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  1. Hehe, Green bag is very good to start of with. The custom formulation for cannabis I preorder from the, not sure if it's availible in Growshops Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  2. I just want to clarify that the FF I used with only water from veg to flower I did add the Fire Juice. Its the FF Custom Crafted soil and not the Green Premium bag, with the Green Bag I did need to feed so I'm only using the Green bag with small plants to get a good root system going and when repotting from a 1-2 L into final I used the Custom Crafted. Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  3. I have a few Grows with the FF Custom Crafted soil and hasn't let me down, recently trying Orgasoilux from Jamie as@SkunkPharm mentioned and veg was good and in flower now. I used with just rain water and in flower some Bloom nutes ones a week. Haven't tried Organics Matter yet. Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  4. GGG

    Liontree LED's

    Compensate.... Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  5. GGG

    Liontree LED's

    When I did coco/perlite I used 15 or 25L plastic pots, with the bags I use 35L to condensate for the faster drying, seems to work better for me than the 20or 25L bags. Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  6. Let it grow let it grow.......let it blossom.... Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  7. I agree, fans on blazing from on till Match again [emoji39] Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  8. Now the humidity sensor kicks the fan on at the set range. At the moment I set it to 73 just before lights goes of, and when lights go on I set it at 53 again. I know the 73 sounds hight but if I put it any lower it drops temp to 12-18 when lights are of. Got to work with what I have. [emoji23] Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  9. My fan only worked on a temp sensor, at night after lights of the fan only came on a few times as heater took time to heat up the space. Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  10. This winter run I added a humidity sensor to my exhaust fan and it's the first time I had no PM, looks like the humidity spiked when lights went of in the past and then my temp/exhaust fan didn't suck it out and it created a perfect inviorment for PM. That Sonoff sensors are just over R200 if I remember correctly. Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  11. 1 Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  12. Just a update on the growth after the topping, seems like it worked out well 1. 14 days ago 2. Tonight Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  13. With the FF Green bag you need nutes but not with the FF Custom Craft, but you can add nutes in flower like the Fire Juice or Biobizz Bloom. I have used it with out nutes and end result was acceptable. Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  14. Depends on what you want to achieve, il do some Fimming or topping on the main bigger growth to stun that branch and wait for the new exposed ones to catch up, or you can tie down the main branch lower than the new ones also. Many ways train to achieve a even canopy Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  15. I was thinking about this topic this week again, I did a RDWC grow and then a few coco/perlite grows with GH and Greenhouse powder nutes and then Living soil, sooo when I started with the soil I had abit of growing experience behind me. The soil was super easy because its just plain water that needs to be used. I have a system now where I use the FF Premium Classic in 1L tubs for rooted cutting for 3-4 weeks with just water and then I use the FF Custom Crafted Soil when reporting into bigger pots and that soil can just be watered till harvest time, no ammendments needed. I have used@SkunkPharm soil and the Orgasoil mix from Jamie 's, they all very simular and I can recommend any of them. Took some coco/perlite/peat moss mix and added that soil amendment from Jamie's ( at 100ml/L of substrate) and trying that on next run. But I haven't tried any other cheaper soil or compost mix from a nursery yet, I was advised against [emoji28]. All the tried and tested soils cost between R170-220 a bag. Cost per plant Soil - R200 Pot - R100 Plant/seed - R200 Electricity - [emoji2369][emoji23] +- R500 to harvest between 40-100g is not bad. Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
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