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    Aurora Kush(CreX Genetics) (future endeavor) inzane in the membrane - Chiquita Banana - early lemon berry - French cookies
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    DWC Hydro is my star skill set, but I am playing with coco and soil, likely to drop soil completely soon... Leave soil for outdoor haha!!
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    LED is the place to be!!
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    Super cheesy strains, but most of all, Blueberry... I would just about sell my soul to get my hands on a proper blueberry lady❤️
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    2 very separate rooms, germinate/clone to harvest in DWC, 4x Qb288s in flower, 200w nova fittings and 3x 150w Acdc light in veg
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    Synthetic nutes with additional ammendments as well as living water with bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi
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    Joints, bong, pipes, vapes, dabs... Edibles.. Typical stoner

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  1. I'll be around to watch it all happen brother 🙏😎😉
  2. I hope you are making as much use of the sun in the mean time? CFLs are the concentration camps of lighting 😜
  3. LOL as true as this is... That is actually cannabits new logo 🤣🤣
  4. Yea... I'm itching to do a comp grow again
  5. Ay! Sick cap man! Iv always been one for caps. I'll support a brother! Guessing tees and hoodies in the line up too?
  6. well, once you have completed a grow and you have dried and jarred your bud, got it at the right RH, and finally weighed it, you will get how many grams your harvest produced. now you can use that info with the info of how many watts your light is, and what size your grow area is in feet or m2... eg. if you had one plant, and it yeilded 50g for you, but you had it under a 150w light. your Grams per watt value will be 0.333 not exactly a steller result but 50g is still good for one plant right? but now, you only had space for 1 plant (60x60), and only had the 150 as your option, you can use the grams per sqm to better gage how well your space does. 60x60 is roughly 4sqft, so 50/4 is 12.5 - again not a great result for the space. but say thats what you got the first run. you can take the figure of 0.333 gpw and 12.5gpsqft and compare it to what other growers are getting per sqft and per wat of light. noting that a grower worth his salt would be able to squeeze 1gpw from the 150w light, and in that same space the good grower would have trippled the 12.5 to 37.5gpsqft much more respectable figures
  7. yo guys! how do you all like to rate yourselves against the best and greenest out there? let me know what you think and why?
  8. Hahaha aaah you guys stories🤣 made me amped to tell mine. So I'm gonna start wish a short back story.... I grew up in a very religious household, and was quite a religious brewskie for most of my youth... So drugs of any kind were just never mentioned, and when they were... It was always depicted as life ending and pretty much a one way ticket to non salvation.... Anyways, i was eventually kicked out of the place because I liked girls... I found out my ex had a moment of clarity and confessed her sins lol... So I lost all my 'friends' and people who I thought had my back... And was like fuckit.... Screw you guys... And I started making a new life for myself... I took up ice hockey and thoroughly enjoyed it and made quite a few friends from that time that I still talk to and keep in touch with... But they were quite a bit younger than I was, mostly still in school. I seemed to gravitate towards the rebels and the misfits and the bad apples... Because hey... Am I not a bad apple?? I figured these guys I could relate to... So I started joining them in the car park when we had shift breaks for ice rink marshaling duties, where they would smoke cigarettes... And one day Gage whips out this nasty looking joint... And says.. Who wants to give this a go... They were 16/17, and I was 19/20, and not everyone was keen to participate... Maybe only 4 out of the 8 or so peeps that were there... Being the newborn rebel that was me... I decided to give this shit a go... It tasted horrible... Burnt like shit... But man... I was wowed... You just gotta smoke alil and you feel like this!!? I got high... But... That stupid goofed high you get from smoking jut lol haha hahaha... I loved it. I wanted more... So I asked Gage where can I get some more, and he showed me a little sweets stand that sells bankies of weed or prerolls... This is in 2009ish guys... I was buying R2 bankies, yes twee Ronds.... For a gram bankie of crushed leaf powder... I was again blown away... My first illigal purchase of this salvation ruining DRUG... Hard drugs man... I remember thinking this is it... I cannot be any more condemned than I currently am... So I took it home and smoked it... And then went back for more... 2 bankies now... 4 bucks of my hard earned money... Going home getting blasted with Gage and Chez lol😂 blowing smoke rings with the hubbly and laughing our asses off for no good reason haha, good memories... And while I stayed in Durban... That is pretty much the quality I knew... I had never even seen a weed plant alive until I moved to jhb a few years later. Moved to Jozi with my dad and he also smoked, and he laughed at me when I told him what I smoke hahaha, and he graciously showed me where to get more weed... This time I'm now paying 20 bucks for a banky... But my oh my... It had formation!! It was real weed!! And for 20 bucks... It was gooooood... Way better than the shit trim leaves I was used to... But still wet behind the ears when it came to weed... Made some friends through my dad's work, and so I entered the punk rock party scene... I liked it... More people who I thought I could relate to... Social outcasts, misfits...black sheep... And it was fun... I was going to plenty gigs and this is where things start getting good.. I met so many stoners!! Like... Literally everyone smoked... Or was super chilled with smoking, and more importantly, had contacts for some A grade Cron... all the good stuff, greenhouse, indoor, medical, which to my knowledge back then was like a step up from indoor... And it was delicious... Eye opening... Magical... Beautiful... Emotional... Compelling... Glorious lol... .... Fucking expensive I got contacts for a guy in the south of jhb that sold only indoor... I used to spoil myself like once every 3 months to a gram of his delectable delights... Im talking about 'cheese' that smelt like cheese, tasted like cheese, aftertaste of cheese, fucking cheese my guys... 'Blueberry' that was literally more delicious and flavourful than a mugg&bean blueberry muffin with all the blueberry nuances... 'bubblegum' that left me thinking that there is just no fucken way it can be real... But I smoked it... It happened... Trust me, I was there lol🤣 And at this stage I had still never seen a cannabis plant and figured you needed to be a chemical scientist to cultivate such a plant lol. I didn't have much access to the internet growing up or after, so I only knew what I saw and what I read in the limited books I had access to.. Years went by and my knowledge grew and so did my salary, but so did my rent and petrol and everything fucken else... So I was eventually caught between a rock and a hard place where I could either smoke at home and not go out... Or go out and not smoke... I decided to just bite the bullet with a mate and buy a light. I bought a 400w HPS with interchangeable MH bulb for 1200 bucks and started my journey. My very first plant was pure beginners luck if ever I ever saw beginners luck lol... It was a mystery bagseed plant... But guys when I tell you it was a pheno of a lifetime... It was literally, and still is, the best smoke I have ever had.... 72g off her and I thought my fuck... This would have cost me thousands of monies!!! I was ecstatic, I bought more stuff... I did my research and decided that I am gonna do hydro... And I realized how little I knew when all the wheels started falling off and my grows were dying and problem after problem after problem... I was even on the verge of giving up... Throwing in the towel... When I stumbled across forums online.... I was like what is this? Answers to so many questions I have had! Fixes! Methods on my madness! LO and behold my plants were growing again! I couldn't be happier... I decided to sell my ice hockey kit and invest in a decent light... The way of the future, LED lighting! Using the power of HPS and Blurple tech, I managed to start growing some decent dank on the regular, enough to cover the needs of me and my GF and the occasional friend who came over hehe. And that pretty much brings us to the legalization of the cultivation of this wonderful plant we lovingly grow and admire on the daily, I wanted to become part of something larger than myself, share my knowledge with people and help as many people as possible cut out a few years of struggle that I had to endure. And so I joined this fine establishment... I get to hone my skills against some of the best in the country, get tips give tips... Share my knowledge and experience and really just give back so that everyone can fully enjoy the fruitage of their hard work and effort by growing the best they can. PS - here's a potato for the long post 🥔
  9. Lol yea @Popcoen, you should really check out the organic growing scene. Tons of info And all of the explanations are generally not too far from here either👌 I make use of the search function to browse the site and to find specific information I'm looking for using keywords. As much as we are here to help and guide the members of the forum, we do encourage a hands on approach, so in saying that, what ideas do you have and what amendments were you thinking of using? Show us what you have so far and give us your understanding on the products you are wanting to use and then we can guide you on ratios and stuff. The forum has members who are readily able to rattle off a decent soil mix off the top of your head, but that won't make you a better grower if you don't understand what you are putting in the soil and why. If you want to better your grows, better your knowledge first before you try better your tools. To mix your own soil, you need a place to let it cook... And I feel 100l might be a bit little to actually get this right. I would aim for 300l+ if you can
  10. What!! We were putting kids in jail for pot!? Kids!!! I'm no goody two shoes... But speaking to my brother and sisters... Weed is freaken rampant in schools... Amongst other way worse substances. I can just imagine that being exposed to jail time for such a mild Mr meaner would wreck the kids mental outlook on almost everything... Life, relationships, friends, future job applications... Pretty much snuffing out that child's life before it even begins... Sies South Africa. Thanks for sharing man! This a really good day for some good news
  11. If you are aiming for organic... Then you gotta let your water stand... If you aren't messing with microbes and shit... Then straight out the tap is perfectly acceptable.
  12. CreX

