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  1. McMan


    Howzit I found it effective as a preventative solution - no complaints. Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  2. Happy National Leftovers Day and Merry Christmas for yesterday! Been a while since I posted - apologies, things have been a bit wild since starting a new job. Typically this grow is not even done and I'm already thinking about how I would do it better next time... This plant has gone into flower and then reveg and now it seems the flowering has continued? Not really sure but I'm just letting it do its thing and I will try harvest these plants when ripe and use it for edibles. I topped the smaller one in the hope it would stimulate some more veg but both seems to have maxed out in terms of size quite a lot earlier than I had anticipated However boxes have been ticked: I wanted to grow a plant that can pull off being a Christmas tree - (Its bigger than the Christmas tree we have inside so I'll take that as a W) Even though I don't think these plants will get bigger, there is still some time left to but and I can already say that this is biggest plant that I have grown so far in terms of height - yield is too early to say. So that's another checkpoint - I must admit that the unanticipated flowering after transitioning outside has left me wondering what could have been. Lessons learnt and next year I will be back to continue the search of monsters, hopefully controlling the light cycle swing better! As we close out 2021, happy new year - I learnt a lot here this year and I hope to repeat that in 2022. Thanks to all who have shared their knowledge with me
  3. I'm in Northern Suburbs in CPT. I think the preflowering could also have been triggered by too drastic of a change in light schedule when moving outside, even if they were still getting a bit more than 12 hours of light when they moved outside. They were on 18hrs a day inside. More notes for myself...gradually phase the light cycle from 18hrs on per day to 14hrs a day in the last few weeks before moving them outside. That should avoid a big swing in light exposure and still keeping it at +12hrs light a day. Yes I would much rather prefer this option Option B. Final answer.
  4. I suppose the concern would be the potential of bud rot if flowers develop now when there is still 7 months to go. Note-to-self for next year: transition from tent to outdoor a few weeks later. Although maybe this does no harm and the ladies just get really really thick I can hope haha
  5. A few changes to report on: Plants have moved to their final pots. Was quite a job but I'm glad with how smoothly it all went. So pots...we are all here for the pot right? 200L and 100L: Started with a layer of 3 different stones. Next - river sand. Wet it down and aim to remove the air pockets between the stones and sand. Next - an orgy of Orgasoilux and mycoroot Next - lift up the plants in their existing pots and give it a slight bear-hug to loosen to sides. Tilt it to pour out any loose soil/material. Using one hand to support the stem, flip it over and get a friendly helper to come pull the pot off. Gently place plant in new pot. Currently 1m from soil surface There is a spotlight which points I'm their direction that I have been running until around 9pm/10pm every night to try avoid any preflowering but despite that... here we are...pistils. A little reveg won't hurt... right? I've been using Jamie's Orgasoilux pretty much since I started growing but have finally taken the plunge to try his nutes and rooibos mulch - because science says I must fuck around and find out. Feeding according to Jamie's Organic Liquid feeding programme - Organic Liquid Feeding Program.pdf Wurmbosch's Vermi Pure for dessert.
  6. Wow. I won something. Shame, my wife is never going to hear the end of this haha Thanks again, it was a great experience and would definitely want to do it again. Appreciate the opportunity to learn from all of you. Some bud pics:
  7. I take this as confirmation that mother-nature has accepted my plants into her domain and blessed this grow with good luck
  8. They are in 30L at the moment but will be going up to 80L and 200L in about 2/3 weeks
  9. The plants have moved outside for good - with some added support to counter the strong winds. Some close ups of how they have been tied up - adjustable and avoid strangling the plant, leaving space for it to grow. This, repeated from different angles to get a stable core.
