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  1. This outdoor season l let slip due to other projects. That went belly up by the way. Fok Voort l say. Google autoflower and it states Siberia and similar climates as to where the plant grows under harsh climates. When you think Siberia l think cold. We all know light cycle for autos don't play a big part. My question is what about temperature. Good old Google says 18 celcius is good for overnight temps but that does not sound like Siberia to me. Busy building another project (reservation greenhouse) but temps average round 4 - 10 degrees overnight out here. I know it might be a lost cause but surely there is a strain out there for extreme temps. Sent from my SM-A032F using Tapatalk
  2. How things change. Secret Garden Nursery back at the reservation due to dodge landlord and high iron content water that was no good for a nursery. Fucked up a bit on the clones I think. Straight from indoors to outdoor here they having a hard time. Pic 1 & 2. Lost a puff mints to a bug. So being back on the reservation I've decided on a late planting mission. Pic 3 & 4 some choc gelato x slurrican x whatever it got contaminated with. Pic 5 is bobby's widow x gorrila cookies f2 autoflower. Adding some cbd1/thc1 tomorrow. Let's see what happens.
  3. Hey bud. Sad news. My journey from online nursery to bricks and mortar retail venue has just hit a major obstacle. After months of setting up I find out water at this particular farm is super high in iron. Might have to close shop, fuck. Trying to arrange finances myself to ship in water and for water storage tanks. Send details. Can afford R100 if that helps. Sent from my SM-A032F using Tapatalk
  4. It's thanks to a local seed/clone group. Been so busy growing the nursery I've not had time to plant from seed this season. Sent from my SM-A032F using Tapatalk
  5. Miss USA Marshmallow OG Supreme Oreoz Gotti Gotti Patt Mintz High Society #5 High Society #2 First Lady Ready for the shade house.
  6. Must admit I'm impressed. Less than 72 hours @Bay Seeds autoflower in FF Seed Starter. Then some cuttings from a local group getting ready for outdoor. Much appreciated. 3rd pic Tart Pop cutting at a month or so and looking good. Last pic I'm watching. Free range grow from my worm compost pile in the tyre garden. These plants are looking strong.
  7. Pic #1&2 Tart pops coming along nicely. Went into flower a few weeks after clone was planted. Think I'm ok on reveg. Pic 3&4 My worm compost that I was using to prep outdoor holes decided to do it's own thing. These plants are sturdy man. Think they might just give summer conditions out here the finger.
  8. Death of an institution. The original Pig & Whistle, Barthurst . WW2 RAF pilots pub in the closest village to their base. Best babootie in SA in my opinion. I was almost arrested on the closing night of the Pig & Whistle in Rondebosch for trying to nick their sign off the building front. Sorry. Just think I need to mention I hope the energy survives with the new owners. Sorry not herb related but I did light up on hearing about the sale of the establishment. @Chris Jay?? Hope it stays true.
  9. Join us for for our monthly 420 lifestyle market on the West Coast at @West Coast Vaper Secret Garden Nursery. Play park for the kiddies. Braai pits. Braai packs available in-store. Stroll through the Secret Garden Nursery. Browse through the farmstall. Grab a bite from the kitchen.
  10. Got gifted a Tart Pops (inhouse genetics). Officially the first plant of the season in the ground. Last 4 pics are seeds popping out of my worm compost from last season.
  11. It's a joint effort between the farmstall above and our nursery. Yes. One and the same. Have some @Bay Seeds auto fems to give away on the day. Sent from my SM-A032F using Tapatalk
  12. It's all happening. Nice little line up for the weekend. What? Three years in the making. Hope to make it a cosy kuir plek
  13. So I've been busy working 24/7 on The Secret Garden Nursery that I have not been able to spend time prepping for this season. I did however start prepping holes with my own worm compost and old soil. And my tyre garden has decided to start the season without me.
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