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  1. just wana mention if you grow a clone it is the replica of the plant it came from, so people typically go for clones over seeds to guarentee a good phenotype. with seeds there are greater chances of ending up with something you don't like, even if you grow a batch of seeds from a strain you like. in this case you buy a bunch of the seeds, enough to do something called a "pheno hunt". this is where you work your way through all the seeds and find the best one and go from there. if you buy a pack of regulars and plan to breed, buy a pack of 10 or more seeds and be sure to find the best male and best female before crossing all willy nilly and making more work for yourself than anything else. if you birth a batch of 300 to 500 seeds and it's all just from the first male and female you could find, you gona spend a lot of time being dissapointed growing out 300 seeds just to find out none of it was worth the time or effort. rather work on getting your hands on a female you like through finding the right clone, then get your hands on some regulars of something you also like and find the best male in the pack, then cross those two. you can spend quite some time "pheno hunting" the batch of seeds from this breed. they'll be regular seeds again as you knocked up a female with a male. if you wana make feminised seed you have to reverse a female. If you just looking to have some fun and make some seeds then you can go on any of the local seed banks and get anything that sounds and looks nice to you. I see a lot of support for Trophy seeds. Look at Inhouse Genetics or Ethos Genetics stuff, but honestly there's a bunch and every second breeder has something crazy good.
  2. @Ponica take a moment to pat yourself on the back because this is proof you can grow a weed plant. now the next step is to get you to grow some good weed.. the chances of ending up with good weed when growing bag seeds or random seeds is a chance that is slim to none. respected breeders will not breed outdoors, indoor growers will isolate breeding projects, so having seeded indoor weed is either a mistake that was made during growing or somehow stray pollen got sucked into the flower tent. if it's outdoor seeded weed then it's up in the air with the parents. probably some ditch weed parents or some Uncle Piet down the road that don't know to pull out his males, and trust me you don't wana spend time growing a offspring that came from someones plant who doesn't yet know to pull out his males. if you put a super dank strain outdoors to flower and get seeds off it, it was pollinated by stray pollen and I wouldn't even suggest growing those out as it will be a waste of time, even though one of the parents was a super dank strain. I would write this one up as completely experimental, because growing some random seeds you don't know what to expect of will not be a true testimony to your skills or the quality of your growing equipment. that might be the best that the genetic could ever look but on the other side of the knife, it could also be the worst... you could only really guage that if you have something to reference it to. my advice will be to get either some clones or some reputible seeds for future grows. also stick to one medium for now. if you wana test a bunch of stuff, make sure you have a control measurment. for example, if you testing what soil works best you need to grow clones of the exact same plant in different soils so there's no phenotypical difference in the plants at least. if you wana test genetics and you wana pop different seeds to find the best phenotype, do it all in the same soil.... otherwise you getting a whole mix masala and you don't really get any true answers from your experiment. I would suggest Freedom Farms Premium classic paired with Biobizz Grow, Fish & Bloom. + legit clones/seeds you'll be gold.
  3. welcom mr. @Bundy yeah check out the grow diaries! you got bud porn for us?
  4. @Totemic All the best with your future endeavors, sir! was an honor to learn from you over the years, still got some of your beans to grow out, looking forward to doing so and growing in a community alongside an inspiration such as yourself! Just had to grab a few things for future projects and seeing as you closing the online shop I quickly put in a order for some STS and a pack of regular seeds
  5. don't know if I must laugh, cry, scream or pull my hair out from frustration Poor Joe went to a college party one night and after shooting up only one dagga this will be him for the rest of his life, do you want to be like Joe?
