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  1. @Prom does the 48B provide enough voltage to provide full power to your QB's? I found that it was a bit low in terms of voltage in order for me to obtain full power on my QB's. My QB's are around 51 - 52v when at max power, the 48B could only give me 49.x V when the dimmer was turned to max. However the 48A or 48AB with the build in potentiometer is a different story and provides max power and a higher output voltage. EDIT: I only saw the 2nd page replies now, although you have confused me... why do you want to get 120W LED drivers? You can have a 480W LED driver and run a single QB off it - you can adjust the amount of power the QB gets... Typically you'd get a 240W LED driver for 2x QB288's as this offers the flexability to dim the lights, but turn it up to max if you so desire - or to run the lights at higher power without putting the LED driver under strain by maxing the driver out.
  2. My tap water has a ppm of 79 and I use the soft water ghe. No issues at all. I also don't care much for letting my water sit or specifically airing it before I use it - I gets throw into my res, nutes mixed and that's that. Connected to the automatic watering system. There are airstones inside the res though to help move the water around a bit etc. The plants get fed with that water basically straight away. I personally wouldn't bother with organic nutes in the Formula 1 mixture. I'd also prefer plain coco over the F1 mix. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  3. Yeah, you can swap out the CFL's for the LED's anywhere during the grow. If you are going from a particularly low powered light to something really strong, it may be best to gradually increase the power you're giving your plants. I have not experienced it myself but heard some people had issues with their plants when changing to a stronger light or taking it from a shit indoor light to the sun outdoors, no clue how true this is though.
  4. LED's are certainly the way to go and with your budget a Quantum Board will be perfect! 2x QB288's with a maximum draw of around 240w will fill your tent without issues, infact you will likely be running it dimmed, only putting out 120w - 180w so that will certainly save costs compared to your current setup and will without a doubt increase yields. Locally there are a few places which sell Quantum Boards, however you could get it for less if you are willing to do some DIY and and import - perhaps drop me a PM if you want a bit more info on importing QB's (quantum boards).
  5. Pretty much, try make a plan to purge some of my dab. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  6. Hey all, I am wondering whether anyone here has a vacuum chamber and is based in Gauteng? If so, please drop me a PM! 😄
  7. I am rather curious as to why they went back and killed him. Was this just an aggressive robbery, or was he targeted specifically? Did someone want him gone? Something we may never find out. RIP Jules. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  8. Welcome and enjoy your stay! Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  9. @420sake Hmm, so 40C for a few hours you rate is good - but that is with a vacuum? What sort of temps and time duration should one look at if no vacuum is being used? I haven't looked into winterising and so forth to be honest. Perhaps you could run me through that quickly? I recall it being a method to clean your extract, but it used alcohol from what I recall? How would one typically purge ethanol? Heat as well? Maybe I should give Ethanol a try and see how it turns out... I can leave it in a 38C water bath or 40C waterbath for however many hours are required.
  10. GHE? I did not use any calmag and did not have any issues. Grow was done in coco as well. Adding a bit of calmag won't be a problem though. I think it was 1g calmag to 10L as a maintenance dose? Did you buffer your coco?
  11. PsyCLown

    Do you bud wash?

    Yea, you don't have to bud wash. Doubt it'll kill you if you don't. Although I prefer to. The bud certainly gets dirt and dust on it during a grow, so why not clean it. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  12. PsyCLown

    Do you bud wash?

    So attached are pics of the water from bucket 1, bucket 2 and bucket 3 after a bud wash on all my plants. This was indoors with air intake filters. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  13. So a thread necro, although I do not want to create a new thread for the same topic. I am also trying to find a decent way to purge the butane from my dab without a vacuum chamber. I am intrigued by using Ethanol as mentioned by @Green Leaf Organics although unsure of how one would do this exactly an then the best way to purge the Ethanol? The next best thing is heat. I have the following at my disposal: Convection oven (preferably not) Normal oven (without a fan) Sous Vide device (to maintain an extremely accurate water temp) Stove Now with the sous vide, I can set the temp to whatever I want and the device will keep it at that temp, accurate to +/- 0.2C My question is what temp should one use and for how long is it recommended one keep the dab in the water bath for? I was thinking of putting all my dab into one of those silicone dab holders and putting that into the water... Perhaps in a zip lock bag with the top on to avoid any water from getting inside and possibly ruining my dab - although with the top on, will that cause issues with the butane not being able to escape properly? Alternatively I could use an oven, but am concerned about the accuracy of the temps. Hoping someone here can help. I recently did a BHO extract of a CBD plant, the end result was very gooey compared to the previous BHO extracts I have done. I also wanted to decarb it as I would like to make edibles with the CBD extract at some point, so I used the convection oven and it certainly got rid of quite a bit of butane and the fan in the convection oven I feel helped agitate the dab to help the butane escape. When I actually tried some of the dab on my dab rig, it was far smoother than my previous BHO extract which makes me think I need to try and purge more butane from my first extract as well where I just had the dab in a bowl on a waterbath.
  14. So I see Futurama have Newport Butane, I purchased and got delivery today. I reached out to Checkers and they have stores with stock and the stores without stock will be receiving stock. So if anyone needs, there are options.
  15. My thing is, I wish there were a way for me / us to easily test this ourselves though. We're simply going based on what others have said. I am not saying its wrong or not possible, just wish we could verify this ourselves. I imagine one would need to send some medium off to a lab to be tested. Not too sure.
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