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  1. Hi man, the 2 clones(Jelly Bean and Twisted Helix) on the right are just about 6 weeks. The top left is clone(Big Buddah Cheese) about 4 weeks and bottom left seed(Grand daddy purple fast) about 5 weeks. I agree with @PsyCLownthat ExploGrow is great for germinating seeds or even clones. In my previous grow I added ExploGrow to my Bio Bizz but then used half the dossage. I also did an experiment with some avos. I put some ExploGrow in the container on the right from the beginning and haven't changed the water since and about a month ago I added some the left to see if it will
  2. Hi man, exciting times ahead! Im currently growing 4 plants 1 with Orgasoilux, 1 with FF, 1 with half Orgasoilux and half Bio Leaf and another half FF and Bio Leaf. I haven't had to feed anything besides water and some ExploGrow and Cal-mag. The plant in the top right bucket is in Orgasoilux and I haven't had any problems yet. I'm going to start feeding some Bio Bizz for Flower and see how it goes and how the plant reacts. IMG_20210112_093508.jpg
  3. I've only done bud washing on my outdoor plants as the wind blows sand and dog hair all over. What I found very handy is to use a salad dryer spinner after my wash to get most of the water out before I hang to dry.
  4. So I harvested about 2 weeks ago and she weights just under 40g, there was a sweet smell while drying but now has a slight rooibos smell. Will leave it to cure for another 2 weeks and give it a proper taste.
  5. They not worth it IMO. I had about 3 x 100w versions and they cost about R100 each. They get very hot and after about 2 months or so they start burning out. Rather get an LED flood light from ACDC.
  6. @PsyCLown how long would you say the shelf life of the Hortimix? I have some pre mixed as well that's been standing for more than a year😬 and a packet of each left. I would like to give it to a friend but not sure if it's still good.
  7. Hey man, I haven't harvested yet, will probably do it at on Sunday. I definitely think she can be pushed further than 8 weeks. I'm just a bit impatient to and she seems fine at 8 weeks. I would go a week or so extra to be safe if you don't have a loupe.
  8. Just some more pictures I took with the lights on, thinking of letting her go a few more weeks 😬🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. She is almost ready to chop! Trichomes are milky with about 15% amber. Really impressed with this plant. She is still pushing out new pistols and looks like she could be stretched out. Once again thanks @Bay Seedsfor the beans! Was fun growing this and excited to see your work in the future.
  10. It was my first "proper" grow and the slurricane turned out the best in terms of frost and smell. I only brought popcorn nugs so they had to grind it up and do the test instead of testing an entire nug. Its a pity I did not keep a cut of it so I can grow it again and see what it turns out. It would be interesting to see how the same strain with different THC levels would have an effect on you.
  11. That would be a cool competition. Very interesting to know what you actually smoking and how it effects you compared to what you think.
  12. Really cool service by @Cannabliss I got some Slurricane popcorn nugs tested and it turned out to be a 14.30% THC, would of been cool if I took some top nugs to see the difference between the THC. Will definitely use it for future grows.
  13. I'm looking at the AC infinity Cloudline T6 with the temp and humidity controller. They look great
  14. Hi @Wulf Yes I have 4 fans in total but the main ones are the box fans. I have a 6 inch extractor fan(not the best but will upgrade when I can) and I use a passive intake
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