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  1. Never knew this, pretty awesome. Some flights may end up being really smelly, not in a bad way though.
  2. I have never heard of someone being allowed to take some cannabis with them on a plane. Imagine everyone on the plane taking just a single gram of bud with them, that entire plane is going to be stanky! I personally would try take cannabis with on a plane, perhaps someone else with more knowledge can comment. I know the couriers are stopping and confiscating parcels which contain cannabis, does not make sense that they'd do that but you'd be allowed to take with you on a plane. If it was edibles, you could possibly get away with it, but it would be at your own risk, with bud I do not think so.
  3. Haha, that escalated quickly. Went from October to Feb - a good 5 months delay, almost half a year of delays in a post. Good luck though, not as easy as it may seem 🙂
  4. I believe you can still buy a cc if it was not closed though? If Progrow is infact in the wrong and reselling the stock he received under Just Cannabis, hopefully the guy in the UK gets something out of Progrow / Just Cannabis.
  5. If he is the director of both companies at CIPC, his comment certainly does not work in his favour. While Just Cannabis may be a client of Progrow, he owns both companies still. Wait and see how it unfolds, very likely it is a CC although maybe he did register it as a private company.
  6. Hmm, wonder how much truth there is to this. Progrow opening up a new company and reselling their "soil" as Just Cannabis.
  7. Yikes, quite a sight to see. You've always had a beautiful canopy and a great looking grow. Seems those who are happy with the soil are not using any nutes, so perhaps the soil has more amendments in it compared to the Freedom Farms soil and the addition of nutes is just too much for the plants? @JeffVader please do keep us posted.
  8. @Futurama Hydroponics you are welcome to post links in your vendor forum. 😄 Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  9. Alright, fair enough. If you want, why not consider a plant specifically bred for high CBD levels? If you have any specific questions regarding Ruderalis or autoflowers, let us know and I am sure one of the members can assist.
  10. @Cracks Ruderalis does not have a very high THC content, I believe it is less than 3%. I believe the CBD levels may be higher but not sure how high in terms of percentage, it would vary between strains and plants as well. Depending on what you want to achieve, I'd say get some seeds for a strain which is suited to that purpose. Autoflowers are typically a cross between ruderalis (somewhere in the lineage) and other plants which may be high in CBD or high in THC. Typically one would want to keep the autoflowering characteristics of the ruderalis and then try get the other characteristics of the plant its being bred with. Are you wanting to get high THC or high CBD? Is there a reason you want to go for an autoflowering plant?
  11. You need to check the trichomes as to when the plant is ready to harvest, a microscope or loupe is what you need. However as @SkunkPharm mentioned, it looks as if the plant is revegging, outdoor season right now is veg mode. So either take it indoors and force it back into flower or let it veg, get HUGE and then harvest next year.
  12. Welcome @Cracks! Are you talking about autoflowers or pure Ruderalis? I am going to assume autoflowers as you likely want some thc. I wouldn't recommend it for beginners as any mistakes made can set the plant back and affect your yield. However its not particularly difficult, so after you've done a grow or two you should be more than capable of growing some autos without hiccups.
  13. Biodyne is a microbe inoculant, the bottle should state what dosage to use. You'd only need to use it e very few weeks to help build microbes in your medium.
  14. You could get away without an inline fan, make use of a different type of fan - like a regular extraction fan, provided it can move enough air. However what do you plan on doing in terms of light leaks? Ducting can be bendable, it has a metal wire which helps it retain its shape but you could possibly bend it a bit to get it to fit. With an inline fan you could bend the ducting to help prevent light from outside reaching inside the tent. I recall another member doing this.
  15. I love this! Will make it much easier for everyone to find the type of companies / places they are looking for, 420 related of course.
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