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    Sugarcane - Tropicana Banana - Exodus Cheese - Slurricane - Slurrijugg - Blunicorn - Blueberry - - French cookies
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    Indoor with coco and salt nutrients - dem gains is all that matters brah!!
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    LED is the place to be!!
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    Super cheesy strains, but most of all, Blueberry... I would just about sell my soul to get my hands on a proper blueberry lady❤️
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    2 very separate rooms, 10x Qb288s in flower, 2x Qb288's in veg and 2x 150w Acdc light in veg
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    Synthetic nutes with additional amendments as well as living water with bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi
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    Joints, bong, pipes, vapes, dabs... Edibles.. Typical stoner

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  1. most nurseries should have, i personally get from my dads place if i need any... and then there was a guy in Alberton... Wynaand who sells castings and worms
  2. CreX


    siiiiiick! glad to have you join us man!
  3. in english - you are offering a self catered cottage for the price of 50g bud, or equivalent, for any and all who wish to get away are welcome for longer than i care to admit, i thought you were offering some kinda 420 orgy vibe🤪
  4. lekka lekka lakka lakka lakka bruuuu!! welcome! some nice Fennel you got there mate! 😜 stick around and feel at home man, show us your ways and we will show you ours!
  5. i fear that this light isnt as powerful as you hope. so in saying that, as long as you dont drop the light on your plants, it should be fine. rather vary the height of your light ... for germination, i would go about 1m above them and see if they stretch too much or not, and then lower the light a bit. and in flower you could prolly get to about 30cm without issues
  6. each knob controls a different circuit... it depends how much draw each colour draws... you would need a watt meter to determine how much each does. i dont think its split evenly - the red and blue will likely draw similar amounts on full...and the larger cobs may draw something else. if electricity is not a major concern, i would run everything on max and let the plant decide what is useful vs not
  7. CreX


    why do you do it like that? my veg is off from 11 - 5pm and then on through the night same as flower
  8. CreX


    damn straight! but we need to move you over to the rapid rooter plugs like the ones im using... much easier to use, no need to hydrate the things, you can fit many more cuttings under your dome, and the cherry on top? - much lower losses
  9. you just leave it, same with photoperiod flowers... only need to remove it when you harvest
  10. CreX


    keen like a bean! show us what you got!!
  11. Shit son!! you got some power in your tents!! subbed for this ride! have you tried hydro before? you need to decide if you are gonna go sterile or living water right away... i suggest living water - add some of your mycos to the res and watch the love happen... and some enviroc actually... not too much... a little goes a long way in hydro... and then yea hortimix worked like a charm for me in veg and flower in hydro
  12. CreX


    nice!! i like those innoculants you have man... that liquid mycos are a real winner!!
  13. CreX


    very detailed @donzomb!! how are they looking now? any sprouted yet? all on track still??
  14. LOL i know the struggle... save your sanity, let your baby sleep...oh and ya, also dont wake your kid man
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