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  1. I definitely gotta update my answer!
  2. I'll be the guy that says no hobbyist should be playing with UV at all, there are better ways to prevent/deal with mold or mildew.
  3. I checked on The One and it was clear to me she wanted out. The leaves began to wilt and become crispy, as though she were deep into Autumn. I decided then to give her the harvest, it was time. I took a couple shots as the final state of my plant for judging, some closeups and overviews 😬
  4. Can't help myself sometimes... I'm going to water once more tonight and take The One an extra week to this coming weekend. I have no reason really to harvest yet, I've got seedlings still developing in the veg tent that I thought would be ready for the flower tent by now but they're not. So here we go! 😛
  5. I'm Experienced. 

    1. Totemic


      *Slow clap 👏... 👏 I'm chasing you down😂

    2. PsyCLown


      Well done Mr Experienced 😛 

  6. Got some closeup shots tonight 😵 Trichomes look mostly milky, not too many amber. Pots are still a bit heavy so will make the chop as soon as they feel light.
  7. Damn dude you had quite a balling setup. GLWS
  8. Coming up on my planned harvest of The One this weekend. Buds are looking frosty! Gave The One a final feeding last night and will try let the pot dry out as much as possible by Saturday/Sunday before harvest.
  9. Ill_Evan


    So far I've managed to do a max of 4 of the possible 5 sessions a week available to me. I am aiming to do 5 sessions this week but we will see how it goes 😅 listening to the body and taking a session off when needed has been a necessary lesson. I am busy nursing a sprained foot, sprained thumb and bruised tail bone 🤕 working around that during training makes you think a lot more about where you're open and absolutely preventing certain positions for your self to avoid further injury to the same area. Some days I murder dudes, some days I get railroaded. It's the motion of the ocean which makes things feel very fair in general. At no-gi I've learnt a lot of submissions and leg lock play, where-as at gi (which I am coming up to about a month of training now) we haven't technically learnt any submissions yet.. so sometimes I'll whip out some submissions at gi which technically none of the other white belts on my level have learnt yet. They mostly just go for rear naked chokes in the rare event they can get to my back. Sometimes they comment that I'm using hacks, it does feel like a cheeky advantage but hey 😛 We are generally told to roll with guys on our levels but there is an open invitation during live/technical rolling at the end of class usually to roll with anyone you want. I got paired with a blue belt once and it felt like I didn't know anything, he just rag dolled me and I just ended up defending the whole roll. The biggest improvement thus far has just been the fitness. In the beginning I'd tap just because a dude was putting pressure on my chest while I was already exhausted. That hasn't happened again in a good month or so now. Since working from home full-time having the gyms to go to on the regular has really been great.
  10. 8 weeks flower will be next week Saturday so I will harvest at that point. Buds don't look terrible so there's that 😛 Until then, observe my eish;
  11. Did a due diligence check this morning on the plant and discovered a bit of a thrips outbreak 😨 I noticed a few at the end of the last harvest but it looks like now since I've only got The One in the flower tent the buggers must have all jumped to her. Checked a couple threads here on the forum and ordered myself some Efekto Insect Control and a Wetting Agent, not intending to use it on The One as it seems a bit too far into flower to do any foliar spray and she is busy ripening at the moment, the leaves are starting to fade and pistols starting to turn amber. I do have some other plants that need to go into the flower tent some time soonish that I will want to protect with the Efekto. Major whoopsies during this comp 😅 I'll post some pictures of my sad state of affairs tonight.
  12. Another week! 😨 How time flies. The stretch is now definitely in check now. Jissis. Not a whole bunch of bud development, think she's just settling in now.
  13. Ill_Evan


    Marvelous 👏
  14. Another week and some more bud development. I had already cleaned the lower branches a bit shortly after the previous update. Busy pumping the full flower dose of GHE nutrients now. Think the stretch has finally stopped!
  15. That was worth a read, thanks my dude Definitely a good article to point newbies to in future as well.
  16. I've always done Grow, Micro then Bloom which was what I read to do when I first bought the GHE Tripack (before they rebranded to TA). So far so good I guess 🤷‍♀️
  17. Ill_Evan


    So I've gone and joined a gi jiu jitsu gym to alternate between the no-gi gym I've been going to since April. Yes, two whole gyms at the same time 😵 I am now doing jiu jitsu 5 days a week starting this week. Wish my body luck, friends 👨‍🚀
  18. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What the actual fuck my dude, I am literally shooketh that I did not know this 😵 Although 'Hitler facts' is probably the last thing I'd list as relative skills in my CV...
  19. Must be a very "gassy" strain... 😬 Classic Hitler.
  20. The One has stretched to the point where I feel I needed to get her under a net. I was thinking of using wire or even super cropping but since I've been harvesting I now have more space in the flower tent to focus on her more. I've spread the branches as much as I felt comfortable tonight but I'll try getting the net just a tiny bit lower to get a little bit more light to the lowest nodes, also maybe a minor defoliation needed in the middle 🤔 I have an extra LED available since harvesting that I have added to get her through flowering properly, seeing as she's so eager to grow.
  21. Well, many big name hydroponic stores in SA started by selling weed as well so.. 🤷‍♀️ I am aware, and to @Naughty.Psychonaut's point and to mine as well, it isn't under any official regulation so any one of them can be technically shutdown. I in fact went to my local Cannapax (before they got shut down) to check out the place and try out their weed just to compare to what I was growing at the time. It was also just fascinating to me that they operated so openly. What I meant by clubs being a thing was rather the ability for clubs to operate openly and not get randomly searched or harassed by the popo or anybody else. The guys who run clubs more privately are obviously going to be ahead of the game for sure, so I'd say they fall under the label of courageous, while guys like Cannapax fall under stupidity. Yes exactly like this ☝️ minus any worries from authority. If THC were in fact not operating in the way that they should have, then I guess they fall under a bit of both courageous and stupid 🤔 but this alone is very interesting to me because I wonder if Schindlers would be supporting them so thoroughly if this were the case or whether the SAPS are claiming that they weren't in order for THC to prove them wrong and to see how much data/evidence THC were actually able to obtain/keep.
  22. If we must sacrifice THC for cannabis clubs to be a thing, I'd be ok with that 😛
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