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  1. Calcium sulphate or gypsum. The gardeners gold dust contains gypsum, kelp, and other trace.
  2. I've grown in a wendy before 12m2(not the whole area but the wendy was that size. I could not control the runaway temperatures in that space, even after insulating, having 4X the amount of airflow needed, and midday temps hit the upper 40's. That tiny space is going to be much worse. My honest 2c from a long time DIY'er... that setup will be ok indoors, just save up for the much needed carbon filter, and you won't go mal with stressed, hermied, or dead plants.
  3. Your part B does not provide the charge balance in your medium since it is already in a chemical balance with the nitrate group. You need extra calcium in the medium beforehand. If your medium has insufficient calcium buffering it usually only becomes apparent a week or 2 into flowering. As for buffering FF specifically, I'm not sure, since I grow in my own soils. When I recycle my soil though, all I add is a good handful of Gardeners Gold dust per 20l of soil, basically rebuffering. I would say adding the above to FF soil would only improve it anyway.
  4. Calcium is the important buffer to phosphates during cannabis flowering. Calcium is the soluble cation that occurs in largest amount in most soils. It does not take part directly in the proton transfer reactions involved in pH-buffering, but it provides the cation charge balance for these reactions. It is also the complementary cation in formulations of chemical potential for many other ions in soils.
  5. Totemic

    Lady bugs?

    Looked into this a while back.... Ladybugs and their larvae are voracious eaters. Youd need a massive supply of aphids, spidermites etc to keep a high individual cycle going. So you would in fact have to adopt a number of breeding programs to make it sustainable. Then, they dont do well in indoor environments overall, and they will more likely be focused on escape than de-pesting. My solution is to provide an outdoor area, my veggie garden, where they breed and flourish in summer. That way I can catch a few and take them indoors. The larvae are a better choice to take indoors.
  6. I battle in summer and suffer major contamination within a week after casing so dont even bother. I'll get going in may again.
  7. Most common fungi in the air. This time of year is worst time of year to try any sterile work. Temps need to be under 21...
  8. You mean there are still open canapax stores? But yeah that isnt the type of weed you should be paying anything for
  9. Agree. I did actually for a short while smoke a bit less, but smoking a lot more.
  10. That is a perfect substitute for the kelp
  11. I found it at builders. Although I'll add that you can quite easily cut it out as an ingredient without effecting the soil really.
  12. Totemic

    Sativa or Indica?

    Yes, by the time you are looking at mostly amber on your bud, THC has already started oxidizing. Milky trichomes are THC at its peak. But harvesting while still clear is pointless. Cannabinoids are still in building block pieces Ie. Not quite THC yet. That causes a paranoia high. Kind of like taking a research chemical that is supposed to emulate LSD. You trip for sure but it's just not LSD, and the results are usually negative
  13. Totemic

    Sativa or Indica?

    Terpenes play less of a roll in that yucky couch lock feeling. CBN is the cannabinoid that is responsible for this. It is found mostly in mature/over mature bud. From google: Cannabinol (CBN) is considered a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid known for its powerful sedative properties. When THC is oxidized, the degradation process converts THC to CBN, which may account for the sedative effect aged cannabis often carries
  14. Feeling blessed. This year has been epic! I have shared a total of 1300 regular seeds, and now the first 1000 feminised seed are on their way to Swaziland. :rastabanana

    Next year there is plenty new gear coming, and hope that Totemic will continue to make a mark as we enter a new decade.

    Merry Christmas to all of you. 

    1. Smelly Joe

      Smelly Joe

      Have a blessed Christmas. And thanx for what you are doing.... 

    2. Mambawana


      Well done, quite an achievement in a small space of time. Should be proud of yourself.

      All the best in your 2020 projects... pretty sure our paths or atleast our genetics paths will cross some time or the other... 

    3. 420sake


      As a newby in genetics upgrading I am personally greatful for your good work Totemic. Thank you.

  15. I buy my silver nitrate etc from them. Packages always arrive 2-3 days after order.
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