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  1. It's also important to remember that pheno expression is environmentally triggered. A prize pheno may grow spectacularly in my space, and the same pheno expresses different in the next tent based on the inputs
  2. I agree. Best value for money at the moment. Im only running under @Light It Up QBs, and can't complain at all
  3. Day 7 isn't too far into flower that you are going to wait that long imo. They are still really in veg. I have clones taken from a 3 week into flower plant that I expect a long reveg of 7 to 10 weeks...
  4. These babies also got a transplant today into 1L. Smaller of the twins and the one morphed phylotaxy removed.
  5. It's been so dam cold the last week I've been in hibernation mode. Lovely weekend for gardening so I decided to pot these little ones up to 5L
  6. That is really odd. Hermie I could grasp but 4 males from a single what should be a fem seed
  7. Just talking about fused seeds and polyembryonic seeds in my other thread. That looks like 4 or 5. Did you ever check if they each had their own root? First time I've seen this many
  8. Yeah I'm not saying genetic twins aren't possible. Any damage could occur to an ovule that could cause weird stress response growth. I also can't explain what that tidal wave that happens does when the pollen and ovule merge and create the embryo. At best I'm describing things and processes in a way I understand them, as we can't see what's actually happening on that microscopic level moment to moment.
  9. Yeah, the two ovules are formed when the female strips her chromosomes in 2. Each representing one side of the 'x'. When both pistils are fertilized within that time period before what must be a chemical trigger to switch to seed development and each pollen grain reaches both ovules, they both develop and mostly share a single husk. Sometimes they don't, and just looking at the seed you can see its 2 seeds that are almost fused.
  10. It's not a matter of a twin gene. It has to do with the physiology of the calyx, having two pistils a calyx, and an ovule per pistil. In a natural pollination environment the pollen is diluted in the air, and generally only one of the pistils might catch pollen. Once a calyx is pollinated at one pistil the other dies as the seed starts to develop. When you look at the extreme density of having a whole male plant in a 1m2 space, then twin come up often as practically every pistil is pollinated at once. Twins are rarely identical, and are in fact separate genetic expressions.
  11. Yeah twins are common, and have come up in the F1s too. There is whorled phylotaxy among them. They have already fallen out of the race, while only the stronger of the twins will remain. I have a few related regular lines I'm working on all at once, advancing to the next generation. There is so little time in a year to fit in cycles that I don't have any to waste 😅
  12. Started 2 weeks ago. 5 sets of twins among them.
  13. Totemic


    That is a dominant trait that goes all they way back to the Afghani line Northern Lights, that also expresses frequently in the chocolope NL line, and would also express here. Sometimes it's just the leaflet, sometimes it's a bud too
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