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  1. Getting ready to watch these guys live in studio recording.
  2. Started working 100 dried plants yesterday, and excited about the chilled project.
  3. About 48 hours away from making the material needed to make a brick or 10, and damn now got involved in building an entire pump house. FML, but viva cannabis. Remember hemp? Dagga’s non-narcotic cousin, the wonder plant that was going to alleviate rural poverty, stimulate small enterprises, provide jobs, houses, textiles, paper, food and possibly even save us from global warming and the oil crisis? Well, that’s what we were told when the government launched the National Hemp Initiative back in 1998. So where are all the fields of waving weed? Source How sad
  4. Awesome video just been published by the Canna Club, education, acknowledgement and good times. Check the birds eye view of this farm. Quiet something. No dates for the Canna Cup are official, but looks like the last 3 days of July are the days to be in Plett at the Canna Club.
  5. I always try and support local and would love to see a quality local rolling paper brand, there was one a year or so ago, I forget the name. Myrtle, one half of the DaggaCouple taught me a lesson, after discussing something once. She said along the lines of support yourself, then your home, then your neighbours, then your community, province, country etc. That lesson stuck in my head and is generally how I try and spend my time/money now. However on the other hand something that finally pissed me off recently is the following. I am a farmer and try my best to support local. I been buying homem
  6. Please edit if this is not allowed! The annual Bathurst Agricultural Show has been postponed two years straight. I met with the Agricultural society last week as they still want to run "mini shows", such as the horse show that ran last weekend. They are limited to 250 attendees at any given time and running a mini "informational" show at the end of May and would still like to include cannabis as category. The foot traffic is limited, there wont be many stall holders allowed, so I suggested I sell wall space e.g cannabis companies can rent wall space, place their brand on the wall. I have b
  7. This is actually an interesting post made by Reeferman on FB about 30 minutes ago, from the perspective of a breeder. Same happened to me here, guys shredding nguni during the massive postal strike several years ago, resent orders twice sometimes, one guy recommending not to buy from nguni and had never bought from nguni himself!!!!! I actually still have a returned seed order, in the envelope, looking forward to opening it one day.
  8. Thats where integrity street cred and past experiences come into play. I personally dont care what packaging my seeds come in. I have received seeds from around the world with alot of difficulty, but I trust the breeders I received from e.g Franco sent me Pure Kush seeds in banky, albeit they were branded bankys. 3 international breeders have used my pictures for their sale sites, no permission asked, absolute honour to me that they chose my pictures and shared them. About 2 months ago I was roadtrippin, went into a store, browsing around, saw a book, picked it up, spent some time flippin thro
  9. Hate can be an amazing energy when used correctly and channeled into the right direction. Oh yes best advice with trolls is to block and terminate all contact as quickly as possible. However I have a couple of trolls that one could classify as cyberstalking/bullying. Take JP Ras Victor, he has stalked me for years, 9th of Feb this year, he created a new FB profile, Oliver Visage, to send me messages. He has done this for about 5 years now. My reaction was block and notify friends in common of the fake profile. If you should listen and see some of the conversations, audio recordings you
  10. Amazing what South Africans are capable of, a paper published on CBD and breast cancer. The study was completed at Nelson Mandela Bay Uni. Had the fortunate opportunity to meet this researcher a couple years ago, Amy well done for getting your first published paper out.
  11. Dem trolls are out, leading me closer to the honeypot. Check this email I just received from NORML HQ: Anyway, they can keep coming, I just hope they will show face oneday, probably not, cause that is what fakes do. If you questioning if NORML is functional, you speaking with the wrong people. On the ground, blazing some serious trails as we have done since 2008.
  12. Hey, so been asked to assist a manufacturer to source some hemp hurd and thought of sharing this fairly easy product/resource to make. The hurd is the core of the cannabis plant, if you remove outer bark and fibre, you get to the hurd. Although a pain in the ass to remove all the bark, the old school method is done by retting the cannabis stems in water, after that it is easy just to pull it off. The manufacturer wants to use the hurd to make a sample of hemp bison boards. Since its harvest season, you might be wondering what to do with all your stems, if you have grown 1 Hectare of cannabis,
  13. Also saw this post from @Futurama Hydroponicswith some products not mentioned above: Treatments such as the EcoBuz Disease Pro Preventative Bio-Fungicide are also a safe and natural treatment for fungal disease and are safe to use during flowering.⁠ We have also just got in the Buddi range of pest control sprays!
  14. Looking great, clean and fresh. Very easy to navigate. Now to market and get your new site out there!!
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