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  1. Thanks for the info guys I appreciate it
  2. Sorry to jack the thread but is this TA Organics really fully organic like BioBizz? https://hydroponic.co.za/hydroponics/terra-aquatica-pro-organic-starter-kit/?gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiA1MCrBhAoEiwAC2d64X2d5Ep6HEdNCIsNi73bHnFvt6f3vroYSXhGvV0T497Nqqe8-6SyWBoCCO4QAvD_BwE
  3. Decided on the BBM and SC for this season next season tart pops and OKC Thanks guys appreciate it
  4. What that GSC like ? And I'm looking more towards the cookies/Gelato terps then the fruity citrus type. So it's between Blueberry Muffin and Tart Pops. And yeah true they really make it hard to decide.
  5. Lol I just trimmed most of the big leaves of but left those between the buds and some R1 size leaves got tired of trimming lol and since I took them off no more hay smell after 24hrs just clean green . Haven't smoked some yet gonna give it another week for a smoke test thanks for the tip bro appreciate it you like a walking Wikipedia you always learn something if you just read.peace
  6. Thanks bro appreciate it I read up on them and blueberry muffin sounds delicious and like the effects of the OKC so far I'm leaning with BBM unless some of the growmies can send something more delicious suggestions my way. Thanks again
  7. Didn't take a pic of buds outside of the jar but both were 3/4 full but this is what I'm left with
  8. Lol so after reading this thread and looking at yout gorgeous bud porn and reading up on hay smell while drying my conditions was not optimal since it was a winter grow and was drying in the room was hot harvested 2 weeks ago. I opened the jars and started trimming away the leaves as best I could. I saw that I had more leaves in there then bud lmao thanks guys for the encouragement and looking forward to my next harvest. This is all the leaves I got off the buds lol so you can imagine how bad it was
  9. So as the title says I'm looking to get 2 strains from DaggaPharmacy one is definitely SC but can't make up my mind on the second one.Im looking for something with a nice taste something sweet since the only weed I smoked was sour or gas or burnt rubber lol the ( "Outdoor and Indoor ") of the black market always no strain name so if there is anything on the lists you would suggest I'd appreciate it.
  10. Thanks Evan that's the only thing I hate about growing is trimming lol takes forever
  11. Beautifull ladies I just have one question how do you get your ladies trimmed so nicely? No leaf in sight.
  12. I see Digi Key has stock https://www.digikey.co.za/en/products/detail/mean-well-usa-inc/HLG-120H-48B/7703897 Or Second hand one?
  13. Thanks bro I'm already a member on dagga pharmacy.i think it was you who previously referred me to them quite a selection they have thanks again.Waiting for outdoor season have my eyes on 5 cuts I want from them and super cheese is one of them.
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