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  1. Fuck man, did you grow them from seeds or clone? Where did you get the seeds / clones from? Simple answer is genetics. If a couple have 3 kids and they are all male for example - they aren't all going to look the same. They will have features from the parents and one / some may look more like the mother or more like the father. If you want the exact same plant, you need to clone it. You can try find a pheno and keep breeding and breeding until what you get in each seed is just about the same but that takes a lot of time. With the majority of seeds you will have a few different phenos and therefore some variance as well. Although perhaps you just got screwed over, depending on where you got them from. That is a possibility too.
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    Oooh, very nice! Wanna link your FB profile too? What exactly does the hamper consist of?
  3. So one thing to remember is that not all diodes are the same. So the biggest question is what diodes are you going to use? Clones don't need much interms of lightning. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  4. I too have some left over Chocolope seeds of you need more? Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  5. Welcome. What lights are you running exactly? 3000W output on LED's is some serious lighting and would cover a huuuge area - around 7 sqm, is it those blurple lights which are overrated perhaps? Please start a grow diary and show off your grow!! :D Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  6. Nice, I think 2 would be the limit in terms of a nice spread and good light penetration. The LM301B are awesome diodes! Please create a grow diary and keep us posted with your grow. Are you going to be using a tent to grow in? Also what light cycle do you plan on using? If it is in an office where people are and with electronic equipment light leaks would be a concern of mine - however since it is an autoflower you can minimize the dark period duration... You could even run the light for 24 hours a day (never have a dark period).
  7. That is likely the draw from the wall then, I still suspect the actual power which the LED's are receiving is around 60W, 80W at a push considering the max rated draw per LM301B diode is 0.57W So if they are putting out 60W of power and it's drawing 106W, the efficiency is pretty shit. 44W of power being wasted. Almost double the power - not something you need to be concerned about since you are not paying for electricity but just something to keep in mind for others who are interested in possibly purchasing these lights. Running two lights will lead to 88W of power being "wasted" and running it on 18 hours a day (for veg) leads to 65 KWH per month of wasted electricity and a total usage of 153KWH per month. So let's put this into an easy to understand rand value, the below calculations are based on a rate R1.82 per KWH. 2x Circular lights per month will cost you R278.4, this is for a total output of around 120W of LED lighting. Of that amount R118.30 is wasted due to the lack of efficiency. Convenient solutions for sure, not light on electricity. Rather close to an HID setup actually. If they are legit LM301B diodes, they are great diodes! The same LED's I run actually. How many plants do you plan on growing under that light?
  8. Did you flush them yet? Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  9. Welcome! You've come to the right place if you want to make friends and gain knowledge! Read the various existing threads and then start your own and ask questions.
  10. So approx 60W - 80W (I think closer to 60W though) per circular board in terms of LED output. If they are all LM301B diodes, then around 80W would be the absolute max, although I have not seen any manufacturer advertise their QB's at the max rated power and it is generally not advised to run LED's at max either, you lose efficiency and it decreases their life span. So around 120W of LED lighting from that light you have there. I would be curious as to the actual draw from the wall, anyway are you able to check the amps it pulls from the wall after being on for 5 - 10 min and then the voltage coming out of the wall?
  11. Congrats @High_grade.420 and @Kgrows There were some fantastic entries all around! Well done to everyone else as well. A big thank you to the sponsors as well and of course @420SA. Cannot wait to get my Freedom Farm goodies! 😄
  12. Alright cool, nice heatsink you made there, I assume the fan is blowing air in and across the "fins"? R2400 plus the heatsink is not a terrible price, although curious as to how many LED's are on each board - how it may compare against a more traditional Quantum Board.
  13. Looks good, got any Trichome pics? :D Please let us know when you've harvested and dry weight once dry. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  14. @Bakstein420 So that is for 2x of the circle boards and 1 heatsink? I assume both of the circle boards fit on 1 heatsink? How many LED's per board and have you received it yet?
  15. They will be feminized, although with a predisposition to hermie. I would not bother growing them out. I assume you took cuttings, or hopefully have more seeds? Rather use those than the possible hermie seeds - the last thing you want is for the plant to hermie during flowering after spending all that time and effort getting the plant to where it is.
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