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  1. Besides not working, life isnt that much different for us. We are home bodies and used to this way of living. My winter breeding run planning has stalled with genetics in limbo somewhere so no CBD versions of my cuts this year. Was/am planning on bringing some lebanese landrace into the pool, but yeah, plenty other genetics to explore in the meantime.
  2. Thanks for the thoughts guys. We will be fine. As always, you guys are supporting me by supporting the suppliers that do stock them seeds.
  3. This lockdown is a disaster. It's a no work no money reality in our household, There is no savings to buffer this, no full grocery cupboards as we buy what we need almost daily with whatever money we have on hand. Sadly this reality is one that tens of millions of us will face for the next month or more. I feel I would survive getting the virus. Cant say the same about this lockdown. All the best to you all. Let's see what the world looks like after...
  4. The small packet? I think you mix the entire small packet with 5L of water. And then that is diluted 1ml-5ml/l water when you feed. Start slow. 1ml/l from week 1 flowering, working up to 5ml/l by end week 4. Cut out 2 weeks before harvest.
  5. What indications are there for Mg deficiency? Dark leaf veins.
  6. That can not be week 6 can it Otherwise, as far as I can see, your plants are overall healthy, but new growth is showing the start of a Mg deficiency. Water temps? PH?
  7. The problem is, it takes longer to grow another single 600g plant, than to consume your current 600g... So if I split it into 6 plants....how are they gonna weigh my plants while wet and in medium? Are the roots, stems and leaves also weighed even though they are not the consumable part of the plant?.... All just potential issues in policing I'm seeing, but overall 600g is a decent amount to be able to have around.
  8. Calcium sulphate or gypsum. The gardeners gold dust contains gypsum, kelp, and other trace.
  9. I've grown in a wendy before 12m2(not the whole area but the wendy was that size. I could not control the runaway temperatures in that space, even after insulating, having 4X the amount of airflow needed, and midday temps hit the upper 40's. That tiny space is going to be much worse. My honest 2c from a long time DIY'er... that setup will be ok indoors, just save up for the much needed carbon filter, and you won't go mal with stressed, hermied, or dead plants.
  10. Your part B does not provide the charge balance in your medium since it is already in a chemical balance with the nitrate group. You need extra calcium in the medium beforehand. If your medium has insufficient calcium buffering it usually only becomes apparent a week or 2 into flowering. As for buffering FF specifically, I'm not sure, since I grow in my own soils. When I recycle my soil though, all I add is a good handful of Gardeners Gold dust per 20l of soil, basically rebuffering. I would say adding the above to FF soil would only improve it anyway.
  11. Calcium is the important buffer to phosphates during cannabis flowering. Calcium is the soluble cation that occurs in largest amount in most soils. It does not take part directly in the proton transfer reactions involved in pH-buffering, but it provides the cation charge balance for these reactions. It is also the complementary cation in formulations of chemical potential for many other ions in soils.
  12. Totemic

    Lady bugs?

    Looked into this a while back.... Ladybugs and their larvae are voracious eaters. Youd need a massive supply of aphids, spidermites etc to keep a high individual cycle going. So you would in fact have to adopt a number of breeding programs to make it sustainable. Then, they dont do well in indoor environments overall, and they will more likely be focused on escape than de-pesting. My solution is to provide an outdoor area, my veggie garden, where they breed and flourish in summer. That way I can catch a few and take them indoors. The larvae are a better choice to take indoors.
  13. I battle in summer and suffer major contamination within a week after casing so dont even bother. I'll get going in may again.
  14. Most common fungi in the air. This time of year is worst time of year to try any sterile work. Temps need to be under 21...
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