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  1. What's up fam! Im having some issues with these unknown bite marks on my leaves. I checked all my plants and cleaned out my tent and can't find any worms(which I suspect) or any big bugs that can do that type of damage. I haven't noticed any droppings on leaves either. I've tried Pyrol and Eco Buzz Larvae Pro but hasn't seem to help much as I noticed more damage. Does anyone have any ideas or possibilities to what it can be or how to treat? Thanks!
  2. @FridgeI use a similar method but put the consol jar in the instant pot which works like a beast.
  3. CoolJ

    Various Seeds #1

    @PsyCLownany other Ethos Autos? Been looking at them for a while.
  4. Not in Helderberg, was in Northern Suburbs, but I saw a few other stores on Facebook advertising.
  5. A few stores in the Cape Region got some preditor mites in this week. I picked up some today for R30 and R20 a pack I noticed some Thrips 2 days ago. So will see how they work.
  6. Yeah his shop is in Somerset West, but the Elemental blend cost about R180 for 10l bag which treats a 100lt of soil. I got mine at a different grow store as I'm not near to his store.
  7. I agree the elemental blend is great! I used a bag for my 100lt pot and she bounced back great. Jamie is in Cape Town, but there's a few stores that sell the Elemental Blend.
  8. That sucks @PsyCLownthe new controller is definitely a good upgrade, I must just dial in my conditions. I like the Graphs tracking the Temp and Humidity, which you can also export to a CSV file
  9. @PsyCLownis correct about the DC not being compatable. The T6 should have the EC motor if I'm not mistaken.
  10. Got home to my fan and controller. It's very light and can barely hear it. The Bluetooth app is also cool and you can adjust the settings pretty easy.
  11. Yeah Zephyr doesn't stock the new controller and the price of the old fan S6 is not much different to the T6. I agree that importing things yourself you run that risk of if anything goes wrong.
  12. That's what I was reading and told about the T6 and controller. I ordered the S6 with new controller.
  13. I got a Ram fan in Jan (not the adjustable one) but it's too loud for me so getting rid of it. I ordered the AC INFINITY S6 from Amazon with controller and ducting and it's cost R3420 with shipping and customs (which arrived today) I was quoted R3200 for the just the fan from Zephyr. Ordered the 25th April
  14. Looks like a LEON LED? if so how's it doing?
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