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  1. Hahaha, never heard of it but an interesting name for a strain. Depending on where you got it from, it's very possible it is another strain just renamed. Someone could have just made it up as well. Curious to see the outcome 🙂
  2. That QB can still be raised, so height is not a problem. Extra veg time will help ensure the ladies are established in the new pots and extra medium as well as allow them a bit more time to bulk up and grow a bit more before you flip - all in all, leading to a bigger and better yield 😄 Those days in flower seem to have helped push some nice growth as well, I love the tight node spacing and that will lead to some very nice stacking once they're back in flower. Personally, anything below that tight node stacking I would get rid of and remove completely before putting the plants back into flower. Basically anything below the yellow line. Reason being, there will be new growth in the next 2 weeks and then even more growth during the 3 week stretch. Anything below that line will be left at the bottom of the plant and will not receive optimal light and will likely end up as fluff. I find removing the bottom part of the plant not only helps with airflow, but also helps produce larger bud at the top where the plant is getting more light. It will also help force the plant to focus it's energy on new growth and less energy is spent maintaining the stuff at the bottom.
  3. Looking good. That crazy stretch happens to a lot of the in house strains I've grown, including the slurricane. Keen to see the bud once it's fully developed. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  4. Sort of like it's gone into that preflowering stretch phase. Lets see how it goes I guess, but looking good and so far so good regarding the reveg and no signs. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNA6aqXOVlA Unfortunately YouTube does not allow for this video to be embedded. Man, this song just makes ones feet want to move. The type of song where you'll dance out of the club if it's playing when you're leaving.
  6. You get other devices, similar to the Sonoff TH16 which I believe keeps logs for a longer period of time I believe. Records the temp & RH every hour. Blitzwolf make one as well: https://www.blitzwolfeurope.com/BlitzWolf-BW-IS8-Smart-ZigBee-temperature-and-humi It is a zigbee device, can tie into home automation and sonoff devices. This Blitzwork is just one of what I am sure are many other devices out there which can do this. Runs off a battery, so even easier to have inside a grow tent - no need for wires for power etc.
  7. Without a doubt, the timeline most breeders give is not accurate. You do get strains which have amber in 8 to 9 weeks from flipping to 12 / 12 but not all that common. One thing to keep in mind is the pheno variation as well in a pack of seeds, this can lead to the difference as well as some breeders just stating a shorter flowering time to make the strain seem more appealing. Differences in how people refer to the stages the plants life or when they start counting can contribute towards the variation as well. In this forum it seems majority refer to flower and start counting from day 1 on the day the lights are changed to 12 / 12. I do this myself, however the first 3 weeks of this I refer to as the pre-flowering phase and after that comes the actual flowering phase. Some may separate the two and reference the flowering phase (after the stretch / pre-flowering) as the time. Take the breeders guideline with a pinch of a salt, to be on the safe side add around 2 weeks to their timeline to prevent unhappiness from expecting a short flowering strain and having to wait longer to harvest. Exact same applies to autoflowers, if anything the timelines given on autoflowers is often far more inaccurate compared to the photoperiod flowering timelines. I feel 10 weeks of flower is average. Shorter than 10 weeks is a plant which flowers quickly. Longer than 10 weeks is a plant which takes it's time to flower. The other difference is under what conditions do people consider a plant ready to harvest? Some might like all cloudy with little to no amber and others want it as amber as possible. Would be great if it could be standardized, however it is simply a guideline and one which should be taken with a pinch of salt 🙂
  8. PsyCLown

    PsyCLown's seed sale

    Price drop to R200 for these Auto Euforia seeds - they're sealed.
  9. Everyone has a different way of doing their defol, I literally strip my plants bare before I flip. Remove anything from node 3 and below and put them straight into flower. Then around week 2 or 3 into flower, after a lot of the stretch has happened they're bushes again and another defol is required to open the canopy and allow the light to penetrate and shine on the buds. Doing this helps prevent fluff and skits, if you want the fluff and skits then keep a few more nodes when doing the defol.
  10. Trichoderma is a very fast colonizing and aggressive fungus, however it can often be purhcased as a wettable powder which also contains mycorrhizal fungi. Biocult make this particular product: There are multiple trichoderma strains, not sure how much they vary and if all are as aggressive etc. Perhaps some can be used in harmony?
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