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      Good Day Sir   I would recommend growing Swazi Gold. It was the first strain that I started growing outdoors and it took really well in our conditions. Green Smokers Room sells them at a good price. Some info: https://www.leafly.com/sativa/swazi-gold
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      Hi RampageZA, Those are awesome strains you have, Herijuana is my personal favorite. Hope you find a Coffee pheno! Going be beautiful flowers from those ladies.   Transplanting from 10L to 40L post is fine, the plants will love the extra root space. Be sure that the roots are fully developed, yet not root bound before transplanting. If you can see an abundance of roots just starting to creep along the edge of the pot, but they haven't yet begun to fully circle, you are ready to transplant. If the soil or loose growing media starts to fall apart and there aren't many visible roots, the plant is telling you that it needs a little longer in its current home before being transplanted. Be careful not to overwater new transplants as this will retard root development and keep them out of harsh light for a day or two.  Keep in mind that the roots grow into the fabric pots, making it extremely difficult to free the root mass when transplanting.  Rockwool plugs and cubes are a great alternative for starting plants in, they are also extremely easy to transplant and reduce transplant shock. Before adding your plants to the Freedom Farms soil mix, test a 1 part soil to 1 part water (preferably distilled) for pH and EC. Stir the sample for 5 seconds, let it sit for 15 minutes. Repeat and then take your reading. You can change the pH and EC by adding inert medium to the mix, additives or by flushing with adjusted water.  Good Luck with the Grow!! 
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      PH meter
      • Awaiting best answer
      Hi Dr Green, I went with a similar train of thought when buying a new pH pen. Even when growing in soil I adjust pH and EC in my nutrient solution.  A more expensive model in my experience is definitely worth it. I had a cheaper chinese model. The reading was slow, would always bounce around, the calibration would drift off quickly and I could never be certain.  I went with a Bluelab model from amazon, including 2x bottles of storage liquid. Import duties and delivery to my door, it cost me R1500. The SA side is delivered by Aramex. Coming from the USA it cleared customs and arrived in little over a week,  on their budget shipping option.  If you use them, make sure shipping is done by Amazon in the basket, they have the agreement with Aramex and not third parties.  Compared to the chinese model, the Bluelab is faster, accurate, calibrates easily  and also has a temperature read out. Had mine for almost a year and would get another one just the same if replacing.  Be sure to get pH calibration liquid as you should be calibrating at least once a month, most pen calibrate to using pH 4 and 7.   Always keep the probe soaked in storage solution.     
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      Dealing and selling is 2 separate issues under the law and the CC ruling said nothing about forms of consumption so arguing for oil could be tricky. Dealing is a sneaky one though because everything from transporting to possession to even just giving someone weed can be classified as dealing. Before if you lived within a 100m of a school and you have weed (regardless of amount) that was dealing too. Wonder how that works now? Once legislation is in place you could sue for damage if the cops messed up your stash and it was legit. Some mandrax makers successfully sued the cops for damage and made them return the pill making machine so.... The big issue is that the CC said it's at the cops discretion so they can just make shit up. Looks like its going to be the wild west out there until new laws are in place.   Stay safe
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