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    120w QBs
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    Gelato, JetFuel, Ginger Tea
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    2.4x2.4, 4x 150mm silent inliners, 600mm carbon air filter, 2 TS3000, 8 x QBs
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    BioBizz & Canna Pro
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  1. Starting to get color on the DS, not to far out to chop ^^ fresh weed for Xmas.. also not bad. Photo strain finished in Spring the moment you understand weed, things are not that complicated anymore.
  2. All my mothers went compost heap.. people picked up clones... if somebody has a Deluxe Sugarcane clone going, please check with SkunkPharm to get him a cut.
  3. So.. the Spring Photo harvest is done, just 3 strains still outside getting sun.. Deluxe Sugarcane, White Widow and my 2 Gelato Phenos, few days out. ^^ So yes, easy possible to run 2 photo harvests a year with a little preparation in July, enough sun down here Jarred to even out the moisture before I dress. Ginger Tea and Slurricane
  4. I had a cut of the CT Exodus cheese. Is good but nothing overly special. Not sure if the old genetics of the cut were responsible or the plant had the grow characteristic itself, beside the end colas it was more a fluff flower, so shit genetics if you want to resell. For home smoke, you get cheese and it hits. The plants are super thirsty like a Sour Diesel.. they drink at least double of a usual strain.. so you're short on water, stay away. They also get very fast irritated when under watered.. is not a easy strain to grow as is not overly stretchy but leafy. You really want to have a cheese in your mother tent or you will not go through the stress. Was the strain I was always willed to replace if I find better genetics.
  5. Is a bit brighter as the weed is due to the flash light. THC starts to decompose after 9 months. So you do not store weed for potency increase.. but smoking pleasure increase. When i smoke a weed, potency is a bit secondary to me. Can be the most potent weed, if i do not like the taste in my mouth or makes me cough i will not smoke it. Curing makes the smoke smoother, fresh weed is never at its best. Most likely why street weed is never really top notch as they flock it into the market as soon as it is ready, dried and dressed. One board member takes more or less all my gear.. he saw the picture of the weed too and asked if he can try. When he picks up some of the stuff we have some and he can write a report ^^ Then you get a smoke test from a third party.
  6. Is something I can recommend. When you have a nice batch of weed... lets say 50g. Spit it in 10g portions into vacuum sealed glasses and put a small Boveda bag inside. Have a smoke and write down what you taste and experience. Then pack the jars in a dark cold space and forget em for 2 month.. do the next test and check how the weed changed. Next I suggest to wait another 3 months to reach 5 month cure time. This smoke will already surprise you as there will be huge taste changes. Then wait another 4 months to reach 9 months curing time. It is getting hyper smooth now and the taste should have changed again. And the last 3 months for this batch to reach 12 months curing time. Smoke and check with your old reports you wrote.. it will once more taste different and now we reach zero throat irritation. You normally check if the joint is really lit and are surprised to see you exhaling smoke. Suuuppperrrrr smooooooooth ^^ taste wise it should still reflect the strain. Curing does huge changes to weed. If you dry weed way to fast and store it to dry it gets bitter and that bitterness you can't remove anymore. Over drying is not the best to do. Best is if you get it in one smooth dry run to 62% and there you stay rock solid.
  7. You are a bit late i started to clean up my special stash 2 months ago. Cant take it with... so gets smoked. March 20 candykush, Sept 20 Blueberry, Oct 20 Critical
  8. About 2 weeks and the last last plants i harvest in SA... kinda sad but came out nice.. even with load shedding
  9. If you keep weed in the right curing humidity range AND you let the plant ripen till finished, you should get that light green, is very much strain depending. Once it cures for a longer time, it starts to become darker again. All my three years cured weed jars are rather on the dark side ^^ but they smell incredibly sexy hehehe is like inhaling tasty air, there is nothing scratching your throat anymore.
  10. At least the cold temps bring some colors..
  11. Mhhh... sorry.. i am not a coco dude ^^ But I would just add the bloom fertilizer and stick to the old ratio of vegetative fertilizer. They still need the N... that doesn't stop.. flowers just need more Potassium and a tick more Phosphor... so you add that (is in vegetative fertilizer too, just different ratios). If you have a system that has specific veg and flower components.. might want to read up on the website.. but even with those.. I would just follow the feeding instructions on the bottle/bag. As you mix new substances, check that your pH is spot on. Mix the solution and set your pH, let it stand over night and check pH again before you feed. If you are still in the green range.. no need to let it stand. If you have to adjust the pH, keep it a habit to let the feeding solution stand over night. If you use rain water, this shouldn't happen.. tap water can arse you, would let tap water solution always stand over night to recheck the next day.
