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  1. There has been a longtime campaign against cannabis brands, its not just about sales. In the USA a couple companies have been fighting lawsuits against these crap social media companies. Canna Cribs had their account suspended for 1 week, and they follow the community guidelines to a tee. I have tried every way possible, including speaking to some seasned social media managers to get my account back, sent template support requests. Sadly its the business of being in cannabis, all the big names clamp down on cannabis. Instagram deleted DabStars account with over a million followers a couple years ago. You must not forget evil trolls, ex girlfriends and the likes. One ex of mine blocked my account on IG, i could not use it. She called me and sat having coffee, I asked her to unblock me as I had lost a primary business of mine ( charging for IG posts ) , i literally watched the account open up again. I played her own game and banned her immediately so she could not do it again. I have lost alot of social accounts, domains , suspensions, bans in the past. You either got to work harder or smarter. I had a youtube video deleted 7 days ago and got a strike against my account. The reason was " false information". The video was of how cannabis kills cancer cells, based on scientific evidence in the description. I was funny enough chatting to Sister Vee about this last night, after the Canna Clubs video last night. Video , 3 parts is damn interesting. Twitter seems to be a great platform to market cannabis these days, hopefully the other assholes catch up soon.
  2. Hey, not sure its sold, its been on the market for just over a year now. It was R14 million and seems now 12 million. I might be wrong, but news travels fast here. https://www.algoafm.co.za/local/sa-s-oldest-pub-the-pig-whistle-inn-for-sale Their babootie is great, but you should try their steak nights, epic, also asian nights on wednesday and sunday roasts. All great value for money. I am sure new owners will bring in a breath of fresh air to the establishment, and the current/previous owners have been wonderful for the place and Bathurst village.
  3. Well done @West Coast Vaper, that venue looks super and I am sure you will host loads of happy vibes and parties there. Good luck and keep the updates coming, love watching canna business grow.
  4. Best way I found to store weed for longterm is the vaccum ( with clips on each side ) sealed rubber maid bins. The trim I keep in shopping for shopping bags to make hash and the nice flower in big ziplock bags with boveda packs. Simple to move and transport to.
  5. Sorry to hear, but glad you on a new path. I like the idea of a coop style forum, it was a vision in the past and does make sense for a cannabis community. I have sent you an email.
  6. Hi A brand new video published, including an interview with Tony Kerby from JAK Importers. He has over the last 2 years spent a fair amount of time in South Africa, tasting some of our finest. He has been a judge at the East Coast Cannabis Cup for the last two years and was the main sponsor for last weeks Canna Cup. Amazing man, with so much knowledge who has developed his own brand of lights in Michigan and recently started promoting and importing here to South Africa. The Canna Club interviewed him at the Bathurst Agricultural Show where he gives insight to the differences in the USA and South African market and his experiences in SA. Enjoy.
  7. If one reads anything about the news, corruption, we can conclude that Eskom is the cashcow for funding corruption and the "revolutionaries" lavish lifestyles. I am sorry that they are screwing the economy in its p''"s and wish one of our fake leaders had the balls to remove the well known skelms. Time to get off the grid, got two huge batteries today, and buying a new invertor on my way down to the East Coast Cannabis Cup.
  8. An amazing event last night to celebrate one of our legends, Frenchy Cannoli. We took part in a day to celebrate his life and made hash for several hours, tested some amazing flower, bubble hash and concentrates in a futuristic machine, The puffco. Do yourself a favour and watch the movie on Vimeo, it was incredible, even more incredible to connect with Madame Cannoli and Mila Jansen on a livestream after the movie. Happy days gents. Ouh la la. 4
  9. Welcome to the world of social media, keep your head down, your hands dirty and do what you need to do.
  10. That time of year and the East Coast Cannabis Cup is almost upon us. Last year was the first cup on east coast and this year its going to be bigger and better. Still at the same venue, Wacky Woods, check out the event details here. Any of you make last years cup, enter or doing so this year.
  11. I wish I could share, but they are not mine. luckily got several packs for my collection but this was an amateur video production set, making a brand.
  12. I love auto's. #thinkauto #thinkdifferent #thinkbig
  13. Love it, guy pulls a pump action on growers and tries to get involved, cute. Be careful of the crazies who are willing to lose legs and limbs.
  14. Glad to report back, a decent success. Seems like the polystyrene cups with composted manure have sprouted the best. The transplanting of them was simple, and definitely no root stress.
  15. 50 auto seeds in the dirt, holding thumbs we have 100% germination. I did run them in water for the first 24 hrs. Some seeds in a light compost/coir/perlite mix and some just in straight coir.
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