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  1. i have found that this takes a bit of practice and trial and error. i reuse my coco in the totes, and i reammend with the talborne vita-flower and give a feed of a MKP additive because i noticed that my plants suffer potassuim deficiencies in early veg. maybe have a control pot with your reused soil and see where it lacks... then you can reammend it with the right stuff . ofcoarse this is a time consuming process
  2. your reply is an understatement - the plants LOVE the space and i have never grown better meds since the move to totes!
  3. i have my meters outside my tent, and they have become an indicator as to weather the tent is on or not because i dont always want to open the tent to see whats up!! This has saved me a few times already
  4. sjoe man!! have you added anything to the base of he plants recently to prepare for flower or not really?
  5. aaaaaaaay!! i saw the tote and then got excited that someones growing in totes as well!!! then i saw the next pics haha - you must really give it a try some time man!!
  6. you should try a tote grow some time then man im feeling you on the better roots, better fruits vibe
  7. sort of, open circuit ie infinity ohms is full current, but if you short the wires, nothing happens - it needs a PoTeNtOmEtEr with a specific range of ohms to operate the dimming function i think its 100 ohms
  8. i have had a bit of issue with the dimmer unit as well, but can confirm that the LED panel, and the Power supply are absolute quality and will likely outlive the rest of your electronics haha. its just the knobby dimmer that seems to give issues
  9. didnt you know? every 7 consecutive nights on the streets qualify you for a free C4 explosive at your nearest soup kitchen!
  10. I second this - i had a thrips issue last night - i sprayed the Efecto insect control, and today i no longer have a thrips issue
  11. sounds and looks promising!! i have popped 4 of these beans along with @PsyCLown so we are hoping to find something similar
  12. Well bro beans - you have literally come to the right place, this community has been turning Noobs into novices into pros!! stick around and ask all the questions you need to my man, being part of the community also opens up doors to some quality strains and amazing knowledge sharing.
  13. ay im seeing the RED Talborne bag is turning some heads !! i use it in my veg totes often with the greatest results - and the stuff is really cheap, and has mycorrhizal fungi in it - you really cant go wrong with the red bag
  14. i took a quick look online like im sure you have, and it seems your best bet is to import one or get lucky on gumtree or something
  15. Where on the plant are you taking cuts from? In general, stems that are still soft and green are very hard to Clone, much harder than the woodier less fragile stems which in my experience is pretty much a sure thing. Sounds like you need to disinfect your cutting trays properly... Buy new ones if you can afford it, get some hydrogen peroxide and disinfect the Clone Dome and all your tools.. I have found that letting the stems sit in a 3% h202 solution for a few min while you are taking all the cuttings helps dramatically with that rot you speak of. Avoid spraying any nutrients on the leaves or into the tray, keep the rooter plug, rockwool, jiffies, moist at all times and don't let them dry out. I have had the best success with an Rh of 90%... 100% seems to encourage mold spores to germinate and funky shit happens. Make sure you are taking cuts near a node and not in the middle of the stem, through a node is also good. Try not touch the cuttings again once they are in the Dome, place them and leave them be, just make sure there is moisture in the tray. I have had success with no rooting hormone, and also success with rooting hormone... The gell worked well, but so do powders.... But so does nothing haha.. Keep the cutting size consistent at whatever you decide, and make sure they get a low intensity light... Cuttings outside is crazy in any weather as they will get dry very fast or transpire like mad and dry up if the sun hits them for too long. The less you open the Dome, the less contaminants can get in, and if you disinfect properly when you are putting the cuts in the tent, then you should have a good success rate... And if cuts are failing to such a large degree, maybe try taking even more cuts!! Double to triple what you need, so that even in a disaster you should still get enough cuts out
  16. If you have a pen and can check ppm or EC, then you can follow the feed schedule and see how it goes.. You could start at 50%… because your GHE is already the soft water type and has some extra calcuim. And then taper it up or down accordingly
  17. I thought Durban was the Cannabis friendly venue?
  18. the black market will never crash, i would love the experience of buying weed legally, but know that if i want to smoke the finest herb, straight to my dealer i go
  19. i only started my Grow Affair when i moved to JHB in 2012, before then i was a Toti boy and only knew the cheap kak from the corner. when i arrived up here, even the cheap kak was crazy amazing to what i was used to, which struck me as weird because everyone called my R10 banky kak and often declined to smoke from it. same friends also showed me the ways or finding better dealers until my first taste of some quality maryjane... 10 years ago i had fokkal to my name and paying R180 for a g was a christmas special kind of smoke. then i decided to give growing a go and get my own dank for cheaper. its honestly taken me 8 years to be able to get to the level of growing that i wanted to be at on day one of my first seed hahaha and another 2 years to be consistent with my output... 10 years and whole lot of experiments and trial and error and a buttload of cash for new things - i seriously cant wait for the next ten years and a reflection for where i am at then.
  20. @Chris Jay you have never heard of blue cheese? or Gelato? i have seen someone grow out the creme caramel and it was a smelly smelly lady!
  21. that would be the soft water GHE i think? buy the one for hard water which has extra calcuim in it what EC do you aim for? i found the GHE quite strong at 100%
  22. LOL might be similar - or even identical , but heres the right stuff https://hydroponic.co.za/hydroponics/green-house-powder-feeding-calcium/ and the Spliff 1-3 and Duo are the nutrient line i am using from Haifa, its not a product line they advertise, so you can call in and ask if you are keen haha - but i would stick with your GHE, its much easier to use and charge your phone oke! its about to vrek!
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