  12. PM spores are 2 micron in size... you need a very sophisticated filter system with gates for doors and windows to keep the room spore free... you can't do that in a house you should air out once a day to prevent mold from forming in the first place. Cleaning your house will make your house clean.. but not solve any PM issue on your cannabis plants The only thing that will keep PM out of a tent is when the tent has the right climate inside.. stay below 50% humidity during flower at all time and you will never see PM in your tent.. veeeeeery simple. OK, the hard part is to keep it below 50% humidity The tent gets the climate from the room it is standing inside. Keep that room in the right climate range and things turn out as they should. If you can't keep that room in the right climate range.. you will have PM on your plants... hard to avoid.. or get Serenade (or comparable products, they can get used during flower and leave no bad taste on the smoke).
  13. I have clones to hand out.. keep the genetics alive if somebody is interested. Ginger Tea, Gelato (2 versions, Thin Mint Cookie or Orange Sherbet dominant, original are 42FastBuds autos), Slurricane, Deluxe Sugarcane, JetFuel, Sour Diesel, Bubblelicious, Exodus Cheese and White Widow. Limited amount first comes, first serves. Just write me a PM.. And cleaned the tray up as I can move again ^^ Still a good 6 weeks to go.. but looking OK so far. What I can say to my soil tray growing.. I will keep that, way better as growing in pots. But.. is not good for all strains. The Exodus Cheese for example, doesn't grow a lot on the root section during flowering. JetFuel, Deluxe Sugarcane and Slurricane on the other hand love to extend their roots. Some grew over a meter into the tray. The big change are the buds.. all "Explorer" plants gave me record size colas for clone plants. Reached female fist size buds... not measured the harvest yet, but from the amount of jars i got.. might have reached the 1kg dry goal (Mars TS-3000, 450 watts plug draw) with the JetFuel tray.. or got very close. If you play with clones... i would try it.. also very fast to water.. I just dump a 20L bucket into the tray (biological fertilizer in soil, so no pH done). BioBizz FishMix (2-4ml/L) and Bloom (2-4ml/L), Molasses (de-sulphurated, a LOT, at least 100ml per feeding), Amino Acids from Kushy (4ml/10L), 5 in 1 humic and vulvic acids (5 times total, recommended amount). Test when to water needs a bit digging with one finger, if I need to dig deeper as 5-8cm to reach moist soil, I give 20 Liters. I keep the corners of the tray empty, otherwise rows of 6 clones in a 1.2x1.2 tray.. ergo 32 plants, radical lollypop dressing and FIM'ed a week before they go into the flower tray from the 2.8L pots they had during vegetative growing. I suggest to run one strain per tray to have less 'stretch' issues and light hanging consequences. I put the smaller plants in the middle section and the taller ones more to the outside. When to put them into flower is the tricky part.. to big and you have a height issue, to small and you have a harvest issue. Depends a bit on each strain and the second tray will end better.. but you have to test each strain and see if they like the space for the roots.. or not. Heavy stretching plants will need two nets to keep em up! Would always work with support on clones, they just don't have the same stem strength as a seed plant. So as usual, keep it simple ^^ less to debug. Late addon: Leaf discoloring is from the Copper Soap hose down before they formed flowers. With the power outs and ventilation cuts.. plus only one section is running in the 2.4x2.4 tent, so less warm and more humidity issues.. I give them a chemical mace just before the flowers prevent you from doing that. I use 20ml Copper Soap per Liter for the hose down (also under the leaves sprayed and stems), should keep PM off the plants for 3-5 weeks. I also shut down only lights, ventilation for the tent is still as it would be full, 2 TD-500 in and 2 TD-500 out plus 4 mixers inside the tent. If the tray ends well... I will enter that weed into the Cannabis Competition for next year.. just a buddy will hand it in for me ^^
  14. And a picture of the last tray i flower in SA.. Sour Diesel Looks a bit messy.. I couldn't tend to the plants for a week due to problems with my back. Should be done beginning November, fun just started ^^
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