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  1. The expo, D-day and marches have all been cancelled or postponed. Sucks that the biggest 2 months for cannabis in SA have lined up with the country's shutdown. https://thehighco.co.za/south-africas-cannabis-events-cancelled/ What other 420 friendly events have been cancelled?
  2. Been getting a few job requests and noticed that there's a few canna recruitment agencies and apps starting up. So I did this blog about The Top 5 Cannabis Jobs in South Africa. It's based mostly on my personal experience and interactions. https://thehighco.co.za/top-5-cannabis-jobs-in-south-africa/ But I was wondering, what is your dream cannabis job?
  3. A good cure makes all the difference. Have been very impressed with Boveda packs. The little ones are great for in my daily smoke jar or bankie. Also seen people using them to test/calibrate their hygrometers. Been selling them for a few months and had no complaints, but understand how it's not always affordable or accessible for everyone. So did this guide about Boveda in SA and where to buy retail and wholesale. https://thehighco.co.za/boveda-available-in-south-africa/
  4. Been using Boveda for about a year now. Very happy with it, but mostly use it for bud that's to dry. Haven't really tried it with wet bud yet. Had best results in airtight jars and Cvaults. Also been stocking the small packs in my store for a few months and had no complaints:) https://thehighco.co.za/boveda-available-in-south-africa/
  5. Defoliating helps. Jamies Garden Shop has an IPM range that really helps. Have used it lank during flowering, but noticed a big drop in terpenes.
  6. Grown and smoked a few autos over the years. They've definitely come a long way in taste, potency and yield. What is your growing and toking experience with them? Any personal favourites? https://thehighco.co.za/autoflower-seeds-in-south-africa/
  7. Easy to make the laws, but tough to enforce them. Good news that they're at least trying to figure it out.
  8. Yeah, had my fair share of doors slammed in my face by banks, etc. I think that''s why so many of these private dagga clubs are trying to create their own in house currencies. So that they can mask their transactions from financial institutions.
  9. Shot a lot:) Got a bit of forum burnout from the BTL days. Regret how some things went down then and was putting a lot of time into Fields of Green... too much time actually. Glad to be back.
  10. Thanks man. Yeah, been missing the forum vibes. Definitely fixing myself;)
  11. On the mend:) Although 4 weeks flat on my back is tough. Silver lining that I can still be in the matrix and get my pips in a row.
  12. Hemp and Medical Cannabis Legalized in South Africa following president Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation address in Parliament. https://thehighco.co.za/hemp-and-medical-cannabis-legalized-in-south-africa/
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