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  1. High Am keen to run a grow contest over 6 months. Have loads of new grow and smoke gear as prizes to make it interesting, as well as some faya genetics to sponsor. Would anyone be keen? What are you tips and suggestions for an irie comp? Happy to give the seeds away, but entrants would need to pay for shipping.
  2. High all Was a dope cup. Had looots of last minute entries that were worth saying yes too. Will be making more of an effort next time round to heard the growers more proactively into only 10 entries. There was definitely more faya than last year. Venue was great and event was thick with irie vibes. Will say this though, it was mostly fruity terps this year. No real skunk or cheese flavours. Here's the results. https://thehighco.co.za/cape-town-cannabis-cup-2023-results/
  3. Looking forward to hanging out and blazing. Starting to feel butterflies.
  4. High All Am glad to report that the cup is coming together very nicely. Have had loads of entries and ticket sales are going well. Mothership is sponsoring a dope pipe for the winner. And we have some more prizes on the way. Don't want to confirm until I have them. Am also squeezing the budget for a cash prize. The private venue is super central and only 20 minutes from the expo. Have gone a bit bigger and better this year. We will be running a bar and food truck, with some irie tunes too. It's cost me a pretty penny for the venue, merch, banners, gift bags, equipment rental, etc. But a few brands that have very graciously contributed towards some of the costs and prizes. A big thank you to those who have entered and bought tickets. Shoutout to our sponsors: Greenhouse Seed Co Mothership Dutch Lighting Industries Dab Star Qure Dagga Pharmacy Wicked Imports Zolidarity Sodaze Will hopefully have a couple more to thank soon:)
  5. Aweh. Sorry that was on me. Have updated the products to remove the shipping. Only one or two clients were effected and already contacted:) But yes. good news. Ticket sales are open! https://thehighco.co.za/product/cape-town-cannabis-cup-2023-tickets/ The response from entrants has been great, and I will probably raise the limit a bit. A dope private venue has been booked. Cool space with more room than the last cup. Also optimized how we will be dispensing the bud for a smoother experience all round. Please feel free to ask if you have any entrant, sponsor or judge queries.
  6. Awesome. Have sent out the official mails this morning. Stoked to confirm that it will be at a bigger venue with an indoor and outdoor vibe. Really looking forward to kicking it up a gear this year.
  7. I have an open door policy until the cut off date. The sooner the better always helps. You can select your entry when you know. Already had requests to raise the limit, so I will definitely use my discretion to play as nice as possible. Please submit your name and email on the site so long and we can chat there:)
  8. High all Here's the details to enter your flower. I'd had a few request for a hash/concentrated category, but won't be considering it... yet. High Cape Town Cannabis Cup applicant info.pdf High Cape Town Cannabis Cup applicant Thank you for your interest in entering South Africa’s dankest Cannabis Cup. Here you will find top shelf growers contesting their best flowers against each other by trial of faya. Voting is entirely democratic with over a hundred local and international guests judging your flower. The event is taking place on the Saturday the 25th of March 2023 from 2PM until 10PM. Please look at this blog to get an idea of the 2022 cup and how we roll. It has some dope videos too. https://thehighco.co.za/cape-town-continental-cannabis-cup-winners/ Please send me: • The name of the cultivar/s • Three good quality pictures • Brand or Tag that you are entering as • Website or social that you would like us to link • Any information that you would like to share about how the cultivar was grown • You may keep your entry totally anonymous, but I will still need the above info. We are limiting this year’s entrants to a reasonable amount that can be judged in one day. Should your cultivar be selected, we will need a minimum of 50g by 15 March 2023. With at least one epic bud, that will be used for the judging pictures and full professional analysis. The 50g will then be freshly nugged up and anonymously pre-packed for the judges to sample on the day. Each judge gets one vote. • There won’t be any categories. The best flowers win. • You will receive one Judges Pass and a limited-edition Cape Town Cannabis Cup cap. • Trophies are for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. With a 4th trophy for most potent. • First prize is a custom Mothership Glass herb piece. • There will be additional prizes announced as we get closer to the date. We are looking forward to another dope event for all our entrants, judges and sponsors. Please let me know if you have any queries. Kind regards William Wallace info@thehighco.co.za
  9. There's a spot for you to drop your name and email on the event page. https://thehighco.co.za/cape-town-cannabis-cup/ I will then mail you directly about the T,H & C's
  10. It was epic. Had great ganja, irie vibes and lots of good company. Even the internationals had fun. Going to polish and change a few things this time round.
  11. High all Hope that your grows and you are doing well. 2023 is just around the corner. So I've started organising the Cape Town Cannabis Cup a bit earlier this time. It is taking place on Saturday the 25th of March. 2022 was dope AF. But there is always room for improvement. So I paid attention and listened to a lot of the feedback. Limiting the entries to only 10 this year. Minimum of 50g per cultivar to enter. Will have Judge Passes and regular tickets available online. Happy to answer any queries and listen to any input here. Please understand if I don't do everything that everyone suggests. Wouldn't be possible to get anything done that way. Here's the cup page. Has links to the tickets and sponsor info. Sales open at the beginning of 2023 Will update this thread as we get closer to the cup. https://thehighco.co.za/cape-town-cannabis-cup/
  12. I don't think that the stall holders really know anything about this. Cannabis Expo is playing their cards close. Sure they will all know about is soon, although not much they can do about it now.
  13. True story. They saw it it for what it was and were smart enough to ignore the signs. Hard to have sympathy for the gullible or greedy.
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