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Plant Of The Month March/April 2022 - Sponsored by TheHighCo. & Aeradix - Entries Open


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R500-00 TheHighCo Voucher

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Mixed set of TerpLoc Bags valued at R200-00


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How to enter?

Simply reply to this thread with your entries. You can attach the images to your reply or embed the images


Competition rules:

  • Each member can enter a maximum of 3 different plants
  • In order to ensure authenticity you are required to take a picture of your plant with the date and your username or name, handwritten or printed onto a piece of paper or whatever you choose. It is important that the tag with your username and date is tangible (can be touched). No digital watermark tags will be accepted. This is to ensure that your plant's photo was taken during this month.
  • Photos of plants MUST NOT be taken under HPS lights or multi coloured LED lights. The prevents the plant's colour's from being judged correctly. Photographing them with a flash at night or under natural light such as the sun, or in a well lit room will do fine.
  • Please post a photo of the whole plant in at least one image please. Plants cannot be judged on a single cola
  • Members may post as many updated photos of the same plant as they want but the images must always contain the tag.
  • Should the date and name tag hinder you from taking a decent photo you may post another photo of the same plant, without the tag, along with your tagged photo on the same date.
  • Once entries close, the moderators will select 10 nominees. The nominated plants will then be judged by our competition voting panel who will vote for the winner.


May the best plant win :-meditate


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LOL, my girls look terrible with the amount of rain this year - it's a mildew horror show.

Milk & water spray work wonders but your girls smell of milk for a while after and the leaves have a visible film - I think my ratio had too much milk. PhuckOff was fantastic but it took over a litre per application so was getting dear...

The auto's that made it to harvest were delicious, Good Wild Shark by Biltong & Buds has a sweet fruity flavor, just heavily stunted by the rain this season.

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Maybe we could run this another month until the end of April? 

I will make an entry just so there's at least one 😅 I am coming to harvest on a current run and have something I could enter. 

The plant is KmintZ, it is the largest plant currently in my flower tent. 

1649160995881.thumb.jpg.9fd47c70502e0bd75b1b4209760a17a6.jpg 1649160995897.thumb.jpg.1f713c6429bff822f91b772d9f5fc3ee.jpg

1649160995911.thumb.jpg.860aa79743fb58c3dcaa00c252ecf3a9.jpg 1649160995931.thumb.jpg.ce7474af9106bf54747f8d03cf4f19cb.jpg

1649160995952.thumb.jpg.3a9af36f8a5cb2bc163ed3faccbf69d5.jpg 1649160995981.thumb.jpg.44385e18470b417141d6d62d2d8248a7.jpg


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