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  1. Iqela Lentsango: The Dagga Party of South Africa is a South African political party founded in February 2009 by Jeremy Acton, who remains the party's leader. The party's position is that cannabis users should have the same rights as people who use tobacco and alcohol.Acton was one of the people responsible for bringing the case before a South African court which resulted in the partial decriminalisation of dagga in South Africa.
  2. Getting all hot and sweaty with all this geek speak. 420% understand, just wish I knew how to code properly, if only I had not dropped that Java book down on chapter 4. Its happening across the globe and here in SA and Lesotho, African Landraces. I am going to a licensed grow in Lesotho around end of March to see some landraces that have been grown for about 3 years, they are currently flowering 10000 plants!!
  3. Great news for you. There is not just one book, I think there are 2 or 3 and a movie!!! One from his wifes perspective. But the original is worth the reread anyway. If you guys are talking and loving local, consider buying our own SA born smugglers book, The Unexploded Boer by Erich Rautenbach. He sadly passed away from cancer about 3 years ago and was then based in Canada. Its a great read too, you can buy it locally, try bidorbuy or takealot. He was a genuine man/smuggler/stoner. I got him to sign his book too, damn I am posting the message, it means alot.
  4. I met Franco briefly many decades ago in London, never met Simon or Arjan. I got GHS hooked up with Dr Ben Dlamini ( ex Registrar of the Examinations Council, and cannabis activist ) and a couple growers we had been assisting. Iam not to sure why i did not meet them, I used to be very underground and avoid most things due to working for companies that did not appreciate cannabis. My best meet was Howard Marks, I think around 2007/08 when he was doing a tour in SA. His book was published in '95, Mr Nice, was one of the main reasons I started getting involved in cannabis and it was an absolute
  5. Not to sure how you set it up, but the API might be less resource intensive than using an iframe? Plus also the iframe would be pulling data from overseas servers. The pdf is perfect, exactly what I was talking about. Awesome work, now just to make it work for you. One of my best experiences, assisted Franco with his venture into SA/Swaziland, and afterwards he sent me 5 kilos of GHS stuff. Something I did not expect. What an amazing man, RIP. This has been happening since the 90's, but there still are landraces, its the reason why I say Durban is rated as the top 10% rares
  6. I think it has gone way past users grow journals, but like I said before they are important. You have sites like https://en.seedfinder.eu/ and phylos.bio. They have good references to seeds, names, breeders, lineage etc. Including South African breeders, both here and abroad. What I would really like to see on seed sale sites is a rough cannabinoid profile of what to expect. One of the reasons is I am looking for high myrcene and THC seeds at the moment, and other reasons is the technology is available for it to be tested, so it can be made available.
  7. I think you missed the point. They breed and sell internationally, so what you saying. Dont worry. You probably dont get out much. Do you know what it takes to show face, attend meetings, setup stands, speak to people, sell your product.
  8. I think there is already an established local craft cannabis industry here in South Africa, for sometime too. Since Cannabist is a local seedbank I think you should invest heavily in local genetics, breeders. We have guys like @Totemic and AmaDeadlly who have already established reputations who probably would like an extra sales funnel. Offering these craft local seeds would only be a win win for everyone. Loco is lekker. If the price is right - Price can vary for rarity, demand or the reputation of the seed always. Only if bud tested - You should know
  9. I am making my purchase tonight, I have followed her work for years and know its going to be a hell of a read and learning curve. What i love is she lives, breathes cannabis, and put it in words for us to understand more about the queen of the jungle. Its not just someone hopping on the bandwagon. I know I am go read it under my plants, outdoors, in the sun, STONED.
  10. Great to know the author of a newly published book has finally completed her works. Sista Vee Nohombile as a herbalist has worked with the medical aspects of cannabis sativa for several decades. The book is for sale in good stores or can be directly ordered from her FB page, THC Plant. "Cannabis is the Human Companion Plant was born out of the urgent need to publish an introductory guide-line as to how the recently discovered human Endocannabinoid System (EC system, ECS) works, and the truth about the importance of the Cannabis plant to our health. As the writer it is important for me
  11. Not as high as our salami and pork chops. We sell salami. R120 p/k, available right now. Tell me about it. During our first loadshedding this afternoon, took a gap and went fishing with the doos dogs. So the bully has not been on a trip for awhile and was lank keen. 10km down a dirt road, no one around, tranquil, peaceful. Straight away dumb and dumber are in the water doing laps while I am sorting my rod. Throw my first cast away from the egg heads, bully reckons its a game of fetch . He got caught in my line twice, scared the millions of fish away, wet my
  12. First time you purchased from Cannabist @Ill_Evan
  13. Well done @Cannabist . Welcome back and wishing you the best for 2021. I will get in contact with you in the morning.
  14. Looks like this is happening in March? Have not had a reply yet, would like to enter and attend if possible.
  15. Looking delicious. You get any gooseberries? I have had hundreds, but all the animals get to them first. I have not eaten one this season.
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