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  1. You are a few days to week max away from harvesting. I see plenty milky trichomes. She is crystal covered.
  2. If she's finishing that quick it could be a pheno based more on NL which generally can be done in 6-8 weeks
  3. Seeds should be available until the end of the year. Any germination until then, stands a chance.
  4. The new strawberry cough suppliers in town.
  5. Perhaps she is going to do exactly what the other one has done. But why though. It's a difficult one since there is a genetic predisposition to foxtailing in the cross, even though, I have not encountered it. As far as environmental issues...possibilities are.. Light stress...doubtful as the whole plant is doing it. Heat....probable, but it needs to be really uncomfortably hot though Too much N...I think that this may be a cause, as your plants do present a dark green. I would cut all N and just go with bloom nutes. There are other factors, but dont think it applicable here.
  6. Outdoors they take about 3 weeks to a month longer than indoors. Harvest time is Mid to end May, before our winter sets in, so you are good.
  7. Subbed. Interesting...
  8. I'd safely say anything between 18 - 22% perhaps 25% on a few phenos. It's on the stronger side of an everyday type smoke.
  9. Although this cross is resistant to most leaf issues, bud rot still is an issue if humidity is too high late in flower. An issue in the winter rainfall areas.
  10. Just the plant maturing...last week or two for you.
  11. Those are a few random pollination spots. Those buds are still gonna get fat for you.
  12. Yeah a flush in week 5 could be a problem. Week 3 to 7 the plant is working towards its peak. The flush could have forced/stalled her to an earlier peak. I would give her peak flowering nutes, not pre flowering...and at a ph of 5.8. I'm seeing a rapidly worsening manganese and phosphorus deficiency. Ph 6.2 is missing the uptake on both of them.
  13. I work on 1l per week. That's what the plant needs as a general rule to not suffer any stress or stunting. 8 weeks veg, and 8 weeks flower is a 15l pot minimum. Adjust accordingly.
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