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  1. Guess the laws will need to be broken. Glad to hear they are finally allowing a regulated industry to be legal.
  2. Sad reality is seeds are not legal to sell or buy as the drugs and trafficking act includes seeds, eventhough they dont contain THC, the killer, addictive cannabinoid. It specifies dagga seeds as illegal to trade. I say some laws need to be broken, and support local seedabanks. Just got some amazing first gen seeds today from a neighbour. Did you know even bartering seeds is technically illegal, even if they are tomato seeds.
  3. We meet online again, on a forum! Welcome Buzz, trust you are getting some rest and fixing yourself. Hope you sorted out your extraction fan, it smells, Goooood.
  4. Gave these bags a run the past weekend and managed to get 15 grams of some decent hash from about 120 grams of bud. I did two runs with these fullmelt filtration bags and got less yield on the 2nd wash. The bags were easy to use and made from high quality materials. So the pack has 5 bubble bags, 6 in total including the 250um. And below is what I got from each screen in total. 38um - 7.1g 70um - 4.5g 120um - 0.7g 160um - 1g 190um - 3g
  5. Thank you to 420sa and the sponsors. Awesome way to finish a weekend, cheers to choosing my picture.
  6. Lekker garden with a lovely view. Its your legal right to grow cannabis in your balcony. Give your wife an ultimatum : "Following the Western Cape High Court Judgement handed down in March 2017 and the Constitutional Court validation of that ruling in September 2018, Cannabis has been decriminalised in South Africa. This is however not the same as legalisation, as the trade and sale of the plant remains illegal.". This means cultivation, possession and use in your home is legal for your private use. Have a meeting with her, start negotiating for 5 plants and 10 seedlings. It worked for me in the past. Good luck.
  7. These guys from Marijuana SA are seriously cool. Lots of news, reviews, updates, smoking, laughs and real South African cannabis culture. I love this younger generation of pot smokers pushing a relaxed online show and get give an inside view of the cannabis industry. They have already hit over 1000 subscribers on youtube, and published their 40th video. Check them out subscribe, support and share. Baked. \
  8. Funny enough was just sitting with a 70's politcal activist who spent months in jail for anti-apartheid photography, talking about weed, the chinese, surfing and a good living life. When I first met Jules and Myrtle, I was over the moon and to a small degree underestimated the revolution they would fire up. If it were not for them, we would still be smoking seeds and sticks talking about legalization. They are the perfect couple, with brains, balls, intellect and undying energy. We can thank our lucky starts for them. The chinese. I think they will be good for Africa. Its hard to say that as I pulled my finger at asian corporate companies I worked for and ran from that crap life. But this country needs a continental shift before anything will change. This need for burning, plundering and corruption needs to stop and sadly will only stop when nothing can be taken or when the ( good people )people rise up. I do have hope in Ramaphosa, unfortunately Zuma created a very corrupt regime thats legacy will burn us for a couple more decades. No one owns the plant agreed, however greed, corruption is already showing is hungry face. The malemanoma syndrome must be culled or educated with open ears and hearts.
  9. Chris Jay

    Nute Burn?

    Yip, hot dry winds can kill plants leaves, literally suck the marrow out of them. All the challenges we growers face. Overgrow Gaia system. You just reminded me to go get my girls out the wind, its literally blowing their knickers off. PS dont forget it could be a combination of factors. The hot dry winds could be causing issues with CO2 intake etc.
  10. I still have nightmares about a confrontation I had with a black mamba while learning to drive by myself in sugar cane fields on the Natal north coast. The mamba lifted up from the right fender and tried going for me through the windscreen. Have a huge amount of snakes around me, shame girlfriend almost stepped on a puffy this week while tending the goats. As long as they not around my animals I have no problem with them and always try and relocate snakes. Out dangerous snakes in EC are cape cobra, rinkhals and puffy. Below are a couple other entries I would like to enter to this months POTM.
  11. Chris Jay


    @Krieg That is a terrible story to hear. Also met a guy who was imprisoned for 5 years about 3 days after the judgement. Good news is he will only be in for a couple more months then he is out. Got a good deal for you cause I see your plants like you. Check your pm.
  12. @420sake and that is the problem 420sake. I sat with someone yesterday who is involved with chinese investors looking at licensing. The investors are looking at the western cape as its the easiest. They are importing all the machinery from the far east, including alot of the labour force. They could not invest in the eastern cape due to bureaucracy and they did not want to invest in Natal cause its run by a consortium of ex rugby players. I dont know how true all of this is, but as far as I am concerned the guy does know what he is talking about. I really just hope they let people grow at home, no tax, no license. Biggest problem is most governments see the tax dollars, and the ANC needs money, and generally does not have a clue what they are doing.
  13. Chris Jay


    Bloody good idea. Start taking clones, you have loads of material at the bottom of your plants and the flowers or balls should be showing by now. Even consider making some of your own seeds. Good luck and look forward to seeing your growth.
  14. Just a matter of interest before your comments. Go in with a good attitude and ask if you could get a refund or replacement rather than having skinner sisters slander online. That is terrible bud. My 2 cents.
  15. Chris Jay


    hi Krieg Welcome to 420SA. Lovely garden you have there. Can definetly vouch for biltong and budz genetics. You should see what the have on offer at the mo, limited genetics from Jungle Boys. The owner is a legend. He reminded me that we had met once before, I did not remember, but the oke is a meneer when I clicked on to the fact that we had met late one night in a pub. Genuine. Anyway hope to see more of those lovely strains you have going.
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