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    Suntech lights

    Have built an outdoor light setup incorporating 2x of the 50w versions and a 150w led flood in the centre. Using it to extend daylight hours and vegging clones outdoors. They do get warm so some active/passive cooling will extend the usefull life. Mine been running for about 6 months and no problems so far. Doubt they would be suitable for flowering, for a decent indoor setup, those lights won't be the best choice.
  2. Super soil, as an idea is wonderfull, but in practicality its a bit of a tall order, pipe dream or panacea...upset apple cart....ohh damn!!! We grow cannabis for reasons contradicting mother natures' intentions, not purely for the plants' procreation. Not even the Lords gardener, Mother Nature works like that. Naturally, the plants grow on the edge of forested or intermeadiate area's and during their 'lifetime' they recieve numerous organic nutrient inputs from decaying matter etc. that nature supplies.
  3. Biologically your mix will change a lot during the 'cooking' process. Looks like you have most of the bases covered nutrient/amendment wise.... maybe some AACT and a spade 'turning' every 2 weeks maybe?
  4. Very cool scale, allready doing duty. (Winter grown Bluecheese) Thanks @PASSTHEDUTCH Awesome to have Sponsors like you guys onboard.
  5. Bos


    Aweh @Growbaron Feeding a plant high levels of nitrogen during flower may also create leafy buds like those. Sunlight hours this time of the year will also push a plant to reveg. In order to help with this situation we'll need a bit more info about your grow setup.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Plenty knowledge to be found here. You got some decent spires there.
  7. Just a tidbit of info for the OP, dont mix the two, 'shotgun' remedies may do more harm than good. Years back I was a noob and made that mistake, so speak from personal experience.
  8. Done the reveg thing outdoors a few times, not for monstercropping but to preserve a genetic. Like @CreX said, wild vegetative growth all over, every nodes seems to want to grow at once. Some growths get very stretchy(20cm internodal) and woody. Lots of cleaning up and defoliating. The clones I cut rooted well and the buds were the same as the mother. But its a lengthy process, so from an indoor point of view not sure if its gonna be worth it.
  9. Calmag and Epsom reacts and precipitates out when mixed.
  10. How long into flower? Cant see from the pics. A maintenance dose of calmag should sort the Ca.
  11. @wanna be dagga kop What medium you using How big is the pot What do you feed and how much How old is the plant and how long in the medium? Some of those marks may be from spilled nutes, but your leaves are very dark and look 'hard' and some of those whitish interveinal spots look like Ca def.
  12. Once they show roots, at about 7-10days ( coco, solo cup, clone dome with leds) Start by gradually exposing them to 'final home' conditions. Outdoor, I'll expose them to sun/weather by placing them in a shady spot for a few hours, then extending/increasing the exposure time over the course of a week. Still in solo cup, feed some AACT and light nutes. Then they get transplanted/up potted to soil with some myco. Wait for new positive growth and carry on as usual.
  13. Aweh @GreenGrow Garden Route I've never used a specially designed unit like that, never needed to. You can buy such decarbing appliances, but they are quite pricey. Quick google-$200-$400. Any reason why it can't be done in a normal oven?
  14. There is only one way.
  15. Howzit @HogsBreath021 How old are those plants? Have they been sexed yet? What area you growing in? Normally cannabis will grow till they reach sexual maturity, usually at 4-6weeks, then they'll start flowering naturally. Because its actually the wrong time of the year, photo's should go into flower if you just put them outside. Depending on your weather this time of the year. But I believe you are going to need larger volume bags or pots for flowering. Those plants are probably allready rootbound and in need of a transplant. Which would be very beneficial for plant health and eventual yield. We're growing outdoors on the north coast with supplemental lighting to extend daylight hours to keep the plants in veg. Loadshedding and bad weather can cause problems, but so far our plants are flowering nicely.
  16. Bos

    Friend or foe?

    Unfortunately yes, fruit chafers they're called. Larvae normally dine on decomposing organic matter but I've also experienced otherwise. I now sift and remove them from my compost for planting.
  17. In our valley thats the cheapest stuff from the nigeys. If its good and you trust it, then its a bargain.
  18. Haha, I get you. Mg and Ca I've had issues with, adjusted my amendments on new batches and problem went away-easy. Re-amending old soil, I go in at 50%. There are just sooo many different soils on the market, each with different mixes and amendments. There cant be just one(singular) re-amendment solution??? Thats a lot of variables. Unless you have the soils tested every time before planting and after harvesting and re-amend accordingly. But not every strain uses or feeds the same either.... I dont think there is a singular solution amendment wise, thats why a knowledgable and experienced grower who can read and react to the requirments of the plant is the best combination to mitigate the risks.
  19. Thats one of the reasons I like mixing my own, I can adjust the amendments to suit. If they dont state what and how much is in the soil to start with, you going to have hard time. Only other way is to keep a close on your plants and what they tell you.
  20. Looking lekker 😁
  21. If the plant was growing funky, it could indicate an anomaly in the genetics somewhere. Its not unheard of for a recessive or hermie trait to surface. Breeders usually try to avoid this, but sometimes it sneaks in. The bud should be fine to puff on, just pick the nanners out carefully. Be aware that its pollen and you could accidently pollinate any other plants in flower nearby.
  22. Those look like nanners, female pollen sacs. Sometimes a female plant will produce nanners after a long time in flower without being pollinated. In an effort to produce offspring she will self pollinate. Buds can lose anything from 60 to 80% weight during drying and curing. It can be dissappointing as they look so fat and feel heavy during trimming, but then seem to shrink during drying.
  23. Yes, the Grinder comes with 2x interchangeble threaded plates with larger or smaller holes depending on your preference. The twisting halves are held together magnetically, allowing for easy grinding and good grip. Your grinded flower falls through into a collection bowl at the bottom. Very nifty.
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