  6. You've heard the old saying "I am not putting up any fights by practicing my rights"? classic example here. I don't get this? this sounds as corrupt as it can get brother I hope you're not suggesting a cop can do whatever they feel like with me and base it on if they feel I was nice enough to them or not? the law is the law, period. a cop is not above the law and cannot write or change laws on a personal whim. we all got that sense of kill them with kindness, cause of doing this stuff since it was illegal, we've had many times interacted with police knowing full well we where breaking laws, in the past, and the only way you get to walk away a free man is to not put up a fight right away. so I get what you're saying here, but while both parties are well within their rights they both have equal ground to stand on. you're just a man talking to another man. not some kinda godly figure that gets to zap his mighty beam and change your fate regardless. that thought shouldn't be tolerated and we shouldn't be telling our fellow growers they need to bend over and take it up the ass more than we have the last how many years, at some point we need to stand our ground and show these assholes we know a thing or two and we beat them at their own game. cops are just people and they need to abide by the laws just as much as a civilian. even more than civilians police should be held to a much higher standard because they're the ones reinforcing the laws. they can't be acting all willy nilly like they own the place, which sadly is whats happening and here is why... the opposite side of the spectrum is just as important, because being a push over and being too nice and lettling the police walk all over you is also not gona help at all. we need to know our laws and practice our rights more often. If I am not responding to a police officer that doesn't mean I am being rude to him, it just means I am practicing my right to silence. again, I am not putting up any fights by practicing my rights I will clearly state that and the reason for it is because of the level of corruption, I know that some cops have such fucking egos they actually do think they're above the law, in which case I will just open my mouth to let them know I am practicing my right to stay silent. which shouldn't be necessary because the cops know the laws and this should be a clear signal that a cop is trying to push you over to make you out to look bad even if your not.... this shit needs to stop! reading the room is important here.... by the time you have to announce that're practicing your right to stay silent is the same moment you should be working on getting lawyers involved because only an asshole cop that don't know what they should be doing will press you for information they don't need. Hell yeah, you're right, many many people wana read all about this. that's why they don't publish it..... the article was in the Paarl Post, not the Cape Times or any bigger news paper, the information on how the arrests wasn't successfull was already supressed, unlike the massive grow busts that get published all over cape town in 100 different articles.... I wonder why oh hey, I just realised hahahah it's because whenever theres a Win for the cannabis industry the people behind the information have to push real hard to get it out there while the losses and negative information gets rubbed in everyones faces..... almost like they trying to paint "dagga" as this evil plant...... same like they been doing for over a 1000 years...... now why would that be? hmmmmm The case happened in the beginning of 2021 and the post was publishes in June, I think I missed the biscuit on sending Paarl Post any information that they'll be interested in on that one plus I am not involved with the whole thing and talking to people who where actually involved they did try to get the information out, but Paarl Post never took interest in that part of the story.
  7. for those who need legal support when the -shit for brains- police show up https://fieldsofgreenforall.org.za/stop-the-cops/ take a moment to study that shit guys, keep the help at the ready, keep yourselves safe. Support the legal movement! cops show up at my house saying it smells like weed, I keep my mouth shut and wait for them to say something else. If that's all it is, I tell them thanks and go back in my house. if they ask to enter my property, I keep my mouth shut and wait for them to say something else. if they don't present permits or warrents with something better than "suspicion because this house smells like weed" written on it then there is no case. No permits? No entry. make the police aware you are backed by a legal team and if they have permits with valid reasons you have to let them in, if they arrest you for anything, let them. don't fight them. if you know you are within your rights, they will be the ones facing legal actions. ANY AND ALL papers you are handed are NOT to be signed with any lawyers present. No paperwork gets done without any lawyers present. if you don't have lawyers you get in touch with Fields Of Green For All and have a chat with them. don't wait for the police to be at your front door to then run around like a headless chicked trying to figure it out. these arrests MUST be stopped, we need to get smart and make examples of these fucking asshole cops. In the Natures Farmacy case 3 cops lost their jobs due to wrongful arrest, because someone spent a couple hours studying the legal framework. I bet that branch of SAPS will not be so quick to arrest again.... https://www.netwerk24.com/netwerk24/ZA/Paarl-Post/Nuus/dagga-cafe-in-pickle-20210615-2 this article ends off with the co owner seeking legal action, I got the beef straight from the horses mouth, but I don't think an article was published on the 3 police men that had to look for new jobs. because who wants to push that narrative? it's litetally up to us to break this bullshit narrative, some people on the forefront and have already won the legal battles, while the rest of us still sitting here scratching our heads trying to figure it out and scared to be locked up. hahah not me
  8. @Modboy69 hope you good! possible signs of WPM? here is to hoping it's not WPM!!! I was gona suggest finishing her up to get more and better quality RSO, but if those white spots are WPM it's better to chop her now before the WPM takes over, with winter fast approaching it's sure to happen if you already got the spores in the air. she's already flowering so can't really spray anything... you could push her till you see the WPM getting real bad then do a bud wash post harvest / pre drying.... if it's WPM and it's only a little there will be no problem in making RSO with it just like that as you'll have to decarb the weed at some point, which will help kill a lot of mold/bacteria spores that dwell on the surface. it just wont work if your plant is covered in the stuff... goodluck man, ecxited to see what goes down!
