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  1. My kinda thread 😁 Autos have some advantages.. and some disadvantages ( at least I got told hehehe) I grew a few and, me, I love autos. My opinion advantages/disadvantages of Autoflower Disadvantage - Got told they taste less good as they grow less long (that is on the list to get tested) - Not a beginner plant, every fuck up will lower your yield substantially, the plant demands perfect growing conditions all the time Advantages 1 Tent for all generations (18/6, 20/4. 24/0 fix light cycle) You can grow a bigger selection on the same space I get a lot more yield from Autos in relation of the fertilizer I put into the plant (cheaper weed) A lot less maintenance work (watering, defoiling) and easier handling of the plants First batch outdoor Autos you plant in October comes 100% without seeds as no males out flowering before the harvest. Over all I like the simplicity of the plant. No light changes, every 2 days 1 liter of water in my 11L pots. I have to grow 12 Autos, to reach the fertilizer consumption of one of my outdoor fems. If they don't yield at least 600g dry, my fem will lose the yield battle.. and that is with a lousy 50g dry calculation per Auto.. we reached on the last 19 Autos we harvested.. friend and myself, an average of 80g dry per plant.. we take that number, fem has to reach over 900g dry if the fertilizer i put into both, are the same amount. An Auto uses about 215ml fertilizer total during her life cycle, one of my outdoor fems stands on around 2865ml per life cycle... quite a bit hehehe (using Bio Bizz.. so fucking expensive 😁) I only plant Fems these days, if I can't get the Auto version of the plant.
  2. Nirvana Bubblelicious Auto Outdoor grow.. is one of my preferred Autoflowers at the moment. Gave 92g dry, around 50cm tall.Perfect for small tents ^^
  3. Prom

    Swamp Juice

    Veg.. way more K then N... sorry, bro.. but your fertilizer disqualifies rather harsh.. needs more N in Veg... POINT! Looks like somebody mixing stuff on good hopes. With those numbers.. wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot limbo pole. N- 25%, P- 5% and K- 20%.. we would have a argument starting.. but your numbers look plain wrong for vegetative growth on cannabis (at least to my knowledge)
  4. Prom

    Swamp Juice

    March April is waaay to late 😁 First time I see a fertilizer giving dates, when to use it. Is like you get driving lessons and the guy says: break at 17.00 😂 You use fertilizer when the plant tells you.. mine are flowering and on flower fertilizer since last week Jan ^^ March/April for Outdoor growers to use flower specific fertilizer.. can't agree one bit with that text 😆
  5. Prom

    Swamp Juice

    ?? Contains no P?? How would that work?? I know that some salts count as organic.. but the main part is inorganic. If somebody gets kinky and tries the product.. please post a report. Right now, I am not sure that works as good as what I use.
  6. I got in my head, that I want some Sour Diesel.. any recommendations for a seed bank you really enjoyed their Sour Diesel?
  7. Prom

    Bio Bizz in Soil

    I honestly think you can skip on the Acti Vera.. is just of use in coco. There is a little note on the Bio Bizz table in regard to that. 20l is small for fems and huge for autos.. for fems.. pots are never big enough ^^ I always lift the pots to see if they need water.. or i would have gone 100l long time ago. As you use Top-Max (magic, isn't it ^^) and heaven.. I would suggest to go on your next batch without epsom and acti vera.. should end same same.. just cheaper.
  8. Prom

    Bio Bizz in Soil

    Nope.. never had a Mg issue on soil with Bio Bizz. Top-Max is a Ca and Mg provider too.. but my main defense are my pot sizes in combination with my compost. My fems all have 60l+ pots. So the soil buffers any shortage on Mg. And have to ask back.. as I am no soil dude ^^ Acti Vera is a enzyme for coco.. what's your reason to use it on soil? Quick internet search.. if you use Heaven.. you can skip Epsom. And both Top-Max and Heaven have Ca and Mg on their ingredient list.. other culprit to look for your Mg shortage is the water you use.
  9. Prom

