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  1. This is a very interesting recently published article below, with links to scientific reviews. From a layman, farmer, promoter, I think I have struck gold with Durban Poison. Whoever I sent beans to recently via 420sa, you sitting with gold to and hope they grow. Kicks heels. " The origin of cultivated or domesticated cannabis can be traced to East Asia, including parts of modern-day China. The finding challenges previous research stating that cultivated cannabis originated in Central Asia. " "In addition, McKernan et al. found that reads from these genes and pseudogene copies may be mismapped if many pseudogene copies of THCAS and CBDAS were not assembled in a reference genome because the DNA sequences for most of these copies are more than 90% similar with each other. "
  2. I think the one limiting factor for Zimbabwe's jump into the cannabis industry is "investor confidence". Within this century Zimbabwe broke international laws when expropriating farming land and businesses, regardless of the tribal politrix and failed state, these countries investing I am sure are holding back. I am friends with a number of ex zim farmers, who are farming here, and they wont be going back anytime soon, and sadly they all saw South Africa is like a deja vu of Zimbabwe. We are always about 10 years behind the States, and yes when they change something, the whole world adjusts. A good example of mountain outlaw growers would be the Humboldt county, the black market cannot keep up with illegal sales of cannabis and I think SADC is in the same position. Even the legally licensed guys with research permits are taking camping gear, lots of "cooking oil" into Lesotho to bring their product into the legal market because they cant legally sell here.
  3. Think its a great idea. Was looking at the Xiaomi ( Loot sent a mail about stocking them) products yesterday for home automation, I look at automation crap quiet often when I have smoked too much, dream, plan etc, never really bought into yet, but its coming. They seem affordable, wide range of local products available and lots that have not been shipped here. I am personally looking at it for a better security system, with a little household automation. They also cross-compatible with other hardware and have stuffs that I dont understand as yet. Funny enough this week an old contact is also taking me through their proprietary seed to sale software, www.growtrack.io ,which has already made a name for itself in Lesotho to help automate the cultivation process.
  4. 6mb bush wifi from my side will never work. I even find that notifications lag, but that is from my side.
  5. Smoking in the future. Some dried and cured somango.
  6. Amazing pictures of nice bud shots @Green Leaf Organics, more importantly how did they smoke?
  7. Yes, less room for error with soilless, thats why it can be dangerous.
  8. So our tunnel is up and hundreds of cabbages are planted. Thinking of planting some seeds in the next week or so, but already messing around with some recently harvested chillies.
  9. Awesome, glad you enjoyed the post. It helped me alot and mainly help me to stick to soil. No ball aches ever with soil less environments. Like the guy says, "Way more efficient, but dangerous!".
  10. Already pretending to farm on a plot of land, so now trying to start a revolution in our local town. The goal is to up the game of weed been grown.
  11. An unreal show about nutrients from a formulation chemist. Nick Morin from Canna Cribs sits down with George Murray of Ventana Plant Science to discuss some of the important chemistry that goes into formulating a nutrient line. Whats even more interesting, at the end of the show they discuss a step by step guide to formulate your own nutrition program.
  12. Thanks for awesome service from BnB. Received my pack of auto's late last night. Too many strains to mention but opened a whole new door for me and auto seeds. Got some highlife cup winners from Victory seeds and some Thai autos from Ethos, not forgetting to mention some futuristic BnB grinders that I am keen to try out. So question, its never to late to grow an auto?
  13. Hi @Weskush, I have just started selling a range of locally produced CBD products that I am totally behind and believe in. I have been searching for a supplier halfheartedly for months. Met up with the owner and he is legit, honest, and can also provide the paperwork/analysis if need be. I have not loaded them to my website as yet, but have stock of tinctures, oils, salves and serums. I have had good feedback from the people that have already bought from me. If you still interested drop me a message and I will send you a pricelist. @prom Sorry for your experience and it would piss me off too, especially for medical reasons and today we have all the tools and technology to test. But its also the reason why I like to know the people I buy/work or deal with as you can never know people too well even if they are a pastor or priest.
  14. Wearing shorts and tees in the middle of winter at 420am in #ec buds.

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