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  1. How to improve seed germination with microbial seed treatments: 

    High value plant seeds and home grower seed treatment guidelines: 

    (A) Un-diluted ExploGrow™ seed soak treatment
    (B) How to further assist high value plant seed germination using diluted ExploGrow™

    Link: www.explogrow.com/farming-with-microbes/how-to-improve-seed-germination-with-microbial-seed-treatments

    How to improve seed germination with microbial seed treatments.jpg

    How to improve seed germination with microbial seed treatments 2.jpg

    How to improve seed germination with microbial seed treatments 4.jpg

    How to improve seed germination with microbial seed treatments 5.jpg

  2. T&T Agric, growing over 1 million Macadamia trees and seedlings, have just kicked off their first trial with ExploGrow bio-organic microbial fertiliser.

    So far the results have been “phenomenal”.

    We ignored the leaves, since, after only 3 weeks, not much of a difference was expected, nevertheless, after shooting this video, it was pointed out that the ExploGrow treated seedlings already had an extra set of leaves.

  3. We will be dropping 105 x free 30 ml samples (enough for 2-3 plants) at the following retailers before Friday.

    On Friday we announce on Instagram that anyone can collect 1 free sampler per person [first come first served, while stocks last... so be quick!]

    We’ve organised this as an easy way to get samples to 420SA outdoor growers that don’t have or can’t afford a 250 ml.

    So if you’re already growing with ExploGrow, then this Giveaway is not for you 😬😥.

    We don’t want any contestants to feel left out, especially when those growing with ExploGrow start showing off the effects caused by our powerful microbes 😉

    This is where you can grab some:

    • Uncanni, 34 Main Road Fish Hoek, Western Cape, +27 63 467 6040

    • Papa J, Cape Town, order online at Instagram/Facebook: papaj420shop

    • Grow Guru Horticulture, 70 Pickering Street, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, 6045, +27410070616

    • GrowBudz, Kirsten Mews, Smith Street Edenvale, 1609, Dave: +27724039136

    • Jamscaping, Muldersdrift, Russel Rd, Krugersdorp, +27729162021

    • Greenthumbs Hydroponics, Riverbend Junction, Cnr Riverbend Road & Witkoppen Road, Fourways, Sandton, 2162, Johannesburg, +27790810376.

    We dropped 30 x 30 ml at Greenthumbs.

    • Organics Matter: Sabie, Mpumalanga: +27 (83) 285 3077

    • Durban: can I growInstagram.com/c.monsta_budz

    How to grow Cannabis using ExploGrow™ organic biofertilizer together with other nutrients and fertilizers (FAQ)


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