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  1. Have Gaul stone issues.. so not much online

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      Man that's a bummer. Get well soon bro.

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      oros da boss

      All the best. Get well soon

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      Eish man, don't get Covid now too.

      Get well soon!

  2. You friend breed the critical+ and resells them over Dinafem? Or did i misunderstood something?
  3. All a question of the wallet 😁😁 Pot size matters. 20 liter for fems is little, for autos to much. If you have the money and water, go airpots or fabric pots. Fertilizer same, if you dont mind, go BioBizz and Freedom Farm Premium Classic soil. With that combo you can skip the ph/ec and ppm pen. Have 2 eyes on outdoor temp when you start. For the rest i wish you good luck! Use some quality seeds with those quality materials.. if you go bag seed. Get your stuff from the standard nursery and stay as cheap as you can. Result will be same.. cheap shitπŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜
  4. https://www.pacificseedbank.com/shop-all-marijuana-seeds/marijuana-seeds/charlottes-web-cbd-feminized-marijuana-seeds/ Ordered 10 seeds to my planetexpress US mail address, and no, i am no friend of the Stanley family 😊 dont know the dudes.
  5. With destilled water, 2 silver coins, 2 crocodile clamps, 2 wires, a 9v battery and a ppm pen, you can produce you own coloidal silver solution. Aim for 30ppm
  6. Hi, got asked for help from a hot chick (😁) , who has bad issues with epilepsy. And am rather serious to see if the plant could help her.. I go that far.. I even grow Fems quick. She could hardly move last time when she brought it up. Total stoner.. have to help her. So anybody who knows where or has some CW.. please advise. I say thanks in advance!
  7. I wrote a feed back to Nirvana SA, likes, not likes and the dead bean, dud count. Their bubblelicious auto is one of my favored, just the only one 😢 Can also recommend their fem candy kush, very aromatic but strong smoke. Anyhow, just as feedback. They wrote me right away back and offered to replace the lost beans, my own selection, 2 more total i even lost and would cover the delivery. There are some doing an outstanding job. I declined on the freebies, north america for me for the next years. Their pricing is rather good.. they also give free seeds with each order, like you would get ordering from hq. Seeds are local, so very fast delivery.
  8. Thanks for the great service, Sean!!! Press came in Friday.. looks a lot better as expected for the price.. zeroooooo complains from this side! 😁 And best.. works like a charm πŸ‘Œ can recommend his product 100%
  9. You get 4 LT at hydroponics for 15 Rand πŸ˜‚ honestly, stay away from Ayres Starke πŸ˜‚ I went as a friend said they have BioBizz.. checked the price and my heart skipped a beat. They have no shame...
  10. I am on their news letter.. just to know what not to buy there.. is to me the most expensive garden center you can go to. They have a "i-can grow tent" for 1780 Rand with everything included. Somebody checked it out? I only find information on Facebook.. and I have no Facebook account.
  11. Yes, nothing written in stone... but i treated the girls same way, yes, same batch seeds from same breeder. Blue cheese from nirvana seeds. I start to correct my mistakes and each seems to improve the plants happyness. I was way to close with my lamps in all stages... so over all, i enjoy this, as a bigger foot print also lets you light up more plants.. less wattage consumed. I for my part will stick to the 250 mmol on germination, they grow rather fast. Could be genetics, that i got three different results in plant hight. Interesting part... Epogee data suggested the outcome before. So i could say, yes, genetics.. or simply accept that i got the same result as they did. To much on your youngsers is actually no benefit, but slows them down. And to little provides the worst result...
  12. Do you measure your fertilizer, when you give it to the plants? Or do you just guess how much to give? I think growing went into the next league with measuring your light and applying what the plants need and not what you think they have to get. We measure water, fertilizer, time to grow.. but not the amount of light we give the babies... why? Is it worth it to spend on a quantum flux meter? That is your own decision.. I grow for that long, I know I can grow.. but how much I get out per sq or watt.. that is my challenge. I wanna hit 1kg per sq on every harvest I do. Would love to see how close I get to 3g/watt, if I go as perfect as I can go. I learned a lot.. really.. more than in the last 10 years, just by using a stop watch to clock my lap times. Without, you just guess your lap times.. I post one pic and that explains all.. Same strain, same time glassed.. different light intensity. 250mmol are recommended by Apogee.. what a result with just different light setups. No, you do not need a quantum flux meter to grow a plant.. if you wanna reach the limits.. yes, you need one. The plant with more light.. didn't perform better.. wuuuppppssssss.....!!!!!!!!!
  13. Fems, i wouldnt go september in ct, just because of the temp drops (or you work indoor first). Beginning October is a good time to start. Just keep that soil warm till they reach veg. Autos, a bit different approach. Depending on duration.. seed to harvest, plan ahead. Beginning Nov is a good start for Autos. Cold is gone, and you hit peak sun duration over your growth. Outdoor autos, add at least one, better 2 weeks to the total grow duration. You should end with harvest Beginning Feb.. and have no seeds in your buds.
  14. See, the quantum flux meter is 500 meter away.. isn't far, but still.. I don't want to go and get the meter every time I do a change on the lamps. With a dimmer.. you need a meter or you have zero ideas how far to hang. Hence.. 100%. Yes, the driver will run 100% but is also designed to do that. They don't get hot at all.. like the heat sink.. hand warm. I have my boards running at 100%, I do my measurements and write em down, once borrowed the meter. So all I have is a piece of paper to have the right micromols on the plants. Saves me the 10k Rand quantum flux meter, and just have it to measure each lamp every 6 months and see how much they lost and adjust distance to hang. Knowing your lamps is a huge part of success. And is also a 48v driver.. just has 120w max capacity.. just perfect to run one board. If you wanna use a dimmer.. you will not get around a proper meter.. or you will guess your way to each harvest. I like my growing more uncomplicated.. but still try to achieve perfect conditions.
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