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  1. I've run a few Sour Diesel Auto's from Feedaseed. Germinated fine, grew fine, but the phenotypic variation was huge. Yield was decent enough, but smoke was meh. Due to this I didn't bother buying from them again. YMMV.
  2. I've bought from Trophy Seeds, Groen Seeds, Biltong & Duds, as well as Bud Buddies. Only issue I've has was with Bud Buddies sending me the photoperiod version instead of the Autoflower version. I contacted them and they replaced it immediately.
  3. Holy shit, this sounds like an invitation for mold. I don't think I'm brave enough to do this to an entire harvest. Just reading that made me cringe. Why would anyone treat their buds like that after loving the plant to harvest?? But thank you, though.This just sounds extremely risky.
  4. I thought it was just me! I've always found that the fresher my weed, the more potent it is. That fist J after a month or 2 cure just hits the right spot. I'm not sure if it's perhaps the differenct cannabanoid content in the flower that hits differently, or if it's the freshness of the flower, but I personally prefer smoking mine fresh for this reason.
  5. Yip. Also once you've got your grow dialed in then it works out much cheaper to grow your own anyways. I've smoked with people and I'll throw a joint halfway through and they'd be screaming at me. I have more weed than what I could ever smoke. I know that the black market weed is probably not optimally dried and cured, but I'd like to sacrifice some buds to see if I can replicate it.
  6. Wow, so much to unpack here and so hard to do on mobile! Thank you, I agree wholeheartedly. I too used to like the "harder hitting" stuff back in the day that would make me cough uncontrollably, thinking it meant potency. Back then, all indoor looked and smelled the same to me, I couldn't distinguish the difference between any strains I bought, but didn't care because it would just be sold as indoor. Now I can taste and smell differences in all the strains I grow. I've spoken to some dudes who sell, and they told me that people want what they are used to, and if the weed is smooth and the high is long lasting, they won't be convinced because the look of the buds and feel of the smoke is not what they are used to. I would, though, like to test out their drying methods just to see how it's done and if I can replicate their results for nostalgia's sake.
  7. This has been my experience too. And it's ridiculously smooth compared to street weed. The terps are there, the bag appeal is there (IMO), but it seems people who are not growers seem to believe that the look and harshness of "street weed" means higher quality.
  8. Most of us have purchased weed on the streets before. Here in Cape Town Cheese was rampant on the streets at R120/gram give or take. We all know what it looked like what it smelled like. It would be light green, very dry a lot of the time, and would reek to the high heavens. Since I've been growing, I could never dry my crop to come out the same way this "street weed" would come out. And it seems that is what the people want. I always dry trim, slow dry, and my buds come out really nice, but nothing like "street weed." What is the secret? Is this the way that people want their weed or is it just what they are familiar with and don't know better?
  9. Yeah I checked the prices on the light it up sight just now. Made it more clear for me.
  10. Will you be reversing these using STS or CS?
  11. Looking good. Interested in the Sour Diesel. I grew a cut of HSC Sour Diesel and it was absolutely epic. Bought some Sour Diesel Auto seeds from Feedaseed that I have growing at the moment, 2 distinct phenotypes. So really interested to see how yours turns out. Good luck!
  12. Wow, these are fantastic!
  13. I'm using a 240W LED for the first time, coming from HPS. Popped a few seeds a couple of weeks ago and the growth was terribly slow even at 130W. With HPS I would try to maintain the ambient temperature at 26 degrees. I've since raised the ambient temperature in my box to 29 degrees in an attempt to get the leaf surface temperature a bit higher, this seemed to work for me. I am not sure what your temps are, but this could also be a contributing factor.
  14. Thanks. I was again expecting 30 grams or less, but these buds are really dense. Plenty of larfy buds that I threw in the trim bin as well. Hoping for more with the Cheese.
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