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  1. I don't think anyone can make a proper call without the details. I'd take a container of the latest and greatest for R1k a month, but for R40k nope - I'd rather invest in my own equipment. I'd also not want to use a name brand lights, would rather go for some quality QB's which are generally sourced from China and offer way better value compared to Fluence lights for example. I think what I am trying to get at is that it really needs to offer value for money but at the same time may be a bit tricky to get people to buy in as I assume the monthly rental price is not all that cheap and when compared to buying your own equipment outright multiplied over 6 months for your first grow - how much are you saving? Is it not worth just buying equipment as opposed to hiring? Also everyone is different and has a different idea as to what would work best for them and the type of equipment and setup they would like. A big concern of mine regarding the container is heat - if you were to provide us with more detail then we could give you a bit more feedback.
  2. So how is everyone finding the lockdown so far? I feel as time goes on, it's going to be more difficult for people to stay couped up inside and there is always the possibility that the lockdown may be extended as well. Right now for some it is a paid holiday, they're scoring some time off. Others are having their leave days deducted and some are not being paid whilst for other it is business as usual, or perhaps just working from home. Regardless it is a bit of an iffy and delicate situation and if it continues it can start affecting more and more people in a negative manner. This is not something which will just blow over once after the lockdown is lifted - although given the amount of time people are spending at home I suspect the forum activity will increase over this period and certainly the amount of cannabis being consumed! On the plus side, I am at least able to continue with my current grow and I think most of us will be able to continue with our grow and perhaps even offer us the opportunity to spend a bit more time with our ladies.
  3. "The active ingredient in Serenade is a bacterium, Bacillus subtilis" May be easier to find the active ingredient locally as opposed to importing Serenade... well, probably cheaper but not easier. @greenkush heard of it or know where to possibly source it locally? B.subtilis that is
  4. Umm, honestly I have never bothered looking into such a kit as what I want has always been quite specific. That Apollo light is not something I personally would purchase, however I can understand the appeal behind a kit as it is convenient and I expect a discount over purchasing the equipment separately. Perhaps share with us what you have in mind and a budget and the members can advise whether there are better options out there or not and help make suggestions.
  5. Well done guys, some great entries! Keep it up! Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  6. They're both flowering, I suspect they are outside and due to the seasons changing they have gone into flower. The outdoor season is coming to an end now.
  7. Here are our SOTM February nominees in order of submission: @SAgrower @Valhalllafarms @Bospatrollie2 @Dimitri_JK @Peter Green @Dagga Home Grower Entry #1 @Mr_Nice_Guy @Dagga Home Grower Entry #2 @Dagga Home Grower Entry #3 @Dagga Home Grower Entry #4
  8. A slight change, the poll will be up later today and winners will be announced on Saturday.
  9. He should be able to see the larvae then if he looks closely. I guess if he waits long enough they'll turn into those annoying flies.
  10. Hmm, not too sure.. Unless its just the eggs. "Fungus gnat females lay small, yellowish-white eggs on the surface of moist soil. The larvae that hatch are legless, with white or transparent bodies and shiny black heads. Fully grown, larvae measure approximately 1/4 inch in length. They live within soil and eventually develop into pupae. Pupae are initially white, although they darken as they mature. Some fungus gnat larvae are known for their propensity to feed on the roots and lower stem tissues of plants. These feeding habits stunt and might kill affected plants." Source: https://www.orkin.com/flies/gnats/fungus-gnat-larvae I agree with some Hydrogen Peroxide, I'd even consider putting some into the rest and then starting with teas again afterwards (if you want). Maybe be a bit more selective of what you put into the teas. If you are using soil / compost, I'd consider getting a new batch.
  11. If you want one of those devices which test THC / CBD, do a looot of research first. Majority of them are not very accurate.
  12. Charlottes Angel is what I grew and have tried so far in terms of low THC. I also grew a 1:1 high CBD strain. Once the Charlottes Angel is ready, perhaps you'd be willing to try smoking some Charlottes Angel then 30 min later take a larger than your usual hit of a high THC strain which you know normally makes you anxious or paranoid and let us know whether the CBD strain helps prevent the negative sides? 😄
  13. Preferably not during flower though. I have never tried it myself, although when I researched sulfur many stated they were able to taste it on the bud and it left a residue on the bud too. Not sure whether a bud wash would help here or not.
  14. Did not read all the posts, although I find this quite interesting. I have had friends who have struggled with paranoia and cannabis, not panic attacks though. I have had a friend of mine pass out after smoking and seen another person pass out after vaping some decent indoor weed I had... The latter was directly after eating some food I cooked so I thought he perhaps was having an allergic reaction or something - got me worried actually. I have experienced some paranoia although I know that it stems from the weed and I am able to manage it, never had a panic attack from weed though. The worst experience was probably eating edible when I was sick and at a party and had flu, I felt bad and ended up throwing up. I read an article about weed being mature vs immature and the affects one with regards to REM sleep and anxiety & paranoia etc. Dabbled with it slightly and from what I was able to tell it did seem to increase (paranoia, anxiety, feeling groggy the next morning) with weed which had not matured. I will also be curious as to how someone experiencing some paranoia or anxiety would feel after smoking a good high CBD strain or a CBD strain with less than 1% THC as I find this does calm one down quite heavily and relax someone. I have some high CBD, low THC bud but don't really suffer from this issue so been hard for me to test it properly however I know that @CreX also found that smoking a high CBD, low THC strain first and then moving onto the high THC stuff helped him avoid paranoia / anxiety. Perhaps he can share more of his experience and what it did for him etc. I do believe that cannabis, like other psychoactive substances, is affected by mindset and your setting. It may be more inclined to push you more into one direction (positive), however can certainly push you in the other even without you noticing or by having some stuff sitting in your sub-conscious.
  15. I have never used sunlight, although a drop or two is what I have seen being recommended. You do not want to use a lot. Just enough to ensure the solution does not bead and roll off the leaves. Also you do NOT want to do it during full sun.
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