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  1. I am very lost and confused and had to google. Sort of like Dakar, but not quite?
  2. PsyCLown

    Sativa or Indica?

    When you harvest plays a large role in the effects as well, how mature the trichoms are. Cloudy trichomes vs amber trichomes basically, giving the plant a bit more time to vary the "chemicals" the plant is able to produce as well. If you harvest with less amber, the high can often be more stimulating. With more amber can lead more towards couch lock. Too early can also lead to a possible disruption in your REM cycle, so you may wake up feeling groggy if you smoked before you went to bed and this could be prevented by letting the trichomes mature a bit more before harvesting. Very important to check your trichomes before harvesting IMO.
  3. I agree with @CreX and feel you are most likely going to end up with some issues. Generally there are a few things required for a grow to work well: Good lights Extraction (need to get rid of stale air and ensure there is fresh air, as well as air circulation) Environment control (Temperature & humidity) When growing outdoors, there i no need for the above as nature takes care of everything. You have the sun as your light source, wind as air flow and the weather will do it's things in terms of environment. When growing in a confined space, such as a tent or in your case a custom built area things change a bit. Without extraction it will get extremely stuffy and humid inside and that can lead to multiple issues, if the sun is shining on it, it's going to get stupidly hot. Even without the sun shining on it but having lights inside the confined space the temps are going to sky rocket. You will need to think of these things as well, what are you going to do to ensure you can control the environment to a point? You could look at installing some 120mm PC fans for extraction which will help, although it needs to then suck air in passively through somewhere and this will leave you with possible light leaks when the lights turn off... although with auto's perhaps not as much of an issue.
  4. So my prize arrived yesterday, very happy with it! Tried it last night and I like it, need to get use to using the banger as opposed to my titanium nectar collector - can't quite see when it is at the right temp. I also lost my dab tool so this helps and the extra silicone dab holders are always welcome! 😄 Once again a big thank you to all, especially to @Totemic @THCSA @420SA
  5. Interesting, I wouldn't have thought the extra capacitance would have caused any issues. Good to know.
  6. I wonder what the issue is with the longer runs of cable? I don't imagine the runs to be particularly long? Probably under 5m?
  7. I found a few places, but not sure it is the exact same material. Damax.co.za have bidim (I believe this is what they use for the bags) Ppplastics.co.za also have I believe. I have not purchased any though.
  8. 600w isn't all that much, 3A roughly. Standard 1mm wire will be sufficient for that length. Generally 1mm copper cable is rated at 10a or 16a I think - a few things which come into play but 1mm is more than sufficient.
  9. 30cm for the base and 30cm tall gives you around 22L.
  10. So you take the rosin and press it through a syringe with a 22 micron filter on it? Sounds quite hectic, how would you even do that? I assume a lot less plant matter / contaminants?
  11. PsyCLown

    Sativa or Indica?

    I wouldn't say indica's have less of an effect, for me it makes me pretty sleepy / chilled and lazy AF!
  12. Have the seeds reached SA yet? Really eager to get them! 😄
  13. Welcome back! How was that first smoke and what was your bud of choice?
  14. PsyCLown


    I wonder what other "ausome" items they had available?
  15. So the dry weight from my Chocolope came in at 84g dry. Not bad considering the size and how heavy I defoliated (schwazzing). I am happy with the yield, the effects are pretty good to truth be told. Scent on the bud taken out the jar is not great, once ground smells very nice.
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