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  1. Will the bud be getting tested on site as well?
  2. Jhb will be a freaken blast!! There is still enough 2022 left to make it happen
  3. This must come to jozi next! show the cape town boys how its really done #playfulprodding
  4. i use an 85w Flourecent for my clones and cuttings... and even there its a proper waste of my time avoid like the plague IMO
  5. i agree with @Totemic, there are no signs of visible sex in your pictures. maybe try taking some closerups as these are still pretty far out
  6. my 2c is that you may be watering a bit too infrequently for a plant that size in that size pot i let this happen as well, and the issues i see are similar - if the pot dries out too much then it may be causing some root damage ...my damage is more because of salt bulid up, and you shouldnt be experiencing this. but! you could maybe move to every 2nd day - one feeed, and one straight water just to keep the plants meduim moist and see if the plants respond better
  7. welcome man!! do you have any of your own grows to show us or just here to support CBD products?
  8. ay bru stop right there and give yourself a fat pat on the back!!!! these ladies in your tent look great !! i mean, yes they are small and better can be done, but as a new grower who tried his hand at this craft, i say a huge WELL DONE!!! stick around this forum and we will lead you to becoming a fantastic grower
  9. okay sweet - if they are not a recent purchase then shap! i was actually going to suggest if you got them recently to go get a refund and we will point you in the right direction there are a few vendors on here that sell lights, and if its LED that you want, then try find some boards that use the LM301B diodes from samsung as they are proven to deliver the results you want.
  10. whats up man! lets see what you can do with these! i bought a nova S8 from GTH a few years ago, i still have it in my cupboard actually and have been thinking of setting it up as a veg\clone light as the unit pulls 360w from the wall (90x4) and that may sort my clones out and give my space a sweet vibe LOL. they arent actually Nova S8 lights as you can see the fittings are slightly different. when my warrant passed, i opened up the light and its all just chinesuim products sadly. but look, he light grew me some weed and helped me learn a lot about lights! i do feel you should have done some more research on the lights before you bought them as there is muuuuuuch better lighting out there for a way better price point.
  11. 13 weeks tho! almost 100 days in flower yo! i found this one guy on the Gram, and he has this laaaaaaanky plant thats been flowering for 150+ days !! I hope shes worth it man!
  12. when the powers out, i can smell my tents from the bottom of the stairs, 3 floors away hahaha
  13. yo! you should get a 2nd net above the scrog for those floppy dicks man! scrog net to position the colas you want to grow, and the 2nd net to catch them and keep them up. Kepepeing them up make a huge difference to finished flowers
  14. i think you mean the pistols are majority browny colour... pistols are the initially white firey looking things that indicate the start of flower, they stay white until they are no longer viable to catch pollen - coincedently because Pistols go brown around the same time as the trichomes go amber, which leads to confusion among new growers... the trichomes are the tiny almost microscopic white little round things on the surface of the leaves and bud circled in red below in your pic, they are mostly clear and cloudy
  15. everybody likes different things. i know okes who wont touch bud if its not dense enough to knock their china into next week, okes who wont smoke it if it doesnt smell like she flicked her panties at you with her toes, okes who need weed to steam roll them like a potato chip and leave them incapable of simple tasks... okes who sneer at nugs if they are smaller than elmos dick... nowdays if okes cant smell it over the phone from the plug, or if it doesnt shine like diamonds in the baggy..... they just look elsewhere and they will find what they crave its really hard to make everyone happy lol
  16. Good morning and welcome!! what do we have over here? from what i can tell from the pic you sent, is you still may have a few weeks to go... maybe even more. post us some more pics of the whole plant and we can tell more about what is growing on here
  17. honestly...i have no idea how they grade pot amongst the things that make you a risky client.. but if it were my business, i would give you a 1% discount on your premium for every year you have been smoking.
  18. Cool cool thanks for the clarification yo! Will there be an online presence for those not in Capetown? A live testing vibe or something? I'd love to see what is out there and how the judges weigh up terpines, bag appeal, high and smoke of some of the greatest bud in SA.
  19. 10 samples of 50g each... 500g worth of Marijuana... For one day? Are there like 200 testers or where is the rest of the bud going?
  20. the trim bag works really really well. you have to play around with a few things like, how dry yur bud is when it goes in - too wet and the bag does little, too dry and you stand tha chance of rubbing your nugs past the point you want. next is how long to tumble for - less tumbling means slightly more work on the hand pass , more tumbling can produce really nice nugs. how much per tumble are you going for - 30g tumble works fine, but the more you put in the bag to tumble at a time makes the tumble process faster and generally has nicer trimmed buds. the end user wouldnt be able to tell the difference between a bad hand trim and a good tumble job.
  21. something often put aside - is your IPM management supplies. growing invites lots of critters into the environment, some are good, some are bad...and the bad ones are the tough ones to get rid of. a few products that are invaluable would be the following Pyrol spinosad 350sc coppersoap and a good wetting agent these should keep your happy growing experience....happy
  22. in that case man, you are reaaally in the right place!! that Loam soil im not 100% sure about - but what i do know is cannabis does not like soils that compact easily - so if it does compact , i would get some coco and perlite or either of the two to help loosen up the soil. nutrients should be okay... i know bonsais dont require too much feeding, but in saying that, my first plant grew in a bonsai soil and it was AMAZING!!! get those seeds into the pots as soon as you can and put them in a sunny spot - preferably from dawn till dusk kinda sun
  23. Well yo! 15l pots are cool... But try 20l if you can. What soil are you going to use? And any seeds will be okay, you will learn quite fast if you stick around here
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