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Official club for the 2019 Indoor Growoff | Click the blue "Follow" button to get updates from this club | Seed drop - 25/05/19 | Seed Drop Deadline - 10/06/19 | Harvest Deadline - 31/10/19

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  2. A very good evening to all. Hope all is well. Weighed up this week and got 24 gram dry bud on plant no 2 with very little popcorn buds. Including the popcorn probably around 28 to 30. That's the final figures on the main plant. Some pics of nugs below. The smell has somewhat come with the dry and few days cure, a nice earthy smell with citrus or similar undertones. Smoke is a nice energetic euphoric high which is what I was looking for by taking her down with little to no trichome production. Plant No5 yielded 28.5 grams dry, this one had a good deal more popcorn buds, I would guess around 35g in total. As said, I don't have a large enough scale to hold all the bud the show the total. I'm not competing in anyway so my word is my honour lol. This was certainly a most pleasant experience. I'm sorry I couldn't be more involved but I'm hoping that'll change sometime in the near future. I have 5 Chocolope that have been going for around 3 weeks outside in my own soil I've finally had the balls to make πŸ˜‚. So far so good, I suck a the journals currently and can't promise anything more with the outdoor run. That's why I have started with a outdoor journal. If it's okay with the powers that be I could post updates from time to time, I just don't want to be part of the competition as it probably won't be according to guidelines required. I can however guarantee on something special which I have in mind 😜. Have a freaking awesome weekend ahead guys and gals, be safe and live and learn.
  3. So my prize arrived yesterday, very happy with it! Tried it last night and I like it, need to get use to using the banger as opposed to my titanium nectar collector - can't quite see when it is at the right temp. I also lost my dab tool so this helps and the extra silicone dab holders are always welcome! πŸ˜„ Once again a big thank you to all, especially to @Totemic @THCSA @420SA
  4. So the dry weight from my Chocolope came in at 84g dry. Not bad considering the size and how heavy I defoliated (schwazzing). I am happy with the yield, the effects are pretty good to truth be told. Scent on the bud taken out the jar is not great, once ground smells very nice.
  5. A very good evening to all. The harvest went ahead this week with a nice and easy trim considering the few tops I had which assisted in the nice sized colas. Some pics below of what came of plant no 2. Don't have a sizeable scale only a little jewelers scale sort of thing so have no idea of wet weight. Will cut up once dry and weigh off for final amount. Have a fantastic weekend ahead y'all.
  6. Some pics I took on the 18th while they were busy drying:
  7. Thanks so much. I'm not worthy. Congrats to all taking part who taught me a lot. Also kudos for how comp was run, and general attitude of support and encouragement. How many forums in today's world can claim this level of harmony. Well done everyone.
  8. This is nice and very unexpected as I know @CreX would've outperformed in hydro.
  9. Well done @stretchy ! Nice to have been a part of the competition, congrats to all the winners ek se! Big ups to @Totemic @420SA and everybody involved in the comp, you guys are doing a lot for Cannabis Culture in SA, respect! Not sure my buds need to be entered for highest thc, makes sense that all the winners have their bud tested, no offense meant, but id rather sit out the thc test, no way its going to be over 20%, perhaps like a 16% or so.