  9. Hi there, welcome! We gona have to see better photos before weighing in at all, not that it will matter anyway, If you wana smoke the thing by all means smoke it, but if you where looking for a I'll only be making my deposit when I can see everything. In the past we've had people post photos of quite badly neglected outdoor grows with very poor flowers and sometimes all covered in WPM, asking us if it's ready to be smoked.... hope it goes without saying but sometimes it's good to ask before indulging in these things. nature can be quite tricky sometimes. Hope you get something nice there man, though chances for it being a stray bag seed from someones generic outdoor baggy is very very high, in which case you'll never really know what "strain" that is. A comfortable 90% of ditch weed you'll come across will not be anything worth while.
  10. woah...... dejavu..... It's almost like I said this before.....
  11. yeah I fully agree that the samsung diodes paired with red diodes will be the winner, but I am on the same page as you with the Lumii light not using the samsung strips, otherwise it would be the first thing they wana let the users know. I don't see anything about the brand of strip used. that concerns me and leads me to think it's bridgelux strips or something. in which case I don't think that light is that much better of an option than building a DIY with samsung strips and having the option to add red diodes on your own will. I am trying to figure out if that Lumii is really a better option or not. I mean if I have a DIY LED without red diodes that doesn't mean it has to stay that way and if the other option is a light around the same price but it's got weaker diodes just with red added, then I will stick with my DIY being the better option.
  12. My question is this.... scrap veg from the convo, when we say "added red diodes" we talking flower light. If a light has generic diodes paired with 660nm diodes, will it make enough of a difference to not have to use LM301H diodes? example, can I use Bridgelux strips with 660nm diodes and outperform a light with just LM301H that doesn't have any 660nm diodes? I would still like to know what strips the Lumii light used, even though the thing is too big for my setup, I couldn't be interested in it even if I wanted to hahahah
  13. Yeah I see this thing going around, there's still a bunch of research we owe to understanding artificial UV lighting as a whole. I guess the way we play and mess around with the stuff more and more answers will come to light, so this is all the trial and error phase I have to admit a friend of mine with a 1m x 1m tent and a 300w qb (close to same setup as mine) with added 660nm diodes added does have better flowers than me didn't wana admit it at first, but it is what it is! I mean for the price difference I'd shit myself if there wasn't also a difference in yield quality!!! check this out, a shop in Paarl has light made for them with their brand on, offering QBs with Samsung strips they have Veg specific, Full Spectrum and Bloom Light to choose from, individually. Not only one option that's supposed to do it all. (one thing that does all usually does all to a mediocre extent or just plain shit) notice the price difference if you take the bloom light with the Deep / Far red diodes added... quite a big price jump....
