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  1. "As happy as a pig in shit. " Digger the pig. Thought you might like to see the video. Absolute bliss.
  2. That is a swell idea. What is so nice about that area is almost no maintenance required. Pop a bean at grows. Perfect climate. I really do miss the midlands. Found a little spot here that as you walk into the valley, the vegetation changes and climate changes, and reminds of Natal. Good luck and pop those beans.
  3. Alberton I think has the Green Sesh Market and Voodoo Shop, or it might be benoni.
  4. @Bakstein420 No not mine, a picture by reeferman in colombia looking at choosing the best males and female of Pink Kush. All within boundaries of linking!!
  5. Bro we got back orders for eggs and only support our regular buyers.. Just causing kaka with the winner of eggs. Been walking around saying we the 2nd best eggs in Lower Albany. Fuck that crap. I wont to won goats ( Boer ) ,pigs ( Landrace ) , chickens ( rhode island red ) and black poison in cannabis. I will also win pineapple throw champion of the world ( 39 metres) . I want to break 40 metres this year and keep the belt. if you dont eneter you dont win. What i do know is you will win Pink Kush from the legit reeferman.co which was a cannabis cup winner and currently be grown in Colombia.
  6. Okjust caught some trouble on FB: I dare anyone with a big mouth to enter. You might be lucky to get 2nd prize.I entering eggs, goats, pigs and cannabis. And only going for 1st place, no 2nd best eggs in Lower Albany! Pierre Rossouw you were lucky last year for best eggs. New comers luck,your eggs suck. The 2020 Bathurst Agricultural Show will be a memorable one. Cannabis Sativa will be making its 2nd dagga debut. Check this page for further information.
  7. Gave her a quick manicure last night before her first public appearance but sadly got hit by loadshitting. And have started a small flame. So this black poison from GSR will be my entry to the 112th Bathurst Agricultural Show. Its already the 2nd plant entered and many many more potentials. Serious judges and serious prizes. The 2020 Bathurst Agricultural Show is around the corner, only a few months away! This year is going to be a big year for cannabis too! The Bathurst Agricultural Society has included cannabis sativa as an official category gardeners and growers may enter into. This will the 112th annual agricultural show and packed with its traditional events and it should be a bumper year. So brace yourself for the 3,4,5 April 2020. Source
  8. Hotbox Show starts at 8:30pm tonight on youtube. #hotboxshow #cannabispromoter


  9. Ahh not really, and totally worth it. Get goats, that is alot of hard work, especially when people have trained them as house pets. Luckily its all coming together and they have found their place. Love turning compost, when I get the energy or want to let off steam. Cheers.
  10. Naaaice prizes. I am going to enter. Just thinking of a good winner picture to take.
  11. @CreX Totally homemade. Generally no external resources, all locally claimed stuff. I make compost throughout the year and use a variety of manures from the farm and neighbours. External resources are epsom salts from a friends mine, I will be buying molasses soon and collecting kelp from the beach to make a tea. Go as far as chopping my own wood and using the ash for the soil too.
  12. I must say you did inspire me. But I sold all my indoor equipment long ago. Oh I lie, I still have two custom boxes for drying biltong and vegging clones. My days of tinkering are long over sadly. But I am subbed to your post and would like to see your development.
  13. until

    Full steam ahead. Cannabis has its own category at this years agricultural show. It will be under "fresh farm produce" and ironically "Pot Plants". Anyone is welcome to enter their plant and I can assure you the prizes will be epic. Any businesses that would like to attend please contact me directly as I am the organizer for this event. Still finalizing pricing and a few small details. But had the "big yes" from the Agricultural Society and Director of the Bathurst Showgrounds.
  14. Good content and nice articles. For anyone who is interested juicing cannabis is brilliant for the body. Dr Ben Dlamini taught me this many moons ago. The eSwatini activist swears that steeping one leaf in hot water is what kept him so healthy in life. It is delicious, earthy and refreshing. My chicken loves adding weed leaves to smoothies. Always delicious smoothies, mix with whatever fruit, veggies we have. Something that is fairly hard to find is shelled hemp seeds, but when you do, you wonder why its not a staple meal. You can throw these seeds on anything, in anything or just eat raw. Actually was chatting to a man close to me just the other day, talking about cannabis and looking at his plants. Quickly whipped up some hemp milk for him from hulled hemp seeds. Just add water, blend. Viola. Did you know cannabis seeds are the most nutritious seed in the world? It beats flax by miles.
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