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  1. You forgot marijuanaseeds.co.za The nirvana sa shop is one of the fastest and most reliable shops i dealt with
  2. As mentioned above, first I would drastically increase the air flow to the tent. Serenade helps to get all clean again.. but if you get PM, you have a environment issue to sort. All running smooth, you shouldn't get PM in the first place.
  3. That is the stuff 😁 i check for a seller in the US and ship to my planet express address. Pool with other parcels and ship further to SA over DHL.
  4. As long as it didnt reach your buds, your can spray. Best is if you swap between bicarb of soda and apple vinegar, helps also to keep your ph in range, soil wise. The PM doesnt like the swing... i still wouldnt recommend during flower, just final taste wise. You get sorted during veg and keep your humidity under control or taste will suffer.. general it swings to bitter with the stuff you left behind on and in the buds. The bicarb is to wash your weed.. emergency solution.. and only works to a certain degree. I also want to add, beside me, there are 8, very posh smokers, confirming, no side taste at all from serenade treated plants. Just works..
  5. they have to follow the law. Wrong declaration will never help... friend got his seedsman shipping confiscated a month ago. Stealth sending in mouse mat. It can be pure luck my parcel passed, but custom kept it for 4 weeks, other shipment reached me faster, send by same courier, same location. I declared the seeds because of the wording of the draft. I can have and trade up to 30 seeds, as long as there is no money exchange. The CBD seeds should be legal, as excluded inside the draft. I paid for those. The thc seeds were free and stated as freebees on the bill from the seed bank. Had 4 hoodies with too, 10$ a hoodie, was to cheap to resist. 😁 as said, took a bit but got it today from fedex... want to add, parcel value was declared as 70$ and customs charged me close to 900 rand... hefty import tax
  6. i never had issues with PM before, but since i grow in the Cape region indoor, Serenade saved my ass till now. The main issue is, if you have it, something in your system is wrong! HEPA filters will help, but at the end the solution is more simple in my opinion. My life got a lot easier, as soon as i increased the tent ventilation a lot. Opening the tent and walk inside will bring spores with, if you like it or not. If they hit the wrong climate, nothing will happen. In general, your enemy is the dark time. The drop in temp will lead to a release of moisture. Warmer air can hold more water. Temp drops, water gets released. If you shut down the light, you must increase ventilation or switch on a wall plug heater to compensate. Keep it between 50 to 60% Max humidity and you will never see the white spots again. PM hates fresh air... vent that tent! As good as copper soap keeps it at bay, you cant use it during flower... strict no go! Serenade Graden Disease Control is your best shot, leaves zero taste on the smoke, if used while your plants are green, dont use it on dry buds! If you have a nasty PM issue, spray several times a day to a run off and let them dry down in between. 2 days and your plants are squeaky clean. Hang to dry. Cheap version to wash would be a simple bicarb of soda (every supermarket has it) wash. 2g per liter water and a pure water rinse. If it is in your buds... only serenade will clean it, hard to wash the inside. Get it wet, the bacterias will eat, your job is to get it wet. i never did a serenade wash.. the stuff costs 😂 but spray works just fine. Dont worry, open those buds. Only option is the compost heap, you dont want to inhale fungi. Hope it helped sonebody with the issue.. first.. dont look for serenade (import only so far), increase the air flow in and out of your tent! Helps a lot already, then go from there..
  7. i ordered the Charlottes Web CBD seeds (10) from Canada. They added freebies, 5 pineapple express and 3 weddingcake. I declared the seeds on the shipping manifest. The parcel was for over a month with customs... and got it today... seeds and everything inside the parcel. The THC seeds were free, so not sure this made the change. 😁
  8. lets also add.. it is worth to look elsewhere, if the trader doesnt offer one of the top three couriers. If i looked for hours and find nobody else, i would even use Fedex.. but really just when there is no other option.
  9. My goal is always to reach 1000g per square meter. But also try to reduce the wattage used. My personal record stands on 2.45g per watt. Is not one or the other, i measure both to keep track if i move in the right direction. Friend just pulled 200g from a amnesia haze auto in switzerland... hehehe i never reached that.. time to up my game 😁
  10. Fedex is a total face palm.. 😂 you call in for the invoice.. DHL just send me that by them self, containing the EFT information or link for electronic CC payment. Anyhow.. Fedex.. then you call in again as you want to pay by card. As in the payment confirmation was Ref for Fedex, the tracking number. I expected this to be a automated process. I was wrong.. after a complain 4 days after my payment, they decided to say thank you for the payment. Tracker didn't move for another 72 hours.. on a Express Parcel 😂 I stick to DHL and UPS.. and in emergencies Aramex.. but Fedex SA is like Post Office 😂 OK, not the same same.. but they try very hard to reach that low level.
