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  1. @Vee that is pretty much it, @Bakstein420 nailed it. You can get AQ SF directly from the guys who manufacture it: http://www.agro-organics.co.za/aq-sf/
  2. PsyCLown


    Welcome! Exciting times! Best you get a grow of your own going ASAP too then. Commercial growing vs home growing will differ a bit, so keep that in mind when reading the info available on the forum. If you have any questions you cannot find answers to on the forum, start a new thread and I am sure the members will be able to assist.
  3. AQSF takes a while to get working as its spores. Something like Sulphur will work far quicker. So you'd need to access the situation and use products accordingly.
  4. Stumbled upon this article, I do agree that it feels as if they have missed the mark. Tried to cater a bit to us home growers, but missed the mark there too. https://www.moneyweb.co.za/news/south-africa/draft-cannabis-bill-completely-misses-the-mark/ Guess time will tell what happens.
  5. I meant to mention this as well. Using CBD to help counter anxiety and paranoia.
  6. AQSF should work well. Otherwise perhaps use some Sulphur spray, but do some research first. Some say its fine to use during flower, others say it may leave a bit of a taste / residue on the buds. Some notice it, some do not. Not bad to use more than one product, if its really bad.
  7. Haha ok, when I talk about vape I am referring to vapes which take dry herb. Although nothing wrong with pens which take cartridges, but never tried that myself to be honest.
  8. I have one of these left, was excess from an order some friends and I did. This is what you get in the "DIY Kit" 2x QB288 with Samsung LM301B diodes in 3000K 1x Meanwell XLG 240W driver 1x Dimmer 1x Alu plate to mount the QB's to 2x Heatsinks with fans to mount to the alu plate to cool everything 2x rope ratchets to hang the light Everything is brand new, if you have any questions please let me know. I am happy to help if you require some help, although you will need to drill the holes to secure the QBs to the alu plate and drill holes to hang the light etc. Collection is fine, I can courier but will be at your cost - will need to find some boxes to ship it in then too. If you are interested, drop me a PM! 😄 This should help some guys get a light at a decent price.
  9. HID can be nice in winter, in summer though - different story with all the heat waves.
  10. There is always going to be personal preference - any beginner will need to find what works best for them. I do agree that majority of people will start with a joint or bong, unless they have a friend who has a vape and can help guide them.
  11. @SkunkPharm I personally prefer fem seeds, growing regs is just a hassle as it means space will be a problem. I will never be able to maximize on my space in my flower tent when regs are involved - something will be thrown out of the mix. However I do grow regs if I have to, if its a good strain I want to grow and only comes as a regular. I also grew some GTH by Rare Dankness, such a lanky plant with huge internode spacing. Made for quite a challenging indoor grow as it was not growing the way I am use to and training was not having the effects I am use to. Eventually I managed to pull over 200g dry from that plant, it got really big too. Neglected a bit as well, but the smoke was decent. I harvested too early as well I feel, but I had no choice. The frost was lacking, the buds weren't massive and not dense either. Could have been my fault though. The smell and taste, I have not had any other plant smell or taste the same. Extremely unique and I found it quite pleasant. The high was decent too, not the most potent but I enjoyed it. With all of that being said, not sure I would grow it again. Stupidly long flowering plant. Probably needed like 16 weeks or more in flower to mature properly - at least the one I had. I'd rather grow it outside too, if I was able to.
  12. I think firstly one needs to ensure the quality of the weed is decent and that it was harvested at the right time - when you harvest your weed can play a big role in the effects it gives. If you harvest too early, you have a higher chance of getting a racy high and anxiety / paranoia. Set and setting - very important factor as well, make sure the person is comfortable and in a good state of mind. Edibles are probably not the right way as everyone reacts differently to edibles. I think smoking or preferably vaping is most preferable. Start them on a few puffs, then give them 10 min or so to feel it and get use to it and decide whether they want to smoke a bit more or if they're good. Vaping is not nearly as harsh as smoking, tastes way better too. You've gotta take more hits as well, so a bit easier to dose.
  13. I have not used HIDs and do not see much point to it for the home grower - LEDs make more sense I feel.
  14. My last grow was a few months ago and I have not started a grow since - but yield was over 800g dry and it was a few plants. It took forever, it was difficult for me to manage my time between trimming, work, GF, weekend activities (friends & hobbies - was before COVID-19). I prefer to trim wet too, once it dries it becomes difficult to trim I find - takes me longer. I was spending on average 90+ minutes per plant and one plant took me 150 minutes (2.5 hours). You work it out and for the above harvest you're talking days to trim. A lot of time to miss out on and quite a hassle to arrange too. A plant or two isn't bad, much more manageable.
  15. Thanks, we really don't need to know about Mrs Palmer & her 5 daughters and what all of you guys get up to 😛 This 8 plant limit is rather kak, some people will simply continue to grow as they did before and disregard the limit altogether. It is not a terrible limit, but at the same time it rules out certain styles of growing. Makes it less efficient too. Although the bigger picture is, why have these limits in the first place when such limits do no exists with multiple other "drugs" which are legal. I am all for an age restriction, same with cigs and alcohol. Although past that, well, we're all adults here and should be able to decide what we want to do and smoke and take - provided it does not harm anyone else.
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