    Bio Bizz in Soil

    I am still a bit running in circles in regards to soil. Hehehe I am no specialist on soil and all my information I got from a pro grower in the Netherlands. Strangely they all switched back to soil and I feel a bit like the black sheep these days, still having my main focus on rock wool 😁 He wasn't as detailed as my little beginner guide.. but when I asked, what fertilizer system I should use down here, he was so kind to have a look around on the internet, what you find in SA. Importing fertilizer is due to the Post Office and its delays.. not really an option.. or you keep a monstrous stock yourself ^^ I never tried Heaven.. simply as the guy simply told me: Use fish, grow, bloom and the most important Top-Max. Top-Max is a bit the product I would miss, if Bio Bizz would suddenly disappear.. rest you can pack together with other products too. Seagro I used myself before too.. the better N supplier you find in Guanoflo.. you also get it at Builders, Garden section. But still way less potent in N as Fish-Mix. SeaGro is a toy version of Fish-Mix. Using the full BioBizz range could get very expensive. So a clear warning to your wallet, if you switch. My fertilizer cost are higher as my electricity cost.. and that is a word 😂 But.. plants grow and flower very very nicely with that combo. Anything you add.. like me Root Juice.. just dents your wallet a bit more. So if you try Heaven.. ^^ please let me know. For now, I stick to the 5 I use.. 1Liter of Top-Max will cost around 600 Rand with delivery cost.. Fish and Grow should be 255 at a shop and Bloom 270...
  10. I see just to many posting single Bio Bizz components they use.. is a fertilizer system and should be used like that. So here is my guide to Bio Bizz to use in soil (recommended soil: Freedom Farms Green Bag, Premium Classic). For Autoflower, follow the light-mix / coco mix table as good as you can, with 2 changes to be more on the save side, if you start with the fertilizer. You need 4 products for soil: Fish-Mix, Grow, Bloom and Top-Max First change to the table: Start giving Fish-Mix when you got your first 5 finger leaf growing, not before! Second change: Only start with Top-Max, when your flowers are finger thick. And no guessing how much you put into your water, be as accurate as you can be! 1ml is 1ml.. not 1.5 or 0.7.. is 1! Lets make a theory run: You start the germination process with sterile water and let them pop and grow to about 2cm root. Plant in your grow medium. As soon as the plants show their 5 finger leaf (end week 2, if slow week three), you add 2ml Fish-Mix to each liter of water you feed. (I syringe feed till they have occupied the 11 liter pot, is my max pot size for Autos) If you run feminized seeds, the time table is not for you. But till now, you did the same.. go on feeding 2ml till they reach about 100cm, go up to 3ml per liter Fish-Mix. When your plants show the first signs, that they go into flowering, swap from Fish-Mix to Grow and bloom. Autos follow the table, feminized go 2ml/2ml of each. When the flowers are easy to see by eye, I have the next shift and go 3/3 of Grow and Bloom. As soon as the flowers reach finger thickness, time to add Top-Max to the party (1ml). This is not nutrition, is a enzyme forcing flower production.. and rather expensive ^^ So easy with it. You stay on 3/3 grow and bloom per liter from now on till end, you just add 2 more stages of Top-Max depending how your flowers grow. So the final weeks you run 3 Grow, 3 Bloom, 3 Top-Max per liter of water. Every 2 weeks, put a flush day. Water the pots with pure water till you have a very good run off! Is to eliminate concentrated fertilizer pockets in the soil. If you use saucers, never ever let the plants stand in water for longer as 5 hours. Empty by hand if needed. 