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    Jeez lol, alot... Let's maybe lable it as strains grown?
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    DWC Hydro, messing around with organic soil too
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    Super cheesy strains, but most of all, Blueberry... I would just about sell my soul to get my hands on a proper blueberry lady❀️
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    2 very separate rooms, germinate/clone to harvest in DWC, 4x Qb288s in flower, 200w nova fittings and a 150w Acdc light in veg
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    Synthetic nutes with additional ammendments as well as living water with bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi
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  1. @Teal Smith Give @Master_G a msg... I'm sure he can hook you up with some sick lights with LMB301h diodes @ a friendly price lol. 16k... I'd rather shit in my hands and clap
  2. Excellent! What do you have in the meantime? Any lights or seeds you keen on? Tent or cupboard grow?
  3. Nice brooooo! I was wondering how long it would take for you to show up on our doorstepπŸ˜‰πŸ˜
  4. You guys should really be moving as far away from CFL lighting as possible... That's rookie stuff that works In a pinch... High powered CMH and LEP as well as top end LED are the options you need to consider if your goal is top shelf bud. Sure not the cheapest... But you gotta start somewhere... But honestly... Cfls are not the somewhere you should be starting and or buying more to supplement πŸ˜…πŸ˜‹ Rather speak to @Master_G he has the goods
  5. If it's for veg... Speak to Acdc about FL-150-CW Same price about... But I have vegged 20 plants under it like a champ and have ordered a few more for my veg requirements. Im going so far as using one to supplement my flower room currently... So for R400 it's def worth a look over a blurple nonsense from take alot
  6. Welcome! Make yourself at home friend What have you got on the rise here?
  7. CreX


    Welcome man!! May the green be prosperous with you!! Maybe hit us up with a few highlights of your outdoor grow while you're at it
  8. There are a ton of guys here with way better info and sources lol. @PsyCLown do you have any input here? @Master_G, you mentioned your lights in another thread @SkunkPharm, what do you think man? @Aeradix, what have you got inline with a 3k budget bro? lets see what these guys can do for you.... Guaranteed success πŸ‘Œ
  9. Noice!! The choice to grow will ultimately be yours... But for indoor I'd go for a more Indica leaning plant and take it from there... Lots of guys in the site sell seeds or know where to find sweet deals. Check out the vendor lounge on the home page. As for a light... 2k is alright but you might need to pull out a wee bit more for a light that will make you happy through veg and flower. Quantam boards are quite popular nowadays but even for the smaller lights you're looking at around 2.5 to 3k a pop... Totally worth it IMHO. I actually feel you could practice with bag seed and still pull decent results due to the decent light. Start with a sweet light... And the beginner grower trials and tribulations won't be so obvious and your learning curve will be sharper. I wasted money on what I thought was a good light... I mean it does the trick for what ever is under it, but not so much for whatever is not under it... And it took me years to figure out that my lights were my limiting factor in my grow... Imagine training weights like Goku uses? Shit lights are those training weights... Every aspect of your grow will be better due to trying to figure out why your plants don't look like the other guys online... But once those weights are off... It's game on and the difference took me from 0.6g per watt... To about 1.5g per watt... And with my next harvest I'm hoping to breech the 2g/watt Mark... Lights are the most vital aspect for a starter grow... Sadly the most expensive part too
  10. What's uuuuup! Welcome mate!! What kind of grow are you looking to set up? Indoor outdoor? Give us some pointers about it and I'm sure we can point you in the right direction! When do you think you will be up and running πŸ˜πŸ‘
  11. Cool... Well you must know how it is! You reap what you sow. The more high quality soil and nutrient feed, the more likely you will end up with bigger harvests... Then from there basic training and practices lead to better grow skills... Then one day you just wake up... And the issues you used to battle with... Are now part and parcel of your grow set and are no longer an issue... Keep growing dude!! It's the only way you gonna get this right... OH yes... And of course, keep visiting the forum... You won't go wrong if you let us help you 😎
  12. And they are in full flower. At this point, to fix the plant will take months of reveg and patience. Looks like a bit of mag deficiency along with nitrogen tox as pointed out by @SkunkPharm Sadly, I doubt you will yeild much from either of those ladies, but I hope your pallette has been wet and you are ready for round 2😎 Seems outdoor is your style currently... Which is cool... But with winter in the way, it might be best if you hold off planting new seeds until much later this year... If you are gonna use the same buckets... Then sowing seeds next year January will be your next best gap. Heed the concerns of @PsyCLownabout your soil... It looks to sandy and drainage is likely very poor. If you are going to use garden soil next round too(I advise against it but that's just me) then you must take soil from underneath plants that are actually growing well in your garden... The soil from a barren patch won't yeild jack shit. Stick around on the forum to expand your mind and improve your grow skills!!
  13. Iv seen trays before... But honestly feels more of a novelty item. It's purpose is a catcher for the bits that don't get rolled... Im fine with a countertop... Or my lap... Or I just try to not be a messy Boi.
  14. CreX

    Lost my bet ^^

    I'm checking out your light. The interwebs says the Mars TS 3000 is a 3kw light. Is this correct? Edit - I read further and it says it's a 450w like you said... Im just still not able to fathom the quantity... You have really put me in a spin mate.... Iv been trying to find other examples of peeps internationally that make this claim... And I can't find anything yo. The best I can find is if you are getting over 1g per watt, you're doing great... You have over 2g per watt lol.. In soil no less... With a damn open tent lol... I think the your trick is autos and extended light cycle... Well done mate. I doubt I'll go that route though... I hate that I'll only have that exact plant once... And will need to keep buying seeds.
  15. CreX

    Lost my bet ^^

    LOL don't put yourself down so much... You grow decent bud
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