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  1. Thanks guys! Will have a chat to @Light It Upcloser to the time. Appreciate the feedback!
  2. Thanks, leaning toward this one for the moment.
  3. Opinions on the 240w QB from Light It Up?
  4. Thanks @PsyCLown, your help is priceless. Much appreciated dude. Will make a post one day if/when I am ready to make an led purchase.
  5. Ah yes, that refurbishing option also definitely a plus. Guess ill save up and assess my options when I'm ready. Thank you, dude.
  6. You know, growing weed is supposed to teach one patience...and saving up is going to take a while. About the height, yes that was another advantage of the QBs that attracted me to it. Thanks a lot for the advice, mate.
  7. Sweet! Thanks dude, the modular aspect is most certainly a win in my books.
  8. And that is why I want to move to LED. My space is small....800w x 400d x 1300h so the 240q might be overkill, but I like to believe that I could make the most of such a space with that light. Your opinion? Was told the 400w would be too big as well but with proper planning and design I dont really have issues, most likely because I only use it in winter.
  9. Details of this light and/supplier, dude? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks I'll check them out, although I absolutely hate debt so I'll most likely save for it.
  11. Dude, some of my orders from China have taken 12 months! Lol I am happy, or content rather, with my current setup. We seriously do not smoke much and this is more for the fun of growing as I am now back at it again after a 6 year hiatus. But these leds are keeping me up at night when I see the quality and quantity they produce, hence my interest in them.
  12. Yeah its not really a pressing issue at the moment as I'm using a 400w hps and it's pretty dialed in in terms of temps and humidty. I feel I can even fit a 600 in there relatively easily, but I've seen the quality that people are getting from LEDS and I'm starting to get the itch.... But thanks for the advice, suppose I'll just save and get a known entity than fuck around with the unknown.
  13. Correct. One needs to trust their equipment first and foremost in order to get their grow as close to perfection as possible. I agree with you but my damn wallet and the boss at home disagree lol
  14. Absolutely agree. But to me it feels like the prices in SA are quite inflated. Over R5k for a QB for 2 plants, maybe 3 at a push for my setup, is quite an outlay. Other side of the coin, buying locally would come with a warranty too so yeah, what do you do...
  15. It's always nice to get feedback from folks who've tried and tested things, will most likely try to avoid the ones that some of you guys have posted, although chances are that I'll probably end up with a light with these knockoff diodes. However I grow in a tiny space so I'm hoping it will give me decent results.
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