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    Gelato, Jet Fuel, Tortoni, Lemon OG Haze, Slurricane, Deluxe Sugarcane, Exodus Cheese
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    120w QBs
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    Gelato, JetFuel
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    2.4x2.4, 4x 150mm silent inliners, 600mm carbon air filter, 2 TS3000, 8 x QBs
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    BioBizz & Canna Pro
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    Indoors and Outdoors
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    smoke or vape

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  1. I think the activera product is their addon for coco. But that has nothing to do with calmag.
  2. I have 20 months cured weed in jars. Is a different world of smoothness. We made a few curing experiments, 2 weeks, 2 months, 5 months, 9 months, 18 months. After those curing times the weed clearly changed in flavors too, beside getting smoother and smoother to smoke. After 9 months THC starts to slowly decompose, but still hits you very hard. Very little left of the 20 months cured amnesia haze but smell and smoke is just top class.
  3. I agree, have a super skunk showing the same leaf coloring and is starvation. They run on 500 micromole PAR, so not light stress for sure. It still bugs me that you gave each day calmag and ran into issues. Is this a thing with Coco?? You have to feed that much? If i would swap to coco, still using my biobizz fertilizers, what would change on the feeding, what is a must to add for coco? Curious what the coco dudes recommend... not that i plan to swap 😂
  4. Uses less bags. 😁 I changed my drying procedure a "little", and get the plants to 62% as fast as i can, without using any dehumidifiers or AC. Once i have em on 62% steady for 3 days, take all helpers out of the jar and lock to cure. My over all goal is to never drop below 58% but reach the 62% as quick as i can.
  5. 80 rand at hydroponics.co.za 😉 no guessing... between 60 and 64%, otherwise you have to do something. No need for a freeze dryer...
  6. Sorry, late response, was out of the house. Uhhh Coco.. I have zero experience with Coco related issues. Never had light stress with LEDs.. i usually only add calmag if I see a issue, rest the soil buffers.
  7. What else you feed beside each time calmag?... if you use the cheap nitrogen based version.. is simple, you dont have the start of a deficiency.. you are middle of nitrogen toxitity. If you feed calcium each time... plants need so little of it, you can exclude that right away. Nitrogen looks way more to be your culpit here 🤔 but need the full list of what you feed to get a better picture.
  8. Prom

    240w QB

    I take it off your back 😁.. but pick up next week, I have not much time right now, if that is OK.
  9. Prom

    240w QB

    What diodes and kelvin? Interested if those fit ^^, friend gets married.. perfect present 😁
  10. I usually buy soil bags in quantity 5 and up ^^ one pot does not compute, Sir 😁
  11. Sorry ^^ Puppies.. amazing how much they can keep you busy.. OK.. and played some New World with friends.. but the Lemon OG Haze went on growing ^^ The 12 plants are on a 1x1 area.. please ignore the Slurricane, is just parked at the side (1.2x1.2 tray) as I have no room in my dark area. Will move in 3 days and doesn't count towards the result in any way 😁 Lemon OG Haze are all mainlined to 16 main colas.. the outside ones just had other ideas about growing speed.. still middle flowering. All need support to keep standing. My Gelato (Orange Sherbet (Auto) & Thin Mint Cookie (Photo)) is after 6 weeks more or less done, fading hard. Haze I have set for first week December.
  12. I got mine during winter.. wasn't on the shelves, asked if they have and they got me 2 from the stock area. Super friendly.. came back with one, as I just asked if they have 40cm desk fans. Gave him a smile, need a second one.. and he went back fetching another one 😂 So if you don't see any.. ask, they might just have it in storage during winter. The takealot version is here: https://www.takealot.com/goldair-40cm-oscillating-desk-fan-white/PLID17260415 Had to swallow about the price.. I remember, I bought my two 2 years ago for 229 or 239 a piece.. in that area.. double price but both run fine after 2 years, zero issues with those Goldair fans. The first year they where standing and oscillating none stop.. till I hung em upside down to free floor space. Uhh, knocked em over a LOT while running.. one blade even chipped and I used Alu tape to just shape it back.. running .. and running 😁 those I really give my stamp of approval 😂 i honestly knocked em of their pots more than 20 times each.. reason they hang now.. no more knocking over ^^
  13. Uhhh I had 2 Salton non oscillating fans, a 30 and a 50cm.. both stopped working within a year. My 40cm oscillating fans from Takealot or Checkers Hyper still run fine, the takealot ones now into their second year non stop running, SCE, paid something around 220-250 per fan. I avoid Salton.. quality of the motors seem to be crap. The fans look like new.. just the motors gave up doing the job.
  14. Yeah, you are right, 3/4 year ^^ i smoke 6 joints a day on average hehehe 1.5g per joint.. 8-10g a day.. about 250-300g a month 😁
  15. I use Nirvana papers.. always get me 2 boxes.. lasts a year ^^ https://www.marijuanaseeds.co.za/5-x-nirvana-rolling-paper-king-size.html
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