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  1. Hey guys!πŸ’š We are always on the lookout to find the best quality products to offer you in our Grow Shop and would love to hear your opinion. We are currently looking at stocking the 420mix soil. If you have used this soil please let us know what you thought about it and how well it worked for you?
  2. It's 420 time! The international cannabis holiday is around the corner, and we're predicting a HIGH chance of huge prizes being won this April! What can you win? 1st prize: KingBrite Quantum Board LED Grow Light 240W - Valued at R 5800-00. 2nd Prize: Cannabiz Solutions hamper - 1x bottle of Biophos & 1x bottle of Liquicompost as well as a Cannabiz Cap - Total valued at R 700-00. 3rd Prize: Zootly Porcelain bong - Valued at R 500-00. To stand a chance to win one of three awesome prizes all you need to do is: 1. Spend R420 or more i
  3. Hi Nibiru, no not at all πŸ™‚ this would be an amazing light for that size tent.
  4. Grow your plants all year round! The KingBrite Quantum Board LED Grow Light has your plants covered with the new horticultural LM301H LED chips as well as Epistar IR and UV chips which provide full spectrum light for vegetation and flowering of plants. Features: Highly-efficient white light quantum LED boards White light full-spectrum for better results and viewing Reliable passive cooled design Better canopy light penetration with diffused light Dimmable power supply included Perfect for growing herbs, flow
  5. Hey GuysπŸ’š We now stock the Mantis Grow Fabric Pot range! Fabric pots help to promote a healthy root environment for optimal plant growth for happy, healthy plants. Check out the Mantis Grow Fabric Pot range HERE or call 021 851 3284 for more information.
  6. Orgasoilux is now available at Futurama! The Orgasoilux living earth blend, specifically designed for growing cannabis, will help your plants produce healthy roots and flourishing flowers. Check out Orgasoilux and more from the Dirty Hands Inc product range HERE or call 021 851 3284 for more information.
  7. β˜€We are excited to announce that InDorSun LED grow lights are now available at Futuramaβ˜€ InDorSun have a variety of horticultural LED lights ensuring high quality, energy-efficient products to suit every grow! Check out the full range HERE or call 021 851 3284 for more information.
  8. Biodyne new to Futurama! We are happy to announce that we now sell Biodyne Environoc 401 Microbial Plant Biostimulant. Biodyne provides many beneficial microbes for healthy plants. Microbes play a vital role in plant health by providing nutrients to the plants through the soil. These microbes also help to protect and boost your plant’s health. Check out Biodyne Environoc 401 Microbial Plant Biostimulant HERE or call 021 851 3284 for more information.
  9. Never worry about over or under watering your plants again! Using the Atami Wilma growing system is like having your very own assistant feeding your plants. The plants are able to take up more water and nutrients and are never over or underfed or watered. Get your Atami Wilma Large 4 Complete Growing System HERE or call 021 851 3284 for more information.
  10. Fight back against cannabis pests and mould with the range of Buddi Sprays new to Futurama! Buddi Spray has a range of naturally organic, non-toxic, pest control sprays to help you get rid of pests like spider mites, aphids, fungus gnats and powdery mildew. View the Buddi Spray range HERE or call 021 851 3284 for more information.
  11. Hey Guys πŸ’š Today we wanted to talk a bit about White Powdery Mildew. White Powdery Mildew, also known as "WPM" is a fungal growth many cannabis growers come across. Powdery mildew appears as a white, almost flour-looking spots on your leaves. The main causes of powdery mildew are high humidity, low or no airflow, poor ventilation, and leaf-on-leaf contact. ⁠ ⁠ In outdoor cannabis plants, powdery mildew also appears in certain seasons, especially Spring and Autumn.⁠ ⁠ When detected early, you can gently wipe off the infected leaves with plain water whilst being careful not to
  12. The Futurama team is ready to serve you some of the best soil around! Get your Organics Matter Living Organic Soil at Futurama today! Blended with quality ingredients, Organics Matter Living Organic Soil already has all the nutrients and minerals your plants need. Visit us in-store to get your Organics Matter Living Organic Soil or shop online HERE
  13. Hey guys! We are excited to announce that we now stock the local South African brand Plant Matter.⁠ πŸ’šβ From grow bags to raised beds, they have a great variety to suit your grow.⁠ View the Plant Matter range HERE call 021 851 3284 for more information.
  14. Hey Guys! We have two awesome announcements to start off your weekend! We have a new product IN STOCK that we are really excited about! It's the Pulse One Environmental Monitor. This monitor is a game changer in growing! The Pulse One device is a smart environmental monitor which allows you to monitor your grow remotely! This gives you valuable insights into how to optimise your grow room such as: ☁️ Vapor Pressure Deficit 🌑️ Temperature πŸ’§ Relative Humidity πŸ’‘ Light Intensity 🌱 Dew Point We have the best price around at only R3999-00!!! Get it HERE or ca
  15. Thank you guys for the awesome responses. We are really excited to see that you guys will be joining us for the next testing day! See you all there! 😁
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