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  1. @Psylecta If you have one of those sons of b^7ch3s, you have another. I would check my plants everyday. Give them a good shake and then look again. They usually arrive after a good rain and spin webs everywhere.
  2. Yes, been growing a fair amount since lockdown started. About 25 plants in total, also loads of veggies. Lekker to be eating out the garden everyday again.
  3. Chris Jay

    Pot Politics

    Sorry guys a little bit too much of the good moonshine. There certainly has been politics on here, and cant agree more than facebook, its a daily occurrence. Apologies about my outburst, I blame blueberry 65% proof and the trolls that nag me on a weekly basis. Trust all is well.
  4. Chris Jay

    Pot Politics

    Come on trolls, where you boys, you learnt to bite your lips? Thats good. You dont wish cannabis warriors jail time, or you not disgusted in what others are doing.
  5. Chris Jay

    Pot Politics

    Just thought of posting a topic about the pot politrix in the cannabis industry, and to all the wonderful angry trolls out there. Its really a sad affair and screws up what needs to be done. If you planning on getting involved or supporting cannabis, bashing peoples efforts is not the right way forward. Alot of it is 2nd hand information, fear, jealousy and coming from guys with vested interests in cannabiz. Focus on your own closest and start something big, go for it and dont let trolls stop you. This joint is for my trolls.
  6. Yip, security starts at the home. Go into your settings and turn of the geo location services.
  7. Happy harvest guys ,strung these up yesterday.
  8. Super topic. Also have some lockdown tobacco plants in my garden growing nicely. Easy plants to maintain and grow rapidly. I flippen bought 4 kilos of dried tobacco leaves about 5 days before the end of lockdown, drats. But always in need of mix! @Totemic you seem to know alot about tobacco. I am interested to know more about the processing of the leaves for commercial cigarettes. What is the point of dehydrating the leaves and rehydrating leaves before it is cut into something that you can roll? What suggestions do you have for home toasting your leaves?
  9. 13 seconds in and you realise what skunk generally means to most of the worlds weed population. Just thought I would post for some education.
  10. I think there is a strain called cat piss from Australia. When guys tell me this is purple haze, you smile and know what you dealing with and say thank you. You closer to the point of what skunk really is, lets go right back and ask why it was called skunk #1? Penny drop. Ask an artist what colour an orange is, ask a skunk dealer what a colour an orange is. That is the difference in skunk weed.
  11. Very awkward, cause I used to live in centurion, work with many cannabis activists and that was never the case. Atleast it was one up and on the norm of skunk being better than jat. Cause that what was skunk was. It was usuallly well grown outdoor swazi with a pip or two in old big bank bags for R50 - R100. 2007/2008 I remember it was when after years of prices being stagnant that was the time when prices started fluctuating, it was the start of indoor and strain specific weed. That was the year the first indoor grow shop started in Randburg and when cheese arrived, probably a couple years earlier.
  12. Wanted to give you double tap for your reply @PsyCLown. But there are some excellent strains out there, seedbanks are upping their game, its easier to find out exactly what you are growing, but damn there are guys making fortunes in the seed market. I have always tried sticking with private breeders, and not commercial seedbanks. You always seem to find some unreal strains through them strange guys in the hills. If I could find a dude called snowhigh again, I would be a very happy person. He supplied me with amazing genetics a couple years ago. The one I remember above the rest was called "pipedream". Saved my life. Favorite right now: Cali Orange. New creations: Any solid hybrids bred with african sativa's. Power. Put some kush in it, afghan, mix some mazar-i-sherif in there you have an easy outdoor growing strain.
  13. As a farmer I try and use common sense and only water my plants in the morning. I dont want the water to be sitting, damp while the big light ( sun ) is off. I prefer catching my veggies in the morning and greasing their roots with some nice sky juice.
  14. Ah a toti boy. Yip it probably stank of mold and was in your dealers crotch area for a couple hours while he was hussling. Using the term skunk has been used by jat dealers for decades to market weed. But toti did and does have good weed.Shame recently a guy I knew from Toti took his own life. Very bad, such a nice guy, a bit mental, but he had a huge heart and always made me laugh. He loved his weed. Skunk is probably one of the strains that is in most of the weed we smoke today. Its name is a total screw up. I think you and your mates got the name Skunk, totally confused BTW. But thats banana boys for you.
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