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  1. Wow, that is a tonne of seed bud. Nice view and your ladies look lovely.
  2. Thought of sharing this beautiful speciman of a plant that was grown by a pro, if I could show you more pictures. A lesotho highlands landrace. Harvested this yesterday and really looking forward to the smoke. Not getting many smells, but sure it will come out in the curing. Not my grow but been following this guy for years.
  3. until

    @420SA yeah sorry, event was sadly postponed. Hopefully in the near future. Happy harvesting.
  4. So the weekend is going to be huge, decided to create a fringe cannabis event and package it nicely for the cannabis community. Hopefully will see some of you there. #craft #cannabis #beer #gin #whatcouldgowrong
  5. After being called a snitch and thief last night publicly on the hotbox show by *AL W* I put two and two together, sent a private message to the manager of GTHydro asking what his problem is. Finally I am aware exactly who Alisdair Waldon aka ALEMO is and guys I know he is super cool and involved with the right people. But seriously to troll someone for years you have never met or even spoken to is worrying to say the least. His hate has been crazy, its such a relief to finally know where its all been coming from. " Our community could have been a lot further along by now if there weren't so many egos tripping over themselves. It is a damn shame actually. The age old adage of he who shouts the loudest I suppose..." Damn man, yes our community has been fighting over ego's as you say. What you dont realise is I have connected the dots, and hell fire is on its way. Gone through alot of posts, emails and contacted people who do know you. Your simple email of "Sorry" does not cut it. You can grow balls and make a public apology of all the crap you have been speaking, regardless of where you got your information. Damn its great to know the actual enemy you are fighting. Below is a copy of why Alemo is publically calling me a thief and snitch. "You hate that others no the real you at least everyone knows from my sleeve I'm a pos. At least I'm not a hypocrite. Lol. 435 thru Reem thru Reef etc etc etc. I've heard it all. Lol" "I wank at least 1ce a day. Mostly over your mother/dad's sister""
  6. I had a panic attack once from weed and literally thought I was going to die. I had a cold shower, tremble in my leg, spasms and went to bed quietly thinking this is it, YOU are going to die. I thought of waking up my GF, but decided against it. Went to bed thinking WTF, this is it, tomorrow is not going to be just another day. I still rate that weed was laced with something, not to sure, but it was the worst trip of my life. Smoking safely: I would also suggest people must get out of the habit of sharing bongs and joints. It spreads so many lung diseases we dont even realize. There is me say that and last night I hit a vape in a pub from someone who was from Colorado and said it was good THC. Lol. Advice is always great but following it is another story.
  7. New event poster for the Bathurst Show, Cannabis smack bang in the middle and GSR branding next to the big banks. Times are changing. #overgrow
  8. until

    Quite proud of this poster and event. We have a cannabis plant on the main poster for the event and also have a cannabis company advertising between some of the big banks and usually conservative farming NGO's. Tongues are wagging and their is resistance. There is so much happening this 3-5 weekend in Bathurst including a Craft Beer Festival. More info to come.
  9. " If you think smoking weed is addictive try growing it. " Of course its addictive, an obsession and art form. I think the whole process is an art form, each person has their own methods for better growing, popping seeds and even harvest/extraction. Some people play music, some only do things on full moon ( I believe it ) . Something I do which is creepy is I brush my hand through my females, I think they like it and there is method behind the madness. Actually decorating my outdoor garden with upcycled animal skulls today to try and keep the monkeys away and keep an eye on my girls. Even my gf is not allowed into my garden, its very much a personal space for me. Like a studio.
  10. Am I working it out right, R75.00 per gram. Sounds a bit inflated. Oh then there was only 15 kilos confiscated. SAPS what a sham.
  11. Guess the laws will need to be broken. Glad to hear they are finally allowing a regulated industry to be legal.
  12. Sad reality is seeds are not legal to sell or buy as the drugs and trafficking act includes seeds, eventhough they dont contain THC, the killer, addictive cannabinoid. It specifies dagga seeds as illegal to trade. I say some laws need to be broken, and support local seedabanks. Just got some amazing first gen seeds today from a neighbour. Did you know even bartering seeds is technically illegal, even if they are tomato seeds.
  13. We meet online again, on a forum! Welcome Buzz, trust you are getting some rest and fixing yourself. Hope you sorted out your extraction fan, it smells, Goooood.
  14. Gave these bags a run the past weekend and managed to get 15 grams of some decent hash from about 120 grams of bud. I did two runs with these fullmelt filtration bags and got less yield on the 2nd wash. The bags were easy to use and made from high quality materials. So the pack has 5 bubble bags, 6 in total including the 250um. And below is what I got from each screen in total. 38um - 7.1g 70um - 4.5g 120um - 0.7g 160um - 1g 190um - 3g
  15. Thank you to 420sa and the sponsors. Awesome way to finish a weekend, cheers to choosing my picture.
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