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  1. So far so good, they might look a little pale but it's still early stages. I assume you are growing outside?
  2. 80% genetics, 20% growing environment. Genetics are actually such a cheat. You can grow great strains like trash and usually still get very good bud. IF you have good genetics that once were dense, but are now airy, it would be due to too little light intensity, overwatering, too hot/cold growing environment, bad humidity and bad nutrient feed, or a combination of.
  3. Mostly time, mostly skill. Some strains are also just much easier to trim.
  4. I misread the question, I didn't see the bloom part. I only start adding bloom roughly a week or two after flip, right as the stretch begins.
  5. I usually feed Biobizz every second or third watering. I also just watch the condition of the plant and adjust as required.
  6. Some of the best long leaf I've seen in a while, good job
  7. I have played around a lot with the optimal amount of plants to number of branches in a small space such as this. Your pots are a good size for 4 plants in that space. I do think there is too much training per pot. If you want to keep four plants next time, maybe try only splitting each plant into 4-ways each, with one topping only per plant and keeping the top four branches. If you wanted to do the same kind of training again like here, you can just go with one big 40L pot and train one plant into like 16-ways, doing a main top, keeping top 4 branches and then topping each branch again to get 16 colas total. Strains also play a huge part. The strain you got there is definitely s stretcher. If you do it again, just flip to flower sooner to avoid losing the amount of headroom you did.
  8. Can try www.seedandclone.co.za Seems like some intermediate growers here have found success with them. I hadn't heard of https://potted.co.za/ until now. At the end of the day, there's a lot of people trying to break into the industry and we have an opportunity to support certain people early on. I personally don't require a clone service but I see where it can help some people a lot who can't take their own clones. So when you do choose a service, tell us about it here and let us know about your grow too maybe in a grow diary.
  9. What kinda clones are you looking for? Like what kinda strains?
  10. I'll tell you right now the only way you will get the original Exodus Cheese is to find a clone of it either in Cape Town or Johannesburg. Bonus points if the person who gives it to you has a British accent. You definitely won't find any seeds for it at a seedbank. I know many seedbanks claim to sell the exact seed but I know for fact the original Exodus Cheese was derived from the UK Cheese in the 90's and found it's way down to SA somewhere around '96 (hence the name 'Exodus') and mixed with one of our Skunk strains and created the Exodus Cheese cultivar. Fun story, I know a guy that got shot in the groin pointblank for one of his clones of the original Exodus Cheese. He was also from Britain. The people he was supplying to decided they would rather take the strain from him than let him keep it for himself. So if you start hearing stories like that, you know you're getting close.
  11. Harvested the Zombie Bride on day 60 of flip. Came out alright, lots of terps. Not much of a yielder but it will impress the people. ZxP still pushing through. Day 43 since flip. Defoliated the Radical Juice tent. Looking nice and neat now, very full tent. I think this is the biggest I would want to go in a tent like this. I had to do some super cropping on three overeager plants.
  12. Playing around is the fastest way to find your style.
  13. Wouldn't worry about it if it's just on a bottom leaf or two, but I'd clip it just in case it's fungal.
  14. Same. Was like looking into the future of a crystal ball.
  15. 100% I would cover the tops of your soil/pots with yellow insect sticky traps and just try catch as many of those buggers as possible.
  16. Call me Master 8-)

  17. Radical Juice - 15 days since flip ZxP - 32 days since flip Zombie Bride - 49 days since flip
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