    Bending stems

    But really... Just let it grow as is... The less you fiddle the better
  13. CreX

    Bending stems

    What's uuuup! Yea man you don't have to stress at all... It's quite a fine line for burying seeds, few mm too deep and they never come out... Few mm too shallow and they put their excess energy into a long stem. Which isn't bad... I mean... They are alive hehe I would leave the stem as is and only adjust if if it's laying horizontal. At an angle and you have nothing to worry about...
  14. If you wanted to insulate your outdoor pots, I wouldn't use the aquarium heater for that... I mean... Your idea is sound and should work... But it's not necessary for outdoor. I would rather make a foam barrier for your outdoor pots. You using fabric pots or plastic currently? This will be easier with plastic pots. Anyways, what you do is build a cardboard frame around the pot, leaving about 5cm on each side. Then you put your pot in a plastic bag so that the pot fits snug in the bag, then back into the box frame you made. Then get a tube of expands foam from builders, I think they have a range that's like 125 for 700ml. Spray that in between your gap and let it set. Bobs your Aunty and fannys your aunt, you have a cooler box for your pots to retain heat way better. I would do this over the pump and heater
  15. Sprout teas are great! Full of amino acids and vital growing blocks for all types of plants! Another tea to consider is your bokashi teas, which are anaerobic teas. And then you get your aerobic teas with oxygen consuming microbes and fungi. Check my signature out for my teas thread! I should actually add onto it sometime... Need to redesign my vortex brewer
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