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  1. Anyone know where I can get some Explogrow in Cape Town?
  2. Here is a great thread based on the Samsung F series strips. http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?/topic/390324-diy-led-lighting-f-series-samsung-strips/
  3. For the flood light I am using(100w) I just have a fan blowing over it to keep cool. I know that feeling of your 1st budget grow, everything is overwhelming with all the info. I have 3x50W of those LED AC cobs that you can build a light if you want and have some material laying around.
  4. They get very hot! I ordered a few from Ali A last year in an attempt to build a light I got the 3000k (if you in Cape Town you can have them) You would need a beefy heatsink to keep it cool and a fan. I did a test with those on a pc heatsink and fan, within 5-10mins of it on the heatsink was at 90 degrees. In my honest opinion I wouldn't get those lights, rather go for a 100-150w Flood light from ACDC (cost R250 - R350) and save up for something decent. I wish I never spent money on cheap lights, I could of probably afford a decent light with the amount I spent on cheapies.
  5. Just received my kit for the competition. Looking forward what this solo cup will do.
  6. I am really looking into importing 1 or 2 lights for myself but just worried about custom fees.
  7. Hi man, I'm not sure if I missed your post but was was the customs fees for the $700 worth of goods?
  8. Anyone have any idea what Custom fees for a light in that price range?
  9. Yeah I am already looking for something cheaper for once I get to flower to add, I have 2 x 90W 3500k lights and the 100W ACDC Flood Light(might keep the 150W for veg tent)
  10. I bought 2 of those ACDC LED flood lights after reading your recommendation, The are really bright (just run hot imo, nothing a small fan cant fix) For the price of the 100w and 150w its a steal!
  11. You can try Bio-Grow Pyrol, it worked on Parsley I had outdoors with PM and killed the other bugs eating the leaves, I sprayed only twice and haven't seen anything again. https://biogrow.co.za/products/pyrol/
  12. I got 2 of these fans from Clicks and they work well.
  13. I found a product that works well and has more P and K than Atami bloombastic which is a Bloom booster. And it says its organic certified.
  14. Just a lil update on the clone I toom from my Fastbuds Original Auto Amnesia Haze, she is reallly doing well and I'm surprised by the growth. She's in a soil mix feeding Biotrissol and switched to Bio Phyta for flower the mother was in coco feeding Horti Mix
  15. Thanks man, I appreciate the kind words. I cant wait to start filling up the tent! I am referring to the actual floor of the tent not the extra water tray. The floor of the tent is not made of Mylar like the rest of the inside its a thin black material. Will keep you guys updated with the grow💪
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