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    2.4x2.4, 4x 150mm silent inliners, 600mm carbon air filter, 2 TS3000, 8 x QBs
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    BioBizz & Canna Pro
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  1. i send them a msg and see how fast they answer. Home Connect didnt answer yet. Did, they are very limited in contact options. Internet Service Provider you cant contact over the internet we implemented click and call options for websites 28 years ago. Vodacom can even terminate voice, is there main business but offer no client services to contact them beside a phone number, tells you right away, fiber has no priority in their company, is just a side kick. Help desk couldnt even connect me to the fiber guys, just gave phone number to call. I just see a nightmare coming my way, if i need support on that contract.
  2. When i get regular seeds i make my own seeds. Right now i buy the seeds. This batch is Nirvana. 25 seeds per 1.2x1.2 area. Had 96 from 100 to pop and sort out depending on growing strength. Full tent, want to see if i can reach 1.5kg dry per square meter. Doing my homework for the coffeeshop i want to open when legalized, see where i stand, what my climate control can handle. New location, had to build setup new.
  3. Thanks, i check em out. Last i tried was RSAWeb. Had to click "Activate my fiber line", ended with an error to please write email to support, with the email address provided to contact. Did that twice, 4 days ago one response came back to please define more accurate, what my problem is. Network, billing,...? Just wrote back: with which of the three words they have a problem understanding? The word "Activation", the word "not" or the word "working". i hate it, when they not even read your mail at all. there was no error code, just "Woopsie!". Woopsie cost em a customer signing up for 2 1000/200 lines. i worked in the internet business 35 years ago... have to grin rather often when in contact with a SA ISP.
  4. Have me a good one? i struggle to find one not even messing up installation, the most standard procedure there should be. I just picture i have a real issue. 9 days of 'today' just to much
  5. And the 288 QBs i use. Very even light profile, no ac running at all.
  6. Auto's doing what Auto's do
  7. 160 is a bit big. I use 150 to pre sif and use 120 and 75 for the 2 qualities of hash. If you have good material to work withm you should get a good amount of 75 micron hash. My sifs fit nice into each other, so is a one shake for all qualities. You have to work cold, to warm and all just sticks together and messes up your sifs. Dry ice helps to make all a bit more easy and adds time to process.
  8. This is more off topic Man i hate CoolIdeas, the internet service provider. Moving all off, what a bunch of useless morons they have in support. i have seen some incompetent techs... those guys beat them by light years. They dont understand the word "today" and use it way to often.
  9. Www.cannabist.co.za
  10. my clone 2.4x2.4 sucks 4k per month... before the price hike. HID lamps generate double the heat... you need double the cooling power. He can be happy it only draws 10k a month... we talk 4 x 1.2x1.2, isnt small he will easy run 5500 watts on light times with ac and 400 watt during dark time... if it gets cold in winter, little heater... lets say 400watt on top. And i use very energy efficient inliners... 10k bro, with the april price hike, that is what i expect... will be more.. as i added a tent
  11. also... to plant autos in their final pot is a good idea. Do the same with a photo, isnt. Potting up gives you a better root system and speeds up their grow rate. Till you get the hang how much water the strain consumes, lift the pot. Heavy, no water, feather light, water till run off and let dry up again. If you keep the medium to wet they slow down and if you over water for to long, they will show you the finger. The wet dry cycle is very important. I saw no fertilizers, is the organolux or how ever soil ^^ all in one?? You need NPK, silica and amino acids. I do not like all in one soils. Just to mention that too Put your pots close together and hang the light according to instructions you got with the grow lights. Those 4x600 should light a 2.4x2.4 area, use what your lights can flower or you end with to many plants to finish. After this grow you will understand all way better, isn't rocket science what we do... but starting to drive a car in the formular 1.... will leave you frustrated. Scale down to what your lights can handle is my suggestion, you should end with a result you enjoy... just... add!! fans. I run 2 x 150mm inliners to suck filtered air in and 2, same models, to suck out. That is your air exchange. 6 times tent volume per minute is a good amount. And then you need mixers to blow over the plants... as much as you can without damaging the plants. Growing indoor isnt difficult, but also not that easy
  12. Mhhh i can tell you once all tents run at the new spot unit price goes up the more you buy. The last week of the month is the most frustrating i took the 20.5% Eskom price hike in those 10k... was on 8.3k before, since the 2 ACs are powered down, life is better, Jan and Feb were nasty hot this year.
  13. Cheapest energency light is one of those. You still have to set them according to your dark times. Not helping they activate when it should be dark Plants will not grow but the sensors will tell is light phase. Or run autos and ignore what eskom does
  14. Insane in the Prombrain Running on 200 to 350 micromole PAR light, dropped seeds last Saturday. Best coverage i got with 8 QBs on 100%, hang very high
  15. Light matters i repeat it rather often. I would say is heat stress, you dont have enough light to stress them. 16m2... 4x4 meter. I see no way how you will get dense flower material, just not enough energy to pump into the ladies. 2400 watt HID light.. that is half as efficient to v3 LED tech, winter no issue, your lights produce more heat then light. Who told you to buy HID... kick his nuts! I use 1900 watts LED light on a 2.4x2.4 area. Friend uses 2400 watts. I try energy efficiency, he just wants big buds In your case, i would x4 your light for flowering. Eskom will giggle as you will have to bring in a big ass AC too. I would guess 40k a month for electricity, so learn to grow before you go big... it costs. My 2.4x2.4 sets me down 10k a month (summer). Go LED, import lights and drivers. Just did, 16 x 120watt QBs, drivers, no dimmers. With import customs charges, quite acurate 25k rand. You would need at least 54 QBs on a 16m2 area... and with that amount of light, very good ventilation. Winter easy, summer you need AC. 2 to 3 20k btu units should do. Ventilation. As many inliners blow in, you suck out. Plants like even pressure. Inside you need a lot of air moving, stagnant pockets will not grow. No co2, no carbon to build stuff ^^ 4mx4m area, at least 8 40cm fans to shift air... you go bigger, you can go less fans. sorry, bad news... but your setup isnt working in that configuration
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