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  1. Wow, I found it.. I didn't have a good technical description of the Silting step until today. Here it is in one paragraph.. Enzymatic Degumming of Rice Bran Oil Using Different Commercial Phospholipases and Their Cocktails "Phospholipids are classified according to their degree of hydration (hydratable and non-hydratable). Hydratable phospholipids (HPL) become insoluble in oil in the presence of water and are easily separated by centrifugation. Most non-hydratable phospholipids (NHPL) are complexed with calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), and iron (Fe) salts, and to be removed, they need the addition of a chelating agent (citric acid or EDTA) to sequester metal ions, allowing their precipitation and separation by centrifugation [5,6]." This is how Silting is different than Winterization. Silting knocks out Phospholipids with water and acid. Winterization freezes and crystalizes the waxes which then settle out. Both are needed, one doesn't replace the other. Silting needs deeper study for optimization. I'm not using heat, but it is used in the industrial scale. The optimal amount of water & acid need to be deduced. Optimal residence times need to be deduced. The end product has to be pH neutral. If you replace club soda with Body Armor pH9.5, it affects the cannabinoids.. Whole new rabbit hole.. One really interesting that can be done, take the pH to 7 and let sit for 6 hours. A whole new science is invoked - Isoelectric Focusing, aka IEF. Proteins precipitate at pH 7. The filter pads will go light green@1hr to almost black@12hrs. Its safe to assume the proteins are denatured (as a result of 90%+ alcohol wash). The proteins expose a non-polar side and bond to oil. So i think that is an emulsion. Its a protein rich dark green creamy emulsion and has a kick! It maybe a good base for a suave. Enough for now..
  2. Hi all, @Ill_Evan, from you question, "..It would be interesting to hear your take on the above." Not sure what you're asking me to comment on. Is there another post you had in mind? @SAgrower Thanks! Its on the right on desktop browsers, and turns into a little 3 bar button on the left when reduced to mobile size, didn't see that before. ..MimiEMU
  3. Greetings! I'd like to announce the public launch of a personal project called “RSO 2.0”, an update to the 20 year old Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) extraction process. For the past two years while being sequestered at home by the pandemic, I've worked on making cleaner RSO. What has come of it, is a radical, cost effective, approach to safely creating cleaner oil at home using only kitchen utensils. For all the progress that’s been made in the extraction field in the past 20 years, RSO has been left behind. Here's whats new: 1.Introducing a one hour Room Temperature Winterization. 2.Exploiting Isopropyl’s Super Power. 3.Distilling in Brine water to cleanse and protect the oils. 4.Lower temperature extractions to save CBDA/THCA. Important for today if the acidic state can impede COVID from entering cells. This is a free process to anyone wanting cleaner oil, nothing for sale. When you have a chance, check out www.CannabisHomeSciences.com to explore a radical new approach to making RSO. Oh, I would love to hear feedback Please critique for any typo's, ambiguities or scientific inaccuracies. Let me know your thoughts! …MimiEMU
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