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  1. I'm gonna update the rules soon regarding greenhouses. Greenhouses are allowed but supplemental light won't be allowed
  2. I wouldn't risk forcing a plant to show sex by means of starving light, finding out sex and then essentially revegging the plant if its a female. You'll be causing unnecessary stress and may encounter a hermie or two Much better to clone for sex
  3. I'm gonna be getting hold of some samples soon as well. At least 15, most likely next week. So the 420SA Store will be another option as well.
  4. Outdoor Growoff Queries This thread is for any queries and/or questions you may have regarding the Growoff. Simply post your query/question below
  5. Have a few fat ones today to celebrate the day Last year on this day, cannabis and cannabis cultivation was decriminalized for personal use in South Africa. A historic judgement for SA and worldwide cannabis culture as a whole. Yes, the process hasn't been perfect but I'm sure we can all say that we've been able to smoke and grow with a lot more peace of mind in our own homes.... as it should be. Look at how the industry has already grown in the last year. Businesses, brands and shows are popping out of everywhere. Some with good intentions, some not... Clubs and initiatives have started. Awareness has skyrocketed. As whole it has been a positive 1st year. Now parliament has a year left to decide on the best way forward for cannabis legislation. A nervy time as we let politicians decide our fate with the plant Negativity aside! Enjoy the day Side note... we really need a name for this day. "Dagga Day" doesn't work for me though 🤔 although the word does have a lot of history with the plant in this country, it's a really kak word!!
  6. EXPLOGROW™ BONUS PRIZE PRESENTATION: The growers with the best ExploGrow™ treated versus control set up, photos, data capture and overall awesomeness will be rewarded with: 1st Place - 4L ExploGrow™ 2nd Place - 800ml ExploGrow™ 3rd Place - 250ml ExploGrow™ How to qualify Contestants will need to run 1-3 control plants (untreated) versus 1-3 ExploGrow treated plants. Or as many as their space permits. Take side by side photos to showcase the difference and give regular updates with the tag #outdoorexplogrowoff and/or #explogrowoff2019. Diaries with the best side by side photos and thorough data capturing will be awarded with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Best Presentation prizes For the main growoff prizes you will still need to select and indicate the one female plant which will be your competing plant. If you can, start using Explogrow from seed soak. If you miss the start, no stress, you can still join in for the ExploGrow bonus prize at any time, however, the earlier the better 😉 You can pick up a small 30ml sample that would cover up to 3 plants (for free on a first come first served basis) from your nearest retail outlet or online retailer (shops to be announced this week on Instagram @explogrow) Best practice user guidelines how to grow with ExploGrow here: https://www.explogrow.com/farming-with-microbes/how-to-use-bio-organic-fertilizer-with-marijuana-and-other-cannabis-nutrients-faq
  7. The Seeds Totemic Genetics has very kindly sponsored his Chocolope seeds. Of no charge to you. Each grower will be given 6 regular seeds to grow out. Growers can obtain their free beans by means of an online order through our online store or another reputable online store which will be disclosed by PM. Once you have signed up HERE you will be contacted via PM about the next step you'll need to take. How does the Growoff Work? From 6 regular seeds each grower will need to find one female which they will compete with till harvest. You'll need to run a diary under the Growoff Diaries board where you will log your grow. CLICK HERE to see the detailed rules and guidelines on the growoff and how to run your diary. The Dates Starting Date (Seed Drop): 18 September 2019 Seed Drop Deadline: No deadline for germination. Seeds will no longer be distributed after 31 January 2020 Harvest Deadline: 15 June 2020 Judging Panel The judges will be: Myself Totemic Genetics Prize Sponsors Green Leaf Organics This year's Outdoor Growoff Sponsors www.areadix.co.za www.growguru.co.za www.explogrow.com www.gthydro.co.za www.thehighco.co.za www.organicsmatter.co.za www.plantmatter.co.za Prizes Best overall Plant 1st place Pair of Method 7 Polarized Outdoor Glasses Of Choice Sponsored by Grow Guru or Blumat Outdoor Deluxe Kit Sponsored by Sustainable Village SA TheHighCo Kingsize Mystery Box Sponsored by TheHighCo. 800ml ExploGrow Sponsored by ExploGrow Outdoor Growoff 2019/2020 Trophy 2nd Place 5 x Violet Miron Glass Curing Jars Sponsored by Aeradix HiGrade THC Tester Sponsored by Greenthumb Hydroponics 3rd Place 30L Bag Organics Matter Living Organic Soil 1L Malted Barley 5L Alfalfa Meal 10L Alfalfa Mulch 1L Humic Acid Granules 1L Fulvic Acid Powder 30L Vermicompost Sponsored by Organics Matter Best Trained Plant 800ml ExploGrow Sponsored by ExploGrow 50L Fabric Pot With Handles 10L Fabric Pot With Handles Myco-Plantmatter 250ml Sponsored by Plant Matter Please note that more prizes may be added during the course of the competition EXPLOGROW BONUS PRIZE Click HERE to view the bonus prize thread Good luck to all taking part! May the best plant win
  8. @CreX I'm no pro on males but I reckon you can take him down
  9. Prizes to be announced before the end of today! Constant delays due to more sponsors jumping on board Seed drop is tomorrow 12PM Noon
  10. Tested from my mobile and all seems fine. Has anyone else experienced this issue? @CreX I'm gonna be doing an update tonight. Let's see if that may fix the bug