  11. I just deleted my BidorBuy and Takealot account as this habit of offering products without local stock gets a bit annoying. I look in general always for local stock, if it is not totally in a hilarious price range. But when I get 2 weeks, or more, delivery time, I started to cancel the orders right away. I can order from China myself. As local stock seems to shrink rather fast.. annoyingly.. I thought I write a few lines to import.. as when you go look outside, you can choose from several options of the same product and not just one they offer in SA. With any order the payment process offers a shipping note to add. To make things way more speedy, add your SA ID and your contact phone number there and add the comment For private use, not retail! Will go through customs rather without hassle and the courier has your direct contact, if the China trader messed that part up. I never ever had any Credit Card issues with a Chinese company/trader.. and I ordered quite a lot from that area. Hobbyking, Alibaba, Aliexpress.. zero troubles, is more complicated to chat with the translated Chinese.. but i always got what I ordered. Don't forget the tell them at the end to please make the customs bill to the % you like it to be.. I take in general 50% to 80% off.. less customs.. they grab shameful amounts 😂 charging 50% import tax.. is just asking to get cheated on. That brings me to the list of couriers I can recommend.. but don't get me wrong, they are not perfect but... with the added information in the shipment, those works the smoothest (might swap due to local crew incompetence ^^) Cape Town area I rank em like that: 1 DHL 2 UPS 3 Aramex .. there is a gap.. Fedex is very incompetent handling anything, contacts to payments 4 Fedex another gap.. nothing is even close as bad as post office.. i wouldn't even call that a mail service anymore 5 EMS (Post Office) DHL and UPS have working invoice systems in place for CC payment, great contact and fast. Aramex i put before Fedex as their computer system at least works. Fedex is great till it hits SA.. they don't check for payments or even try to contact you. Additional their phone system is very unstable and you need several calls. They are never over worked (fast response) but your line gets cut in general when they want to forward you. Not one try they succeeded.. I had to call in a few times. So Fedex only if you want to endure the full load. EMS with Post Office termination is not really an option, except you have a lot of time to wait, my record, got a parcel after 8 months of shipping.. and lost quite some parcels too, avoid EMS. The good news.. if you import yourself, you get your stuff the cheapest possible. I always say support local.. but then again.. if you order yourself and not over a SA third person, will be faster and cheaper. If I get my stuff within 5 days.. I take it local.. anything else, cancel, I order myself. BidorBuy account I closed as I made 3 orders, and only growguru.co.za had local stock, rest wanted to let me wait 20+ days. When I went shopping for the same product outside, I got double the amount of the product and on express shipping.. so faster.. 5-7 days (in this case 5m RAW rolling paper, 48 of them ^^, not even a dollar a piece, 730R for the papers, going to my planetexpress storage.. I order more stuff to reduce shipping cost ^^). If you run into products "they" don't send to SA.. you can always get a warehouse or shipping service to work around. You have those issues more in US/Europe.. China/Hong Kong ships to SA ^^ For the USA/Europe www.planetexpress.com works very nice (you can't repack seeds!! keep that in mind) rest, you can collect also parcels for 45 days and ship in one parcel.. less shipping fees, pays back rather fast, if you have a few things to order. This premium service is 50$ a year or you can also just take it for one big batch and take the service just for a month. With the saved shipping fees.. always pays back. Just for one parcel.. is just a little additional cost but you get your stuff shipped to SA, have 2 parcels combined and the fee for planetexpress is paid and you saved some. Just select the warehouse depending where you need it. California for the US and UK for Europe. If people run local stock.. i will always order there first (as mentioned.. if the price is reasonable) but I am not supporting people just doing the order them self and add 100-200% on top.. i hate wasting my money ^^ If you stick a bit to the same courier.. you have the numbers and websites you need bookmarked, importing yourself as a private person isn't as complicated and frustrating as most think. Just think ahead and put the information needed on the shipping yourself. If nobody needs to contact you, you will be amazed how fast it can go. US or China to SA.. DHL or UPS does it in 5 - 7 days and not a month like those order "reheaters" offer for more expensive in general. Support people running local stock.. rest be smart. Hope it helped somebody 😁
  12. I would go with the QB and add 2 more by time. Agree with @CreX nice offers price wise! 😁
  13. Look for fish mix, if you want to use just one of both. Then get a bottle of melasses too from your grow shop and mix your own Grow... 750ml fish mix and 250ml melasses... and you have Biobizz Grow. Stick to the light mix table, not the FF table... that one demands to use bio heaven or you run into troubles. I can send you a beefed up feeding table for your 10 weeks sour diesel, put those out second week Nov. Use the 12 week table, standard, on the ww3, beginning Nov (easy week calculation, 1. Nov). I use 10 liter pots for autos, i let the 10 week bubbles go into week 15, very late harvest. Autos dont go as root crazy... also means they handle less good wind. I am always amazed how small the root work is when you empty the pots. Pulled one out gentle... that is a 10 liter pot and a 14 week old auto
  14. You need to Ph Coco.. no way around.. FF Premium with BioBizz range will do for outdoor. Should be a smooth cruise.. you want to start in November.. depending on strain time, early Nov for 12 week plants, mid Nov for Fast ones, 8 to 10 week strains. Would be my input..
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