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Suggestions on bulk storage please.

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So typical me I didn't think things through again.


Starting to look like a dispensary in here and I'm only halfway through trim jail and run out of curing vessels. 


Freezer is full (800g trim, popcorn and some washed bud) waiting to be turned into hash.😁

So freezing not an option.


I need suggestions on storing close to another 1kg until I can get my hands on more jars and grove bags.







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Make the hash and use the freezer to store your new batch 😛 

If the material has the right moisture content, can also get a big plastic container with fitting lid, best vacuum sealed... if not, use duct tape to seal the lid properly.


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I'm already in kak for taking up half the freezer space. Luckily I'll be starting the Hash making tomorrow or Saturday. Due to remote living we need the freezer space for important stuff like food. WTF?


This is the first time I'm using terp loc grove bags and they will be re - used but mostly I'm using my collection of mason jars.


I'm going to try using one of those black tote bins for now and hopefully that will work till I get to town in a couple of weeks.

Yep. Can't buy fucking jam jars out here and 300 bucks petrol to the nearest place and back that do stock it.

In the meantime I have put a 3g for 1 jar offer on the Bush Telegraph bartering group.

Fighting humidity 101 here but getting there.


Did a little test run with a couple of hands full of trim with my latest purchase. My wife got sent to town on a mission by her boss.




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Best way I found to store weed for longterm is the vaccum ( with clips on each side )  sealed rubber maid bins. The trim I keep in shopping for shopping bags to make hash and the nice flower in big ziplock bags with boveda packs. Simple to move and transport to. 

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