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  1. I buy my silver nitrate etc from them. Packages always arrive 2-3 days after order.
  2. Yeah, with only 10 months left for parliament to rectify the law to align with the concourt ruling, one would expect that we would have been invited to submit public input already. If we, the ones exercising our new found rights to grow our own, dont even get that gap, then those 'very clever' money hungry MPs who dont have clue about growing are going to keep us oppressed because it will suit this ones cousin and that ones brother. The hawks are already having a field day. There has been no real footwork in changing the stigma around this plant since the concourt ruling, and both the far left and far right are still anti cannabis ie anti drug.
  3. So besides explanation given and promises made, have any of you in fact received emails, tracking details, any other news? @cee2020 @Mambawana ...
  4. Snails and slugs. They only operate at night, and are usually missing by dawn.
  5. I tried taking my out to veg but they began to flower and its the 9th Nov. Full sunlight and not under trees. Cannot get anyone to answer me as to why.

    1. Totemic


      Were they inside under 18 hours light, then you took them outside? 

      They would flower then, and might reveg.

      Otherwise more info is needed to provide a full answer 

  6. He does say in one of his threads that they do not hold stock, but import by weekly. There is just so much that can go wrong that would cause a hold up. Importing seeds can take anything from a week to a month... The fact that there are no replies from cannabist to apparently quite a few people is worrisome. Rough one. Anything could be up really. Hope he is ok, and you guys get sorted out eventually. I make use of payfast's services, and they are very diplomatic about these situations. They do freeze funds immediately and then also engage their client to see what is up. So Cannabist is offered an official opportunity to make good on the commitment made to you, or failing any reasonable explanation, you will be refunded.
  7. You still feeding her? I'd start flushing... although fade isnt a must, it is a sure sign of chlorophyll breaking down. It's the chlorophyll that tastes the nastiest.
  8. Get rid of the domes. Those babies grow best when they are exposed to their environment from the beginning.
  9. If you guys paid through payfast, then you can freeze the transactions by mailing pay fast with all the details. They are quick to prevent any fraudulent activity. You will get refunded, and cannabists account balance will be lower.
  10. There are many lessons starting to come out of the states as they too still wrestle this monster. It is exactly the picture of legalization I imagined. Chaos really. It is why I remain a proponent of erasing cannabis from law altogether. Real freedom with no legislation having a single say in the matter. https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeadams/2019/11/05/reasons-marijuana-legalization-seems-to-be-failing/amp/
  11. Patience. Moderation with everything from water to nutrients, and more patience. The most common thing new growers do is over water and over feed.
  12. This makes me think you have a very haze dominant pheno with the cantelope she gives off. May she be a real sativa chill for you. She and a few others are flowering long...but that wait is always worth it over any indica.
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