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  1. The way I grow has evolved around my breeding. The idea of breeding in a controlled environment, consistancy in every input is key to replicate expression. So considering all, I split the plants life cycle into a rule of 3. 0-3 weeks - Embryo to seedling 3-6 weeks - Early veg, plant is focused on root development. 6-9 weeks - Veg, Plant has reached sexual maturity and is building on itself. Flip to 12/12 9-12 weeks - Preflower. Florigen hormone level drive the plant into flowering. 12-15 weeks - Peak Flowering. In this time the plant is going to produce all
  2. Here are some macro shots of the tent. I'm happy with the variation in phenos. Im seeing and smelling, chocolope, gelato 33, and slurricane dominance in one tent.
  3. Yeah man, always a hectic ride, pushing the plants to their limit in that day 21-42 peak flowering period without pushing them over the edge, then turn down the lights a bit, dial back on the nutes and allow them to ripen.
  4. Day 42 Downhill from here, as they move into their ripening phase. 3 to 4 more weeks to go.
  5. That does look like a larval stage. As for the little ones, it could be a combination of overwatering and heat stress. Fixing that may be as simple as transplanting to a larger pot. It seems like rootzone issues really...
  6. With thrips you are going to have to treat systemically for a while. Thrips lay eggs inside the soft leaf tissues more often than on the leaf surface, so they are protected right up to the point of hatching. Thrips are the worst of the insects to get rid of...even mites are easier to control
  7. I'll say yes man. Support local. This year has hardly started and many local breeders have stepped up and hitting hard. I'd love to see our local market get established to the point where we dont need to be sending our money out of the country at 15x + exchange rate.
  8. For decent veg you need to provide 300-600ppfd to a plant so it sounds like you are on track here.
  9. My first thought here is thrips as you said, from a bug infestation point of view. What lights are your plants under? Are your plants getting enough light to utilize a full dose feeding schedule? How have you been feeding with the biobizz? Every watering? How often do you fertigate?
  10. How are you going to deal with humidity buildup? Invest another few K into a dehumidifier? Just how sealed off and isolated is your actual grow space. What is the size of the space around your grow. Ie. Is your tent in a room? How sealed is that room? Trying to seal off a grow space, and still cater for all the needed air exchange/minute, while keeping humidity and temperatures in range will be a feat on its own to dial in. Are you able to provide the plants with the DLI needed for the extra CO2...otherwise maintaining double ppm concentrations is a waste of money. Really
  11. Not much of a difference. Pheno 3 is more indica, and has a more pronounced hashy spice in there, while the other phenos are pretty much the same, and have a much sweeter profile
  12. Day 35 Not much I can say at this point except that its smelling just fine in here.
  13. 5-6 weeks is the peak, then its downhill for the next 4-5 weeks as they ripen.
  14. Day 28 So I had to raise the shorter girls to get an even canopy. Sweet smells of grape or berries and ice cream developing.
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