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  1. Took the Gelatos down today.. close to week 9. 😁 proper amber. Drying now, lets see how much I got from that square meter harboring 9 plants .
  2. I like the names already from your seeds.. ever thought to go a step ahead and go colloidal silver to do fem seeds.. and then.. the last step and cross with ruderalis to get a auto? 😁 (No problem to get silver coins, so very easy to get the colloidal silver solution) Would have zero issues to fork you out 1000 Rand for 10 seeds.. if the genetic are as delicious as they sound.. 1500 also zero issue.
  3. Outdoor growing is zero fun this year 😂
  4. Mhhhh I tested the product... the result was: didn't do anything or even made it worse. Somebody used this stuff and actually killed mildew with it??? No joke, I had to cut 2 plants down, which i sprayed a week ago as prevention and thought.. works like Serenade. No, it doesn't.. can't recommend this product one bit. Both plants got 5 days after the spray a heavy Mildew attack..
  5. Just went stocking up on BioBizz.. as long as Eskom stays up, I shouldn't get into to many troubles. (Just knocked on wood) I wish all the best for the upcoming days.. like Totemic, I am not scared to get it. But lets chatter ^^ what bugs me is that we have on average a year 400'000 influenza (flue) related deaths world wide.. and we do not make a mess out of those. So corvid19 has to reach quite another number to even rival normal flue. The numbers I read are 3% mortality when you divide known infected with related deaths. When you go realistic and calculate the number of unknown infect into it.. under 1% mortality rate. I think normal flue has 0.8%. People with a immune deficiency or a present lung infection are clear risk group. The last number I got from Italy count of victims, average age was 79.5 years old. So older people should also be more careful. As TB and HIV are heavy present in Africa, it can get way more out of hands here. But it looks a bit strange, that you ruin your countries finances by shutting it down. There are not many South Africans having the money to survive 21 days on what they own right now and have in their pocket. So you have to get to the point asking yourself.. why do they commit financial suicide.. and that is all over the world countries go into shut down. My personal favorite is, that they do it on purpose. The financial system is in a debt spiral down and getting worse for all governments. They might total the car and blame it on the virus.. we did it to protect you guys, so shut up and stop complaining, that kind of direction. Reform of the finance system would be the next step.. cash is on the hit list for years. If governments could, every transaction would be electronic and with that able to check and tax. Or is way simpler.. hehehe as most politicians are in the risk group (over 60 years old), they act in self preservation. I for my part think is way over reacted to shut down a country because of flue, old people die.. we all have a clock ticking.. not to far away from the 60 myself. At least harvest started.. what keeps you busy for the next days. The next 21 days will not be very boring 😁 lets hope Eskom keeps us powered.. only spoiler would be if they shut down too. Stay healthy, stay happy
  6. Just ignore the sugar leaves.. mine are always full amber when I harvest.. tells not a lot. Check the flower tops, 30% amber will bring you to a test of patience 😁 Just keep the mildew in your eyes... I had to harvest 2 plants.. and more will follow.. weather is way to humid at my spot. And my Serenade still in shipping.. 😭 I get to the point.. I only put Auto out next season 😄 is just zero hassle compared to what I fight now on my fems.
  7. Friend had a all the way 1 blade plant. Was a Silver Lemon Haze Autoflower. I had a 3 blade on a Blue Cheese Auto.. I think is mutation but is just a guess. The 1 blade SLH also did foxtailing all the way though flowering. Was strange to look at but the smoke was very very potent and fruity, better than the normal growing SLH plants he had. Was a bit of a head scratcher 😂
  8. When ever you think, it is time to harvest.. wait another week. 😁 New growers.. I recommend to do that at least twice 😂 Is to early.. sugar leaves turn amber rather fast. Wait till picture area 5 has more color.. would be my suggestion. The more amber, the more couch lock.. so you have to decide when is your perfect time to cut.
  9. You find solar calculators all over the place. It depends how much you consume.. same counts for the borehole pump. If you want to drink the water, run it though a filter. Just calculate all the wattage from the gear you want to run over a 24 hour cycle.. and then check with a company (for example: https://www.exsolar.co.za/) how much the system would cost. I suggest to go with a hybrid system and not a pure off-grid setup.
  10. I have German friends, told them to go in a garden center and get me some 😎 They are also my work around, if the company doesn't ship to SA (more car parts wise ^^). But shouldn't be difficult to get it from a online site. Check here perhaps? https://www.7springsfarm.com/serenade-biofungicide-liquid-concentrate-1-quart-bottle/ And that is good news 😃
  11. Load shedding isn't a that big deal breaker. On Autos you loose growing time depending on your lighting schedule. I buffer that time.. but isn't also really needed either, Autos just a bit smaller. Stage 1-4 you just go 24/0 during veg and shouldn't run into any issue for premature flowering. If they get freaky and go Stage 6 or more again, you will run into issues, if you don't produce artificial battery light. But you can also bridge that with 1-2 LED light from PnP. 😁 Just do it! 😀 Greenhouse brings advantages and disadvantages.. easiest growing you get in a tent, as you can control the climate yourself.. the better you do that, the better is your result.. and some green thumbs help too 😉
  12. Serenade.. import some (wouldn't use wantitall, they are hyper expensive) Is a bacteria, they just cultivate it and put it in a bottle. It eats mildew and once it doesn't find anymore, it dies off. One spray sorts you out.. Is the first time I have PM.. or anything on my plants in CT. So don't feel to bad.. this year will not be good at all, humidity is radical exactly when it shouldn't be 😂. If you spray and nothing happens, increase the dosage. Going on with what isn't working, will end in total loss anyhow. So it is up to you to decide, give em a bitch smack and see what survives.. but is clean or you will lose all anyhow. If I would have Serenade here, I would fill a syringe and send you some 😕 But that is still shipping. I wanna spray the tent, just to be sure, is as clean as it should be. The P Bicarb didn't work??
  13. Indoor I do remove (fix light).. Outdoor I don't (moving light).. or only if forced by a epidemic One of my usual plants (picture taken a few mins ago) And patient Zero from this year after the defoil because of powdery mildew.. was as bushy before. Weather just way to wet in Feb But got her clean 😊
  14. Depends what you want to do with the result. Anything you have it in your buds.. is not to advise to smoke it, but you still can kill the fungus, once dry, and bubble it. Once dry, very easy to kill with Ozone. If you want to smoke it.. I would remove those buds.. and burn them on the braai. Serenade would clean it out perfect.. but till you get that, things will look rather grim. P Bicarb soak is the first I would do.. you don't want the fungi to spread. And give the other ladies around a spray just to be sure they have a little protection. Weather is causing havoc all over the place.
  15. 😂 way easier... no Autos from bag seeds 😁 I go that far... don't waste your time with bag seeds.. in any case don't waste fertilizer on those.. crossing a sexy female with a bush male turns out shit.. and that shit is just not worth the effort. Leave bag seeds and dump them in the bin! As long as the male is crap quality.. your plants will end crap! Only use bag seeds, when you made them and know exactly what is inside the genetics.. rest very very much a waste of time! Your plants flower, as the light duration is below 12 hours now.. they just do, what they are programmed to do. Any fem seeds you dump out now and don't use artificial light, will turn out small little bonsai's. Autos will just follow their time table.. and with little light, you get just nothing out.
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