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  1. 1 week later she has stretched out abit more with the top reaching just over 30cm! Very impressed with the growth @Bay Seeds I can't wait to see how she flowers out!
  2. I would recommend going through @Aeradixas well. I got mine from them and they provide very knowledgeable service and information!
  3. I have tried some of the 14g and 28g bags and they do work. I placed some very dry bud in a bag and after a day it wasn't that dry. They do work but find some of the zip locks on 1 or 2 bags are not as effective. The price is really good and was my deciding factor to try it out,cheaper than a Boveda and Glass Jar.
  4. Awesome store! Got my grow tent from them in June, was the best price on a 1,2x1,2x2m.
  5. Another little update: I stopped the LST and let her do her own thing. She is filling up nicely and the canopy is looking fairly even.
  6. Another update on my lady! She stretched quite abit this last week and the pistols are starting to push longer. I decided to do some LST to try and get the most out of this lady given the slow start and conditions. She looks promising!
  7. I was bleak paying almost the same price as the light for express shipping and it gets here in 5days then have to wait 3weeks before its in my hands πŸ˜”
  8. Thanks man, wish I had some of this knowledge before I ordered an 240w QB from Alibaba and used FedEx. The packaged arrived within 5days but took 3 weeks for FedEx to clear it with customs after numerous calls and phone calls being cut(just like you mentioned) The customs fees tip is a good one. I asked for my fee to be made less luckily so the 50% charge wasn't too bad considering what it could of be.
  9. @DamDave the plant is about 3 weeks now almost 4, she germinated outside straight from the pot and it has been cold so she took a while but grew very well this past week.
  10. Another little update: The biggest one in the small pot has showed its balls πŸ˜” but the one in the 15lt pot has shown some pistols! I have no placed her inside the tent to see what she can do! Really excited to see what happen!
  11. I actually made my own mix with soil and coco as I find coco on its own dries out way quicker. So I feed some nutes and have slow release pellets in the mix for when I just water.
  12. Yes, you are correct! Not as easy as it seems because they require constant watering and pruning but really fun.
  13. This is how my solo cup grow is going. Nothing Flowering yet which I'm abit concerned because it's an auto but she's very bushy. I did abit of LST the canapy is fairly equal.
  14. Another little update: The 2 in the smaller pot have been inside the tent under 12/12 for the past 5 days as I was away so not much growth on those 2 but the 1 outside has grown substantially in the past few days! Let's hope they show some pistols soon😁
  15. Just came across this from Migrow. He has some par readings as well which don't seem too bad.
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