  11. How early in veg are you?
  12. Note: this is the first draft of rules for our 2019/2020 Growoff and may be changed.You will be notified of important changes should they be made. Before you get going with your Growoff diary please read the following Rules & Guidelines Basic Rules Create your own topic/thread underneath the Growoff Diaries board. The topic title must be your Username ONLY. For example if your username is John33 your topic must be called John33 and nothing else. Your first diary entry must be please be a shot of your Totemic Chocolope seed pack that you received for the outdoor Growoff in its container. As proof that you are growing out the correct seeds. You can start your diary and do this before the starting date of the growoff. The seed germination date is the 18th of September 2019 but you can choose to start your plants whenever you want to within the competition starting date and the 15th of June 2020 (Deadline Date). Please record the day that you start germination with a diary entry You'll need to grow as many of the 6 seeds supplied to you as your growing space can cope with. This will increase your chance of getting a female. The objective is to choose one female from the seeds you have grown out to continue with till harvest. Only 1 female can be chosen and you cannot switch plants after the selection. You will be married to her till harvest 💍 If competing for the bonus Explogrow prize you may keep the plants necessary to stay qualified for that prize. A final female will have to be chosen to compete for the official prizes. Log all the plants you grow from seed until you choose your final female which will then become the only plant you will log till harvest. Diary Updates - IMPORTANT! Diaries must be updated at least once every 2 weeks. Should you not update your diary at least once within a 14 day cycle you will get a reminder to update your diary. If you fail to update your diary within 24h of the reminder you will receive a 1st Warning If you fail to update your diary within 24h of your 1st warning you will receive a 2nd & Final Warning If you fail to update your diary within 24h of the 2nd warning you will be given a 3rd warning and you will be disqualified. Exceptions can be made though - if you notify us in your thread that you won't be able to update in time, or if you have a valid reason for not being able to update you can do so and you will stay in the competition. We want to keep you in the competition by all means possible but we also need transparency amongst competitors. A diary that hasn't been updated in 30 days will have to be disqualified - no excuses. Before Harvest For your final update before harvest please take a few shots of your plant alongside a tape measure and see if you can indicate the plants height in a photo with the tape measure. Overall height does not play a large factor in judging but it is nonetheless a factor. Provide as many pics at as many angles as possible before harvest.
  13. The courier guy does have 2 different pricing structures for account holders. There is a prepaid flat rate option and then there's the standard account with fees that vary largely, its also this option where outlying areas lose out but main centers pay WAY less. Looks like TheHighCo uses a standard account.... If the courier deems you to be in an outlying area then TheHighCo has no choice but to work according to that and therefore can't give you free delivery. Sorry dude its a kak one. I'll PM another possible option for you to get your growoff seeds.
  14. https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2019-09-04-government-gets-rolling-on-cannabis-policy/
  15. Snapshot Of The Month September 2019 Sponsored by www.thehighco.co.za www.sacredseeds.co.za www.freedomfarms.co.za What's being given away this month? 1st Prize Sponsored by TheHighCo A TheHighCo Kingsize 420 Mystery Box valued at R995-00 Winner can choose between a 420 or 710 focussed mystery box 2nd place wins Sponsored by Sacred Seeds 5 Pack Fast Buds Six Shooter Auto valued at R800-00 Courier fee at winner's expense https://sacredseeds.co.za/product/fastbuds-six-shooter-auto-5-pack/ 3rd place wins Sponsored by Freedom Farms 1 x Organic Classic Soil 1 x 30L Freedom Pot 1 x Microlife soil conditioner 1 x Fire Juice How to enter? Simply reply to this thread with your entries. Attach the images to your reply or embed the images from a 3rd party website Snapshot of The Month Rules: Original images only please. If your entries are found to have been pulled from the internet your entry will be void. Members can enter a maximum of 5 images each. Images entered this month may not be entered in future competitions. Members can submit photos and/or graphics designs of their own Entries will be narrowed down to 10 nominees which will be placed in a poll. The poll will not be the official decider of the winners though. 420SA and its moderators will decide the winners Entries are judged on: Overall originality - What sets the image apart from others. Wow factor - does the image get attention. Quality and clarity - Is the detail in the image decent. Is the photograph clear, well focused and not blurry. Effort - was there a good amount of thought and effort that went into the image Entries close 01/10/19 Good Luck!
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