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  1. Yeah I've also been waiting for @Ill_Evan with a meme on this one...
  2. Since 2008, new CC's cant be registered. It was phased out. Both companies are private companies. While directors may be buffered from civil actions penetrating their personal lives to a small extent, it is entirely different when there are criminal actions by a possibly delinquent director. The article makes mention that a 500k bank account was flattened. If the powers that be follow the money, and that money went home.....
  3. Sadly, it does seem a full blown mission. The owner of Just Cannabis, Gerhard, commented on a FB post distancing himself from Progrow, claiming that Just Cannabis was simply a client of Progrow. However, Gerhard is clearly listed as a director of both companies at CIPC. This begs more questions...and while I couldn't even begin to contemplate the real story, what we know so far from the article, doesn't seem far off the mark.
  4. 8 up. 9 if you count the 2 that came up in one pot. Soil is a bit hot for them, but they are soldiering through it.
  5. 4 of the 9 are up. One damped off. I have other seeds soaking in case the remaining 4 dont come up. The seeds are fresh and should be chilling out a bit for the inhibitors to wear off, but I'm too curious about this cross too wait.
  6. Definitely not abandoned. Each cross will get their own grow as space opens up. The slurricane mother has been my favorite this year so kicking off with them first.
  7. They all got a neem spray today as part of my routine pest management. They get one more in a week from now as the last spray before peak flowering. Is this a bit better @CreX ? Lol
  8. Original breeder of Chocolope NL, plus a few more.
  9. Phone camera and the screen covered with fingerprints man. It happens lol how are your eyes?
  10. The girls are 7 days into 12/12, and already its getting cramped. 3 plants are nearing their end though, so more space will open up soon for the remaining 6
  11. 24 hours later, and I have planted 9 straight into 5l.
  12. I have finally cleared the backlog and my veg tent is going to be empty from tomorrow. The slurricane mother has been my favorite plant this year, and keen to see her offspring.
  13. Been a long reveg, but planted the girls up into 15l. Slurricane, blunicorn, spumoni and chocolate gelato. 1-2 weeks veg to settle, then I'll flip. I had to do a lot of cleaning up as the reveg girls were way too bushy. The chocolate gelato pollen donor female is already in flower.
  14. For dealers of the hard one's, cocaine, opiates, meth, a custodial criminal sentence is fitting. They destroying lives. As for a user, criminalising their use/addiction, does nothing to help them out. The R250k cost of pulling a user from arrest to prison sentence could be used for positive interventions and help.
  15. This run is now complete. Got 5 x 10 packs of each cross to distribute as testers. Only one pack per tester. They will also be available online shortly. The 4 that were taken through are Chocolate Gelato F2 Choc Gelato x Slurricane Choc Gelato x Blunicorn Choc Gelato x Ghost Train Haze #1 *No tester packs available anymore
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