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  1. Hi there. Welcome. Definately one of the best hobbies hands down.
  2. The author is not taking into account specially formulated soils, which generally has zero michorizzal input from the 'earth'.
  3. Absolute darkness or light leaks are not issues at all while you are still vegging.
  4. Sadly the type of guano we need is for the flowering phase and not the growth phase. It is a rare item, and why I found work arounds in my soils, by adding K humates to cover the K, while the other ingredients also add K, and rely on the michorizzal fungi and rock phosphate for P. That's besides the P from bone meal, and the other fertilizers.
  5. Welcome to the madhouse.
  6. You are going to want all that electricity on the floor lifted. I keep all my electricity connections outside my space. Evan just hanging the lead along the wall or roof will be fine.
  7. So, been browsing all the local grow shop sites and everyone seems to be out of stock of the 6 inch clip on fans. Anyone know where to get? 220v preferably. I have found 12v versions for cars, and if I have to I'll just get a transformer but its extra unnecessary stuff in the end..
  8. Always let them dehydrate for a few weeks. Leave it as is, and when you plant it in a month or so, it will be eager to root, and wont easily rot.
  9. Biggest problem is smell is subjective. An hallucination at best. And then those feelings are subjective too. The same weed isnt going to have the same effect on me and you. Tolerance, other contra indicating medications we may be on etc. What is great about the human cannabis relationship is that it's as unique as each plant and individual is. Pure magic. But I get your point that you want a description, and the plant you grow out needs to meet that description. Tough one in a world where seed production practices are as varied in as many ways as there are breeders.
  10. Well no and yes. That's just the genetics. The dominant gene for this is as you state, but their is a recessive state gene where the plants have no problem pushing pistils from young in veg, as soon as sexual maturity has been reached, while males always carry the dominant gene and trigger on the light cycle only.
  11. From my experience with line breeding, my observations have been that a true F1 hybrid(both P1 and P2, are vastly different genetically and past F3 in their own line), these plants display a very uniform phenotypical expression. From a breeding point of view there is no point going through a selection phase from such a true F1 generation. Any male and any female will do to get to the F2. F2 Generations where there is a recombination splits the line into two distinct or polarized phenotypical groups. The one group leaning toward the P1, and another from P2. Somewhere in the middle is the hybrid expression from F1. Working down the F line each generation you thin out and reduce the variation. From F4 you can start to consider the phenotypical expressions to somewhat stabilise to about 5 phenos. Fems it's very subjective, and as @Danksaid, is it just an F1 on top of an F1. Well then that's not an F1, or S1. It's an F2(S2) I.e. all the variation youd expect from an F2 generation. True S1 hybrid Fems, display only 2 phenotypes. Man it goes a lot more but I'm rambling now. Hope it helps.
  12. I totally understand where you are coming from, but you are setting yourself up for disappointment. 1. Bag seeds. Its random and has an extremely high chance of being a hermi. So trying to save R100 on a seed purchase, to spend all that money on electricity for at least 2 months before you realize this, will cost more. 2. I mentioned the minimums with regard to light as its crucial. You are trying to emulate the Sun indoors. Plants have minimum requirements to grow, and giving them any less is again a waste of electricity, and the plants will fail to thrive and die or hermi. We all have to start somewhere, and it's a bit expensive to startup, but skimping now will honestly just be an expensive disappointment. I started out with just a small veg area, and utilized the sun as much as I could. I still do this. I have plants veg indoors, and flower them outdoors this time of year. You can do this in summer to if you are keen on a non negotiable routine of carrying them indoors and out daily at exactly the same time. That way you just need a ventilated darkroom as a start...just a few suggestions, as there are many ways to skin a cat.
  13. Yeah if you want to attempt to use lumens as measurement, aim for minimum 30k-50k lumens for veg, 60k-120k for flower. The sun as lumens is about 1k on an overcast day, 20k in the shade on a sunny day, and max about 120k lumens in midday summer sun. Again not much is useful as it's not PAR we're talking about, but to give you an idea just how much more lumens you need.
  14. A few leca pellets will do the same. Can add or remove marbles as necessary
  15. Totemic


    What medium are they in? Looks like a hot medium, causing nute burn...
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