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  1. Pan cyans contain psilocybin... You'd have to grow them yourself and yield is small compared to cubensis. Apparently twice as potent, so 1g can feel like 2g of cubes. A friend and I once were fortune enough to give it a try. After consumption it crept up on us and suddenly we were tripping balls. We both felt it had a different come up for sure compared to the usual cube. The rest being more or less the same, was an amazing experience and the setting worked quite nicely. Had some interesting adventures on that trip. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  2. Hmm, drug testing... I think it depends what they test for. Companies need to embrace the change happening, what people do in their time off shouldn't really concern the company all that much - situation dependent. If people want to party and go ape shit over the weekend and take drugs, so what!? As long as it does not effect their work, why should they care? Cannabis becoming more and more acceptable, shouldn't be a problem as many are using it for medicinal reasons now too. Unfortunately some are still stuck in their own ways and some positions I can underst
  3. For seedlings turn the first 2 knobs to 100% and leave the last one off (the COBs) and see how the plants do. If you are able to see how much power the light draws from the wall when setup like this, that would help us guide you a bit better as well.
  4. @jordz2203 Interesting light, not your average blurple. Is this the same light? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000056097180.html If so, I'd possibly run it as Sun mode without the COBs for seedling and early veg. COB's produce light which is quite focused, so strong intense light in a narrow area - it is not spread out much. So this could cause issues for the seedlings. Does any of the knobs control the COBs - the 6 bigger lenses on the outside?
  5. Welcome! 1000W with 3 knobs, sounds like a blurple light to me but I could be wrong. If it is a blurple light, chances are it is far from 1000W and is probably closer to 120W to 240W and not the most efficient LED light either. Post some pics and then we can confirm and advise further from there. Have your grown before or will this be your first grow? Autoflowers require things to be near perfect, if you stunt the plant your yields will be effected. Photoperiods are a lot more forgiving as you can continue to veg them until they are large enough and then flip
  6. PsyCLown


    That only makes 1 of us ... 😛
  7. Looking good! 😄 I'd recommend adding some MPK to the mix for veg as well, although really up to you. If the nutes have worked well for you as you are doing them, perhaps stick to it for the comp and experiment afterwards.
  8. @DamDave Have any of the seeds sprouted yet?
  9. PsyCLown


    I have not experienced that, I soak mine and let them get super wet. I like water to remain in the bowl after the pellet has expanded. Although the environment needs to be able to get rid of the water and the pellet needs to be able to dry up slowly, which typically happens in my case and then I spray them to add a bit of water now and then. Gotta have a fine balance between humidity and airflow. Warm, humid environment is perfect for mold and bacteria etc. Add a bit of airflow and it makes a big difference. You could also try adding a bit of trichoderma to help with damping
  10. PsyCLown


    I have used them before and will use them again, I use what I have. Jiffy pellets or plugs both work well I find. 🙂 I actually imported some rapid rooters from Amazon when I first started growing, back then was difficult to find these plugs locally. Jiffies were cheaper obviously. Now the plugs are relatively common luckily.
  11. What Prom has said is correct. After the pre-flowering / stretch phase the plant will stop creating more leaves and still start focusing on bud and further growth will stop, at this point you could remove them. However leaving them doesn't cause any harm either. For me it can get in the way of watering if I am doing it by hand, so I like to remove them if I am watering by hand. Automatic watering system, it doesn't make a difference. Although depending on how the training is going, I have temporarily tied down plants, particularly the autos I grew recently and once I was happy
  12. @Naughty.Psychonaut Not bad, reminds me a bit of December Streets. So I heard this song being played on the radio last night on my mission to the shops, a rather new song and its DnB - must have been a DJ mix on 5FM and likely a DnB mix too. 😄
  13. PsyCLown


    Looking good. Really good price on the perlite too. If only you could enter the comp, you'd have the chance of wining an awesome LED light! 😄 At least your light will keep the ladies warm this winter 🙂
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