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  1. There is so much going on there. The upcoming workshop is sold out and they are rolling more stones in tomorrow. Seriously cool prizes up for grabs.
  2. Amazing crew of stoners , growers and cannabis cup winners headed up the sunshine coast several weeks ago. I met up with them half way and took them on a short tour ending up at my local for a lekker kaaier. Part 2 coming soon. On this Insiders Eco Tour we will embark on our first ever CannaCruise with a remarkable crew of 16 Garden Route Growers. We will head off to the Sunshine Coast of South Africa for a 2 day excursion where we will visit local Cannabis Clubs in the area, an experienced growers private grow space, and a licensed Aquaponic facility at an undisclosed location. Our first destination is the Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary where after we will proceed to Jeffrey's Bay.to pick up Oom Boom. Brace yourselves for an epic journey! Enjoy the episode & don't forget to smash that like & subscribe button πŸ™‚
  3. @The_StonedTrooper spill the beans bud? How you doing? Have you seen this place?
  4. WIN ‼️ It’s a spooky time of year πŸ‘» And this year we are going on a haunted hunt!! πŸŽƒ We have lost our QBG painted rock! 😱 Find it and win a cauldron full of prizes!! πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ Clues will be posted daily from Sunday! What's up for grabs this week. πŸ€1 x 10dm Wurmbosch Vermigro πŸ€1 x Umya Nutrients mini pack πŸ€1 x 2kg Madagascan Bat Guano πŸ€1 x Skyf.co Issue 3 magazine with frees seed πŸ€4 x Boveda Humidity packs πŸ€1 x Boveda Stash Jar πŸ€1 x Clone πŸ€1 x 6 Pack Jane Doe Lemonade πŸ€1 x R200 Charlies Pizza and Pasta Voucher Massive THANKS to our sponsors: BAT GUANO Charlies Pizza Summerstrand BeerYard Richmond Hill Brewing Co Hydrobiz Umya Nutrients Skyf.co Magazine Boveda Inc. Grohydro - Pty Limited . #easterncape #gqeberha #portelizabethsouthafrica #portelizabethbusiness #growgreenhappiness #nelsonmandelabay #treasurehunt #quickbuyngrow #QBG #winwinwin #competition
  5. Shops are popping up all over and found another fairly new awesome growshop.Was in PE a couple weeks ago and managed to pop in and get a few products/meet the people behind this company. Quickbuyngrow is based in Pickering Street, Gqeberha ( PE ) . Fully stocked shop with a huge variety of indoor and outdoor growing essentials. Top service, and the staff are very knowledgeable of their products. From top seeds through to indoor lights, you can get it. Been following them online and they are running some awesome competitions anyone can enter. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to keep updated on new product launches and competitions.
  6. Hey @Wondergom Welcome to 420sa, its a top South African growing community. I am surprised you were banned so quickly and does not sound right. I have had two other profiles banned since joining this community, but think it had more to do with smoked moderators at that time. The community here is very welcoming, and has always been a helpful resource to get answers, share information and have a banter. Look forward to seeing more of you here. Will sub to your reddit when I get back from town. Cheers.
  7. Just as a matter of interest, an old seasoned gardener, who used to own in a nursery in JHB and has a tunnel down here was complaining in the pub on Monday to me about how hardly any seeds have popped this season. I am talking chillies, lettuce, spinach etc. We could not agree on what it could be, he has fresh seeds, great soil, good quality water. He thinks it could be because of our erratic environment. As the crow flies I am one hill away, say 4 clicks from him. Popped 9 seeds of Victory Seeds from BNB last month, 100% germination rate. Strange days indeed. @Za Weed LoverI know you have spent alot of money, but suck up your pride, contact BnB, make a joke that maybe you just a kak grower, ask them to consider sending you some test seeds, and I am almost 100% certain they will help you out. They are a great bunch of guys, always willing to help out and stand by their products.
  8. Many thanks for your sound advice @Stefan, I will use this in the future and also refer a friend/activist who opened a case just last week against someone that I mentioned on here earlier. Cant wait to see him fried, hope he does not withdraw charges and goes the full hog. The troll publicly posted revolting/false information about him on FB, which I know can lead to a successful case and has been tried in court. JUst sad that wannebe activists are speaking like this about guys doing the hard hog. The essence of trolling below, 5000 friends and all she/he/it shares is memes and auntie gossip. Delete, block, see you in the dust. Sorry I had to go silent on this post for a number of reasons but leaving it here is a reference for the future.
  9. Municipal elections. We win a couple of these, we win national elections.
  10. I cant agree more. He is a brilliant soul, a huge passion and vision for South Africa, most importantly with the right intentions! The time is now guys, please support their run in this election. We have the momentum, the right political environment locally and internationally. If all activist groups could support this initiative I think we would see DP establishing themselves as a force in the coming future, both locally and nationally. Jeremy has the talk, lets help him walk.
  11. So gents, its an important time to get active in cannabis now. Jeremy Acton, the leader of the Dagga Party, got very close a couple years ago with national elections and had a small percentage of votes. Since then he has been working hard to organise candidates for this years municipal elections. I think they have about 9 candidates up for voting this year in the western cape. I really do think it is possible that they can take over a ward and lead the way for a dagga homeland!!! Dont forget Jeremy was instrumental in the reason why we can grow and smoke at home, not to mention opening the flood gates for all the "legal" cannabis businesss that we have today. If you are registered to vote and in the western cape, throw your vote at the Dagga Party. As I receive them I am going to load all the phenomenal DP candidates on here so you can see yourself. Viva Dagga. Please support, like, share, tag, promote. Its not that hard, takes a couple minutes. Play your part and lets see what the cannabis community can do. Dagga Party of South Africa aims 🌱to execute a Section 235 Right to Self-Determination in the Declaration of the Cape Metro as a Cannabis Homeland by council vote 🌱to unleash the industrial and nutritional benefits of cannabis to create jobs in the value-adding of Cannabis fiber into products, and🌱to generate sustainable energy by converting all municipal sewage treatment plants to produce biogas for local power generation, and 🌱to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. VOTE DAGGA PARTY. Quanita Booley Zainodean Dimitri Simmers
  12. Heya, I think I smoked your Black Cherry OG this time last week. Very classy smoke, great smells and a good looker. Nice work. Oh and love the artist work Rheece Moonjava did for the strain. He is a top class artist. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUAuKNysSyk/
  13. Even better, got to do 16 rabies jabs tomorrow, but then off to Pondoland.

  14. Same boat as you @Prom. Two street puppies, signed them up to dog school yesterday. Just spent 10 minutes finding one of my shoes.

    1. Prom


      same, found one of my sneakers behind the couchΒ πŸ˜‚

  15. A lekker uplifting song to celebrate heritage day and our freedom to smoke!!! Support the Dagga Party guys, they in the upcoming local elections.
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