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  1. They have papers on stock and ship https://www.marijuanaseeds.co.za/nirvana-rolling-paper-king-size.html https://www.marijuanaseeds.co.za/5-x-nirvana-rolling-paper-king-size.html
  2. https://www.uleth.ca/unews/article/u-l-scientists-develop-new-medical-cannabis-cultivars-show-promise-combatting-covid-19-virus#.XseaVyfVKUk Just ran into this and wanted to share
  3. Prom

    Lost my bet ^^

    28cm wide.. those were round.. I went square in the meantime, can pack them closer together. Square pots are 23cmx23cmx27cm. I get 25 now under one TS with those pots. 11 weeks and 1 day.. they took a bit longer as expected. Says 10 weeks, took them 30% amber. I get the containers.. lockdown is slowing things down.. Gelato and the Brucie will get tested. I already handed in the request at Qure.. just have to get some nice containers to pack the weed to send out. Quick add.. If you don't want to much from the same plant, take from the same breeder 2-3 different strains with same duration.. and you have a nice mix. doesn't has to be all the same. I have usually 2-3 strains in one tent. And the seeds are a issue, I very much agree.. you just order a bit more bulk 😁
  4. Prom

    Lost my bet ^^

    To me the biggest advantage of LED is that it reduces the shadow profile a lot. Light is not just more efficient generated, but also more even distributed. Next is the heat.. the more you compare, the more points you will find that a 40 year old technology isn't up to date anymore. You not just waste more energy into running the lamp, but also put more into cooling the heat down again. Light efficiency is how much heat you produce as a side product. Less heat.. more light gets generated with the same energy input. We reach cold light.. only fertilizer will make the difference 😁 I also have to add that I do not think that I would have got the result with a Dutch Auto seed. We did now way over 100 autos as a group of growers and the picture is very clear. The US boys are miles ahead with their auto genes, Dutchies have something to catch up right now. I did around 30-40 Dutch Autos.. and the worst result of all I had with Dutch Passion.. small little suckers. I had 9, friend 4.. he lost patience with three and just pulled them.. waste of time for the grow speed they had. I have 3 Angels and 6 Blackberry.. beautiful plants to look at.. yield wise 👎 I will be happy if I get 50g a plant.. with the CBD I will make jumps if I reach that rather sad result. I do not think I am a better grower compared to you @Master_G .. Those Brucies are very heavy yielders, I ordered the seeds for that reason. And just to mention.. if you reach 1.3g per watt on Fems.. you do something I never reached.. never.. ever 😂
  5. Prom

    Lost my bet ^^

    Those Bruce Banners from Monster Genetics are heavy Yielders.. Friend had one outdoor and that made me get those 12 seeds. Taste was also very pleasant during smoke, more earthy, peppery and packed a punch for a outdoor. Any auto from 42fastbuds.. my preferred breeders right now, Mephisto Genetics close second.
  6. Prom

    Lost my bet ^^

    Mhhh gram per watt... this might then bug you folks even more ^^ I run a batch of Gorillas under the 144 Mars. Friend had the light over till his quantum board arrived and had it on a smart plug. Pulls in Veg 129 Watts and in Flower 177 Watts. I have 9 Pots in there but one is a dud.. so 8 plants. And expect at least 400g from those 8 Autos. What would be way over 2g/watt. Time for HID is long time over, Hombres.. do the LED switch.. costs less, yields way more. We long term growers all started with HID.. but like in evolution, the ones not adapting, will disappear 😁 Have the 144 running on 24/0.. draws so little, wanna see how the autos yield, when I give em zero darkness (1.2x0.6m tent), still week one I stop preaching about Autos.. is all your own decision 😁
  7. Prom

    Lost my bet ^^

    Last time I went to the tent shop to stock up on BioBizz, the owner also told me that I converted him to autos. I think you know fems head to toe.. give those silly autos a try.. 😁
  8. Prom

    Lost my bet ^^

    https://www.mars-hydro.com/mars-tsw-3000-led-full-spectrum-hydroponic-led-grow-light Those are the lights I use
  9. Prom

    Lost my bet ^^

    I used a 90x120cm area inside the tent.. would have loved to have a wall more hehehe but that was just what I had, so also no side reflection of the open side. I only do autos.. I have a 2.4x2.4 tent.. but don't run all, I have 3 TS max running in there. After this harvest.. I shut it down for a bit 😁 enough to trade with friends. Not even used a CO2 generator.. I think I can go way over 1kg below one TS No secrets.. fertilizer. Friend in Europe just started, after I told him how awesome the Gelato is, he got pissed off to only get the same old stains in Switzerland all the time. He send me a message a few days ago asking which one: one grow shop tells him this is the best, the other say this one.. the selection of all grow shops he has been and he checked a few.. Plagron or BioBizz... right now you only get BioBizz in SA... so go with that. really really works.. So no.. I am no miracle grower.. advanced hobby grower would be the best title.. no pro for sure 😁
  10. Prom

    Lost my bet ^^

    The method is.. don't disturb the plant. 😏 I topped on because she was just on her own mission. Had 2 rather shorter ones, the rest formed a even canape. If you want to give a name to my method.. bud on bud. I don't use a net, as then I can't move them anymore to easy feed. My pots stand pot on pot, 28cm pots (swapped to square now so I get em better stacked when young). the heavy leaning ones I just put against the tent wall. I was busy with the outdoor harvest, so I couldn't give those lots of attention and it proved again.. what ever we test, defoiling, topping,.. a unstressed auto yields 20% more. I put things below the small pots to raise them to even the canape. Is really all I do in that direction. My feeding tables are adapted to 8, 10 and 12 weeks. The seeds drop into fertilized water.. and never give pure water till flush. Lights, Mars TS 3000 20/4 Have 3 air circuits handling temp and moisture (room and tent). Freedom Farms and my own compost from the garden heap pots were standing 3x4, used 1 TS on those
  11. Prom

    Lost my bet ^^

    I put the thingy in the grow reports 😁 check there
  12. Prom

    Lost my bet ^^

    I reached 976g on 1m2 indoor grow area... and lost my bet 😂 But I am rather sure I will reach the 1kg dry on 1m2 area.. lets try again 😊 Also might want to add... zero training techs used.. I topped one, which was on her own mission and 2 stayed rather short but rest formed a rather nice and even canape them self. I only removed leaves the plants were giving up and didn't disturb them in any way possible.
  13. Yes, but the auto function is bound to just one genome... that genome is bread into the plant.. the rest is a bit like it was. Ruderalis has a very different look.. none of that is anymore present, gone, you just see what you want to see. As said, each has its preferences 😉 i like autos. Will get the Gelato and Brucie tested at qure.co.za. Rather curious where they stand...
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