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    120w QBs
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    Gelato, JetFuel, Ginger Tea
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    BioBizz & Canna Pro
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  1. And just as a ADDON: pH is mend to 'float'. Depending what grow medium you use, 5.5-6.5 or 6-7 is your range. Sticking to 6.0 and thinking all is fine is plain wrong you need to float from 6 to 7 or 5.5 to 6.5 and cover the pH range to have maximum intake of nutrients.. you want max potency.. you need perfect feeding to start with, but is just one factor to reach high numbers.
  2. Check your pH.. if you always run into Calcium issues I would bet my left arm you run a pH below 6.2.. that is to low to absorb calcium in soil. Raise it and you should have zero issues. I grew over 1500 plants in freedom farm premium classic with no issues at all. The adding of CalMag most likely just raised your pH to make things work again.
  3. Is usually the low range giving you issues in soil. Below pH 5.8 the roots will have issues absorbing Mg, same if you are in the 7.x and + range. I would guess there is your issue.. as you go chemical anyhow, can't go biological when you use chlorinated water, the chlorine kills your microbes. You might want to try coco or hydro with chemical.. is easier to debug. Right now, your pH does weird stuff because your micro organisms are dead. Can also try to add Environoc 401 to get those microbes back.. You might want to get a water filter for your tap water thou ^^ as you kill the Environoc 401 microbes with the chlorinated water too If you fear the soil is bad.. add a table spoon Epsom to the mix, you know there is no lack of Mg after. You never can exclude a bad batch of soil.. but I would more point to the soil and tap water use.. that bites a bit. Filter or rain water for soil. If you can't get that, Coco or hydro and fully chemical feeding... hydro in any case chemical or it will smell a bit ^^ And aim for a pH range of 6-7 in soil...
  4. 150 degrees Celsius THC should be vaporized, some Terpines need more heat, but just a "bit" more. 150 is reached rather quick, and don't use oil, use "Wax" or "Honey". Oil extractions are old tech and in general remove more as just the THC (stuff you don't want to smoke and changes taste to more unfriendly).. hence they are dark to black. Proper extract looks like honey, milky (depends a bit on harvest time of the material). You only wash off the trichomes and leave the chlorophyll and nutrients in the material, so harvest time gives the color (clear: to early, white-ish: upper effects, reddish color: coucher) . Store it dark and cold for long term and after 9 months THC starts to decompose very slowly. I had 3 years cured weed and still got a good buzz from it. Hope that helped. ^^
  5. If they don't say on the bottle to stop during flower.. you can ignore any website telling you otherwise. The main point is simple.. the producer would tell you in the first place if you could run in an issue... they are usually double careful what they recommend. I used 401 during flower.. not on all feedings but twice a month I added a normal dosage. See no reason why you can't mix the microbes with sugar.. they might actually like that. Hope that helped ^^
  6. Yup, hasn't changed, just keep in mind, the less energy the plants get, the less potent they will be.
  7. 2000 Rand a pop and have 4 of em.
  8. Reliable like foot fungus.... so I have some stuff left over to sell.. tents, lights and half ventilation he picked up.. rest of ventilation.. he didn't.. have some gear to sell.. cheap and first comes with the cash, can take it with. TD500-600 'silent' inliners (4 pieces) 2000 Rand each, with cable and plug. TD500 inliner (just one) 1000 Rand GMC portable AC 12'000 BTU, 4000 Rand with remote and all tubings. Hardly used.. Hash sieves 180 / 150 / 120 / 75 / 45 microns 1500 Rand for all (metal, round, 40cm diameter, fitting into each other and easy stack-able) Loads of power extension cables Pots 2.6L to 10L.. in bigger amounts. Price depending how many you grab ^^ but cheap cheap.
  9. Prom

    No Load Shedding

    My best guess is rather simple... instead of delivering the power to SA, they sell it outside the country.. brings more money they can 'steal' from Eskom in a legal way. Setup a fake project, declare it failed.. and no questions when the money goes out to pay the failed project cost. With the ANC it gets predictable, at least would be my first guess. How would they get most into their own pockets the fastest way... is the most plausible.
  10. Prom

    No Load Shedding

    How? Anybody can tell me why we suddenly have power after 12 months of load shedding more or less none stop? Just before Xmas... I feel like I just got kicked in the nuts and see absolutely nobody who did it. Somebody feels the same?
  11. All my gear got taken by one person... so no sales ^^
  12. Starting to get color on the DS, not to far out to chop ^^ fresh weed for Xmas.. also not bad. Photo strain finished in Spring the moment you understand weed, things are not that complicated anymore.
  13. All my mothers went compost heap.. people picked up clones... if somebody has a Deluxe Sugarcane clone going, please check with SkunkPharm to get him a cut.
  14. So.. the Spring Photo harvest is done, just 3 strains still outside getting sun.. Deluxe Sugarcane, White Widow and my 2 Gelato Phenos, few days out. ^^ So yes, easy possible to run 2 photo harvests a year with a little preparation in July, enough sun down here Jarred to even out the moisture before I dress. Ginger Tea and Slurricane
  15. I had a cut of the CT Exodus cheese. Is good but nothing overly special. Not sure if the old genetics of the cut were responsible or the plant had the grow characteristic itself, beside the end colas it was more a fluff flower, so shit genetics if you want to resell. For home smoke, you get cheese and it hits. The plants are super thirsty like a Sour Diesel.. they drink at least double of a usual strain.. so you're short on water, stay away. They also get very fast irritated when under watered.. is not a easy strain to grow as is not overly stretchy but leafy. You really want to have a cheese in your mother tent or you will not go through the stress. Was the strain I was always willed to replace if I find better genetics.
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