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  1. Pulled a Frenchy on the tall ones. If i want to put them back in the tent, they still fit 😂
  2. Clones are exploding... have enough to select from New Gelato doing much better 😂 i screwed up the last batch so bad And some more photos to pheno hunt
  3. I would say yes, a 1x1 isn't small. You should exchange the air about 6 times a minute.. and with proper ventilation, your chance to run into PM is way lower. Just check your dark times when the air cools down and releases the stored moisture. When the lamps are on, you fight usually more with temperature. You might want fans you can change the speed and just let em run on half. Uses about same energy with two, but you have a decent flow in and out. My IN side, i use both air streams to vent the plants, one high, directable, one low entry. Both have HEPA filters on the intake.
  4. Tina and a Guitar 😁 was 16 when she played this.. if somebody likes to play, will enjoy this, if not already knows it
  5. I live with China parts and a tupperware box 😂 2 ventilation setup, one in, one out for each. The box handles 4 6inch inliners. Tent was dark when i took the picture.. but still easy to read. Humidity handling inside the tent. Temp i cook outside the tent. The humidity handling inside is only to not run into PM issues. I avoid anything over 60% during flower on the inside.
  6. Defoiling you do for a reason. In general to open the flowers better to the sun and bring more air to the plant, some strains get VERY leafy. When your plant grows as nice and open as yours, see zero reason to actually do a defoiling. Go on with what you do and remove the leaves the plants give up them self. Rest, let them be 😀 very nice job till now!
  7. Clones now 2.5 weeks since i cut them
  8. Prom

    Techno for me ^^

    Nope, but a very nice set. If you would go to the right from the picture location and a bit further towards the lake (backwards in the picture).. you would get to one of the spots i lived in Zurich 😄 I kinda miss the "Oxa".. name of a after hour club, opening at 5am. Good sound, crazy people, I enjoyed my stay in Switzerland very much 😎
  9. Looking gooooood! 😎 Just clean the leaves the plants are giving up. And nice timing by the way 👌 😊
  10. As I just had a refresh read up, I decided that why not just post it. Auto-Flower and Training In general, this is my personal opinion.. but as I grew a few 100, this is simply my stand of experience. I did both LST and HST on Autos. HST I did topping and FIMing. I prefer LST and I quickly explain why. LST (Light Stress Training) I couldn't really notice any stress on a plant, when I did LST. It helps you get your canape even and you get better air flow and light on your buds, what makes them denser and more tasty. LST is what it says, you disturb the
  11. The pen is for wax/honeybee... I traveled with it 😁 @dank nothing wrong with old stuff ^^ The vulcano is on the market for quite some time too. I think we used it 2008.
  12. We used a Vulcano Classic. Is a bit of a mission and the plastic bag you have to replace rather often. In a group for a fun little smoking sit around, yeah.. daily use.. way to stationary. The thing is as heavy as it looks like. Used a Pocket Vaporizer, OK.. or a Pen Vaporizer. My preferred one. You can take it everywhere and can serve you a few heavy tokes on the go 😁 is the version I used BY FAR the most. I used this one: https://vapestore.co.za/pen-vaporizers/ghost Also bought it from those guys. The pen lasts very veeery long on one charge.
  13. If you fear mold.. just use the bicarb of soda. 2g per liter and wash off with clear water. Look that the water is around 20 degrees. Not to warm to make the resin soft, not to cold to make it brittle. One bucket with water is fine, the solution of the first gets massively diluted, just leave it in the second bucket as long as you, gentle move it in the first. Right away hang it in a very airy spot and try to get them as fast back to normal dry.. and start your procedure. Have fun 😁 PS: Don't mix the bicarb with lemon juice.. you cancel the effects out to my understanding. Lem
  14. 😁 I quickly went to your first link.. Yes, salad from the garden you wash ^^ I just read the first bid and wasn't sure if i should read on. I think we had the discussion about washing buds in here before. As I said, I only do it, if I have to.. and if i really really have to, the compost heap gets visit 😂 Soft PM or soft parasite infection.. I would wash. Rest I declare myself the loser and try to make it better next time. I would never ever use a chemical pesticide on my weed (biological warfare i use against PM ^^). That would go compost in any case. Very hard to get it clean and making
  15. Why wash off potency??? Why would it be a better smoke? Washing off dirt? You wash your buds when you have to. Rest you get the smoke you have in the plants genetics. If you are in the mood to wash your weed.. I can't stop you.. I wouldn't do it just for the fun of it hehehe if your weed is so dirty from the wind.. you want to grow on a different spot anyhow 😋
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