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  1. Thought some of you guys might like this interview with Natie from Dagga Farmacy talking about cannabis, seeds and other interesting topics. Another local company is Boom & Co, and Ray interviews the owners, Arne and Wynand during the weekend.
  2. I setup a “Potcast ” studio/ lounge in the Cannabis Hall to at the show to stream interviews with the people and companies that attended. Here is the first published interview with the Cannabis Co and below is the 2nd published interview with Green Smoke Room Seeds partner Dave Tait. Ray interviews Sharn Stead, a partner from The Cannabis Co, at the 2022 Bathurst Agricultural Show, held in Bathurst Eastern Cape. Dave Tait, a partner at Greensmokeroomseeds.com, was recently interviewed by Ray at the 2022 Bathurst Agricultural Show. Dave showcased GSR products and service offerings during the 3 day event and took some to talk about the history of GreenSmokeRoom and the GreenGrowRoom, and where they are heading. He also speaks of landraces and his favorite strains. One of the main sponsors for the 2020 - 2022 Bathurst Show.
  3. Best advice would be not take that first injection of indoor dagga, you will spend the rest of your life growing and smoking herb and wanting to take long walks on the beach. Grow chillies or something.
  4. I will give you the answer to minimum requirements at the bottom of this post. I just started growing indoors a couple weeks ago for the first time in over 10 years again. I swore I would never do it again and then a butterfly flew past. I asked about a year ago what a basic indoor setup would be, I think it was mentioned a budget of 10K. @SkunkPharm, those are the real minimum requirements, but there are monthly costs and unforseen costs. Last night for example my budget was blown out the roof, need a pH/EC meter, an airpump, some peroxide and a unit that cleans the air ( ionizer ?? ) , it was even mentioned an air conditioner would be good ( FT aircon and eskom ) . Further to that we needing more rockwool, gladwrap, batteries and the list is like a bottomless pit of money. So my final answer for minimum requirements is balls of steel and a bank balance to match for growing indoors.
  5. And they have done it again, great work Bertie and even better to come through such a distance and support the Agri Show, that is what cannabis community is about. Love these people.
  6. The Canna Club was there and just published this great video of the 3 days. Enjoy.
  7. Congrats @Totemic, well done for giving it a shot. I am sorry to hear about the closure of Totemic, a brand I never tried growing but really enjoyed following and seeing its growth plus the smoke. Wishing you the best for your new ventures.
  8. FOGFA have a print out you can keep next to your door for basic rights, wish I could find it. We were talking about this recently and experienced it once or twice. Funny enough cops do listen if you are polite, experienced it myself a couple times. Be careful out there, cops are a law unto themselves and can change your life in a matter of minutes, regardless of the law or draft law. I am sure there are many people that would write about that and from an activism point of view it is important to share good information like this. Write an article about it.
  9. I would love to find a quote I read from a lawyer about cannabis in SA, how the people are creating the market and culture. He said it perfectly. With the rejection of the last bill by the people, seems like we are winning a bit. The biggest thing is support, and here is one for you guys in CT. The Global Cannabis March, step out and support. This will help in so many ways, buy hemp, buy weed from Cannapax, grow more than 8 plants. Ovagrow the system they trying to control.
  10. That is what is great about stepping outside ones home and seeing for oneself. I think GOA has about 24 "licensed" coffee shops now, all according to them within the legal framework. Now that is not coming from a stoner but an expensive lawyer who speaks latin and a big briefcase. Cannapax, dont hang with people who purchased the cheapest franchise in South African history by R175K. The interesting people who went with Cannapax ( trail blazers ) and navigated the murky waters with them, did not talk crap wanting the owner of cannapax 20 years jail time, developed the strategy, never gave up and running a successful social club, hats off to you. You are what the industry needs.
  11. Amazing weekend guys, check the latest hotbox show with a review of the cannabis cup. Will post pictures shortly.
  12. @Totemic, you were in the competition. I sampled the bud that someone entered of yours. There were about 50-60 flower strains entered. Loved meeting the main man from praxis glass, loved watching him blow glass, and I finally met the owner of zadankness, spotted him in the crowd and cornered him. A seriously awesome event, lots of action, smoking and fun. More importantly it was well attended from far and wide. See you next year.
  13. 10 2nd hand units available. Negotiable if you would like more than one working lamp. The Gavita Pro 1000e DE Grow Light from the Gavita Pro-Line has the highest PAR output light, improved spectrum and offers the best light maintenance (> 95% PAR light over one year of use). This becomes the most efficient 1000W lamp, specifically developed for electronic ballasts. It, therefore, is the lamp of choice for the most demanding professionals or growers. The Gavita 1000 Pro-Line is available as a complete fixture with the highly efficient and professional ballast Hortistar HR 1000. 96. For the sake of convenience, efficiency and safety, the ballast low heat release can be mounted close to your lamps. Having your ballast close to your lamp reduces the amount of EMI (RF interference). Both ballasts are watt adjustable, allowing them to control a wide range of EL lamps to increase from 10% to 15% light output, making it the highest light intensity on the horticultural market. FEATURES 1000W 400V EL Double ended lamps No acoustic resonance Up to 8% more grow light Light maintenance after 5000 hours> 95% Available as a complete assembly or ballast distance Adjustable 600/660/750/825/1000/1150 watts The system design and concept by Gavita A waterproof case (class I) with vent plug Gore-Tex Microprocessor controlled Professional UV resistant rubber wiring Very low heat dissipation and optimal cooling SPECIFICATIONS Input Voltage240-277 V Current Input240V 4.42A Input Power1060 Watt Current Input240V 5.06A Input Power1220 Watt Power Factor> 0.98 Input Frequency50-60 Hz Output ConnectionIEC C14 power cable 10 ft with 240V outlet Dimensions22.3 “/ 567mm (length) x 9.4” / 240mm (width) x 13.4 “/ 341mm (height) Temp. Cases * (ICA C.)20 to 50 C Ica Reflector Material96 pm Hortistar 1000, rue support, aluminum Miro Light SourcePhilips 1000W GP TD EL Luminous Flux138,000 Lumens (indicative) PPF1850 pmol / sec
  14. The Bubble Bag Kit is all you need for extracting herbal resins and pollens from plant matter. Bubble bags separate your herbal plant extract into different grades with each specially designed mesh filter bag. These bags are made from the highest quality materials. This kit also includes a 25 micron blotting screen which is an essential part of the drying process and a carry bag for convenient storage. The 5 Gallon Bubble Bag Lite kits can process approximately 200 grams (dry weight) of plant material at a time. FEATURES Long lasting high quality nylon material Built-in cord for easy binding the bag after being extracted Corresponding colour micron bags are labeled for proper order Different micron bags for filtering different grades of herbal resins PACKAGE CONTENTS 5 gallon 220 micron work bag 5 gallon 160 micron contaminant removal bag 5 gallon 73 micron crystal collection bag 5 gallon 25 micron crystal collection bag 1 Blotting Screen 1 Storage Pouch for your Bubble Bags 220 160 120 73 25
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