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  1. No difference between autos and photos to my knowing. 3 weeks... give it more time 😊
  2. Did you properly dry your pollen and mix with flower? If the pollen was wet, is a dead sentence in the freezer.
  3. hang some sticky fly traps around the plants to reduce the reproduction too... not to difficult to get rid of those. Check with some proper magnifiers, what is going on with those spots. Can be pests to calcium issues.
  4. marijuanaseeds.co.za 😉 is easy to order from, good selection and when they say on stock, the seeds are on stock 😄
  5. In the process ordering a system. 12 x 410 watt pv panels (25 years warranty) 1 x hybrid inverter (15 years warranty) 1x 10kw 48v lithium ion bank (10 years warranty) 1x cable set 100m plus plugs and DC breaker 1x set roof mounts for 12 pv panels 5k$, shipping 180$... about R75k plus customs. I give noise once here and installed. Is a lot cheaper on direct order from China. Should be paid back in 5 years.. so would have 5 years warranty extra on the battery bank... just that little advantage made me order. So soon no more atomic weed... grown by the sun 😁 green we
  6. I think I try ACDC next time I pass to drive to the testing shop.. 😁 I see your point for a Aquarium shop... I check that option 👌 Thanks!
  7. Kill your plants.. not sure.. piss off.. yes. Over 1100ppm CO2 they do not like that anymore. Question is.. how long you need to kill the pest 😁 i like radical solutions.. so a clear 👍 from my side. Just try to avoid killing yourself in the process. If you should get the idea to use a fire extinguisher.. please.. make a video 😆
  8. Yes, FF green bag and BioBizz... I have some Plagron shipping ^^ and want to test that.. just for fun. No supplier local.. I wouldn't wanna depend on Post Office. That is rather simple.. as I like to feed rather more then less. I watch the tips of the leaves. They tell me when to go water 😁 but at the end is learning a strain.. not learning to grow. You can do a dialed in grow on your first run of a new strain you test.. but that is rather unlikely. In general you need a few to get all the "special" parts of the strain. But my general routine is daily. I lift each pot to know who nee
  9. Back from testing.. finally 😂 have the answers to clean up the tent.. still have to go there for 2 more tests. Had three concentrates with me and after the second I skipped the third.. 35% THC and 15% CBD, about the same in the first two.. not what I look for. So... beware the CBD Depo.. they sell what fits. Charlottes Web should hover around 1% THC.. 😔 wasted time.. haaaaaaate that. The outdoor Gelato was measured at 17%.. happy with that result. The indoor caused problems.. machine gave a error code for to wet.. what is strange.. but I go back there tomorrow or Thursday with some '
  10. blue light.. not UV ^^ just BLUUUUUUUE 😁 just let me be hehehe depressed anyhow 😒 the Charlotte's Web i grew for 2 epilepsy patience.. are simply said fake.
  11. And some indoor pictures.. happy plants. I start to worry about a plant the moment she stops "praying". Then I run my mental checklist and start to figure out what is making her a "tummy ache". And I go back to normal mode, when the patient is back to praying. Pineapple just got repotted into 10L, next is 22, then 40 final. 22L (Velcro) and 40L (no Velcro) are fabric pots. Gelato clones in different stages Enough air moving over the plant, LED doesn't burn, even very close. Not sure I make 20cm here, never had bleaching
  12. Yup, LED I found too.. I look for CFL blue tubes.
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