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  1. Gradual changes. I would vary my pH up and down during the course of a week when I was doing DWC.
  2. This can become a rabbit hole real quick. With the given parameters of absolute minimum to get something A-grade, on a budget and in a tight space @SkunkPharm has got it pretty thought out. I run my 120W at 80W for veg in a 1mx1m tent, so if for example later down the line a person could upgrade and get a bigger tent as a flower tent then keep the 60x60 with the 75W as a veg tent. But I do agree, 75W will is a bit thin for flower, but if the hypothetical person lollipops the shit out of their plants they might get a handful of solid heads on top. I wouldn't do el natural either, definitely top. I rate we go into what the ultimate growing technique would be for a 60x60 75W grow.
  3. I like boobs. Firejuice is biological. Smells horrible. Don't be tempted to smell it, you will forever remember it. Trick your friends.
  4. No doubt, Mr Canuk gave me the idea for a organic soil, worm castings and fertliser amendment plus water only grow... don't forget the mycorrhiza So this is what you do, you get the Organics Matter Living Soil, then you get the worm castings, Talborne vita grow and Talborne vita fruit/flower from Leroy Merlin. You mix 1/4 worm castings, 3/4 living soil, scoop of vita grow for when you transplant seedlings into their final pots, plus myco. Just add water. As you flip, you chuck in a scoop of vita fruit and a touch of vita grow on the top. Just add water until harvest. Do this and you've pretty much got a Mr Canuck style grow. In my opinion, you watch the progress of flower and maybe chuck in some additional Fire Juice or an AACT mid-flower and maybe some probiotics or Em-Pro soil throughout the grow. When my Biobizz is done, I will play with the above.
  5. You do get N-P-K fetilisers here such as Talborne, but not in the specific ratios that Mr Canuk uses, just slightly different. I wouldn't use or even do exactly what Mr Canuk does because frankly his video editing is better than his growing.
  6. Fire Juice is Freedom Farms and Talborne you can get from Leroy Merlin. Mr Canuk uses Gaia Green products.
  7. I have maybe one more grow left where I can still use the full Biobizz range but after that I am just going to just use the Fish Mix, Gro and Bloom with maybe the addition of some Fire Juice during flower. Then after that I am going to try the Talborne route. I think we will collectively all have a very good idea about Biobizz within the next year I rate.
  8. He's playing on Instagram with all the influencers
  9. I would recommend a panel heater that you either hang in the tent along the sidewall or build a custom stand for it, then hook it up to a wifi Sonoff switch with a temperature sensor (use extension cord if necessary) that you hang in the middle of the tent. Now you have an automated heater in your tent that keeps your temps within a specific range and you can also monitor the humidity and temperature of your tent wherever you have connection to wifi. I found that once the panel heated up it would retain a lot of it's heat and gently let off heat once the tent temperature reached the cutoff point and only need to turn on again if the temperatures dropped too much. If the panel was on all the time, it would chow electricity. With a automated switch, it cut the power usage a lot.
  10. That LED will get super hot, there does not appear to be any passive heatsinks and the driver sits on top of the LED too which is generally avoided with quantum boards. If you got R4300 to spend, I'd rather get this 240W Quantum Board from @Light It Up for R4250 Here is a bud grown under this LED, mmmm.. tasty..
  11. Recently finished The Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2, what a long ass games they were then started Horizon Zero Dawn, think I'm like halfway but got bored. I'll finish it eventually. I try not to buy games when I'm busy with one or two but Steam specials get so good sometimes that I just have to buy. One of those games was The Outer Worlds which I have been playing the most at the moment, but I'm reaching that same boredom point. The most hours I've clocked on games is usually on indie games such as Oxygen Not Included and Rimworld, but I've deleted these games because they don't really have endings and are more sandbox games that just suck hours away from your day, so I felt I needed to stop. I used to mine Bitcoin when it was profitable but now I just have a balling gaming PC, so win-win I guess. Would be cool if my crypto wallet weren't so in the dumps. To the moon?
  12. Grow diaries where it's at.
  13. We should start a list of publications that routinely post articles "dagga lab busts" that never actually end with a conviction, and one day when the laws are written and cannabis is widely accepted, we can call on these publications for their shit behaviour.
  14. Blessings and salutations sir. Please do let us know of any endeavors you might have in future so that we may continue to support you in any way we can.
  15. Welcome! Do you have anything growing at the moment?
  16. Is the sad news true my dude?
  17. That's just draft law. Currently there are no written laws as to the amounts allowed for personal cultivation. The cops usually make a judgement call at the time and everything is pretty much determined in court. Rather follow the advice posted by @Naughty.Psychonaut above, it's the best course of action. Although in those situations you're likely to at least lose all your equipment, but you are likely not to be convicted and serve time.
  18. It's no problem man I'm just busting balls
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