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  1. As you said, its a classic song. An older one but still great!
  2. Nice, quite a trip you did there. 😄 Not sure if I will be heading in that direction anytime soon, but if I do - I have some places to stop by.
  3. A lot more effort to ride a bike up a hill, compared to going down a hill 😜
  4. Welcome and enjoy your stay! 😄
  5. https://lifestyle.co.za/3sixty/ So have any of you tried out this soil mix by 3 Sixty? Any ideas on pricing? I do not know many who still grow in soil, but curious to get some feedback and hear how it is and what the pricing is like. @Ill_Evan you going to give it a try? 😄
  6. Could be different phenos. Looks as if you may have had a bit of nute burn as well.
  7. It moves quite a bit of air. 517m3/hr on the high setting 398m3/hr on the low setting So preferably a larger tent, or just have good intake as well to keep up with the air being moved out. The air being moved will decrease if a carbon filter is attached.
  8. Correct, that is per fan. Courier will be for the buyers expense. I have the box for one of them still, can find a box for the 2nd one if both need to be shipped.
  9. Just BHO? So you're basically dabing, but at slightly lower temps than a typical dab right?
  10. Why not, will be good for a seedbank to stock a lot of the local breeders stock - easy way for growers to find and explore local breeders stuff. If someone wants to do an all local grow, Cannabist can be the one stop seedbank then.
  11. Hey all, So a bit of a feeler for now, but I purchased 2x 150mm RAM inline fans (brand new) to use as my intake fans. However the issue is that my exhaust fans do not move as much air with the carbon filters attached, so the inlet fans are pushing too much air into the tents. These RAM fans are powerful, even on the lower setting it is still too much. They are practically brand new, not even had these RAM fans on for more than 1 hours. Ideally I would like to trade them for the Prima Klima 125mm 2 speed fans. Otherwise I am willing to sell them as I won
  12. For R500 outdoor is your better option unfortunately. Indoor growing adds up in price quickly, even for R10k it still leaves a few items for an indoor grow outstanding
  13. Pretty sure its Modugrow, those Sanlights are stupidly expensive!
  14. Welcome! Sounds like some missions but that you are on the right track now at least.
  15. I have also heard some not so great feedback from Trophy seeds and I try and avoid them, only use them if they have a pack of seeds which cannot be sourced locally from other seedbanks. Curious as to what Fastbuds say when they reply to you. Hopefully they will make a plan to sort you out.
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