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  1. This is a developing story here in South Africa of Khoisan protestors outside the houses of parliament being arrested for their legal cannabis crop. I will post more later, right now, video and links. SAfrican indigenous 'king' arrested for growing pot at presidency | AFP BBC News South Africa's 'King Khoisan' arrested over cannabis plants at president's... Protesters planted the cannabis in a vegetable garden near the South African president's workplace.
  2. Not many people did give a shit, or thought things could just stop. David and Goliath story. Thinking about it, unreal how quickly they stopped. I think it was a little bit of magic that happened. No one from the group of activists has met the journalist who published the story, it was just a group of people with a common cause who saw the tragic spraying that took place on those mountains. Also think the powers that be, saw the shitstorm coming and folded their wings. The cops used to have shirts printed saying : " Just Spray IT " with a swoosh of a helicopter underneath.
  3. You never know, but I dont think so. However "agent orange" was a herbicide used in the Vietnam war and was a military grade herbicide made by the same company. The production of agent orange also supposedly stopped in the 70's but have lots of ties to Monsanto, RoundUp and Agent Orange. From 1965 to 1969, the former Monsanto Company manufactured Agent Orange for the U.S. military as a wartime government contractor.
  4. Its sounds far fetched but lots of truth in there. I think the Spraying in Pondoland was more along the lines of no one gave a shit, an American company ( Monsanto) tightly involved and funded by DEA/CIA were running out of places to use their Agent Orange, South Africa was ripe for the picking. It was the ass end of the "drug war" and South Africa was a little insignificant, even if you take into account the growing area and the amount of biomass that is exported. Spraying humans, animals and land with a cancer causing chemical should not be a problem. Throw in the "I LOVE DAGGA" sticker. "The South African Police Service’s National Air Wing spent more than three weeks spraying dagga plantations with a chemical called Kilo Max, in the greater Lusikisiki area. Drugs have proven to be a very difficult plague to control, not only in South Africa, but throughout the world. These exercises literally nip the dagga problem in the bud. It goes without saying that the abuse of drugs leads to other more serious crimes such as rape, murder, attempted murder and robbery with aggravated circumstances. Therefore, it has become imperative that we must be extremely decisive in the steps we take to drastically minimize this scourge. In this operation, some unknown people have been distributing stickers with messages such as "I love dagga" and pamphlets stating that the methods we are using to destroy the dagga, are unsafe and detrimental to the environment. This is not true. The dosage used is so minimal that it only kills the dagga plant. We have found that the natural vegetation surrounding the dagga plants survives the spraying. These people even went as far as inciting people to cause harm to our police officers." "Dagga plantations have been sprayed in this area for over 20 years. In all this time, not one person has been reported to have suffered any form of illness as a result of the chemical used." Source
  5. Its a deep , dark and sad story, and there should be a follow up to it, people/animals and land were taken advantage of. It feels like my catalyst, the guy who fought on the ground is sleeping on the other side of the house currently, I drink ( accidently ) with the guy who used to refuel those choppers and host them at the bottom of the Umzimvubu, we have had a couple debates, polar opposites. I gave this badge to Jules and Myrtle one night when they were about to go to sleep, you should have heard them when it landed on their bed. I think we had a coffee and another joint. https://www.instagram.com/p/BeuaDXaAAlr/ The whole operation was funded by the CIA that are in South Africa !!!! It was Simon Strainhunter on the ground, a surfer journalist and the might of the DC / FOGFA that put the nail in the coffin for this operation. It was a huge internationally funded operation and took place in Natal, Mpumulanga and down here in Pondoland. It also happened cross border, from Mpumulanga to Swaziland. Amazing what a handful of activists did and accomplished through the power of media.
  6. Below are the latest two episodes, so what you guys think of this documentary? Some pictures taken by Simon yesterday with Natie from Qure.co.za
  7. Sorry to hear that, but if you were not using it, its not a big loss. Hopefully oneday these companies will allow cannabis companies to advertise and publish like the rest. I dont know of any recent page deletions, but I get community warnings every few months, on both IG and FB. Because of these companies policies, cannabis brands pages can be deleted at any given moment. no recourse. I have had a couple FB pages deleted, been shadow banned for a couple years and get the regular community warnings. I had a youtube channel around 2010 taken down, it was making some decent money off it, about 7500 subscribers, got 3 content warnings over the course of 2 months, woke up one morning. DELETED! Dagga Party also had a big loss when their FB page ( 50k likes ) was hacked, taken over by a some some idiots and had to start again. FB was not interested in restoring rightful ownership.
  8. Wishing you all the best for 2022, happy growing y'all.
  9. I can recommend that Medicinal Plant book, its unreal, want a copy myself. I went to a remote farm last week, saw it on the kitchen table and could not stop reading it, it has everything in there, EVERYTHING. Funny enough going to that same farm this morning. The woman who lives there only leaves once a month, as its very remote, roads are difficult to drive even in a 4x4. She used to work at this unreal healing place down the drag from me.
  10. Happy xmas to all of you to. Cheers to a productive 2022.
  11. If you listen to their music you will know they have worked with some big labels. Interesting characters. Enjoy.
  12. Mostly everyone, but for decades people have looked after, shared and grown landrace seeds from remote places. They change in appearance, unstable and a bitch to grow. Watch that part again, listen to Arjan sniff and go hmmmm,OK. Watch it again. Ruben is one of the top growers in that region of PSJ, and great musician, good man. Grows some of the dankest bud I have ever seen. Its exciting to grow something unique, especially our landrace in SA. The world is looking at our local landrace because of the high prevalence of THCV, unique to our part of the world. I think studies have been done about this since the early 80's, but everyone was mostly focused on THC. I wish it was that easy for people, there are online catalogues, but only a couple that have done the real work and documented their findings. Sadly these seeds are not available with a click of a mouse button. Great discussion, opinions and debate. Have you guys seen the online debate taking place on Facebook, about biopiracy, stealing landrace and how GHS has no integrity, how do you feel about that?
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