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  1. Will you be reversing these using STS or CS?
  2. Looking good. Interested in the Sour Diesel. I grew a cut of HSC Sour Diesel and it was absolutely epic. Bought some Sour Diesel Auto seeds from Feedaseed that I have growing at the moment, 2 distinct phenotypes. So really interested to see how yours turns out. Good luck!
  3. Thanks. I was again expecting 30 grams or less, but these buds are really dense. Plenty of larfy buds that I threw in the trim bin as well. Hoping for more with the Cheese.
  4. Banana Blaze Dried Cheese still going. Middle of week 10 at the moment. Very, very few amber trichomes. Mostly cloudy with some still clear.
  5. Very interesting. Do you think the stress will cause her to hermie during flower?
  6. Banana Blaze This plant has 3 branches on a lot of the nodes.
  7. I also use FF premium classic and also have zero problems germinating in them. I repot twice in veg, so no need for nutes. On the second repotting I mix some FF & Elemental blend into the bottom of my final pot at a ratio of 3 parts FF to 1 Part Elemental blend and let the plants recover for a week, then i flip them. And again, like you, I top dress in week 4 of flower with the same ratio of FF to Elemental blend. Seems to be working for me. I also add lots of perlite to the FF as I find it tends to compact after a few weeks. I even use the FF to make a pseudo compost tea once a week. Would like to try the Orgasoil next, though.
  8. Thanks guys! Will have a chat to @Light It Upcloser to the time. Appreciate the feedback!
  9. Thanks, leaning toward this one for the moment.
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