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    DWC Hydro is my star skill set, but I am playing with coco and soil, likely to drop soil completely soon... Leave soil for outdoor haha!!
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    LED is the place to be!!
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    Super cheesy strains, but most of all, Blueberry... I would just about sell my soul to get my hands on a proper blueberry lady❤️
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    2 very separate rooms, 10x Qb288s in flower, 3x 150w Acdc light in veg
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    Synthetic nutes with additional amendments as well as living water with bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi
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    Joints, bong, pipes, vapes, dabs... Edibles.. Typical stoner

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  1. Nice! thanks man, is it a 2.4x2.4 or a 2.4x1.2 tent? you have brands for the items? how long have the globes been in use? and most importantly... why are you selling everything? sounds like you are over it for now?
  2. it is definitely revegging. you need to check your timer and make sure it is working correctly if you use a pool pump timer with the dip switches, you need to make sure that every dipswitch is working correctly. i have 3 of those at home that function correctly, but some of the dipswitches fail to make contact and if that is happening to you, its revegg central. or you forgot to switch your timer back onto auto after a night extra input or something. either way. you must plant some new seeds as this harvest is tickets.... they will need to transition back into flower and kinda just keep you guessing for the next few months
  3. you so gotta add Culterra and Garden Master Bro!
  4. CreX

    Liontree LED's

    I must be honest. I am preferring the tapered plastic pots with coco. The fabric pots dry out on the sides way to fast for my liking and I feel if messes with my roots too much if a pot dries out a smidge too much A slower drying meduim like soil would benefit from fabric pots more imo. But sounds like even then @SkunkPharmuses soil and wraps his pots still.
  5. nice! you and the capn should speak, unless you guys have already beaten me to the punch line! @420SA and @Futurama Hydroponics, this would make a sweet theme for the SOTM maybe you could hop on the band wagon as a sponsor for some months??
  6. Depends if you wanna keep the bud or not. If not, you let it dry out till it's proper crispy, then put it in a seive and go until you are left with seeds, presto. If you wanna keep the bud... Then maybe deseeding as you smoke it may be easiest
  7. 17 days from the time you soaked your seed, or 17 days since you planted it? Either way, that plant is way tiny... Comparison would be a seed about a week from germination. What meduim do you have it in? Looks barky.... Also a smidge wet, but I have seen better plants with worse watering so I don't think it's that. Likely root damage and it's trying to recover. Do you have any other plants on the grow? I would plant more
  8. yup, @FreesoulGP, looks like you are indeed in the harvest window. the trichomes look milky to me so you should have a decent smoke if you chop now. Do yourself a favour though and try get something that you can get a closer up view of the trichomes for much easier identification. i have found that harvesting with little amber results in a smoke i am not entirely happy with. it is euphoric, but doesnt hit my quota of stoooooned that i like. so maybe if you like a bit of a stone to your high, hang off another week and see how it looks i used to aim for 10% amber, but now i like it a bit higher, 20% is good for my taste
  9. Legends. sounds sick and i will def be checking it out!
  10. very good month guys! congrats to the winners and thanks to all those who entered!
  11. Love it, my brother is turning 19 today actually! and he also has an affinity to growing some green LOL make yourself at home man and hit us up with some pics of your successes!
  12. 4 hey? That would make you... 19? Or still 15 if it was indoor harvests lol😁😂
  13. Welcome @Excolaber! Quite the loaded question you have here. Are you new to growing cannabis in general? How have you grown before and why have you changed? Im just here to welcome you to the forum! Soil isn't my specialty, but there are a few gurus in the site that will be able to make sense of your ammendments and guide you on a well balanced mix. From my experience, it's all in the ratios at the end of the day. Put too much of one thing and it could lock out another amendment. @Dank @SkunkPharm @Prom @oldsandals
  14. keen to have more knowledgeable persons on this fine established forum! Proof is in the pudding though! so hit us up with some grow diary's you may have or some grow reports also! Thanks for making an official stop on the forum guy!! welcome! and please, enjoy the stay and the vibes
  15. Looks like it has the ingredients to take you over the line... Give it a go and see how it treats you
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