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  1. Wow. I won something. Shame, my wife is never going to hear the end of this haha Thanks again, it was a great experience and would definitely want to do it again. Appreciate the opportunity to learn from all of you. Some bud pics:
  2. This lamb is ready for slaughter.
  3. McMan


    So this is my "final post" for the competition... 120 days since seeds got wet, I present to you 3x Totemic Tortoni grown in Orgasoilux under LEDs, nourished very lightly with biobizz grow but more activera almost throughout and bloom in flower. Also, Biodyne liquid gold microbes, molasses and worm tea. Buddi All-Rounder spray to avoid undesirables. Let's start this post like so many others in this grow log - a GIF, 5 - 10 September: So on Friday, 10 September - after 70 days of 12/12 and trichomes are milky and around 10-20% amber, #2 is perhaps closer to 5-10% amber. Here are the 3 plants in their final form before the cut: #2: This one is a stinky girl. Reminds me of the aroma that welcomes you as you enter a Durban-beachfront-public-bathroom on a hot day in summer. #3: This one has a sweetish smell and was a close contender to be the chosen one, but not quite. #1: This one smells sweet like #3 but this one the smell is quite a bit stronger and this plant has the biggest cola of the 3 plants (big in the context of my grow, perhaps not the comp lol). I present to you the chosen #1: Want a GIF of the journey? I got you [emoji869] My first time documenting a grow. My first grow competition. My 2nd indoor grow. What a thoroughly enjoyable experience which I feel has taught me a lot. Thank you @420SA, sponsors and judges for a great competition. Thank you @Totemic for the quality genetics, I hope you have enjoyed the show. I look forward to growing many more of your seeds in future. Thank you @Pants again, for roping me into the forum and competition. Documenting a grow like this has been a fun experience for me - I tried to make it an enjoyable or at least entertaining read. For those that followed the journey, offered support and guidance - thank you. For now, drying is underway until stems start to crack rather than bend. Then trim and into terploc bags for +3 weeks but I suspect some sneaky tasters may happen on Heritage/Braai day weekend which seems like an appropriate occasion. When I entered this competition I had a goal of producing bud I can be proud of... while I'm not quite at the finished product yet to confirm that - I think I'm going to need to set new goals. Peace[emoji111]
  4. McMan


    Bacon! Thanks kappie
  5. McMan


    Everyday at lights on: Okay so I gave final final watering today and that should be it until harvest. It has been a bit warmer the last few days and will quite likely stay that way this week and with anticipated harvest day being Friday, we are 3 days away so that should be a good sweet spot between giving the plant some moisture to swell up with in the remaining time and also limiting the moisture carried into the drying stage. #1 and #3 got less as I expect those plants to be harvested before #2 which may go a few days longer. #1 - 0.75L #2 - 1.5L #3 - 0.75L Light has been running at +-50-60%% since end of week 9 of flower. Viva la electricity units, viva! #1 is looking like the one that will be put forward as the chosen one.
  6. McMan


    Week 9 done and now into the 10th and (I expect) final week of flower. Gave 2L straight water each last night and I expect that to be the last watering for #1 and #3. Unsure about #2 at the moment, she might go a few days longer if she wants to swell. 31 Aug - 5 Sep: #1: #2: #3:
  7. McMan


    Some close ups #1 #2 #3 Tried using a phonescope to get really up close and personal with the trichomes but I just can't get it to focus for a decent photo. What does it take to be able to take nice trichome photos? I have an android phone at the moment, do iPhones (sies) have magic zoom powers or is this just not a job for a phone and a proper camera and lens is the answer? I'm far more likely to spend money on ph and other monitoring equipment rather than stuff for pics at this point but just curious.
  8. McMan


    Harvest gear has landed Fresh set of snippers Hand condoms Terploc Grove bags I tried terploc bags with my previous harvest while also going traditional with the boveda pack in glass jar to compare (and also just didn't want to put all eggs in one basket without testing the bags first). My opinion in comparing methods? Well I wont be wasting time burping jars again ( even though glass jar + boveda pack is the tried and tested and I stuck to that method through a few years of growing outdoor). After the same amount of cure time I found the buds in the terploc bags had more pungent flavours in taste and smell than the buds in glass jars and I found this across all 3 plants I had harvested. I'm convinced this is the future, except its already here! Any one else out here got love for the terploc bags?
  9. McMan


    Coming from Mr PlantHub himself?? Honoured and flattered. Thank you
  10. McMan


    Day 109 of the grow 4th day into week 9 of flower On the home stretch now. Inspecting trichomes with the loupe and on the buds they are milky and clear but mostly milky. Only finding a few ambers on the sugar leaves. Think we might be on track to chop at 10 weeks which would be 10th September. Let's go! #1 #2 purple all round now. Bud shape distinctly lankier than #1 and #3 which seem to be more similar to one another than this odd ball. 3# Been keeping an eye on the lower branches where things are a bit more cluttered (my baaaad, its one of the many things I've taken note of from others in this grow off that I will do a better job of in future)...and at risk of jinxing it... so far the buddi all rounder spray is doing what it says on the bottle despite my laziness with defoilation! Been a cold week, dipping as low as 13°C, the humidity spikes are from me taking the sensor out the tent to reconnect to network when I was playing around (neek rond) with the WiFi. It's just a fan leaf... but the colours [emoji7] flush mode, blush mode. Day 20 since I started with COVID symptoms and my taste and smell are returning which I'm very thankful for - shit is smelling fantastic in here. I almost wanna say it smells like almond essence?
  11. McMan


    Week 8 in the bag Last dose of bloom was given on 24th Aug (3ml/L) and we are onto plain water since then. Covid robbing me of the glorious smells #1: #2: #3:
  12. McMan


    Thanks, appreciate the love learnt quite a lot since taking the plunge into indoor in Feb. This comp has also been a case of pimp my grow
  13. McMan


    Aug 14 - Aug 21 7th week of flower done. Ladies got more worm tea (15ml/L) and bloom (3ml/L) this week. One more week or so of feed then switching to plain water. 1, 2 and 3 #1 #2 #3
  14. McMan


    Aug 7 - Aug 14: Week 6 of flower This week they got more worm tea (15ml/L) and bloom (2ml/L). Starting to get thicc #1 up close: #3 up close:
  15. McMan


    Very nice, looking very happy Fridge is a win, can pop the freezer door open in peak summer as an aircon Just need a sleeping bag and you're ready to list on AirBNB.
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