2 weeks before harvest you drop the Grow and Bloom.. if you feel freaky and your wallet is filled, stay on adding 2ml Top-Max only for the next 4-5 days, then pure water till the end. (I recommend a 2 day total darkness stress and no water before you cut and hang to dry.. if you haven't tried, try, curing time drops quite a bit with that method, smoke is way smoother from the start) Autoflower, you can follow that table really 1:1.. but plants not following their grow schedule you will kill. So always use your brain.. giving a not yet flowering plant bloom.. will hurt her over time. She just doesn't need the P yet in those amounts. The sole difference between Fish-Mix and Grow is that Grow is 75% Fish-Mix and 25% molasses. So when you swap from Fish to Grow, you reduce N and add sugar.. just that you understand. The additional sugar is also a way to push the plants into flowering.. what means.. do not use Grow on early Autos!!!!!! You can use Grow from time to time on your feminized in Veg state.. but I personal stick to Fish-Mix only during the growing phase. And a last little add on.. for Autoflowers I recommend to use Root Juice from Bio Bizz.. you can already dump the seeds in a glass with Root Juice mix (4ml) and also wet the paper towels with it. It improves the grow of your roots a lot.. and bigger roots mean faster grow.. Autoflower depend on being fast in the first 3 weeks or your plant will stay rather small. Is additional cost.. and not needed for Fems.. they have enough time ^^ Hope that helped.. any questions.. just ask.. and I wouldn't use Bio Bizz for Hydro... Fish-Mix has about the same smell as fresh diarrhea after a day when you let the water stand.. soil you smell nothing at all from the plants.. never used it on Coco.. so can't say. Hope that helped a little 😀 NPK ratios: Fish-Mix: 5-1-4 Grow: 4-3-6 Bloom: 2-7-4 Always give it a good shake before you use it!!!!!!!
  11. And 3 days after... my last update.. growing nicely.. good seeds! 😀 So a big 👍 from my side. Now just curious how much yield they will bring 😁 Weekend will bring the plant bends into play.. this batch gets a proper training
  12. I had a few GSC till now.. is my preferred weed over all. But till now they all were green flowers. Now I got one doing those flowers (picture) and contacted yesterday Nirvana to ask, if they can fill my knowledge gap And just got the answer from AJ... something you really like to read 😁 Gave em a compliment on their Bubblelicious first ^^ Hi thereThat's fantastic to hear! Bubblelicious is also one of my favorites! As for your question on the GSC. Sounds like you got the same phenotype I had a few grows back. This is just a phenotype that has a stronger pull towards the Durban Poison genetics of the parental strain. You are in for a real treat. If you are able to take a clone, please do so as I was very p*ssed with myself that I didn't 😉Do send some pictures!
  13. The cleaning of your gear.. and if you do not wear gloves, your fingers, can be made easy with a simple trick. Oil.. I use olive oil, seems to bond best.. but free to try others. You use one drop. Spread the oil over the area and scratch with your finger nails the rest hash off, no worries, will not stick. Once happy, use the scraping part of a kitchen sponge to clean the scissor to shine. Fingers, just wet with oil and rub off to a ball. Due to the oil.. don't smoke that.. but bon appetit 😊 Clean hands and sponge with detergent. Can leave the oil on the scissors 😉 Happy growing
  14. Thought might be a nice indicator, if we post harvest results. Know what you can expect from each plant.. might be changing peoples opinion in giving the seed a try. The yield of the seed is set as "low", can't agree with that ^^ Buds are very nice size on those Bubbles. Plant: Bubbleicious Type: Autoflower Seed producer: Nirvana Light: Outdoor Soil: own mix, home made compost with Freedom Farm green bag (mix ratio 2/3 - 1/3) Fertilizer: Bio Bizz (Fish-Mix for veg, Grow, Bloom and Top-Max for flowering) Germination: 12. November 19 Harvest: 4. Feb 20 Yield (4 plants): 65, 82, 90, 72 (in that order visible in the dry tent picture) - 309g (ready to cure, little under dry, but I prefer to go a little bit more on the dry side, gets a bag anyhow) The scissor hash is from dry dressing, gives an idea how sticky the buds are.... happy with the result.
  15. And the 9 Gelato's 7 days later, growing nice so far.
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