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  1. Just came from the event now and it was great! Really a treat and getting to meet loads of awesome peeps. I wish I stayed longer to watch them announce the winners but after 20 bongs I was ready for some food and a rest.
  2. You can download the Photone app. It was developed with the help of Migro if I'm not mistaken. It helped me set my distance and seen some improvements.
  3. Modugow has a 120w for R1950 Currently have 2x 120w and 2 x 90w from them.
  4. So stoked for this! Got my judges ticket and lungs ready
  5. Some closer pics will be better not that clear. You can also take clones from those plants and just sex that under 12/12 conditions.
  6. I can comment on the Puffco as i recently got 1 in a trade for all my trim I got the original one not pro and its lovely and full of flavor when taking hits only down side is that the hits aren't big like your dab rig but I believe the Puffco pro has a bigger chamber and capable of bigger hits. I have also used the Dr Dabber switch a few times and I loved it but its a big device. The e-rig is a good option and something I want to get in the future. https://www.canna-bliss.co.za/product-page/electronic-dab-rig-e-nail-quartz-with-terp-balls-glow-in-the-dark
  7. I thought this was Biltong and Buds posting what's new for sale
  8. @Dr. Greenhas a story from watching this video.
  9. I got my last clones from Elixr Extract, they have a nice variety. I wasn't that impressed with how the clones looked when I received them but it was rooted and that's what matters to me(they were R75 each with no minimum order you just pay R50 for a clone holder) . I just harvested the Dirty Kush Breath and it seems to look like the pictures Here's the link if anyone is interested: https://elixirextract.co.za/index.php?route=product%2Fcategory&path=73
  10. I've started about 4 years ago 1 successful outdoor harvest then started indoors for almost 3 years. Still far from where I want to be.
  11. I think you @GreenGrow Garden Routehas used them. He should be able to advise the quality. I only bought some cheap Rosin bags from them.
  12. There's Hydroworks in Cape Town selling screens. I think they also sell different micron sheets to make your own.
  13. Well done all! Was great to watch! @CreXshot gun a nug from thee fattest cola
  14. Not that often, I don't play much either anymore.
  15. I found as I got older and having less time to spend hours on games I became less interested in story modes and it became more about playing online with friends and having fun in the short time. Before my girlfriend and I moved in together we used to play battle royals almost every night during the week.
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