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  1. So I noticed a few interesting things with my Chocolope, we can start with this video I took this morning: https://streamable.com/7ok3k A friend popping out to say hi. Then I noticed this a few days ago on my Chocolope: and then this morning it seems as if there is a bud trying to form on the leaf itself:
  2. Alright nice, so a fan going to let the pollen spread. I am in two minds about a fan in my tent for air circulation, I am leaning towards no fan to help prevent pollen from getting out the tent... I was referring to the plant receiving the pollen, although I can see the pistils are starting to brown, so that means they've received pollen. I forgot you're using the same plant to create pollen and to pollinate (make seeds).
  3. It's not just about brightness though 😉
  4. Nice! I will probably have pollen sacs popping by the end of this week then. Are you letting the pollen do its things or are you assisting and trying to brush some onto pistils yourself? Have you noticed a change in colour on any of the pistils yet?
  5. I am not trying to say otherwise, however it is a known fact that the nutrient requirements of cannabis (and many other plants) vary quite a bit between veg and flower. During veg you want a lot of nitrogen, during flower you want a lot of phosphorus. Since you are using fertilizers in your soil, great - it would be silly not to. What I am suggesting is looking into a way to increase the phosphorus when the plant is in flower, so perhaps a top dressing of fertilizers which are high in phosphorus and low in nitrogen when switching to flower. It could increase yield and potency quite a bit - just a suggestion, something for you to consider and look into. This will be done without providing bottle nutrients of course.
  6. Explogrow is great stuff, a very nice inoculation which contains lot of things. How do your plants do when flowering? I'd wonder whether they get enough P during flower, I am on 5ml per L of BioBizz Bloom already and will probably continue to increase it still. The plants are loving, I believe P helps increase trichome production etc. I know @420SA was looking at making plant juices, once again all natural, and that can help provide extra / supplementary Phosphorus for flower if you want to maybe look into it. May be worth trying it out or doing a comparison and see whether it's worth while. You could even look at top dressing with some compost / fertilizer for some extra P, I assume you're adding some fertilizers into your soil anyways?
  7. Hmm ok, what soil are you using and will you be using flower / bloom nutes or how do you plan in getting sufficient Phosphorus to the plant?
  8. I certainly feel it has been paying off! Coming along very nice, jealous I did not scrog.
  9. Hopefully at least one female. Are you not feeding nutes? Just explogrow? Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  10. 40 Chocolope plants? Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  11. Who still needs to flip? I've flipped a while ago, so will be harvested before the comp ends. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  12. Looking great! Eager to see the bud grown under these lights!
  13. Day 72 / Day 20 of Flower So a quick update, note the photos were taken last night. I wanted to cut a small branch which was below the canopy and ended up cutting the incorrect branch by mistake, fortunately it was a smaller branch though.
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