  14. Hey @TikyIckee hope all is good your side! BROOO, these two packs and your wire nightmares are gone for good... I buy the tiny plastic brackets at ACDC, they come in different shapes and sizes. you literally make a line where you want the wires to run, slap a few sticky brackets on, and cable tie all the wires all along the one single line. ease pease lemon squeeze Honestly man, if I had the money I would run HID's too... you gona need everything though, I would first install a solar grid so I can store some electricity before I think about that jump, because with HID comes air conditioning. and those two things can suck you dry better than a gold digger wife. they do however produce the best nugs in my opinion!! about the Lumii ballast thing, a ballast and a driver is not the same thing if you look at it just like that, but in this case it does the same thing, I guess.... they probably configured the light in such a way so that the guys with the Lumii ballasts can make the jump for cheaper, another marketing tactic to convince people to make the jump and to keep them supporting Lumii. a ballast is just a old school name for a converter, you get different ones, but these that work specifically with lights just do what the lights need to put out, they convert the power from the wall to the power that the HID needs to put out. a driver is just a modern fancy name for converter aswell. depending on the technology and the form of power it needs to put out it will need a certain converter to do that. when building a samsung LED off digikey you'll see that there are many different MeanWell HLG drivers and they all do different things also, and each one is compatible with different strips depending on their outputs. I am almost certain that I wouldn't be able to wire up my MeanWell HLG driver to that Lumii LED, just because the tech does not support eachother or is incompatible. I could be way off though, these are just my speculations
  15. Hahahah hell yeah man, I once vegged under a 50w 5000k flood light, did the thing!!! I have to admit, the blurp I got does pump them a little harder than the flood light, but then again the blurp is 360w (270true watt) so it puts up quite a fight for the 50w flood, but I am convinced if I added another 50w flood I would've had identical results and the 50w flood cost a fraction of the price of the blurp... and with the blurp you can't see shit, then you have to switch lights off and bring another light in like a head lamp or flashlight just to see the plants. Blurp is TRASH!!! ....I still use mine to veg though no one interested in buying, I even removed my sale post as I would feel too ashamed pawning off this peice of crap to someone else. will let her run till she can't run no more and replace the bitch ☺ already got the 288qb samsung helping her out.
  16. I haven't found information on what diodes they use and as I am aware, that's what makes all the difference. I see they mention it's full spectrum with added 660nm diodes, which helps during flower. I would prefer having a flower specific spectrum with the 660nm diodes, and do the veg thing seperate with another light. to my understanding full spectrum lights are good for across the board, but I don't want a full spectrum light to flower with. they're great for the guys who wants or has to do everything under one light. if they could have a option to switch between the two spectrums it would be better, but then basically you'll have 345w going out in veg spectrum and 345w in flower spectrum, essentially leaving you with a 345w light to do either with. it would be kak cheap slapping a bunch of bridgelux or even cheaper diodes on a bar light then adding 660nm diodes. so I guess if I can get confirmation on what diodes they using for the rest of the light and if I can have a flower specific light and not only the full spectrum option, for the price it's at now, then I would concider it for sure. but if it's generic diodes mixed all together with some red in between I don't think it's gona be that great.