  10. Thanks Cap! @420SA!!! I really had fun while it lasted and am eager for the next comp. My situational shiznit is mostly rectified and I will have fresh beans and genetics in the medium before the close of the year😜
  11. A special mention for @CreX too with the best male πŸ˜‰ He put in a lot of effort this comp and Totemic rewarded him accordingly with some Canuk seeds
  12. Agreed, really eager to see the THC results. Although with all the rain we've been having in Gauteng, the humidity has been quite high so drying and curing is taking longer - not a bad thing just means gotta wait a bit longer to give her a try. πŸ˜„
  13. Ah thank you so much! Thank you @Totemic and @420SA for making this competition possible, as well as giving us such duk genetics to work with as well as appreciate to its fullest extent. Congrats to all the others! It's great to see so many passionate growers in South Africa do what they do for the love of it. I'm looking forward to the THC test results! Best of luck to the outdoor growers competing for the next one! 🍁
  14. Oh wow, awesome! A big thank you to everyone, especially the sponsors and of course 420SA. Well done to everyone who competed and those who placed, especially@stretchy Overall best plant is quite an achievement! Well done :D Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  15. It's finally time to announce our 2019 Indoor Growoff prize winners. A great journey it has been. First, here is the revised prize list: Best overall Plant 1st place - 120 x 70 x 165 Magic Garden Grow Tent | Indoor Growoff 2019 Trophy Sponsored by Greenthumb Hydroponics & 420SA 2nd Place - 420 or 710 King Size Mystery Box Sponsored by TheHighCo. 3rd place - 30L Bag Organics Matter Living Soil | 30L Bag of Organics Matter Vermicompost | 1L Fulvic Acid Powder | 1L EM Pro Soil | 1 tub 200ml Mycroot Sponsored by Organics Matter Best Trained Plant 1st Place - Complete Blumat System for 2 pots Sponsored by Sustainable Village SA Best Organic Grow 1st Place - 1L Mycorrhizal Fungi (Granules) | 1L Phylosphere | 1L Blackstrap Molasses | 200g Bio-Insek Sponsored by Jamies Garden Shop Best Hydroponic Grow 1st Place - General Hydroponics 500ml Tripack | Grohydro T-Shirt & Cap Sponsored by GroHydro Highest THC Content 1st Place - GSR Breeder Pack, GSR T-Shirt & Scarf, GSR Rizla Sponsored by Green Smoke Room Mars Hydro Smell Proof Bag Sponsored by Aeradix Alright! Lets's announce those winners...Drumroll please THE WINNERS ARE... BEST HYDROPONIC GROW @Aeradix BEST ORGANIC GROW @GreenMunchkin BEST TRAINED PLANT @Hornygoatsweed OVERALL PRIZES 3RD PLACE @Moosed 2ND PLACE @PsyCLown 1ST PLACE & THE OFFICIAL INDOOR GROWOFF 2019 CHAMPION @stretchy Finally, the top 6 finalists who qualify for the highest THC prize are: @stretchy @PsyCLown @Moosed @GreenMunchkin @Dank @Hornygoatsweed All the relevant winners and finalists will be contacted via PM to advise on what happens next. We'll keep you all updated on the highest THC prize progress. A trophy will be printed with @stretchy's name on it. I'll post a pic of it as soon as it's ready. Hard luck to those who didn't quite make it. Some were so close to claiming a prize and pipping some of the names above. The margins were incredibly fine I must say. Credit must go to you guys for showcasing the growing talent we have here in SA. Really is lekker to see. Hope to see many of you return for next year's Indoor Growoff
  16. Closing down grow log.. This was really fun and a great experience. Congratulations to all that made it to the finish and able to smoke some nice heads now. I didn't get the total wet weight but dry weight before going into the jar was 38grams. Not massive but man oh man this is going to be a joy to smoke. Thank tyou guys for following along and all the advice that was shared. Welldone to the winners to be! And here we go, nom nom nom..
  17. Sorry for the delay in announcing the winners guys. Unfortunately one of our prize sponsors, Green Leaf Organics, has gone AWOL and we can't get a confirmation on him fulfilling his prize so we have to unfortunately withdraw his prizes. That means a slight re-work of prizes. It also disrupted the judging slightly so official day of announcement will now be tomorrow. That is a definite guaranteed promise!
  18. Total dry weight 54 grams, very happy with the result. These nugs are rock hard and smells like a newly opened box of cocopops. will upload some buds pics shortly.
  19. No I'm not hence the question regarding the plant remaining so green, the fade has however kicked in and we are well on our way there. It was a pleasure growing it no doubt.
  20. Fook, I took photos last week with the intentions of updating and logged on now to find out I in fact didn't fully follow through on the post. I'm not in it for any of the prizes but I do apologize for the lack of update. We are around day 65 of flowering, The main plant No2 has awesome dense Colas, nice tight bugs. The form, density and trichome production makes up for the slight lack of aroma. As can be seen above she really is a beaut. Buds, as said are really good. Trichomes are around 90% cloudy so I'm guessing around a week or 2 before harvest. Pics taken without flash. Hope you all have a great week further. Some pics of No 5 to follow, luckily she is finishing off okay after the punishment lol.
  21. Yo yo cap! @420SAmy diary is also finished 😁
  22. @420sa this is the last one I have, from late October. If that is from too long ago I'll accept a forfeit, entirely my fault for not taking more full plant pics

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