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  1. A huge thank you to the growers, sponsors and judges who made the Cape Town Cannabis Cup a reality. The mother city was on faya. Here's the results. https://thehighco.co.za/cape-town-continental-cannabis-cup-winners/ Would like to keep it simple. Reckon one open hash/concentrates category and take it from there. What do you think is a reasonable amount for 150 people to each sample? Am tempted to let the growers and producers dispense their own bud this time round. 25g was scraping the barrel this time round but worked in the spirit of getting the wheels turning on short notice. Reckon its 50g going forward. Am aiming for full HPLC testing, but that depends on the sponsors. Qure have been amazing and it will be at their discretion. I don't want to take advantage of their kindness though.
  2. Busy with the blog and placements. Also looking for any content about the cup to share and tag. Ja, let's do a Joburg Cup. Maybe with a concentrates/hash category too this time. Was thinking September/October. It will need to be 50g per flower entry this time. Jars ran a bit dry with only 25g. Gonna start looking for entrants, venue and sponsors.
  3. High all. Will publish the results and names next week when back at the office. Taking a short break to savour CT. A huge dankie to all the entrants, judges and sponsors. As well as Sensiva Cafe. This was a short notice event but was an opportunity to get the joint rolling. The feedback has been amazing. People and brands are jumping on board for 2023 already. Definitely some things to do next time that will make it bigger and better. Including HPLC testing. Will share as many pics and vids here as a I can. Didn't really take any of my own:( This was a be there to experience it kinda thing. The buds and company were top shelf. I will be growing this event slowly each year to ensure that it is sustainable and dank AF. There has also been requests for a Joburg cup. What do you think?
  4. A very big thank you to those who bought passes or entered their bud. Judge passes sold out a few days ago and we have 20 cultivars entered. A bunch of judged have have come from America, Holland and Canada. The support from local brands and international brands has been amazing. Looking forward to meeting some of you there.
  5. 3rd place prize. Hand blown by Praxis Glass
  6. Yip. Praxis Glass is blowing custom glass prizes. Spent R10k on them. And there's whatever the sponsors chip in. Also have glass trophies. May add a cash prize for the winner, but I don't want to promise anything yet.
  7. Here's some of the entries for this year's cup
  8. Super stoked to confirm that Greenhouse Seed Company has joined as a main sponsor. Arjan will be there to judge and say a few words. The Dab Star crew will also be there and a few more international guests are expected. A very big dankie to all of the sponsors who have jumped have helped make the cup a reality, as well as the entrants who are putting their buds to a trial of faya. Dab Star Greenhouse Seed Company White Glove Botanicals Wicked Imports Qure Analytics Dagga Pharmacy Marijuana SA Breaking Dabs The Green Affiliate Cannaclone Herbal Preserver ExploGrow Gro Hydro Green Smoke Room Honourable mention to Praxis Glass who are blowing some amazing prizes.
  9. Heard last week that a previous cup in CT charged cup entrants both bud and a cash entrance fee.
  10. Entry still open. Can enter here https://thehighco.co.za/cape-town-cannabis-cup-application/
  11. Will only be running standard tests at the venue with 2 portable units. Qure have offered full tests for 2023 as will have more time to co-ordinate with the growers. This is an opportunity to start somewhere and build for 2023. It's also far more than anyone else in the community has attempted so far. @Khakibos, are you gonna enter or be a judge?
  12. Two of the sponsors are bringing their test gear for the day. Green Smoke Room Seeds have a Gemmacert and Qure have a Sage Analytics Profiler. All entrants will be tested side by side. We will announce a strongest in show. Maybe a cool trophy too. They will be offering bud tests for the judges. Qure have offered to run full profiles for the 2023 cup, including terp analysis. This would take a bit more notice all round next timeand is certainly on my whiteboard. Potency was an abstract thing to judge at The Amber Cups, as the THC lines become very blurred when blazing or dabbing plenty. So yes... dimensions such as appearance, flavour/smell, burn, effect play very important roles when judging. Cannabis is 420% subjective and I respect that some opinions are held higher than others. The event is open to anyone who wants to judge. Everyone get's one vote. You coming?
  13. Yeah, expecting far more frost this time. Things have changed a lot in the last few years. Sad but true. The one that won was purely on bag appeal. Could see that many folk picked it as the winner before even smelling or toking it. It was still killa weed. Just wonder if it was the best. Yeah, had a couple of green house entries. Great spot on the pip spoor. True that. Personally chasing terps in my grow. Strong weed is kinda becoming a given. Am preferring flavour over potency.
  14. The growers have spoken and we have listened. Dropped the entrance to 25g. You can enter here https://thehighco.co.za/cape-town-cannabis-cup-application/ Will allow a few more entrants to keep the judges fueled. Here's some pics from The Continental Cannabis Cup a couple of years ago that inspired this event.
  15. High all. Glad to confirm that we already have several sponsors on board. One of which is Dab Star. Entries are also going well:)
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