  17. Thanks man we got these strips in 3000K. no doubt you're right about the red diodes making the difference. you have a good plan there, I haven't thought about that, yet. I am now, though my bar LED in my flower tent is just over 300W also 3000K, but it's the LM561C diodes. I can let the plants come within 5 to 10 cm of the light without light stress, cz it's so soft, then you get good penetration. I pull average about 80 to 100g off a plant in a 0.2m space. but I am sure it will be even better with the deep / far red diodes I have 5 plants in a 1m x 1m tent, giving each plant 0.2m2. I've harvested 3 batches flowered under this light. everytime I hit between 400 to 500g. that's more than 1g/W I have a perpetual cycle, I have found if my flowering ladies take long to finish up I leave the veg area running for longer and ending up with bigger plants and also bigger yield, landing more on the side of 500g and times when I move smaller plants into flower I land more on the side of 400g. so I guess that's also a contributing factor. but then like you said, bud quality..... we want those golf ball rock buds. I guess that's where the red diodes come in to make the biggest difference. I think the little bit it adds to the spectrum provides the plant with a certain chemical or causes a certain chemical reaction in the plant that it benefits from. it's only natural, though. If you think about sunlight it is literally a mix of everything, it's the fullest of full spectrums out there and that's what the plant wants and it pumps full power. not a certain amount of power being devided amongst different spectrum outputs. it's full blast everything. if we could replicate that, it would be amazing, but for now adding deep / far red diodes to a 3000K is already one step closer. plus we know it's not all about spectrum, some LEDs have a fuller spectrum, but less of other stuff and the configuration is shit then the light doesn't perform. example of this is the far red and IR diodes I have in my blurple light. they don't mean shit, just cause the rest of the light is shit I'll let the guy finish a grow with that light on his own, let him play around with it, will take a look at the results and report everything then see what we gona do to improve
  18. Finally convinced a friend to upgrade from HID, helped him build a LED qb bar light. He was thinking of retiring the HID for many reasons. replacing shit the whole time. electricity consumption. heat.... told him if he puts out the cash I'll source and order the shit for him, recieve everything and when time comes to slap it all together I'll just need a hand, he just needed that last nudge and so it begins! I think I was more excited about the build than he was! He's got a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent, so we basically copied the 4'x4' example design on LED gardener, used the Q series samsung LM301H strips in 3000k. First things first, size of the tent will determine the size of the frame that we build for the LEDs. Work out how much Aluminium strip we gona need. Source local aluminium extrusions. This was the only profile available in bulk on the day, we didn't wana wait, so we planned around this. You can work with any profile and have any extrusion company roll out the profile you want at the lenght you want. Easiest part of the build. Having the aluminium, knowing how you can lay strips on the extrusion profile you can use this information to spread out the LED strips as much as possible so there are no fluxuation areas. no need to raise the hight of the light to get better coverage which would mean loosing intensity. no need to have to have certain height requirements for best output, because you don't have excessive heat coming from the light and not ALL the light comes from one spot and then has to spread, instead you spread the strips out further so you can bring them closer to your plants without having intensity issues. also the configuration being a bar style light you wont have issues with the fixture heating up at all. we run the light for 18hrs, shine laser thermometer on the frame from below the light source, got 34°C. 5cm away from the light source on the aluminium frame we got 29°C and at leaf surface at 15cm away it was room temperature... will get a apogee under the light asap, if anyone wants to follow up on that. now, the layout.... knowing what amount of strips you gona use and the size of tent you have to put them all in, you build a frame that can easily fit inside the tent then just space out the strips as much as possible. Next step was to cut the aluminium to the right lengths and clean up the edges. Along with the aluminium for the frame you'll need the smallest pop rivets the shop has to offer and a aluminium drill bit same size as the rivets. Now, slap the frame together. 