  10. I'm 25mins into this video and it's incredibly informative, thank you! Looks like my lazy ass approach of just filling a pot with soil out the bag needs to be refined a little bit. Appreciate the share will use these lessons when repotting to the bigger and final pots. Getting comfortable now so I can watch the rest of the video
  11. Full house good thing other tent will be available again soon. This weekend the trees-to-be in the back got slight alfalfa mulch island top ups and diatomaceous earth around the stem. Also did some slight defoilation of inner and lower branches. They got some time in the sun outside on Saturday but rearranging the whole tent to get them in and out is a mission yoh it will be easier once some other plants move to the other tent soon and there is more space. This week, they have been fed with Amino boost, very light dose of fish mix, microbes, activera and k50 for silica.
  12. Very exciting! Laying a very solid foundation How big is this pot and have you grown in it before? If yes, how did the plant look at the end? Are you letting your soil cook there?
  13. Got a few updates for project tree: So I'm planning on taking these 2 outside by end of the month. I took then outside for some sun the other day but the wind is quite savage compared to the oscillating fan in the tent they survived the beating but I will look to supplement silica to strengthen stems soon (gonna need strong stems to hold up all the tinsel and decor anyway). Since plants in flowering tent have been harvested, veg plants moved in there to benefit from the stronger light. Took the opportunity to pot-up the 2 plants for project tree to 30L pots. Before pot-up: Pot-up to 30L Orgasoilux and mycaroot fungi I dropped some red clover, dill and coriander seeds in some worm castings around the plants for cover crops for the next 5-6 weeks before I expect to pot-up again. I'll try and transfer as much cover crop as possible when I transplant but I will just plant more seeds if I rough them up too much. The plant that is top centre in the pic above will go to 200L and I'm not going to top at all - want the Xmas tree shape. The plant in top left will go to 80L and I'm going to top a bit once I'm confident that the plant in the bigger pot has settled well after transplant, otherwise this will be plan B for the Xmas tree. Gave all the plants a spray of buddi all rounder. So far I have been giving them liquid gold microbes, activera and based on the recommendation of @Prom - Canna Pro Amino Boost, the most recent addition to my toolkit. So quick visual recap of the adventure so far:
  14. This lamb is ready for slaughter.
  15. McMan


    So this is my "final post" for the competition... 120 days since seeds got wet, I present to you 3x Totemic Tortoni grown in Orgasoilux under LEDs, nourished very lightly with biobizz grow but more activera almost throughout and bloom in flower. Also, Biodyne liquid gold microbes, molasses and worm tea. Buddi All-Rounder spray to avoid undesirables. Let's start this post like so many others in this grow log - a GIF, 5 - 10 September: So on Friday, 10 September - after 70 days of 12/12 and trichomes are milky and around 10-20% amber, #2 is perhaps closer to 5-10% amber. Here are the 3 plants in their final form before the cut: #2: This one is a stinky girl. Reminds me of the aroma that welcomes you as you enter a Durban-beachfront-public-bathroom on a hot day in summer. #3: This one has a sweetish smell and was a close contender to be the chosen one, but not quite. #1: This one smells sweet like #3 but this one the smell is quite a bit stronger and this plant has the biggest cola of the 3 plants (big in the context of my grow, perhaps not the comp lol). I present to you the chosen #1: Want a GIF of the journey? I got you [emoji869] My first time documenting a grow. My first grow competition. My 2nd indoor grow. What a thoroughly enjoyable experience which I feel has taught me a lot. Thank you @420SA, sponsors and judges for a great competition. Thank you @Totemic for the quality genetics, I hope you have enjoyed the show. I look forward to growing many more of your seeds in future. Thank you @Pants again, for roping me into the forum and competition. Documenting a grow like this has been a fun experience for me - I tried to make it an enjoyable or at least entertaining read. For those that followed the journey, offered support and guidance - thank you. For now, drying is underway until stems start to crack rather than bend. Then trim and into terploc bags for +3 weeks but I suspect some sneaky tasters may happen on Heritage/Braai day weekend which seems like an appropriate occasion. When I entered this competition I had a goal of producing bud I can be proud of... while I'm not quite at the finished product yet to confirm that - I think I'm going to need to set new goals. Peace[emoji111]
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