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    Sugarcane - Tropicana Banana - Exodus Cheese - Slurricane - Slurrijugg - Blunicorn - Blueberry - - French cookies
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    Indoor with coco and salt nutrients - dem gains is all that matters brah!!
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    LED is the place to be!!
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    Super cheesy strains, but most of all, Blueberry... I would just about sell my soul to get my hands on a proper blueberry lady❤️
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    2 very separate rooms, 10x Qb288s in flower, 2x Qb288's in veg and 2x 150w Acdc light in veg
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    Synthetic nutes with additional amendments as well as living water with bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi
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    Joints, bong, pipes, vapes, dabs... Edibles.. Typical stoner

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  1. having recently experienced an aphid outbreak, i can confirm that those are not aphids...nor thrips, nor whitefly. might still be wrong about the spidermites... but defs not thrips or aphids - they are bigger than the bugs in the pic, even in the larvae stage so i am still leaning towards spidermites, not the red spider mites tho... it looks like those are the two spotted variety which are lighter in colour and fairly easy to control - the red fuckers on the other hand... drink pesticide for breakfast....without milk this stuff melts spidermites, and nothing else... quite handy to keep on your shelf http://www.kirchhoffs.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Ludwig-Rose-Spider-50ml-C.jpg
  2. Eish... That looks like spidermites. 2 weeks remaining is very little.... Likely nothing you do will sort them out without damaging your buds. Give us a few more pics and an idea of your grow space and we can take it from there. You do need to start stocking your pest management shelf my guy!! Are you staying in the US or are you here in SA currently? Most of the things I can recommend might not be available in the US... But you should find something similar. More pics would be a winner
  3. i just dont have the time to game like i used to... spend all night playing games is a long past luxury for me hhehe. my dad seems to get it right though, and has recently got me hooked on Company of heroes, which is quite fresh and challenging to me. but @PsyCLown is right! where are all the cool games from when we were ten hahaha iv recently started buying a board game and its expansions called CATAN, and my goodness gracious me!! what a captivating game if i had to describe it, it would be a cross between Age of empires and Risk, and monopoly but more family friendly that AoE and way riskier than Risk, and a butt load less frustrating and tedious then Monopoly 😁
  4. if there are roots, you still gotta make sure she doesnt dry out! and uf there are roots, i would give her some sun... the light green of the leaves tells me she needs food
  5. CreX


    yeild depends on way too many factors to give you a yes or no answer - the damaged plant needs to grow for many weeks before you flip her...if you flip her along with the rest of the plants, then you will be wasting the plant - she needs much longer to recover - the leaves will never come right and new growth is necessary
  6. when a company strives to keep to their mission statement as well as RAW does, it makes no sense to look anywhere else for quality papers IMHO when RAW was a lot less available than it is today, i opt for my next preference which is OCB Slim. growing up and learning how i like to smoke, Rizzla was the main rolling paper, but damn that paper taste is so strong if i am forced to roll in white bleached paper. peace and love guys!
  7. okay, not terrible by far. you should have added a calcuim source aswell to the coco for your buff, but that likely isnt your issue in the ratio you used (1:1:4) - just a note for next time the worm castings should also be fine - where did you source them from? store bought? or home made? if store bought... you went in fairly heavy... but it shouldnt be an issue if it was store bought ... home made tends to be crazy high in nutes and could possibly be causing kak in the pot now. if the other plants are happy with less, i think you have your answer 😛 potting up to 30l with only the organic soil should help the most
  8. whats up man!! so at a glance, i would say you may have over done it a bit along the way. but lets dig in and see what we can find. That sounds strange as the soil is ready to use as i understand it? how much coco and worm castings did you use and what coco did you use? buffered or unbuffered? all at the same time? grow is for veg, the rest is for flower i believe? @Prom what is your opinion? You should also be lowering the dose A LOT if you are mixing them all together and you can go a bit higher with the PH for a soil grow. 6.8 is the go to for soil. what are you adjusting and measuring your Ph with? i would stop this - only foliar for a purpose... we dont need rain on the leaves 😛 ie, epsom spray or fulvic spray or pest management sprays and not just plain water...
  9. Ah okay awesome - i will get the bud trimmed when i can and stll let you guys know how it was.... just needed to know if i should rush or if im good
  10. This is what i have heard as well - it could also be greendoor thats making waves lately... last seasons outdoor harvests were nothing to scoff over... some of the best green iv seen in years going for stupidly low prices... prices that @Martin7318 is quite correct about... indoor cannot be grown for R10 a gram if its quality
  11. i think i am ready! i just have to finish the trim and weigh - is that necessary for the comp? sort of like a smoke report of sorts? or where do we stop
  12. Thanks Capn! it felt like a part of my soul was wrenched from my body when i tried to log in yesterday and was greeted with the suspended page!! its good to be back -
  13. CreX


    And this bonus one is for all you sickos out there who love growing donkey dongs as much as I do😝
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