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  1. Keen to see how your Rooi Baard turns out. I was gifted some Rooi Baard from someone who got it from GSR. I germinated 3 and 1 was female but when I put her outside she got crazy PM even though the plants next to it had nothing so decided to chuck it.
  2. I would like to try out Organics Matter but don't see it around the Cape(maybe I'm blind). The 420 mix peaked my interest because of the price.
  3. I saw this product on Facebook a while ago and wanted to try it, the price was around R100/R120 a bag for the 420 mix 30dm but I couldn't find it in Cape Town. I saw another grower on Instagram use the 3sixty brand compost in their mix, he said it had less chunks of bark in it.
  4. Yeah, definitely start stocking and promoting local genetics! I've got a pack of Head Honcho genetics I still need to plant. Planning to do a "locals only" tent in the near future.
  5. They don't let you use it but more they do it for you. You can drop off your material or book a session with them and you see them do it all. The Rosin pressing services cost R15 a gram. Not 100% sure what the other services cost.
  6. If you in Cape Town check out East City Rosin, they have various Rosin and extraction services. They have a some machine that you can decarb your Rosin inside, they might be able to help you or definitely give you advice. They also make tincture with material you provide. I had coffee with decarb Rosin from them and it hit lekker.
  7. I have 2 90w Modugrow and really do enjoy them, I've used the 2 for Veg in my 1.2mx1.2m and will now add my 240w QB in the middle for Flower. The driver is 94% efficient. I do think they are abit expensive when looking at R/per watt and there are a lot of options available but I must say the customer service is good, part of my one light failed and they shipped me a replacement light within a no further questions asked when I messaged them. They also have spares for end of life replacement which I think will pay in the long run.
  8. Caught this little one enjoying my outdoor Auto Black Domina.
  9. Yeah, that would make sense. It had no visable PM inside the tent.
  10. I've actually had a similar experience where I took a plant from inside(no PM) and placed it outside next to my other plant but only the plant I brought from inside had heavy PM and no signs of PM on the one that has been outside.
  11. Hi man, the 2 clones(Jelly Bean and Twisted Helix) on the right are just about 6 weeks. The top left is clone(Big Buddah Cheese) about 4 weeks and bottom left seed(Grand daddy purple fast) about 5 weeks. I agree with @PsyCLownthat ExploGrow is great for germinating seeds or even clones. In my previous grow I added ExploGrow to my Bio Bizz but then used half the dossage. I also did an experiment with some avos. I put some ExploGrow in the container on the right from the beginning and haven't changed the water since and about a month ago I added some the left to see if it will
  12. Hi man, exciting times ahead! Im currently growing 4 plants 1 with Orgasoilux, 1 with FF, 1 with half Orgasoilux and half Bio Leaf and another half FF and Bio Leaf. I haven't had to feed anything besides water and some ExploGrow and Cal-mag. The plant in the top right bucket is in Orgasoilux and I haven't had any problems yet. I'm going to start feeding some Bio Bizz for Flower and see how it goes and how the plant reacts. IMG_20210112_093508.jpg
  13. I've only done bud washing on my outdoor plants as the wind blows sand and dog hair all over. What I found very handy is to use a salad dryer spinner after my wash to get most of the water out before I hang to dry.
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