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  1. Yes it does take sometime, but I just hang the bag up and sway it around every now and again. It does take time. Its important to clean your bags to, those holes can get clogged up quickly.
  2. The wheel always turns. Keep honest, deliver on your word, try your best and life should be easy sailing.
  3. Reading through your post and thinking about it. it makes sense to have an entry fee. You get respect for it, I am talking about the people paying the entries. It can be used for the distribution costs, so you dont have suppliers letting you down. Free does not work, people dont respect free. Throw the entries into a kitty of sort and make the winnings bigger or lets donate that as a community to the Dagga Couple/ Fields of Green for All. Afterall they are the reason why we can grow in the first place. I dont think you should eliminate newbie growers, but of course they need to be active in the community. Just want to say keep it up. I won 3rd prize in a comp on here last year, never expected anything and received my prize very quickly. Great community!!
  4. Excellent information and thank you for sharing. Bottomline is I am going to stick to what I am doing. My plants are only watered from a separate rain water tank, no additives. Used to be very proud of my drinking water, mainly rain water and spring water from a few kms away. Sad reality is today, I said aloud to my partner, my entire water system needs an update. Its 10 years old already, drips, leaks, rusted connectors. Gulp, money money money but going to make something better. Thank you again.
  5. @Bospatrollie2 Nice info. We been using bleach as a way to keep the bacteria in check, would you suggest peroxide rather? Something else that helps us is a settling tank. We pump borehole to the settling resiviour with a small filter ( homemade LECA and charcoal ) about knee deep. I clean out the muck about once a year. It then pumped to main tanks, one is a settling tank again and the other is the main pumping tank. The settling tanks really have helped, helped with the basic filters ( string and charcoal ) coming into the house.
  6. Yip, I would say DP is one of the top 5 strains in the world! There are defiantly local guys breeding DP genetics now that it has become popular, and in demand. I think it is more marketing than anything. Below is a Lesotho landrace strain ( close to the original DP ) that "we" been growing for a couple of seasons. Lovely producer and closest to sativa I have seen. https://twitter.com/softsecrets_usa/status/1257276817947402240
  7. Hey. Thanks for the offer of seeds, and we can definitely talk. Just need to get ducks in a row. @John Stonedwell African strains are very interesting, like their cannabinoid profiles. Wait until the story of Durban comes out, it hopefully inspires and I think there is an interesting way to get the original Durban Poison back to SA. I am busy writing the fairytale about DP, where it started, the journey its taken until now , a couple detours, a few crosses and then it makes it way to maybe the top 5 strains in the world. Its a labour of love and amped that the article has been purchased already.
  8. And what a tribute the show was, tears in my eyes watching that great man. Hotbox is a fantastic team. The show will go on. And to the 420SA community, thank you for the smile. Just keep signing petitions, sharing, speaking, it helps all of us. And like Jules envisioned for cannabis in SA, fields of green for all.
  9. Yip, a labour of love. Been collecting, documenting since before it was cool. Mates still joke about me smoking malawi twak. Some of our landraces are listed on Phylos Galaxy and also being tested in Spain, Lesotho and Israel. Last night was the 2020 HighLife Cup, it was quite cool to be mentioned, and lost in translation with regards to Durban Poison. Durban Poison article coming out soon, 2500 words and counting. Dreaming big, looking forward and planting those seeds.
  10. Swazi was never made into cob. It used to be called Swazi Red ( Rooi ) . About to speak to a chap who collected these famous seeds in the 70's/80s, took them to US of A and Amsterdam, a Mr Mel Frank.
  11. A little late but you can help with the campaign #CanCannabisHelpSA. Its been running for several weeks already, sign the petition, that will be closed soon and all the signatures collected will help. A great man lost but not forgotten.
  12. Just got my local seeds ( last week ) for next season , lineup as follows: Amadeadly Dag Queen Reg Afgan Roadkill Reg BnB Cheese Fem Farmacy Somango Fem Going to grow a couple kush, cheeses and do some african varieties, including a couple african varities in honour of the late Julian Stobbs.
  13. Wow, that is a tonne of seed bud. Nice view and your ladies look lovely.
  14. Thought of sharing this beautiful speciman of a plant that was grown by a pro, if I could show you more pictures. A lesotho highlands landrace. Harvested this yesterday and really looking forward to the smoke. Not getting many smells, but sure it will come out in the curing. Not my grow but been following this guy for years.
  15. until

    @420SA yeah sorry, event was sadly postponed. Hopefully in the near future. Happy harvesting.
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