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  1. Yeah, saw this username pop up. Wonder what the association is to sunwest genetics dot Com..... The seedbank that apparently stocks my chocolate gelato
  2. I'm not sure. Those seeds were harvested in 2020 so are pretty fresh...
  3. Strange that non of them popped. Could you provide me with more detail. What strains, from whom you purchased, if not from 420sa. There are however non of those specific batch seeds, but I could get a few others off to you in a bit.
  4. I suppose it all depends on what price motherland supplied to Bnb. At least 100% markup is pretty much standard for a retail environment though. Seed prices are always a hot topic. On the one hand we are already at a loss with the value of our Rand, and we don't want to pay a lot for seeds. Current retail market fem seeds go for between R50-R100 on average. But this whole seed market is going to change into something else fast. It's no longer just a few of us risking a lot to be breeding for the growers. With decriminalization that risk has greatly reduced. Then Covid happened and lock down 1.0 saw us cut off from international seed sources, and even to an extent domestically. These two events drove many growers locally to take their growing to the next step. There are now many, many breeders that have come on to the scene. It's an exciting time for us to have the opportunity to reintegtate our society with cannabis. Who knows how far it's going to go...
  5. So this thread also got away from me, but never the less closing it off. 6 phenos and 6 different directions this line will take going forward. There is enough seed from this run for me to continue hunting, and I will make a few available to testers.
  6. Awesome comeback man. You really turned those plants around for a decent finish🔥👏
  7. Totemic


    I also thought you moved them out after the 7th...
  8. Totemic


    Loving seeing this expression among the fems. It gives me a lot of hope for finding a few of these in the f2s, which is part of my goals with the cross. Getting a frostier, and tamer(less foxtailing) CNL expression. Still this pheno looks like chunky hard nugs...
  9. 3 days before the spring equinox it seems like a good time to get my season started. I've gone right back in the archives here and have 14 F2 CNL, and 28 F3 CNL in for this mini hunt.
  10. Totemic


    Awesome man. If you don't have any of the tortoni regs, let me know. The regs do perform better, and have a fuller, sweeter expression, with more frost, and yield. Fems are great, but they also aren't. There is just something a male adds that a reversed female just can't give.
  11. These girls are going on. 3 more indica dominant, and 3 more on the sativa side Got some leaf bud action on the one pheno
  12. Those chocolate Gelato fems are pretty balanced, but still pulls more to indica side. They tend to be compact and bushy, and do not require very heavy feeding.
  13. Me? One of the big boys... Heavens no. I'm a hobby breeder man, but my efforts have created a table that made 7 figures over the last year down my distribution line with 45000 seeds distributed. So does this make me part of this commercial machine? Does this make my efforts financially driven? Does this mean I have changed the way I approach my breeding over the last decade? I couldn't tell you how any of those real big guys run their breeding programs, nor their primary motivation. My primary motivation has always been driven by a deep relationship with the plant, and sharing that. You may see totemic as just one of the brands, and while I have chosen a brand to engage the public, totemic is still rooted in the activism to free the plant. But anyway, I do get where you are coming from, no offense taken at all
  14. I read this article yesterday and was stumped at the backlash this poor oke is receiving. Life is heading back in a direction where more of us need to be doing what he is doing instead of tending to a non edible lawn.
  15. As a breeder, taking a stud and crossing it into x, y, z different cookies lines, or tangie lines or whatever lines are in focus at that time, I'm testing that male to see with which of those related lines are going to pair up the best with that male. Assuming that this means a breeder is not selecting, is naive. This is the very art of selecting. Not all those lines may be worked further, maybe only one, but there is no reason why the other lines can't or shouldn't be shared. A solid, realistic example is what I did last year with my chocolate Gelato line, by crossing it into 4 other lines. They all came out great, but the Slurricane cut that made the Tortoni line, was the best match of that run. Why, because after working with the cut for over a year, I've noticed that the terpene profile is easily manipulated, and the gelato profile has dominated as I wanted, while most of the great slurri traits have remained. Tortoni is the line I'm working further. The same holds true for the C99 I crossed into the same slurri cut... The terpene profile is exactly what I've wanted, on a Slurricane body. I've given the plant another chance at evolving. So what have I actually done... Thats breeding man.
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