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  1. McMan


    #2: 👀 is this from colder temps or a nutrient issue?
  2. McMan


    3 weeks of 12/12 They got fed molasses, lil bit of bloom and microbes (all separately) today #3: #1:
  3. McMan


    Ninja-cam-mode activated 🥷 #3 - the front runner has been moved to center stage under the cam. Lights ✅ Camera ✅ Action 🔥🔥🔥
  4. McMan


    July 21 - day 18 of 12/12 All 3 - left to right: 2, 1, 3 1 and 2 continue to recover, 1 bouncing back faster but both are looking perkier. #1: #2: #3:
  5. McMan


    July 3 - July 11: The first week after flip. July 12: Day 9 of 12/12 Very carefully up-potted #1 and #2 into the darker grey 10L->15L darker #3 repotted 10L->20L lighter I usually finish in +20L but initially thought that with them being relatively small I could get away with 10L... I noticed 1# and #2 (closest to the heater) drying faster than usual and I think I over corrected by giving those 2 a bit more water. Sad (wilting/drooping) looking leaves... wary that it could be the heater, it could be me overwatering, but if its root-space related then it's #3 will soon follow them. So repotted to be safe and also lowered the temp of the heater from 26C to 22C - hoping that's less of a shock to the plants right next to the heater when it comes on but will also still prevent the tent from getting too cold. Growing in peak winter is new to me [emoji23] tweak the system and learn as we go... They pretty much pulled out the 10L pots like plugs July 14 - day 11 of 12/12 Still looking a lil sad at this point. July 17 - 2 weeks of 12/12 #2 and #1 looking happier and #3 looking happiest Removed some excess fan leaves. Over the next week I will remove some leaves covering buds but after 3 weeks of 12/12 I'm going to try avoid any surgery until the big cut. #3 in all her glory
  6. McMan


    July 10 - 1 week post-flip Left to right - 2, 1, 3. Ladies got watered with a light dose bloom and microbes. Applied buddi all rounder spray yesterday and that will be the last application. 20210710_203352_1_1.mp4 You might notice the ladies got new shoes 👠 found some of those plant stands at Cape Garden Centre. not comp related but if you're wondering how the clones are going? We have life! 🤞🌱
  7. McMan


    July 6 - Day 53 From left to right: 2, 1, 3. They got some water today (explains the humidity spike on the chart). Clothes pegs have been removed - release the kraken! I must still remove the garden wire but they are on with a fair bit of wiggle room so there shouldn't be any risk of cutting into the branches. Can see the little milex heater on the potjie stand in the corner under the fan. Been running it during lights-on to keep the tent around 23-24°C during the "day". Eskom. 15% increase. Pain.
  8. Yes Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  9. McMan


    June 23 - July 2:
  10. McMan


    July 2 - 49 days since seeds got wet and the lights switched off this morning to mark the end of the veg light cycle of 18-6. Later today the lights come back on and will begin their 12-12 cycle to the promised land. Its FLIP Friday! Let's turn these little pot plants into bouquets of flowers 😍 I've added 2 rods under the pots to increase air-to-soil in the hope that will speed up consumption of water and therfore drying up of the soil in these cold and humid times. Will probably find something else to serve this purpose more effectively over the weekend.
  11. McMan


    Thank you [emoji120] https://www.chamberlains.co.za/ballstraathof-ps10001-pot-plant-stand-1079679 Edit: Damn no delivery here
  12. McMan


    June 26 - day 43 About 2 days after #2 got cut back: June 28 - day 45 About 4 days since the snip and #2 has bounced back pretty well... In fact #2 bounced back strong enough to get me thinking about what I could still do with #1 + #3 in the veg time left and considering the phase the plant still has to transition through before full blown flowering...hmm get the bong... A few bongs and a little while later with some garden wire + clothes pegs + tough love to the outer branches = At the same time as doing this training I cleared up some lower growth (as I'm typing this I can hear someone from the cheap seats at the back chirping my whole plants are lower growth... ja ja.. rustig rustig)...and I've tried to root some snips from #1 and #3 as clones - if I'm lucky I'll have another chance at growing these and push them further in veg. These comp plants aren't gonna yield a ton but gonna follow through with these 3 in the comp as originally intended. Note for the next growoff or for any noobs reading this - germinate on day 1, there isn't time to waste [emoji23] cloning is new to me but if I can just get 1 to root I will be stoked. Lots of great tips on cloning on the forum [emoji123] #1.1-1.6 and #3.1-3.6: June 29 - day 46 But wait I wasn't done with the garden wire... decided to bring the inner branches down to earth as well. June 30 - day 47 Some okes are growing a canopy... I'm growing a carpet [emoji1787] for realzies though, this probably isn't favourable for air circulation and proximity to soil perhaps increases risk of critters but they should stretch a bit once flipped. Let's see what happens. Looking forward to a FLIPPING lekker Friday.
  13. McMan


    June 24th - day 41 - 9 days veg left More of the same with #1 + #3: lightly squeezing the branches before bending them downwards. Removing the odd fan leaf covering growth below it while trying not to remove much at one go. #2 which was the slowest grower of the 3, received an experimentally-more-aggressive haircut with only 9 days veg left. Interested to see how it responds in the remaining veg time in comparison to the other 2. June 25 - day 42 - 8 days veg left 24 hrs after defoilation: #2 underskirt shot Sometimes #1 & #3 swap positions so they take turns to get the first whiff of the fresh air coming in on the right. #2 getting the ginger-step-child treatment but silently I'm cheering for her.
  14. McMan


    Day 40 10 days to flip. Today they got watered with a light dose of blackstrap molasses introduced for the first time. 1 week of growth (minus me removing the odd fan leaf). I've been pressing the branches downwards by hand to try develop a more flat+even surface for light to land.
  15. McMan


    Day 37 Plants seem to be enjoying it in their new and final home. 2 weeks of veg left, grow grow grow! I was going to use neem oil but decided to opt for Buddi All rounder spray as a preventative measure for bugs+fungi- can't say I've used it before but wanted something where I don't risk getting ratios wrong as I only need a small quantity per application. I have also sprinkled a bit of diatomaceous earth around the base of the plant. Temp+Humidity sensor moved with the plants to this tent, you can see how this tent is warmer (presumably mostly due to the bigger light) since the move on 16 June. @iGrowDagga there's the divergence you were talking about 😂 #1 and #3 pulling ahead of #2
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