4 Shiii, guy's I'll have to make a video explaining my entire grow room! Uhhh, excuse how it looks, I never have visitors in here.
  5. You ou's talking about how ugly and wrinkled it is? That tent been in SA before it was legal my bruhhhs, been growing from illigal days! Tents been moved around and shutdown a good amount of times.
  6. @ORGANinc.I'm taking part in a grow off whaddya mean? 🀣 My main fan is a extractor fan in reverse and them clones are moving out in a day or two, they busy with acclimatisation.
  7. Testing out the new 300mb, mp4 friendly upload feature! 😍 McLovin it! VID-20210708-WA0003.mp4 VID-20210708-WA0005.mp4
  8. Yes And Yes for @juandrebotes, he will probably never see this thread.
  9. To be realistic here, our G is in the process of learning now, once figuring this out, he will be able to get a good Harvest.
  10. Bud if I can advise here. Don't listen to anyone, don't follow one person's advice that has been given. - Read them all, digest them all, but don't anchor to one, you need to find your own answer, we don't have it. But rather sit back, and think what could you have done, or what you can do to improve. If your taught fail atleast you learnt how not to do it, and that's step 1 to learning how to do something. *We're all sitting on the sidelines speculating and it's causing alot of unnecessary noise, you need to sit in the quite and think😎
  11. Super keen to be in flower stage, lets see who swallows up this tent first!
  12. iGrowDagga


    You tell him Decoder Tech!
  13. My tent has been flipped to 12/12 cycle, 7AM - 7PM The flip is upon us wow that went quick!
  14. iGrowDagga


    Please update your Diary 😜
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