2 long slats get a tine 45° corner cut out the flat so the fin is still in one peice, make a small cut on the other side so you're able to bend the aluminium without it snapping. grab a big 90° angle, make sure you have 2 x 90° angles. lay them together making sure all 4 corners are 90°, throw some clamps on, drill right throug the 2 corners that meet and pop them together with the rivet. Now grab a electrical junction box to hide all your wire conections, use the junction box to space out the aluminium stips, making sure you can fit enough strips on to accommodate all the LED strips needed. using a pensil, mark out where the aluminium strips lay and number them 1 - X and mark the frame with numbers corresponding to the strip that goes there. drill holes in all the aluminium strips where you need to pop them to the frame, put them back on the frame using the numbers to see where each one goes, use the hole im the aluminium strip to mark where you need to drill into the frame, drill all the marked points, lay them out, pop them in. here is what ours looked like at this point. BOOOM!!!!! got a digikey box in the mail It's all there and all undamaged! Now that we have the driver. it's time to build a bracket to hold the driver in place. same like we built the square for the frame, just a small one, like this.... -note the corners driver still has some space to move around, but sits nice and snug, we ended up putting two small self tap screws throug the screw slots at the bottom of the driver to hold it in place, didn't get photos of it, but did get photos of how we attached the bracket to the frame, using two small peices of aluminium and popping them onthe the fins upside down we now had a flat surface to mount the bracket onto. like this... Here's where we're at now, Time to make this big boy easy to hang! 5.5mm threaded hooks with 2 self locking nuts, one screwed all the way to the top and one to hold it in place. Time to slap on some double sided thermal tape, this tape can hold up to 60kg at 120°C.... or so it sais..... so it should work! AND YOU KNOW WHAT COMES AFTER THE THERMAL TAPE!!!!! FUCK YEAH step by step getting there!!! now for the fun part, the wire nightmare.... luckily I have OCD-AF and find great therapy in wire management! we also quickly reaslised that we're going to need more than one junction box, easy peasy, the driver has 2 outputd so slap another one on the other side of the driver and have half the wires one side of the light and other half on the other side. I got so carried away with finishing up the light I never took a photo of what the wiring looked like when I was finished, but that was by far the most satisfying thing about the whole build. when time came to plug the bitch in I was just focussing on the damn light. here she is in all her pride and glory here she is lighting up the tent, and this is where she'll be for the next 10 years probably. hopefully. it's a 1mx1m frame in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent - fits perfect. those intetested in the wire work if you wana see what it looks like I'll lower the light to take a couple photos, otherwise this last photo will show just how hidden and tucked away everything is. not one loose hanging wire, no excessive wires, no bulky no extras. Now to answer some questions..... LED Strips - R3831 Driver - R2300 Import Tax - R1500 Aluminium - R600 Thermal tape - R200 Ratchet ropes x 2 - R300 Those are all the more expensive parts of the build, the other stuff like hooks, wires, wago connectors, cable ties + hooks for wire management, pop rivets all those things gona work out +/- another R500 Let's say all in all = R9231 that's that. buddy got 3 x Peanut Butter Breath cuts and 3 x Canna Health Genetic #21 cuttings under that light, potted in FF premium classic, will post few updates here as things progress. have a good weekend all!
  19. Thanks man love the doggo! wait, is it a dog? looks kinda like it could be a bunny? or maybe a cat? yeah it's easy to get carried away with the indoor projects, everything is interesting! I wana try out every method of growing all the time and constantly have the urge to completely change things up, maybe add a hydro setup or something. I think I am much more addicted to growing and looking at the plants, looking at setups, looking at equipment for different grow styles and all that, than I am out here for smoking the actual weed I see you got a big bush over there! just a random bush or some proper genetics?
  20. these? https://www.myshrooms.co.za/product/syringe-filter/
  21. 2 outdoor ladies harvested. small one came down 1st of March = 58g. big one came down 1st of April = 84g. this is the only space in the yard I have for outdoor cannabis growing, but it seems it wont do as it's only a 3m corridor between the house and vibracrete wall that doesn't get enough sunlight. got a 50w flood light in the greenhouse to keep mothers in veg through winter, but no more flowering outdoors for me..... with that being said, here's some more outdoor flowers had clones requested, but plans changed and I am not throwing plants away so I just put them outside so they can do their thing. not giving too much attention here. Blueberry Hashplant. Deluxe Sugarcane And then back to the chillies 🌶 picking a few of these every other day
  22. @jabulanithehutt try hitting the Natures Farmacy in Stellenbosch. definitely worth the drive out. make sure you got a good apatite and a good weed tolerance, the restaurant serves goooood food and the atmosphere is very cozy. they also have a fully lisenced bar don't know if they're all the same, but I enjoy the one in Stellenbosch a lot. there's a few of them. one in Vredekloof, one in Paarl, one in Hermanus. don't know of more. The one in Paarl didn't have a liqour lisence when I was there last so I only had a couple THC beers, which was also very nice you have to be a member to consume any cannabis on sight, here is the link https://oneculture.co.za/about-us/
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